1.0 / October 24, 2017
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Set in a wonderful immersible 3D condition this amusement give thebest war reproduction you can involvement on a cell phone. Withvarious mission to finish and current weapons and firearms to usefor shooting the adversary and fear based oppressors this excitingactivity experience diversion will keep you snared to yourportable, shooting for a considerable length of time. Go to warindeed to win it and be the best and a genuine fighter commandosaint. It is 2017 form of the best heavy armament specialist andexpert marksman shooting amusement.There are attractive war scenesand testing missions and obligations for you! Your fundamentaltarget is to spare and guard your army installation. You need tomaintain a strategic distance from adversary strikes no matter whatto survive. Adversary is going to assaults with helicoptergunships, F16 flying machine rockets, tanks, humvees, infantryfighters, expert marksman shooters and even pitiless fear mongersuicide aircraft. So you have to win this war no matter what to puta conclusion to adversary's abhorrent recreations. It's not only aheavy armament specialist shooting diversion it's an entire warfirearm shooting field for you to run the show. You armed forcearmy installation is at the edges of your city which implies thatif the adversary or psychological oppressors get hold of your basethey get hold of your city too and that you can't permit to happen.Guard your base utilizing your battling, war battle, firearmshooting and ingrained instincts to spare it and your city also.It's an open door for you to take your rank from a world classmilitary armed force commando trooper to a legend military armedforce commando fighter. You are not the only one in this battle.The entire armed US Counter Terrorist Survivor force military,naval force and aviation based armed forces is available to you.Utilize tanks, rocket, air strike from warrior stream air artworksto annihilate and slaughter your foe and fear mongers in a flickerof an eye. Download this stunning 3D war heavy armament US CounterTerrorist Survivor now to demonstrate that you are the best expertmarksman shooter, heavy weapons specialist, sharpshooter andmarksman. Win the war by executing every one of your adversariesand psychological militants to spare your military armed force baseand city. Be the genuine saint commando fighter your armed forcemilitary and city needs. Highlights: - 3 shooting focuses -Realistic FPS (First Person Shooter) situation - Unbelievablygenuine snare scene to commence the diversion - Realistic foepowers with helicopters and tanks - Well manufactured storyline -Efficient weapon controls and development - Excellent condition -Fabulous sound impacts - Easy GUI and controls - First individualshooting - Real war front line - Amazing Graphics - ADDICTIVE GAME- GREAT ACTION GAME - GREAT SNIPER GAME - NICE ENVIRONMENTS -UNIQUE GAMEPLAY- - TOTALLY FREE - FOR ALL AGES - SNIPE THE ENEMY -STYLIZED GRAPHICS - THE BEST GAME - TRICKY LEVELS - SHOOT AND KILL- EXTREME ACTIONS - REALISTIC COMBAT EXPERIENCE - 3D HIGH-TECHTACTICAL GUNS - ATTACK ENEMY WITH MODERN WEAPONS Step by stepinstructions to Play: - Touch and drag anyplace on the screen pointyour shooting weapon - Tap the fire catch on the correct side ofthe to shoot and begin your strike

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    US Counter Terrorist Survivor
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    October 24, 2017
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    Android 2.3.3 and up
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    GameStation 3D
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