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US army sniper shooting fps game is the most addictive thrillingandaction pack fps game. This is completely new army schoolshootinggame, you have to trained your military in training schooland getthem ready to fight in the battle of world war. Become thefrontlinespecial forces commando and lead your army to defeatterrorists andclear the area. This is best top shooting game of2018, free FPS 3Daction packed frontline game. Get ready to combatshoot, strike withyour guns in the base camps of evil villainterrorists, this is aspecial ops mission of evil enemy’sassassination that will let youexperience & use battlesurvival & gun shooting skills inintense war environment.Become best alpha squad of rifleman,marksman & assassin inthis free modern strike fps shootinggame. You have played many usarmy games but this us army survivalbattleground Shooting is bestwar-field shooter game. Prepare youarmy squad of us soldier andmilitary officers in this realisticmilitary game. Shoot gangsterand Deadly counter terrorists with gunfighter and clear challenge.Game play of sniper shooter game isvery intense, you have tocomplete many challenging missions andunlock new hard levels. Goand cross the enemy border line to fightagainst terrorists. Aimand soot at the right time to be successfulin this army survivalaction shooting game. You can zoom the camerato better and clearview of enemy borders and hidden places. Becareful when you enterin enemy area, they can be very sharp on you,shooters are watchingyou from the watch tower, you have to shootand clear your wayfirst. Earn points and unlock new riffles likeAR15-type, M1911,MPS, AK47, M4, short-gun, sniper rifle and manymore. Terroristshave radar and best surveillance system to keep aneyes on you, So,be careful and become a best spy commander of eliteforce byeliminating terrorists. You can play in two differentenvironmentsDessert shooting or in military shooting environment.New Us Armyfront line sniper shooter 2018 is one of the best armysnipershooting game, this Us army killer elite game will testyourskills. Shoot to kill your opponents terrorists enemies. Becomethebest sniper shooter in this arena and eliminate your targetsindifficult situations. Earn coins and unlock many rifflestoincrease your assault. Maintain your high ranking in thissharpshooter sniper game. Real sniper game will definitely givesyoubest shooting training and experience in stunningenvironments.Army sniper games free 3d real mission is cover firegame. Acceptchallenges in Call of army war game and become assassinkillershooter in this free army shooter game. Features of UsArmyFront-line sniper shooting fps game of 2018: - Realisticstunning3D graphics and high quickly sniper game. - A huge range ofassaultRifles to unlock. - Realistic assassination missions. -Realin-game sounds and music. - Different locations andenvironmentsbattlegrounds to play. - Difficult levels and stages tocomplete.If you have no wifi, you can play, absolutely free. Soquicklydownload this interesting action shooting game of 2018offered by"Devstorm studio". available on Google Play Store on yourandroidsmart phones and tablets.

App Information US Army Sniper Shooter - FPS Shooting Games

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    US Army Sniper Shooter - FPS Shooting Games
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    June 9, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    DevStorm Studios
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Ready for Bike Racing and stunts. This is the No.1 extreme CityGrand Bike BMX Racing & Quad Stunts Simulator game with insaneand stunt action! Have you ever performed bike stunt on impossible3D track? If no; enter in extreme stunts world and ride yourextreme motorcycle on crazy impossible hill tracks in city withlots of hurdles on your way. The narrow tracks for bicycle ridingare built upon rooftop city. To master motorbike tricks on thezigzag roads you need to ride slow with accuracy. As a stuntmanhighway rider show BMX racer skills on sky high ramps by paddlingBMX cycle fast. While racing tricky MTB bike transform robot, avoidfalling down from sky heights. Come and fulfill your dream toperform one wheeling tricks on dangerous tracks by using world bestmoto racer bikes in impossible game. Become a tricks master andperform stunt on tricky tracks to avoid accident or hurdles intricky trial xtreme. Don’t hit your super hero bike with barriersand rotating obstacles in impossible bike while performing trickson off road hilly area. Race on bike is real desert downhillchampionship 2018 Demolition Derby bike parking game with extremequad bike stunts 3d. You can play as snow bike ride in realmountain adventure bike parking.Take ride on impossible tracks withroyal City Grand Bike BMX Racing & Quad Stunts Simulator gameand meet check points to collect maximum coins on ramp tracks. Wewill give you realistic bike racer games environment in trafficrider mode, with appealing impossible futuristic bikes in thiscompetition game. In motocross gp stunt your duty is to acceptobstacles challenges and take ride on your heavy bike rider todoing impossible stunts and avoid accident. We will give youmultiple levels in impossible games. Every level is totallydifferent and difficulty factor will also be increase in