/ July 13, 2017
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UzoneSDK测试,只是作为测试案例使用。UzoneSDK test, just as a test case.

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    July 13, 2017
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    Uzone Network Technology Pte Ltd 61 Bukit Batok Crescent #08-07 Heng Loong Building Singapore 658078
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Legend of King:Dragons 7.0.0 APK
Legend of King is a fantasy ARPG mobile game which has swept Asiawith its splendid graphics and thrilling PK experience. It presentsscenes with challenging visual effects using HD particle flowtechnology. A world full of dazzling soul skills, blood soulrefining, manor plantation, colorful mount, original instance, epicbattlefield and fierce guild war!【Game Highlights】◆Fresh and fascinating soul skills: Your skills, your choice!Hundreds of skills-packed monsters await you to “Absorb”◆Hundreds of vivid fantasy scenes: From glacier to volcano, feelthe ultimate magic world with strong sense of identification◆Sound effect of deep impact: various score adapting differentscene, put your headset, or it’s your loss!◆Original instances with formidable bosses: plenty of instances andlegendary bosses, explore your boundary in classic PVEgameplay◆Real-Time battle of hundreds of players in the same screen: 100 vs100 battle with absolute no pressure!◆Experience all classes with one account: brand new avatar system,switching 8 classes by one key, 100% deep sensation◆Customized equipment at your will: build thousands of exclusiveequipments of all classes as you like, no identical can befound◆Tower defence of DOTA mode: are you ready to survive the endlesstrial with your companion of 100 waves of monsters?◆All new cross-server PK: claimed your kingship in your server?Wait and see the brutal challenge of a bigger world“Legend of King: The Awakening of Dragons” leads you to a freshnew journey. Level cap reaches 90 to bring tremendous challengesfor all the warriors. Glittering golden equipments and ultimateawakening skills shall boost your battle rating and make you theimpossible-to-defeat one.Customer Support:[email protected] Page:https://www.facebook.com/Kingol.2WeChat:King2online
顛覆三國 1.5.8 APK
【顛覆三國,不一樣的熱血群P】全民策略手游《顛覆三國》強勢來襲!全球同服,等你來戰!戰出你的功名利祿,戰出你的江山美人!就是要開戰!★ 開新人禮包——材料體力天天領,元寶銅錢送不停;★ 集三國名將——46位英雄豪傑,裝備熔煉,寶石鑲嵌,進階覺醒,供您全方位養成;★ 拼競技排名——巧用排兵佈陣,拒絕無腦卡牌,策略為王,盡顯謀略;★ 享精彩活動——暴擊搖錢樹,領爵位俸祿,勇征戰天下,選美人寵幸;【遊戲特色】1、精美畫面大製作,場景氣勢恢宏,特效絢麗多姿;2、精彩副本等你闯,對戰身臨其境,推崇策略至上;3、精魂战技齐发力,名将升星升級,神器洗練合成;【温馨提示】※ 請使用谷歌賬號、蘋果賬號登陸遊戲,包體更新后仍然可以找回歷史記錄;※ 本遊戲為免費使用,遊戲內另提供偷賣虛擬遊戲幣、物品等付費服務。請注意遊戲時間,避免沉迷;【客服通道】Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/Topple3KingdomsEmail Support: [email protected]
君王2(Legend of King) 7.0.0 APK
风靡亚洲的大型魔幻MMORPG手机网游,画面最美PK最爽!高清粒子流技术,呈现挑战视觉极限的绝美画面,酷炫魂技、血魂炼化、庄园种植、缤纷坐骑、新奇副本、战场激斗、热血军团站等多元玩法。《君王2》7.0新版“巨龙复苏”开启全新征程,全面开放90级等级上限迎接新挑战、85级闪耀金装让你战力飙升,全职业奥义觉醒,惊世大招爆裂来袭,助你扭转乾坤、所向披靡!----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------【游戏特色】◆新奇有趣的魂技:你的技能由你决定,百种怪物自带魂技任由你“吸”◆数百个逼真魔幻场景:从冰川到火山,代入感超强的奇幻场景带你领略极致魔幻◆震撼心灵的立体音效:不同场景搭配不同风格的灵动配乐,不戴耳机玩是你的损失◆各色副本强力Boss:海量副本+传奇Boss,极致PVE玩法挑战自我极限◆百人同屏全即时对战:100VS100毫无压力!真人玩家实时大型团P绝不卡机!◆一个账号同步玩遍所有职业:全新化身系统,8大职业1键切换,100%深度体验◆个性化装备“私人定制”:上千款各职业专属装备任你打造,绝无雷同。◆Dota式塔防激斗:怪物一波波袭来,是男人就带上小伙伴撑过100波无尽试炼吧◆全新跨服PK:本服封王无人可敌?跨服对战,全网高手同台激情搏杀!----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------— 韩国APP畅销榜TOP1— 日本A多元PP免费榜TOP3— 台湾APP畅销榜TOP3— 2013年金翎奖最受玩家喜爱的手游— 2013年荣膺新浪微博十大最受欢迎手机游戏奖!— 2013年百度百度游戏风云榜十大风云手机游戏!— 2013年世界移动游戏大会(WMGC)优秀产品奖第一名!