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As Secret Agent Axe, live the life of army sniper and preventterrorist attack. Turn into terrorist hunter and rescue capturedhostages as black ops shooter in US Army Sniper Silent Assassingame.Play the role of contract killer working for government insniper shooter simulator. Eliminate lethal enemies using heavyweapons to help police officers. Use your scope and aim forheadshot in black ops sniper game. Drive fast cars and reachassassination location to complete mission. Kill terrorists orcriminals using sniper gun and rescue hostages. This snipershooting game will turn you into an expert shooter. Pick a hideoutand start shooting at enemies with lethal weapons. They will fireback so show master shooter skills to complete mission and killterrorists. As army soldier, help the police to stop dangerouscriminals to commit crimes. So keep shooting weapons like a truemarksman assassin to kill enemies.You have played tank strike andmodern warfare games, now play military sniper and become a killerassassin. Attack and kill terrorist in city environment usingshotgun and sniper rifle. Use sniper scope to aim and executeheadshot to complete black ops missions. Fire AK-47 and automaticrifles to carry out covert strike at enemy. Enter the battlefieldto carry out assault attack at enemies and eliminate target assniper assassin. Safely rescue hostages and evacuate them tocomplete mission. This futuristic sniper shooting game has a hugesurprise in stored for you so don’t trust anyone in mad city.USArmy Sniper Silent Assassin Features:10 challenging black opssniper missionsRange of lethal weapons to choose fromImmaculatecontrols for gunfire and driving carsImmersive 3D graphics andrealistic soundsDownload US Army Sniper Silent Assassin now tobecome a secret agent sniping down terrorists and rescue civilianhostages.

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    US Army Sniper Silent Assassin
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    July 19, 2016
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Game Unified
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Drone Air Attack 3D - Most realistic drone flying and enemystriking gameThis Drone Air Attack 3D lets you play as a militairy UAV(Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) operator. Do you have the skill to flycovert recon missions while taking out high profile targets? Yourmobile device is your control center. Don’t drop yourconcentration…. Good luck Drone Air Shadow Strike pilot!This app uses the latest 3D development technology to push thelimits of the mobile device. You will have a difficult time findingand app that is both fun to play and realistic. Takeoff with thepredator drone and fly around the extra large landscape and strikeshadow enemy vehicles. Find all the bases and launch air attackmissiles with the Reaper Drone or X47B. Take out the Zombiefortress with the Cruise Missile.Drone Attacks are becoming an important part of todays war. Onecan do maximum damage from the drone attacks as compared to the oldfashioned air attacks. The drone air attack is the first choice ofevery commander now days. In this air attack game, you have tomaneuver your drone to various islands and destroy enemy targetsthrough drone attacksKEY FEATURES+ Fly realistic air combat missions+ True to life UAV RC controls+ Be part of top secret shadow operations+ Use your tracker to destroy aerial fighter planes with heatseeking hellfire missilesImportant : This game does not have an Autopilot feature. Whenyou fly the drone, you must be sure and contra the drone the entiremission. The controls have been adjusted to keep the effectsrealistic to the game theme.
