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Habeeb Ushbi
Quthbuzzaman Sheikh Yousuf Sulthan Shah QadiriChishtiHe is the ‘Sulthan’ of the spiritual kingdom. Establishment ofThouheed is His mission. Purification and purgation of human heartsis His intention. He defends the hearts from vicious influence ofthe Devil.The Thouheed that we set aside, that we put in our shelves, that wehang in our houses, inside institutions and vehicles, that heardout of the mouth of preacher, that flows from the pen of writer,that blooms in the masterly touches of a novelist; the serving ofthis Thouheed into the hearts of human being is His maneuver.Too many sorts of deterioration and disintegration have reignedover the century we are living in. Islamic intellect has victimizedby the cultural demoralization. Things have gone upright down. Whatthat is important has convinced as of no prominence. To say thetruth, Islam has lost its spirit unto the inmost part. Nothing butvoice of self-deceiving hypocrites and noise of uncivilized beingsare being heard. The Islam, which had seamless glory and grandeurin the age before, has contracted into some worthless customs andnorms.It is in such a blemished and bewitched aisle of the currentcentury that the 36th Delegate of Prophet Muhammad T, Sheikh YousufSulthan Shah Qadiri Chishti, emerged to us, taking the will of theage into consideration, having endured with the Consent from a holyDelegate in that sacred series of Messengers of Thouheed.Visualizing the great drama of the world around Him, Sheikh YousufSulthan Shah Qadiri Chishti repeated the comment that Sheikh AbdulQadir Jeelani did on the world of 6th century, “Herein, dead is theIslam.”Can’t you get the real meaning of this comment? We are, already,aware of its appropriateness by the age of Sheikh Jeelani. But,what does it have with the modern age? What is your opinion on themodern cultural and religious life-line of Muslims? Is itstraightforward? Is it alike to that of the age of Prophet andSwahaba? Never. Never it is!.Is there any absence of Muslims in the mainstream of power andpolitics? Are we awfully backward in educational sphere? Why didour country subject to this like deterioration?Our nation had blessed with the emergence of Islam by the age ofProphet T. Later it had witnessed the holy presence of KhwajaMu’eenudheen Chishti.Let us probe in to the reasons in brief. Muslims settledorganizations to show their mass power. Afterward they made use oforganizations for the protection and nourishment of their wickedideas. This selfishness and falsehood caused them keep awaythemselves from the teachings Allah and His Prophet asserted. Theyjudged the things they cannot understand as wrong. Whatever andwhoever come against their impious acts and concepts were thrownaway from the mainstream of society. Thus, gradually, the Islamparalyzed.To such a world, wherein Islam was paralyzed, Sheikh Yousuf SulthanShah Qadiri Chishti arrived with the appellation, ‘Sultan’. To thepeople, to get faith in perfected and stabilized manner he servesthe Perfect kalmia thayeba , instructs the world to hold tight onthe laws of Sharia, always advises the practical ways to establishThouheed in hearts.
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Habeeb Ushbi
Quthubuzzaman Jeevitham Douthyammalayalam bookAuthor : shaikh Sulaiman Hudawi - anjachavidi
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Habeeb Ushbi
Welcome to the Net work of theQadiriyyaSufiOrder. The path of Sufism is the path to the DivinePresence. SufiOrders are connected through a chain of spiritualmasters leadingup to the Messenger of God, Muhammad, may the Peaceand Blessingsof God be upon him. The QadiriyyaSufi Way is one ofthe many pathsthat brings the seeker to a journey of self-awarenessand spiritualconsciousness, leading him directly to the attainmentof the truegoal of being connected with the Creator. With theguidance of ourblessed teacher Shaikuna Yusuf Sulthan Shah QadiriChishthy, theQadiriyya Way brings light to the essence ofspirituality amidst anera of darkness and corruption. This networkis your gateway to theteachings, practices and events of the MostDistinguished andPerfect Qadiriyya Sufi Order which is led byShaikuna Yusuf SulthanShah Qadiri Chishthy Aluva-one of thegreatest Sufi Mashaikhs ofhuman history.
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Habeeb Ushbi
This is old version. updates will notbeavailabe hereThis application currently moved and updated as " Sufi World "I recommend you to install " Sufi World "Please find link belowhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jeelani.ushbi.ushbiThank You
Ushbi Messenger 0.1 APK
Habeeb Ushbi
This is Telegram based Messenger ApplicationThe world fastest messaging application* Ushbi Messenger Delivers messages faster than any otherapplication* Ushbi Messenger free for ever - no subscription charges* Unlimited media, chat and messaging* access your message from multiple devices - Mobile , Laptop,Desktop* Video , Audio , Documents Transfer ( 1.5 GB )If you are Once registered in Telegram your previous data,groupscontacts will be available at Ushbi messenger.
