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Terrorists have been planning this hijack and kidnap president foralmost a year. During a diplomatic visit , the U.S. President isabducted by terrorists, and is held captive at an unknown placesurrounded with high explosives. You as a Secret Service Commandoagent has to find a way to rescue the President. Terrorists havethe latest ammunition including MI6, sniper and other deadlyweapons. Survival is only possible if the president’s security teamcan intercept the terrorists telecom signals and counter strikethem at the location where president is kept hostage.In this game,you will act as a secret services commando agent of elite force,who is directly responsible for the president’s security and tobring him back alive from the terrorists hide out. You need to besuper sharp and be aware of your surroundings every second. Youshould be ready to carry out a counter strike just on a notice of acall. Reports have emerged that terrorists are hiding inUnderground Tunnel System and will attack other celebrities duringthe oath taking ceremony using their MI6 and sniper rifles. As asecurity measure, all the nearby buildings have been evacuated anda thorough search has been performed to take care of any sniperspresent in the building? But what if one of the sniper agent who ispart of your team is a double agent and carry out the attack?Don’ttake the terrorists easy and prepare to counter strike using yourtraining. .Play as agent famous to complete the impossiblemissions. Take on rescue mission as best spy agent commando, Takedown mafia syndicate before it’s too late. Game Features:8challenging combat missions to save your team-matesAmazing 3DEnvironment of terrorist hide outsThrilling & challengingfighting missionsFight hard time with hijackers in battleSmoothcontrols for best fps shooting experience

App Information US President HiJack Survival Critical FPS Mission

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    US President HiJack Survival Critical FPS Mission
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    April 19, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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Gangsters are increasing day by day in the town and the localpolice have decided to do something against it. The mayor hasannounced that new department will be established in the policejust to catch these gangsters. This police department will have thelatest ammunition as well as the cars. The car drivers have beenchosen from the existing police force and these police officershave been trained to drive fast on the city highway trafficCityHighways are always full of cars and this is the main reason thatmost of the gangsters successfully escape. The new police force hasbeen trained to drive in these busy city highways where there isheavy traffic. In Police Traffic Highway Gangster Chase - CarRider, you will act as one of these trained police officers who candrive fast in the highway traffic.Your objective will be to catchall these gangsters and also make sure there are no more futurecrimes in the city. You will have a fast car which you can driveand catch the gangsters. But this won’t be easy, these gangsterscamouflage their cars and never travel alone. They use identicalvehicles and only one of them usually have the gangster. Make sureyou use your driving skills to the fullest as the city security isnow on your shoulders.We wish you a good luck and do not forget tous
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Navy Seals!! Are you ready for a real attack on a navy ship in deepsea and Underwater tunnel operations against the terrorist strikein this survival battleground.The United States Navy's "Sea, Air,and Land" Teams, commonly abbreviated as the Navy SEAL's, are theU.S. Navy's primary special operations force and a component of theNaval Special Warfare Command.Among the SEAL's main functions areconducting military operations that originate from, and return to,a river, ocean, swamp, delta, or coastline. The SEAL's are trainedto operate in all environments (sea, air, and land) for which theyare named.Trained at a US Navy training school, you have been apart of US Special forces for a long time now. Get ready to battlethe war against crime in the immersive situation against aterrorist squad trying to put down the nation with their evilplans.Aim, shoot and kill the enemies of the nation in thisprestigious first person shooter action game that is all aboutshooting and survival with your strategy.War on the battlegroundhas begun. Terrorist has taken control of the counter terroristwar. They are ready for the critical strike but before they make amove, let’s fight for the survival as you know the rules of how tosurvive a war. On this secret stealth spy & survival mission, anavy seal commando services are required. You have been trained ata US navy training school with multiple gun handling skills havebeen hired on this stealth operation.As a SEAL you are superblytrained in all environments, and the master’s of maritime SpecialOperations. You are required to utilize a combination ofspecialized training, equipment, and tactics in completion ofSpecial Operation missions worldwide.As a tactical force withstrategic impact, the game includes NSW mission areas includeunconventional warfare, direct action, combating terrorism, specialreconnaissance, foreign internal defense, information warfare,security assistance, counter-drug operations and personnel recovery.As a Navy SEAL your proven ability to operate across the spectrumof conflict and in operations other than war in a controlledmanner, and your ability to provide real time intelligence and eyeson target, offer you immediate and virtually unlimited options inthe face of rapidly changing survival missions in different levelsof the game.Terrorists have occupied the area and kept citizens ashostages, your duty as a special trained commando force for suchdeadly operation is to eliminate terrorists from the area and freehostages. Your ultimate duty is to protect your country men &fellow Seals officer commando soldiers on the land to controlcombat & in the sea from the ruthless enemy forces.Findyourself in diverse situation, on a survival mission to rescue thehostages and save the nation for evil plans before making an escapein this ultimate war. Hired on a contract to kill terrorist squad,infiltrate the enemy lines and survive the stealth spy mission as amilitary secret agent of the US Navy force. Relive the fps shootingadventure and offset the enemy with critical attacks in front lineterrorist battle. You are expected to defend the frontier at allcost in fast action game. Your survival depends on your accurateaiming & shooting skills in all scenarios of the war includingunder water diving and tunnel clearance mission , Firing fromgunship and Land clearance from terrorist mission.US Navy Seals hasbeen the best in the world so prove it with your commando skills.Be a tough soldier who has some great strategic skills of modernwarfare!Features:- First Person Shooting Game- Challengingmissions- a lot of advanced weapons- realistic battlefieldenvironment- High quality music and sound effects
LA Police Dog Crime Patrol : Thief Chase Mission 1.1 APK
The controversy between cops and criminals in crime town LA hastaken a new twist in this LA Police Dog Crime Patrol.Use yourinstincts to seize crime thieves and save the city! A thrilling andexciting Police Dog escape mission simulator. Your mission is tochase robbers and criminals, sniff out bombs, prevent street crimeand help police officers keep city order! Use your powerful senseof smell, night vision, and keen hearing.Use your energies and tryto successfully chase & arrest criminals. Surprise dangerouscriminals and never let your town turn into a crime city! Trackcriminal suspects and missing persons in various challengingmissions with your fellow police officer masters.Use clever huntingand sniffing skills to being the best Police dog in city! Actuallythis Police dog simulator game is for those who always want to playlike a clever dog. Help police to chase and catch hard timecriminals.attack thugs by pouncing on them! Utilize a combinationof attacks to sharpen those teeth and claws! Discard illegalweapons and chase convicts! Don’t let the bad guys escape! Thisgame will let you experience the life of a police officer.GermanShepherd is top sniffing dog breed.The objective is all aboutsecuring the town from crimes and criminals. Cleanup the gangsterand bring peace to the city. Enjoy the excitement of a realisticyet mesmerizing 3D urban environment. LA Police Dog Crime Patrol 3DFeatures: • Amazing, Interactive 3D City Environment • Smooth andEasy game play • A Complete Police vs Crime Story to Accomplish •Sniff out drugs and bombs. • Thrilling and challenging Police DogMissions