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Black Ops Sniper shooter an epic frontline first person simulator(FPS) Sniper Shooting game. It’s time to prepare yourself for anepic battle and furious first person shooting action. The enemystrike combines immersive 3D environments with intense frontlineshooting gameplay. If you love playing shooting games, we presentyou Black Ops Sniper Shooter. Play the next generation frontlinesniper shooting game with artificial intelligence directly builtinto the enemies. You consider yourself the master for the FPSgames, it is the game to test your skills to the limit. You will bein middle of intense frontline shooting arena in shooting simulatorgame. . This Gunship Strike game puts you in gunner seat of themost powerful combat helicopters. The Best Rotors engine basedApache Helicopters and other American jets are waiting for you.Strategically fire your powerful machines guns and devastatingmissiles to slay hordes of enemies across the world. Bomber Jetsare attacking the army concentrations and strategic targets. Enemyis racing towards you to blast your gunship battle helicopter;fighter gunship helicopters are battling for control over airspace.Attack aircraft to engage close air support against ground targets.The copters are flying against the buildings and nearby landtargeting gliders, helicopters and super boss tankers areassaulting your land. Take charge to protect your base and rescuethe civilian lands. Ride in your Sky Copter and hit targets tofinish this reign of terror. It is your ultimate duty to save yourhomeland in Black Ops sniper shooting game.Guide your combathelicopter with precision and demolish the enemy military bases inthe world’s greatest combat experience. Black Ops sniper shootergame combines tactics, flying skills and the right amount ofruthless in this powerful military helicopters. The choice ofcopters include apache air fighter, Apache gunship, helicopterbattle fighters, F16, F18 and many more to enjoy flight adventurein shooting simulator game. Drive through enemy terrains, killgunships, destroy buildings and eliminate elite enemy units. Theenemy forces have invaded with their special assaulting commandosquads and deadliest military choppers. Engage as intensedisastrous shooting battle and demolish the opponents. A group ofmilitants have taken control of under construction nuclear site indeserts of Nevada and they are transporting the nearby uranium. TheArmy commander has decided to take back the control by deployingthe Black Ops Sniper unit to the frontline ground. As a black op,your task if to secure the area by shooting down all the militants& secure the frontline base. The fate for this battle will bedecided in this ultimate FPS showdown game.GAME FEATURES FirstPerson Shooting game.Enemy AI (Artificial Intelligence)3D Graphics,Interactive Sound EffectsAmazing Mission with DifferentTasksDownload this Black Ops Sniper Shooter 3D game and give usyour feedback, so we can make more shooting simulator game for you.
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Rush while driving to fire emergency Locations for rescue missionsin your fast and furious, extreme fire truck. Take care of blazingfire with firefighting equipment. Extinguish all fire and rescuecitizen from burning buildings in this big city adventure ofrescuing livesExtreme Rescue Fire Truck 3D 2015 – KEY FEATURES•Amazing 3d environment with multiple tasks to perform• Challengingfire brigade missions with realistic accident scenarios• Realisticand smooth controls for an amazing fire truck simulator drivingexperience• True smoke and fire hose and water through with realphysics• Large city map with multiple buildings and terrain in thissimulation emergency driver• Cool background music and sound togive you an amazing gaming experienceIts an Emergency Alert, a firehas broken out in the city Building, so be the real firefighter andhop into the fire truck and drive to the fire site, extinguishburning fire and rescue citizens. You are a Hero firefighter ofthis big city, be the superhero in this Real Hero City FirefighterSimulation 3d game, city needs a brave hero like you. Unavoidablecircumstances arises every day, you simulating a city firefighter arescuer be on emergency alert. This 3d simulation game will takeyou on thrilling ride and rush of saving people in distress andtrouble will be real. You are equipped with a fire hose with fognozzle, breathing apparatus, helmet and ax, remember to transportthem with you. Now roll out on the streets of Real City andextinguish burning fires.In multiple levels you will have to driveFire truck to the point of distress call that can be a burningairplane, bus caught fire, building in flames, and car accidentetc. arrive on time to extinguish the fire.Minimizes fire damage byresponding to alarms, driving and operating equipment, regulatingwater pressure, combating and extinguishing fires, rescuing andreviving people. These are your duties as a fire rescuer.