bikeracing fever games. It is time for extremely stunt; wear your bikedriver helmet and kick down to start your dirt bike racer! Be thecompetitive and intense stunt rider because; extreme stunt bikedriving missions can be a bit extreme.This hill City Grand Bike BMXRacing & Quad Stunts Simulator offers BMX stunts bike freestylethat include wheeling, ramp jumps, drifting, flip, air stunt,skater stunts and spectacular BMX tricks on impossible quad stunts.You can drive moto bike with high acceleration in free mode andalso you can play competition mode to unlock some stunningmissions. You have to be very careful on each mission whileincreasing acceleration meter and performing jumps on mega ramps,you have to slow down your acceleration to avoid accidents andstuck in hurdles. If you stuck in any hurdle you can press resetbike driver button to get some extra life. Enjoy and download freedeath race stunts bike racing game on tricky tracks. You can drivefuturistic bike like hoverboard in driving school and become realdriver of atv. Enjoyable ultimate real City Grand Bike BMX Racing& Quad Stunts Simulator games with real gear reckless racing inmad city rooftop BMX bicycle games. Play as furious city City GrandBike BMX Racing & Quad Stunts Simulator on bumpy road ragehover-board.City Grand Bike BMX Racing & Quad Stunts Simulator- Impossible Ramps Features:- Realistic Unique levels game, bikeattack and competition game- Ultra Smooth and easy control withsuper speed futuristic bikes- Multiple Realistic physics-based dirtMoto racer BMX bikes- Beautiful 3D graphics and amazingenvironment- Challenging motorbike offline game-play
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Have you ever wonder that you can drive real sports car onverticalmega ramps? If yes! then, this stunning, thrilling verticalmegacurves ramps stunts game is for you. Gear up your vehiclesandfasten your seat belt to take challenge of most dangerous tracksinthe world. You have to drive luxury cars on twistedspectacularcurves and on dual possible tracks and do some flip,tricks,stunts, spectacular skater and jump from the rooftop. Inthis newimpossible car driving game you will experience grandimpossiblecar stunt racing and tricky drive with super flying cars.Transformyour car into super robot car and boost your drivingskills onextreme impossible vertical mega ramps. Ramp car game withverticalramp is a new addition in impossible tracks racing wherethe playerexperiences a new ramp car to perform ramp stunts of megaracinggames. The previous mega ramp drive games had also ramp cardrivingbut they had not speed and new things. Those simple gameslackedhigh speed ramp of big ramp games and drifting cars of ultrarampgames.In this Mega Ramp Car Racing Stunts – Vertical Ramp 2018,youas a stuntman have to jump, flip, drift, skate, aerobatic anddosome crazy stuff on the zigzag curves and car stunts ongrandimpossible tracks. As a car driver your mission is to drivesportscars, limo hybrid car, trucks, 4X4 monster truck and buses oncrazycar ramps in order to complete challenge and unlock newmissions.You can earn cash and extra bonuses from which you have tounlocked3d new vehicles and sports cars. This is adventure hardgamebecause you have to joined and chained with other hybrid carsonpossible mega vertical tracks. You can play as 98percentimpossible car driving game and gt mega ramp transform insanAndrea’s city on ultimate possible ramps construction tracks.Youhave to drive on multidimensional biggest double mega rampstochallenge yourself in mega city. In this ultra super sportscardriving, there are utmost crazy car stunts in impossibletrackrace. In order to enjoy this impossible racing car driving,youhave to control furious racing car. This impossible racing istestfor player as there are speed racer challenges of stunt carracinggames. Make sure that you can easily control this crazy cargame ofthe real impossible tracks games.Mega Ramp Car Racing Stunts–Vertical Ramp impossible riding on new impossible verticalmid-aircar ramps is most adventure game. This is just not deathtrap gamebut also a hybrid car xtreme racing and driving game andhaveendless game mode to practice yourself for subway run in thecityand park your car on the right parking area. Monster truckquadstunts racing is fever of racing on downhill mountains andonrooftop tracks. You have to become quad car driver and stuntmanonpossible tracks. Furious racing car in the xtreme car zone ofcarcrash games allows you to enjoy as subway run on new verticalmegaramps simulator game. Drive Russian SUV 4x4 cars on highlycurvyroad tracks and walls. This stunt zone of the ramp car gamewiththe help the ramp car of the mega ramp games and make peopleawareabout your command of vertical ramp in this impossibletrackracing.Grand Mega Ramp Car Racing Stunts – Vertical Ramp2018Features: - Amazing gameplay and Realistic car controls.-Chance toperform extreme tricks and race on impossible curvestracks.-Difficult levels of new gt mega vertical racing zigzagtracks.-Explore the breathtaking 3d environment of huge city.-Stunninggame graphics and sounds.- Update you cars withdifferentfeatures.- Different Camera angles for better carsimulation.Whatare you waiting for? Download for free now "MegaVerticalimpossible cars stunts game 2018" 3d simulator racing gameandenjoy stunts on mega vertical ramps.
