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View the Islamic memorial days such as Uroos Mubarak days ofProphets and Awliya Allah, their birthdays and other Islamicsignificant days

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Muhieddeentv 8.1 APK
Muhieddeen Tv
24 X 7 Islamic Sufi Channel Hadees, Qaseeda, Mowlood Majlis &Other Islamic Programs
Uroos Mubarak 1.1 APK
Muhieddeen Tv
View the Islamic memorial days such as Uroos Mubarak days ofProphets and Awliya Allah, their birthdays and other Islamicsignificant days
Maadih 2.0 APK
Muhieddeen Tv
Maadhihur-Rasool Ensemble was formed in memory of Our Master, TheGreat Imam, Shaikh Sadaqathullahil Qaahiri RaliyallahuTha’aalaAnhu, who is popularly known in the Islamic world as'Maadhihur-Rasool' or The One who Praise Rasoolullahi ﷺ. Organizedas a band in 2016 by a group of young talented individuals who hadbeen singing in various Majlis since their childhood days. Thisgroup strongly adherents to Sufism, particularly known asAhlus-Sunnath Wal Jamath. The goal is to grow the Love of BelovedHabib ﷺ, the Sahaba E Kiram (His Holy Companions) and AwliyaAllah(Beloved Ones of Allah) RaliyallahuTha’aala Anhum. Every song wePraise is from the fountain of Sufi wisdom which spreads thefragrance of Faith and Divine Love. The use of PercussionInstruments brings out an innovative style of music for theMaadhihur-Rasool band which greatly influence its audience.
Hijri Uroos Calendar 0.0.3 APK
Muhieddeen Tv
This calendar, equipped complete with a Hijri to Gregorianconversion tool, was created primarily as a reminder to all of ourAhle Sunnah Wal Jama’ah brothers and sisters of the importantevents relevant to our Aqeeda – The Urs Mubarak and Holy Birthdaysof the Prophets And Messengers of ALLAH ALAIHUM ASSALATHU WASSALAMand the Beloved AWLIYAULLAH AL KIRAAM, amongst others. This enablesus to rejoice and celebrate the Lives and Attributes of these HolyMen and Women with various forms of recitation and praise, in atimely manner. It is through the Knowledge, Wisdom and Guidance ofthese Beloved People of God that we are able to proudly proclaimmembership of the one and only Aqeeda preached by RASOOLULLAH ﷺ -The Aqeeda of the Ahle Sunnah Wal Jama’ah, Thus, it is of utmostimportance to remember and praise Them on the appropriate dates notonly as a benefit for ourselves, but also for our Kith and Kin andfor the sake of revival and continuation of these Noble Practicesfor the coming generations, as it is these Noble Practices thatwill bring us close to the Holy Feet of RASOOLULLAH ﷺ and in theseNoble Practices lies protection from the evils of the deviants.
Maqtab Muhieddeen 1.0 APK
Muhieddeen Tv
The Prophet Muhammed Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam has said ustoteach 3 important things to our children during their earlydays:Tolove their Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam.To love thefamilyof the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wa SallamTo recitetheQur’anTaking this hadees into consideration if you approachtheQur’an with the love of the Prophet and His Holy Family, itwouldsurely guide us in the right path!In order to develop lovetowardsan individual you need to have an idea about the status ofthatindividual and the services rendered to the society.If youlove,then you would be willing to follow their advices and practicethemin your day to day life.The following curriculum has beendesignedby gathering information based on the true history ofIslam.Parentsare the first teachers for a child. Therefore, youcould study thiscurriculum and teach them to your kids!