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Habeeb Ushbi
الشيخ سلطان شاه هو خليفة الله ورسوله صلى اللهعليه وسلم في عصرنا هذا - العصر الحديث. فوضه الحبيب صلى الله عليهوسلم بتبشير ونشر هذه الكلمة - كلمة الله العليا - في جميع انحاءالعالم. هذه المهمة نفَذت في العالم على ايدى القديسين- العارفينالمرشدين مثل الشيخ محي الدين عبد القادر الجيلاني (قدس الله سرهالعزيز) وخواجه معين الدين الجشتي الأجميري (قدس الله سره العزيز)ونظام الدين اوليا (قدس الله سره العزيز) وغيرهم من كبار الائمةالصوفية. سلطان شاه يحتل مكانة بارزة بينهم، يشمر عن ساقه لتحقيق هذهالمبادئ السامية، تلقى الشيخ سلطان شاه خلافة "لا إله إلا الله ...محمد رسول الله" من الشيخ السيد محمد بادشاه القادري الجشتي اليمني(قدس الله سره العزيز) المتوفى سنة 1399 هجري. اخوة الايمان، سلطانشاه مرغوب في صحبته وتربيته من قبل الأولياء والعلماء وعامة الناس."لا اله الا الله .... محمد رسول الله" هو المسار المثالي؛ الذياوصانا النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم بمتابعته والعض عليه بالنواجد.كان الشيخ محمد بادشاه اليمني (قدس الله سره العزيز) سابع المشايخالمرشدين، الذي اتّبعه سلطان شاه في تدريب نفسه، وصعد على يديه الىالكمال في التوحيد، وبه تنوّر قلبه الى اسرار كلمة الله الطيبة، انطريق التوحيد الكامل واهله - يعني الطريقة القادرية العاليا طريقةالكلمة الطيبة- ليس كغيره من الطرق الصوفية، ليس طريقا لإبرازالكرامات وخوارق العادات، بل هم يعيشون بين الناس يدعون الى لب الدينالالهي والعشق الالهي والعطف الانساني، ينصحون كافة المخلوقاتويدعونهم الى حضرة الله عز وجل من خلال العشق والمحبة كما قال الله فيمحكم كتابه "أَلا إِنَّ أَوْلِيَاء اللّهِ لاَ خَوْفٌ عَلَيْهِمْوَلاَ هُمْ يَحْزَنُونَ".اخوة الإيمان، فالنقم معه ولنصفّ خلفه لتحقيق هذا الهدف السامي، داعينالله مولانا رب العزة والرحمة ان يتقبل منا كافة مجهوداتنا ويجزيناخير الجزاء في الدارين. امينSheikh Sultan Shah is thesuccessor of Allah and His Messenger, peace be upon him in our time- the modern era. Authorized him beloved of God be upon him Ptbshirand dissemination of this word - the word of God the Supreme - allover the world. This task carried out in the world at the hands ofAkaddesen- knowledgeable guides such as Sheikh Mohiuddin AbdulQadir Jilani (holy God Aziz secret) and Khwaja Moinuddin ChishtiAlobr (holy God Aziz secret) and Nizamuddin initial (holy God Azizsecret) and other senior imams Sufism. Sultan Shah featuresprominently among them, roll up their leg to achieve these loftyprinciples, Sheikh Sultan Shah received a succession of "No God butAllah ... Muhammad is the messenger of God" from Mr. SheikhMohammed Badshah Qadri Aljstei Yemeni (holy God Aziz secret), whodied in 1399 AH . Brothers of faith, Sultan Shah desirable in hiscompany and his upbringing by saints and scholars and the generalpublic. "There is no God but Allah, Muhammad is the messenger ofGod ...." is the ideal path; who commanded us Prophet, peace beupon him its follow-up and biting him Balnoagd.Sheikh Mohammed Badshah Yemeni (holy God Aziz secret) seventhelders tour, followed by Sultan Shah in the same training, and wentup on his hands to perfection in monotheism, and its enlighten hisheart to the mysteries of God's word good, that through thecomplete reunification and its people - I mean, the way QadiriyaAlaa word method Taibh- not like other Sufi orders, not a way tohighlight the dignities and paranormal habits, but they live amongthe people they claim to the core of the divine religion and loveof Divine kindness humanitarian, advised all creatures and invitethem into the presence of God through adoration and love, as Godsaid in an airtight his book, "not the friends of Allah there is nofear nor shall they grieve."Brothers of faith, Valenqm with him and half behind him to achievethis lofty goal, Maulana praying to Allah the Lord of Glory andcompassion to accept us and all our efforts Adzena the best rewardin the Hereafter. secretary
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Habeeb Ushbi
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