Vertical Mega Ramp BMX Cycle Tricks Stunts 2018 1.2 APK
Are you a crazy bicycle stunt rider Get ready for thrillingVerticalMega Ramp BMX Cycle Tricks Stunts 2018 adventure game of2018. Pedalyour BMX cycle to sky high limits for extreme bikeriding experienceon zigzag tracks. You have to drive cycle onimpossible tracks anddo some flip, tricks, stunts, spectacularskater and jump from therooftop. Drive BMX bike on dangeroustracks in city and becomerooftop BMX rider. Master yourself infreestyle BMX bicycle game.You have to be very careful and avoidfalling from the zigzagdangerous adventurous tracks. Become anuphill off-road cycletraffic rider on city streets in endless bikeracing game. This ismost thrilling, twisted and Breathtaking MTBbike racing on grandvertical ramps mayhem bike game. This is a newSimulation Cycle Gamein which cyclist have to drive like on hoverboard and crash,demolish other cyclists. This bike moves like bmxbike and iscapable of performing stunt driving of bicycle games assuperbicycle of bmx game.Real cycle possible stunts riding onverticalmid-air ramps is the most adventure game. In this extremefreestylescooter game, your challenge is to jump from the hurdlesandcomplete the level to unlock more fun missions. You can earncoinsto upgrade and buy new super gt cycles and customize dualextremesuspension to crash and demolish other bikers. Your missionis justnot to ride on adventure, extreme and tricky possibletracks, butalso you need to paddle your cycle fast to reach thebike parkingarea on time, otherwise you will lose your challengeand have tostart again. Bicycle quad stunts racing is a fever ofracing ondownhill mountains and on rooftop tracks. You have tobecome quadbicycle driver and stuntman on possible tracks. Thisbmx simulatoris with amazing bicycle and you must avoid fallingfrom impossibletracks while executing bike stunt of cycle game.Show your ridingabilities as freestyle BMX by showing your inneraptitudes ofextreme BMX where heavy bicycles had a low level ofstunts of cyclegame during cycle racing.Bicycle racing in city isjust notimpossible dare trails cycle Xtreme racing and drivinggame but alsoa endless game mode to practice yourself for subwayrun in the city.You can drive and ride a bike as bicycle taxi inmayhem subwayracing game and become superhero BMX bicycle stuntsracer in thisCity Bicycle Vertical mega stunts and Racingsimulator. Drive cycleson hill stunts and climb on mountainsheights. Feel the experienceof extreme freestyle BMX bicycle riderracing and quad stunts onvertical ramps in this mayhem bike game.Become a bicycle superheroand do some flips, drift, jump, kick,aerobatic, wheeling and muchmore exiting hoverboard stunts onzigzag possible mega ramp tracks.It is totally with new and novelconcepts of bike racing as thereare strange and unique mixtures ofmultidimensional racingtechniques. Here in this bike game, theplayer confronts withentirely innovative experience of bmx racingof bmx bike games withcraze boaster episodes which are the realsource of attracting hisattention toward cycle games.ImpossibleVertical Mega Ramp BMX CycleTricks Stunts 2018 Features- RealisticDriving physics with paddlefor sports and Luxury BMX.-Breathtaking views of hills and mountainfrom sky.- Adventurouscycle riding an endless game.- Tilt andbuttons cycle controls forhoverboard jump game.- Different Cameraangles for better bikingsimulation.What are you waiting forDownload for free now VerticalMega Ramp BMX Cycle Tricks Stunts2018 3d simulator racing game andenjoy stunts on mega verticalramps.