— 2013年必玩的西方魔幻手机网游大作!— 2013年“吸”式新玩法的唯一一款手游!你还在等什么?赶快加入吧…….官方微信:Play_u2u7官方Facebook粉丝页:https://www.facebook.com/jw2uzone官方客服邮箱:[email protected] MMORPG large Asian mobile games, PK succulent beautifulpicture! HD particle flow technology, presenting challenges thelimits of stunning visual images, cool soul of technology, bloodsoul refining, estate grown, colorful horse, novelty copy of thebattlefield Battle, multiple gameplay blood Corps station."King 2" 7.0 version of "Dragon recovery" to open a new journey,full liberalization of the 90 level cap to meet new challenges, 85Gold let you shine combat power surge, all professional esotericawakening, stunning big move burst struck, help You turn thingsaround, invincible!----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[Game Features]◆ new and interesting soul technology: your skills up to you, 100kinds of monsters comes with the soul of technology allow you to"suck"◆ hundreds of magical realism Scene: From the glacier to thevolcano, into a sense of superior fantasy scene with you a taste ofthe ultimate fantasy◆ shock stereo sound mind: different scenarios with differentstyles of clever soundtrack, do not wear headphones playing is yourloss◆ Strong colored copy Boss: Massive copy + legendary Boss, theultimate challenge themselves limit PVE gameplay◆ hundred people with full-screen instant Battle: 100VS100 nopressure! Real players in real-time large group P never cardmachine!◆ an account synchronization Wanbian all professions: a new avatarsystem, eight major career a key switch, 100% depth ofexperience◆ personalized equipment "private customized": the occupation ofany exclusive equipment thousands of models you build, nosimilar.◆ Dota-style tower defense Battle: Monster waves hit, a man put ona small partner to get through 100 waves of endless trials it◆ The new cross-service PK: this service unrivaled champion?Inter-service war, the whole network master passion fight on thesame stage!----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- South Korea APP bestsellers TOP1- Japan A multi-PP free list TOP3- Taiwan APP bestsellers TOP3--2013 Annuity Ling Award for the most popular players in the handtravel- 2013 was awarded the top ten most popular Weibo mobile gameaward!--2013, Baidu Baidu Game Billboard Top Ten FY mobile game!--2013 Mobile game World Assembly (WMGC) Excellent Product Awardfirst place!- 2013 will play the Western magical mobile gamingmasterpiece!--2013 Year "suck" type of new games are played only one handtour!What are you waiting for? Come on and join it .......Official micro letter: Play_u2u7The official Facebook fan page: https://www.facebook.com/jw2uzoneOfficial Customer Service Email: [email protected]
戰國無極限 1.5.10 APK
UzoneSDK测试 APK
UzoneSDK测试,只是作为测试案例使用。UzoneSDK test, just as a test case.
Heart of Brave:Origin 1.2.4 APK
Game features: PVE: Players slowly get to know the game throughtheepic quest line Treasure caves, dungeons, and monster invasionsareavailable to players to experience. PVP: The real-time gamecontentsuch as the arena, battlefield, and the Temple of Warprovidesplayers with the thrill of fighting. Different careerchoicesprovide players with different skill combinations. Playerscanunlock gorgeous skills and excellent talent trees by improvingthelevel of the game characters. Players collect differentmonstercards to activate and get small pets, and cute little petscancarry them. Want to experience an epic plotline? Want toexperiencea sweaty battle? Come and join this adventure journeytogether.