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The best of army and military training school game is here to enjoyarmy training duty in one game. Army Basic Combat Training or BCT(also known as Initial Entry Training). It is informally known asBoot Camp and is the program to clear assault course army basicphysical and mental training. It is required in order for you tobecome a soldier in the US Army and Nationals Guard. Basic courseis designed to be highly intense by following drill sergeant'sinstructions & chain of command and is challenging which manycan’t absorb. No assault course is tougher than your will power inarmy training games. Coach your superior life in the Exhibitfitness with physical and mental training. As a trainee officer,you must acquire the skills of running fast, jumping throughhurdles and take instructors drill sergeants first call. Clearmilitary camp by passing the commando battalion test in this actionfilled mission game. Escape the US army high school training lifeand plunge into craziest obstacle course on us base. Become asoldier from simple citizen by passing initial entry in Army Gamefor combat. You have to complete all obstacle courses of this bootcamp to qualify as a world armed forces soldier in national guardsfor stealth missions or spy assassins. Starting from schedule youlive your life by it in master basic and combat training exercises.You have to be at the ground at early morning for physical to stepinto shoes of a commando and to make your mind up to be one of thetough guy to protect the state in the future as hero. It is notonly intense rigorous assault course, get ready to be taken intothe coldest nights, across the hot deserts, dense forest, craziestparkour obstacle course, hiking on muddy rough inclined mountainswhere you have to survive. Just become one man and face world armedforces chain to prove which country forces are topmost. It is allabout being from ordinary to extraordinary by passing specialoperation forces course and to not let your country dishonored andhumiliate. Stay in a stealth mode to test your mental disciplinaryand physical fitness. Trainee will do running,action, swimming,jumping, hitman rolling and climbing to enhance your Marine soldiersecret agent skills. Show Elite agent skills to be a hero once tograduate as a soldier, prove your skills while competing with theforces of USA, Russia and India to make the State proud. So getready to jump over fire walls, swim through oceans, climb sky highmountains. Sounds exciting? Download this exciting new game now!Game Features: * Real school obstacle course simulation missions. *Realistic military challanges like swimming, jumping, rolling andclimbing * Smooth & Intuitive gameplay controls * AmazingAcademy Environment with HD Graphics * Play as Real trainee cadetto test your skills. - Your Feedback, Ratings & Comments arevaluable for us.

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