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Hey Everyone!! Devstorm studio brings you brand New City BusDriverSimulator 2018 Pro Game. Get set for another round of anexcitingpublic transport bus driving simulation game. Fasten yourseat beltand be ready to drive most advance original city coach buson thedanger roads of grand New York city. You as a bus driver willenjoyreal public transit bus games driving and realistic physicsofbuses in this urban bus simulation game. You may have playmanyother flying bus simulator games but this real city coachbusdriver game will make you entertain with its unique featuresandreal high quality hd gameplay. Enjoy Tourist bus driving gamewitha driver and passengers with in longest road from one citytovillage, zoo to airport and many different locations ofIndonesiabus game. In this real city transport bus sim game, youhave toovertake other cars, vans public transit and army trucks tosafedrive in traffic rush. Metro City roads are gettingalmostimpossible to drive on. The traffic is increasing day by dayand inorder to drive the bus on these roads, the driver needsexpertise.Bring the bus driver, you will have to navigate throughtheimpossible city metro roads and reach to your destination inthespecified time. Pro American city Bus sim have many challengesforreal bus driver to pick and drop passengers from one bus stoptoanother in the huge modern city. Drive passenger bus simulatorwithmanual gear system and follows traffic rules, turn onindicatorswhen you have to turn left or right. Stop on trafficsignals. Don'thit with other cars and peresters, otherwise you willhave to paychallan to police officer. Don't be overspeed in thebusy streetsof urban city in snow falling and rain. Unlock andupgrades newmodern tourist coach buses and vans by earning cash andpoints bycompleting challenges. Missions will become more fun anddifficultwhen you play more and more this free bus simulator game.Becareful of weather conditions, because danger roads are wetinheavy rain and snow falling. Turn on bus Lights in snow andnightmode and avoid dangerous accidents on the subway motorwayshighway.Play different songs and music in bus with radio button.Youas areal VIP pro bus driver can play New City Bus Driver Simulator2018Pro Game driving top new free 2018 simulator 3d as free withnotime mode as well as challenge mode. Change bus gear as quicklyaspossible to reduce speed and park bus in the parking zone.DriveAmerican school bus around the zoo bus tour and takepublicpassengers from zoo and drop them to their destination. Youcandrive in no time limit mode as long driving on hill stationbusdriving in Thailand mega city. Jump from the impossibleverticalbus ramps and park in parking area. Real bus driving gamewith highquality graphics and gameplay. You drive the Bus throughhills onthe highway. Feel the happiness by playing urban busdrivingsimulator 2018 game. You will really enjoy the coach bussimulator2018 game!! You will get rid of boredom while playing thiscitycoach simulator 2018 game!! Explore your feeling by drivingbussimulator at city highway roadsFeatures of Real Euro BusPassengerTransport Sim game: - Full realistic 3D city environment-Realnight mode, best snow bus simulator game. - Real trafficandperesters system- Easy controls and real indicator system-Multiplecamera views angles- Door close and open animation withrealpassenger dropping system- Detailed Buses Interiors cockpitwithsteering animation- Play in free mode without time, avoidspeedbreaker and horn buses to get wayDownload one of the best2018offline tourist bus games and enjoy real bus driving. It is inlessmb size with amazing features!
