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Are you tired of looking at those same old boring themes on yourphone every day? Well, no need to worry cuz we’ve got you covered.Valentines Day Icon Theme is one of the best free apps and yourvery own love icon change software for this special lovers day.Surprise yourself and your loved one with this cute Valentinesicons and be assured that this will make your Valentine’s Day evenmore enjoyable. With this free download app you can create iconsusing your creativity and imagination – the options andcombinations are limitless. The app we have created is all you needfor adding that Valentine spark to your phone. Why would you tryall those boring ready-made icons when you can have free heartsicon change by using this icon making software? No need to wait,download the app right now and be a part of the future of phonepersonalization.*** How to customize app icons ***1. Choose whetheryou want to:★ pick one of the ready-made items from the list;★ makeyour own icon (choose the shape, background, sticker, frame and addglow);★ let the 'random' option make the choice for you, use thepreview to see the result.2. Once you've decided on the design, youcan choose for which app you want to customize app icon;3. Changethe app's name as well, if you like;4. Tap on the 'set' button; 5.Enjoy your new icon theme!As you can see there are only a fewsimple steps that are needed for the ultimate Valentine artdecoration on your phone screen. With the best icon theme maker appyou can do wonders when it comes to personalization because you canexpress your creativity, choose among different designs, shapes,backgrounds or glows and make those love icons themes you’ve alwayswanted to have. “Valentines Day Icon Theme” is packed with lovedecorations such as Valentine hearts or “love symbol” designs thatwill put you in a love mood. Using this “cute valentines” loveheart icons on a daily basis will be a pure joy so why would youwaste time trying to find some other icon personalization “apps forteenage girls” when you have a perfect one in front of you. Beamong the first to “download icon” changer for a “happy ValentinesDay”.If you’ve run out of Valentine’s day ideas to celebrate thisholiday then you’re in the right place. Our brand new app offersyou an innovative way to customize app icons that will make allyour Valentine wishes come true. You have probably tried many otherheart shaped icon making apps that just don’t live up to yourexpectations but with this app you’ll have a “Valentine love”personalization on your screen you have always dreamed of. Now youcan create heart love themes all by yourself in just a few taps? Itsounds easy and it looks amazing too! When you get bored with thoseold themes you have available in your phone just remember thatthere is a way to “change icon and name of app” in a very simpleway. All you need is our brand new app for icon design which iscarefully crafted for your special Valentine’s Day. You must havespent hours looking for the right “love heart icon pack” which willsuit your phone as well as your mood for the international loveholiday, well now the search is over. Now you can download themesand create your very own “free Valentine day icon” that will matchyour feelings on this day of love. Wait no longer, tap the downloadbutton and get ready for the greatest Valentine of your life!

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    Valentines Day Icon Theme
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    January 13, 2017
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    Thalia Ultimate Photo Editing
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Make the screen of your phone sparkly and glamorous, bathe it withlove and bring it to life with Glitter Love Wallpaper! With greatpleasure we created a blend of romantic love themes and fascinatingglitter backgrounds which resulted in most magical love wallpaperslive which you are free to use and adore! These cute heartwallpapers are a must-have on Valentine's Day, but they are solovely that it will be impossible for you to change love wallpaperslive for some other free live themes. Add to it the fact that youcan customize the density, speed, kind, and direction of the movingparticles – what else is needed to convince you to downloadanimated hearts background app and enjoy its pleasant and warmappearance whenever you unlock your phone or tablet? Go get yourGlitter Love Wallpaper for free and have a new love heartbackground dressed in glitter art every single day! ♥ A freesparkle and glitter live wallpaper! * Download live themes if youare in love! ♥ Perfect glitter backgrounds for Valentine's Day! * Agreat animated free app! ♥ Fully customizable love wallpapers live!* Choose the density, speed, kind, and direction of the movingparticles! ♥ Optimized battery usage! * Both landscape mode andhome screen switching are fully supported! ♥ Celebrate love everyday with some romantic backgrounds! Is there a romantic girl whodoesn't like “heart wallpapers and backgrounds” on her phone?Finally there is a perfect solution to have a wonderful lovebackground while you type I love you text messages to yourboyfriend. If you feel that your old “love wallpaper for girls” isboring and just too simple for you, try “live wallpapers” from thecollection we prepared within our glitter app with cool livebackgrounds and make your screen animated and active! Don't missthis Valentine day live wallpaper free download, especially becauseit is not reserved only for this holiday, but you can set aglittering love background wallpaper every single day and fill yourtime with romance and tenderness. Get your glitter theme right awayand leave a little sparkle wherever you go! ♥*♥*♥*♥*♥ Bydownloading Glitter Love Wallpaper you can get all that you needwhen you search for a “live wallpaper free” - a heart backgroundapp with glitter themes and beautiful, romantic live backgrounds.It is fully customizable, you can adjust the speed and density ofthe moving parts and this makes our live background maker the bestlive theme download ever. Browse the internet, type your messagesand be sure that the “glitter heart wallpaper” is there at theback, decorating your phone in the most romantic way. If you haveglitter keyboard themes as well, then this glitter wallpaper livewill match it perfectly. Don't look for a “Valentines daywallpaper” and a glitter theme in separate apps, because weprovided both in one single heart background app, trying to packthe best live themes to be at your service all the time. Download alive wallpaper love yourself and people around you and be loved!♥*♥*♥*♥*♥ Let's make it official – the cutest “live themesdownload” is finally here, and you can have a love Valentine livewallpaper if you only tap the install button; wait no more, then,but exploit this free love wallpaper download and get the mostbeautiful live theme in the world! It is all sparkly andglimmering, just the way one princess like you deserves. Set yournew “glitter wallpaper” this instant, don't let your phone beordinary and simple. Set a Valentine wallpaper on February 14th,and suggest to your best friends to find this “love wallpaperdownload free” and decorate their phones and tablets too! So, areyou ready to complete this heart background download and get thebest of the best moving backgrounds? Ready? Steady? Go and download“Glitter Love Wallpaper”!