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Smash the enemy in the real battle of themodern future, unleash the extinction and apocalypse on those whodare assault you. Titan robot soldiers are solely designed for thepurpose of creating havoc and annihilation they work on energy coreand special malware in their iron-steel bodies for ultimatecontrol. No illegal enemy will dare attacking the next time whenthese ultimate modern Robo-warriors bring down Smash on the enemy,who are attacking the city. Made with pure iron alloys which issteel these state of the art piece of steel cybernetics are punchmaniacs, hostile, ruthless and equipped with ultimate modernweaponry and laser guns. Human world’s and city reliance on thesereal steel ultimate bots is evident that they are essential infuture. They can smash and annihilate or make iron ruin of a cityin matter of seconds with extreme battle tactics. In this FutureCrime Robot Fight 3D game you will experience amazingly designedmultiplayer bots to destroy enemy bots with sheer weapons at yourdisposal and protect the planet, countries and cities. Enemy robotshaving malware as well which have allowed access in to their systemby multiplayer league an illegal alliance of multiplayer robotschampion. World is controlled by real steel machines, iron robotsand cybernetics having AI and energy core and have the ability tobox, fight and brawl.Future Crime Robot Fight 3D is the fight of the champions the steelchampions once allies now due to malware are o destroying eachother mission. Future is here and criminal activities like killing,fighting etc. and even war are fought with ROBOTS in this advancetechnological future. The era is called techno apocalypse as nohumans work in the economy only Droids, Androids and Robots calledRobos. Future Cities are run by programed by titans but under humansupervision, cost of living is decreased which has eliminated thepoverty altogether. But people and nations are still raging warsupon each other fighting for total empowerment but these countriesare using modern technology in the form of robots to take care ofconflict. Using future slugs to protect against any assault, anycity can become champion after striking down other city. So Strikedown the invading enemy and don’t let them be the Champion.Future Crime Robot Fight 3D is the saga of such Robot titan whichwill try to protect the city with duty against any assault enemystrike at its city. These Robo warriors are armed with tomorrow’stechnology, guns, weapons and lasers your bot will battle in thisfuture apocalypse, and you as a player will control this megatitan, pilot it through the amazing big city streets and smash theopponents.Features:1. Game Name will give its players an immersive and impressiveexperience2. Vivid robot movement with vast city environment.3. Multiple levels to play in and enjoy4. Future Crime Robot Fight 3D will take you to the future.5. Engaging and entertaining fun.
Vegas Police Force Casino 3D 1.1 APK
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Play undercover agent of elite force and alaw abiding citizen from Las Vegas. Rescue hostages, arrestcriminals and shoot gangsters in Vegas Police Force Casino 3D game.Get ready for intense commando action against street mercenary.Citizens come to biggest casino in Vegas city to win big jackpot inpoker, slots and roulette games. The place is owned by underworldmafia who deals with drugs and illegal arms and bombs in town. Itis surrounded by goons and thugs all time where cars are parked inthe parking zone. Your mission is to storm into casino and killgangsters while people are playing poker on table. You must figurea way out to kill all criminal gamblers playing cards in room. Blowenemy cars and vehicles into ashes, burst car wheels by firingbullets and don’t let them escape.Take your assault sniper rifle and start shooting mafia goons andthugs, prefer headshots. You played many car driving and crashingstunt games as a driver before. Now try this intense action packedfps game. As SWAT force captain, free the town from underworldmafia and destroy their drug cartel. End this crazy chaoticsituation from streets of biggest resort city famous for gamblingand exotic nightlife.Features:10 exciting and challenging action based missionsLethal weapons selection with assault sniper rifle and unlimitedammoRealistic city location with big open world and indoorenvironmentSmooth touch controls for best first person shootingexperienceHigh quality 3D graphicsDone a lot poker and casino slots games with big wins, now playthis amazing first person shooting game inside the gambling zone.Download Vegas Police Force Casino 3D game for real fun adventuresand extreme challenges.
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You are a contract killer commando and yourcontract is to fire gunshots at enemy forces in a first personbattle. Just fire gunshot at the enemy forces and destroy theforces with your contract killer skills. Intense game play, visualsand thrilling sounds make the shooting game more interesting.While firing gunshot at the enemies, you have to also survive theirgunshots and refill your ammunition to enable more shooting. Enemywill continue to send more commando reinforcement so make sure thatyou continue firing gunshots as they appear.Upon reaching a successful completion of one level, the next killercontract will be unlocked, adding more enemy forces – increasingyour test of shooting skills as a Contract Commando Killer!