New Robot Car Transform Parking-Car Parking Driver 1.0 APK
Us Robot car transform parking is brand new car parking game isoutnow. This is unique game of parking where you have to parkrobotcar into parking area. You have to transform robot into carandthen park the super robot car into parking slot. Super robotcartransformation parking mania is just new parking simulation gameinthe android market. You have play many Us police robottransformgames but this is smart parking unicorn robot with realrobotparking simulation. There are many categories like smartparkingsimulator, parallel parking etc. but in this new transformparkinggame, all varieties are merged to entertain you in both therobotand parking mania game.Robot car simulator game 2018 hasImpossibleparking tracks in the vice town where you have to changecar intorobot and robot transport to parking area. You will beamazed byrobot Lamborghini car driving with extreme parking.Quantum yellowrobot is like a super hero robot you have to handlewith controlsin the city. Play as a multi level car parkingsimulator game andenjoy real car driving. Reverse car parkingsimulation allows youto play with luxurious robot cars.Grand usrobot transformationgame is not just simple parking game but it hasa twist in gameplay with robot transformation into super car. Youas a driver,have to drive multiple cars and park them withouthitting parkingcones. If you hit with any hurdle your mission willbe fail. Becomethe best pro parking driver by practicing and winchallenges inthis new parking game. Dozens of levels to unlock inthis city carparking game. Become the robot car parking driver ofUS army robottransform parking and play this multi robot transformgames.NewRobot car transform parking- Car Parking Driver Features:-Realistic Graphics and amazing city environment- Differentcontrolsmethods ( STEERING WHEEL , BUTTONS OR TILTING )- Differentcameraangles views- Park like a real driver with steeringwheel-Addictive ‘easy to learn, hard to master’ parking gameplay-Offline game-play, you can play without wifi- Realistic Robotandcar sound system
Tractor Driver Transport Farming Simulator 2018 1.3 APK
Tractor Driver Transport Farming Simulator 2018, the most Realisticfarming sim with addictive gameplay is out in the android market.Be Ready to drive heavy-duty tractor and Real farming machinery toplay USA farming game. Become a Real Farm manager and make farmingevolution in the farmland and manage your own farm production. Youever want to get adventurous fun by driving the automobilesoffroad. You have given your own empire township Farmville area forcrops grow and boost your agricultural career with the help ofadvanced machinery and equipment. Take control of your lush greenfarm and fulfil your harvesting dreams. You as a farmer has lots ofacres fertile land and dairy family farm tycoon for animals likecow, sheep, goats, horse etc. You have to produce pure naturalfoods like wheat, hay, corn, cotton food and contribute to theeconomy of your country. People living near countryside mostlyrelated to farming business. Most people in Asian countries likePakistan and India do farming in the village and earn for theirlivings. Cultivation is growing crops or keeping pets by farmersfor food and raw materials. Agriculture started thousands of yearsago. People probably started agriculture slowly by planting a fewcrops, but still gathered many foods from the wild.Start youragricultural career by ploughing variety of feed stocks and enjoythe virtual farming near the city. Cultivation is a long processwhich takes time, you have to go through the complete process ofgrowing crops. You have to manage your own realistic farm inextraordinary detail. Plow the field, sow seeds in a barren land,grain farm, then spraying the pesticides, watering the fields andall rest of the work required. You are also required cargo trucktow transporter to transport animals to the city market. Drive yourmachinery carefully as countryside roads are very bumpy. Grow newcrops and trade goods. People started forage plough farmingharvester because the weather and soil began to change. Agriculturecan feed many more people than hunter-gatherers can feed on thesame amount of land. Enjoy the real village life atmosphere, exoticnatural sceneries and dusky eveningsReal Tractor Driver TransportFarming Simulator 2018 3d virtual farmers is best real villagefarmer tractor game. You have to complete challenging missions oneby one in this simulator farm dynasty game. Drive big tractor andattach machinery, go to fields plough-land and farm fertilizer. Youwill enjoy horse village transport and other traffic in this biglittle farmer game.You also need to water crops and spray them.Sell animals like cows, sheep and woods in the market for handsomemoney. Drive heavy machines like tractor trolley, tractor thresher,cargo forklift, dumper, drill machine, water tank, crop choppers inthe green farm haystacks to grow and fast your planting process.Practice modern technologies to harvest crops and make use of mudbay and cultivate your large farm town. You can opt out for variouscareer modes like multi-crop harvesting tasks, feedstocktransportation to the market, various harvesting machines andselling grains. Enjoy this top new Real Farming Simulation 2018game with its new extravagant features and challenge your skills.Extreme Farming simulator 18 is complete offline fee game and noneed for wifi internet.American Tractor Driver Transport FarmingSimulator 2018 Features - 3D realistic simulator with heavytractors, harvesters and cargo transporters.- Challenging levelsand missions.- Sell your livestock to market.- Enjoy most advancedtechnologies and machinery.- 3D farm environments and High-Qualitygraphics.