Ghost in Photo Prank 2.8 APK
Haunt 'em, scare 'em, make 'em scream! It is always fun to playpranks on our friends and family. That why we've created Ghost inPhoto Prank! With the help of this ghost face photo editor it is soeasy to pull pranks and scare your bfs and family out of theirwits! This horror prank app lets you put one or more ghosts in oneof your pictures as if they were real. All the photo montages youcreate in this fantastic and free picture editor will be sorealistic that all of your friends, or anyone else for that matter,will really believe that there is a ghost in the photo. Theadvanced image editing options and tools will give you the ultimateopportunity to pull the best pranks for Halloween! Wait no more,download Ghost in Photo Prank and try it, it is so much fun!Features: ☠ Picture editor for creating the best creepy photopranks! ☠ Scary face app to put a sticker of an apparition on yourpic! ☠ Take a pic with the prank camera or select a pic from thegallery of your phone! ☠ Choose one of many spirit images weprepared for you! ☠ Customize, change the size and opacity, placeit wherever you wish on your pic! ☠ Apply creepy filters andeffects! ☠ Save to gallery or share on Facebook, Twitter orInstagram! ☠ Add ghost in photo with ease and scare your friends! ☠Best photo prank maker! Get a real ghost effect photo editor foryour phone or tablet and start with the ultimate pic editing! Allyou need to do is select a picture from your phone's gallery ortake a picture on the spot, then choose one of the available “ghostpictures” from our superb collection of creepy photos. You can alsochoose the place of the sticker for pictures so that it will lookreal on the picture montage. The photo stickers are transparent,which only adds to their credibility. Repeat the same process againand again, add as much ghosts as you want and make horror photopranks that will leave everyone trembling in fear. Our “ghost photoeditor app” is the best prank app you will find on the market, sodownload “Ghost in Photo Prank” for free! At last you've found aperfect “ghost photo maker” where you can either save the editedpicture on your phone or tablet's memory or share it with anysocial app you want. The great thing about this “ghost photocreator” is that it is very easy to use and you don't need anyspecial image editing skills to perform picture retouching. Make aperfect “ghost prank photo” just using this scary prank machine.Its perfect for Halloween parties, April Fools' Day and sleepovers.If you want to spice things up just enter this “scary photo booth”and your friends will scream in fear! But don't just take our wordfor it, it is much more fun doing than reading about it, sodownload Ghost in Photo Prank and make an amazing and creepy photomontage every day. If you are a real prankster and you aresearching for an app for scary pranks to do on your friends, this“ghost face photo maker” is made just for you. Use it to scare andshock your friends, foes or anyone you feel like. It’s the bestHalloween prank app that every boy or girls should have on theirsmartphones or tablets. You can make any place haunted and scarybut you need the right app for picture editing to do it. That iswhy this “photo editor with ghost image” has all the advancedoptions to “add ghost to photo”. Make a horror ghost photo frameand set it as your wallpaper lock screen picture, the picturemontages are in hd quality so you'll be more than satisfied withthem. Go out there and start working your magic! Download Ghost inPhoto Prank free of charge!
