1.0 / February 10, 2017
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You are a special US Commando in NavyDefenseForce trained for handling and defeating naval enemy forcesfromyour neighbor in deep sea battle. The naval enemies haveattackedyour marine base with evil intention to dominate anddevelop theirstronghold. You are the best us navy commando warriorof yourcountry and is assigned this duty to eliminate and kill allenemiescoming towards your marine base on big warship. You shouldbe wellprepared for this deadly sea battle where you will face therealthrill of air combat as well. Keep aiming and shooting totakeoutall the resistance. Complete all levels by eliminating yourenemiesin the navy combat. Save your country from neighborenemiesapproaching through warships by using high teach navygunnermachine and your commando shooting skills.

A fierce navy gunner war is going to take place in the deepseaswhere your duty as a US Commando is to save the naval baseandsnipe away the enemies with nonstop gunner attacks. Yournavywarship is equipped with the latest and most powerful longdistantmachine gun so that you can with the combat. It’s timetostart and win the most challenging navy gunner war defensewithforceful attacks. It’s time to stop the invading naval enemieswithsuper attacks from the machine gun and rocket launcher. Thebestthing about US Commando Navy Gunner War is that you can explorethewide ocean on helicopter where you can easily target and findyourenemies. Blow away the barrels on enemy ships and therivalryenemies standing on the big warships by strong air strikesandmachine gun attacks from your commando ship.

It’s time to implement all your navy defense commando skillsanddefeat your neighbor enemies. Experience the thrill andexcitementof striking naval enemies through heavy machine guninstalled onyour gunner warship. Win this aquatic battle combat asa real USnavy commando of your country. There are waves after wavesof navalenemies coming after you which are going to give you a verytoughtime in this furious naval war. Be brace and fight furiously.Givea strong answer of the counter strides. Don’t let your healthgetfinished. Eliminate and kill all your enemies before they managetokill you. Make them pay for their bad deeds. Clear your way outbysniping the deadly navy forces of your enemies.

Enter the navy battlefield on your big military warship in therainyweather and shoot like a professional commando in US CommandoNavyGunner War.

• Realistic Shooting and Explosive Sounds
• High Quality 3D Graphics
• Amazing Sea Environment
• Thrilling Navy Gunner War
• Warships and Helicopter to Fight with Naval Enemies

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App Information US Commando Navy Gunner War

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    US Commando Navy Gunner War
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    February 10, 2017
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    The Game Storm Studios
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    10,000 - 50,000
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    The Game Storm Studios Inc 630 Glen Flora Dr Carol Stream, IL 60188 United States
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