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Run through a series of obstacles, a assault training course&military shooting boot camp to become the battle worn soliderandperform in any kind of battlefield.

This Game is designed to enhance & elaborate thetoughexercise & training courses a army soldiers have to taketobecome like a man of steel. These exercise are military drilltoturn normal citizen to national guards, it starts with BasicArmyCombat Training in Military Academy for combat courseleadingtowards army school of assault training. All US Army unitslikemarine, Air force & navy take part in this. Combat Trainingisa must just like physical training are compulsory. Soldiersusethese training for US Army Defense & perform their dutybyshooting the enemy.

Also US Army Commando Training is a next step to turnhardsoldiers to next level of physical endurance & pin pointfocus,learning advance weapon systems, advance fighting maneuvers&advance army training courses. work hard so US Special forcesgetsto their best inspiring SWAT & Police Training. ThisGameintroduces the training routines like jump obstacles, climb,crawl,jump over & under, climb rope & ladder, swimming andboxingring training. All parkour like training avoiding mud &muddysurfaces, this training will also help mental health&alertness with physical strength.

US Army needs to learn shooting to the extreme, perfect shotmustbe fired to become best army in the work to compete with thelikesof Russia & UK, Basic Combat Training (BCT), Initial ArmyTestis very crucial, so get this game and prepare yourself in theart ofarmy training & combat academy skills. It is informallyknown asBoot Camp and is the program to clear assault course armybasicphysical and mental training. It is required in order for youtobecome a soldier in the US Army, US Army Reserve, or ArmyNationalGuard. Basic course is designed to be highly intense byfollowingdrill sergeant's instructions & chain of command andischallenging which many can’t absorb. Coach your superior life intheExhibit fitness with physical and mental training. As atraineeofficer, you must acquire the skills of running fast,jumpingthrough hurdles and take instructors drill sergeants firstcall.Clear military camp by passing the commando battalion test inthisaction filled mission game.

Train Hard to become a true Warrior & Bring Medal ofhonorsto this country also keep in mind once relegated there isnoturning back, its a dishonor, dare yourself to insane workout& exercise for training, conditions are worst, there couldbehail storm, freezing cold like Artic blast, hot season with sunatits peak, mountains, deserts but army training mustendureeverything and show valor in front of danger.

US Army Training Game 3D - Game Features:
A Free Army Action Game, With extensive Army Exercise
Very Challenging obstacle course
Stunning visuals & efficient environment
A rage of levels to complete the mission
Smooth & easy controls

Play this Perfect Army Training in Obstacle Course,AssaultTraining & Combat Academy to go through tough militarydrillroutine.

App Information US Army Training Game 3D

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    US Army Training Game 3D
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    December 9, 2016
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Imagine Games Studios
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    100 - 500
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- Deliver logs and different cargo at Doorsteps
- SUV 4*4 Pickup Truck for drive- 3D graphics and smooth gameplay
- Rescue civilian in Snow by transporting loads in Emergencysituation
- Play as a Real Off Road Trucker driver in Realistic winterenvironments- Completely free and fun
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Do you like to drive Car or Transport it inTruck? In this cargo car transport trucker, your job is to deliverthe precious cargo of high cost which is modern, classy, racing,luxury and legendary car.In this extremely fun driving game you will be given with somecrazy racing and luxury car in the trailer trucker as cargo goods,after the car is loaded in the trailer trucker you will move thisheavy transporter truck to its destination with a lot of care andaccuracy. This 3D car transport trailer truck simulator will giveyou the experience of jumbo truck cargo driving, transporters useit with the heavy load in the town, city, villages and also in someoff road hill side counties. When you have reached at thedestination then unload the car precisely. Become a real and sexycar transporter delivery truck driver with using modern way oftruck Driving!Car Transport trailer truck will be very dangerous at the turns ofthe roads because of its jumbo size. Traffic congetion is on theroads in some towns of this city, traffic can damage your cargo.Drive carefully while turning these trailer car transporter truckscan go crazy because you are not only driving a huge lorry trailerbut that heavy duty lorry also contains expensive and luxuriouscars and your duty is to transport them safely.★Features:• Real truck driving experience• Delivery of cargo goods is time based.• Load and unload car at a destination.• Different camera angles.• Traffic on the roads of this city and can damage your cargo.------------------------------------------Fun Entertainment and Learning all in one place!Like Us on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/imagine.games.studioFollow Us on Twitter:https://twitter.com/imaginegames3dwe will keep you updated!------------------------------------------