1.1 / April 3, 2018
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US Transforming Robot Fighting Game, is an amazing robottransformation action simulation game by LoudCorp. Embark on anexciting journey of fighting mechanical robot warriors. The journeybegins in ancient cyber grand city in future war world where youwill be walking to war with robots. Play several types of fightingbattle robot animals like tiger robot, spider robot, horse fightingrobot, shark robot, rhino robot, angry super gorilla, rat smasher,cheetah robot, robot unicorn. Each warrior robot has uniquestrengths and powers of attack, defending, speed, life points. Youcan play as a police robot or as US cop or Miami Police. Takepolice robot for a car battle or use as a flying police robot to gofor a grand chase, arrest robot goons or robot mafia gangs. Savethe futuristic city, respond to security alerts, fight militaryhelicopters in which snipers shoot enemies. Engage in heavygunfire, stop colossal evil robot army, destroy terrorists enemyrobots and end war. Everything is unpredictable in crime city warin this car transform game. Fate of galaxy rests on your shouldersof steel. Steal back the control of our precious planet, be thegalactic superhero, reign over the nation of robots!In normal mode,use different punches like uppercut, jab, hook or different kickslike butterfly kick, low kick, jump kick. Employ techniques likecross chop or slam. Jump, roll, use robotic multi-reflexes todefend against special attacks. Utilize kickboxing skills, mmafighting skills, muay thai, karate skills. Use the tricks of famousfighters such as Yuri Great Boyka, Rocky Super Balboa, Tong SlasherTrithara, Sugar Supreme Ray, Joy Ran Calzaghe, Javis McGregor etc!Remember to use your mixed martial arts, ultra instinct, to givemore damage to opponent. Use combo attacks using different controlsto knockout the rival and be the metal king of all robots. Asidefrom flying robots and police robots, it allows you to driveamazing muscle cars, trucks. Turn your robot into a fast robot.Show amazing drifting skills to evade danger. Play exciting yetdifficult levels and unlock new ones. Use your skills, havepresence of mind in this thrilling game. This robot game has arescue games part in which your help is wanted in rescue missions.Act on call of response, use wings of metal, become a robotichelicopter or fighter jet aircraft, take off from your base andcomplete flying mission games, recover running robots in war. Whenan unknown mystical creatures appears, battle unknown mythologicalcreature and return to the base keeping everyone safe and avoidlandmines that are set up along the way. Reprogram destroyed ordamaged robots. Save robot scientists who are weak against enemylasers and missiles that can destroy humanity. Use hands of steel,take them to nearest ambulances and hospitals to cure them. Enjoyplaying the robot action flying transformation game. Thisfuturistic robot simulator will surely be a fun game. Turn on wartime machines and customize to make the ultimate fighting robot.Combine parts to enhance your bot, make a capable street and roadfighting robot. Make sure that robot armor is strong and robot isarmed to teeth. Play scenarios like roads, highways, hills,mountains, cities, beaches, wildlife, medieval and middle age. Userobots according to fighting conditions of each scenario to destroyrival autobots. Have the futuristic robot fight experience, unfoldthe ultimate robot battles!• Realistic 3D gaming experience.•Incredible graphics.• Easy touch controls, cooperative gameplay.•Several levels, missions, modes to play. • Truly free nonstopgame.• Variety of robots to choose from.• In-game modifications toenhance your robot’s capabilities.• Intensive and addictive game.•Robot action game for kids, one of the best robot metal fightinggames for android 2018.

App Information US Transforming Robot Fighting Game

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    US Transforming Robot Fighting Game
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    April 3, 2018
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Loud Corp Games
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    Office no. 1005, 10th floor, Al Hafeez Heights,Gulberg ,Lahore
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