Neon Butterfly Live Wallpaper 1.6 APK
Enjoy heaven on Earth whenever you take your phone or tablet! NeonButterfly Live Wallpaper brings mesmerizing images of cute colorfulbutterflies on screen! Decorate your home screen with thesedelicate flying bugs dancing beneath your fingers. This wonderfullive wallpaper theme will make you feel like a part of themarvelous world of nature and you will fall in love with itsstunning hd pictures and beautiful backgrounds that glow in thedark. This lovely app for girls is available for free download, socheck it out right now and share these cute moving themes with yourfriends! Download Neon Butterfly Live Wallpaper free of charge nowand make your mobile device just awesome! Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ~.~ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ~.~Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ~.~ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ~.~ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Features: εїз Beautiful livewallpapers and backgrounds for girls! εїз Several neon wallpapersand backgrounds with cute butterfly themes! εїз Choose yourfavorite live background that glows in the dark! εїз Cute designwith a “neon butterfly” for free! εїз Create your own wallpaper andhave your own unique style! εїз Select density, speed, kind, anddirection of the moving particles! εїз Optimized battery usage! εїзThese beautiful and free wallpaper themes are waiting just for you!Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ~.~ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ~.~ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ~.~ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ~.~ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Brightcolors and amazing moving themes for your home screen backgroundare the things that make this “flying butterfly live wallpaper” appfor phones and tablets the best personalization app on the market.Choose your favorite colorful “neon butterflies theme”, enjoy thesight of these gorgeous insects floating across your home screenwallpaper and show all of your bffs your colorful phone display.Neon butterflies will mystically glow in the dark so you will be inthe center of attention wherever you show up. Get this “neonbutterfly wallpaper” app for phones - a cool moving backgroundchanger with glowing colors and beautiful animation. Change yourmobile phone design in a few easy steps, download Neon ButterflyLive Wallpaper free of charge today! This is the most amazing girlyapp on the market with beautiful pictures of butterflies that willadorn your smartphone and make it shine in the dark. Just choosethe prettiest “butterfly live theme” from our rich collection offree moving wallpapers and customize your device in the cutestpossible way! Set a different “butterflies wallpaper” every day andfeel the spring spirit radiating from your favorite device. Ourlive wallpapers of butterflies come in many colors so they willsuit anybody's taste, plus they glow and shine like real neonbutterflies. If you are bored with your old system home screentheme and you want a new one which is bright, cute and colored,wait no more, download “Neon Butterfly Live Wallpaper” now! Playwith the charming butterflies in bright colors wherever you tap! Ifyou are crazy about girly apps, try our “live home screenwallpaper” with floating neon butterflies that is a bit differentfrom the others. It will change your smartphone in an instant andyou can finally show off your new “glowing live wallpaper” that iscompletely unique and one of a kind. Get this “neon live wallpaperfree” of charge and we guarantee that you will be very pleased. Setsome glowing themes for home screen mobile of girls and customizeyour phone in a sophisticated girly manner! Neon Butterfly LiveWallpaper is all you are looking for! The most mesmerising neontheme is here to make your phone glow like neon lights!
Gold Diamond Clock 1.5 APK
If you wanna find out why diamonds are a girl's best friend theninstall Gold Diamond Clock! The latest clock app will make yourmobile device both functional and beautiful with various movingbackgrounds. Check out all luxurious themes and find the one thatthat suits you most! You can also choose a simple clock face or anelegant one and change the background in the matter of seconds tosuit the occasion you're in. This live background time teller canbe your perfect fashion accessory since you'll have the goldenclock studded with diamonds! Waste no more money on expensivejewelry, get this background clock for free! Download Gold DiamondClock and make your phone glitter every day! Features: ⌚ Check outall wallpapers and style your home screen background! ⌛ Chooseamong beautiful clock skins or create your own live clock! ⌚Optimized battery usage! ⌛ Choose a background, hands, markers andwidget styles! ⌚ See the preview of each element combination! ⌛This is a real clock on display, not just a wallpaper! ⌚ Choose allthe clock elements separately! ⌛ Completely free live wallpapersand backgrounds for your screen, compatible with 99% mobiledevices! ⌚ Get this clock live wallpaper free of charge andembellish your phone! You can stop searching for the perfect "clockbackground" because you've finally found it! With this "luxuryclock live wallpaper" you'll always have a beautiful background andyou'll never be late again! Gold and "diamond themes" will addstyle to your mobile device and make it trendy. This luxurious andrich wallpaper clock is made for successful people! Glam up yourphone screen and let it be your perfect fashion accessory! You willbe amazed with the fact that this free clock app shows time, dateand battery power at the same time on your home screen and it hasexclusive backgrounds that will make your phone or tablet elegantand distinctive. Don't hesitate, download Gold Diamond Clock andadorn your mobile device! This "live wallpaper clock with date andtime" is both nifty and functional! There's a bunch of "beautifulmoving backgrounds" that you can choose. Find your favoritewallpaper and combine it with a clock widget, the result will bewonderful! These clock themes are the perfect combination of"diamonds and gold"! With them, your screen will never be the sameagain! Besides, you can choose your favorite clock face andpersonalize it to suit your needs and style perfectly. Feel likeyou have a real diamond phone or golden clock on your home screen!Download this unique collection of "glitter wallpapers andbackgrounds" and never change it again! Gold Diamond Clock isavailable for free so glam up your phone right away! It's high timeyou changed your old background! Style has nothing to do withmoney, so get these gold diamond wallpapers for free and show yourtaste! The dazzling beauty of these precious gemstones will enchantyou and turn your screen into a piece of art. You can alsocustomize it with various "moving backgrounds" and diamond &gold themes so it can suit your needs and style perfectly! From nowon, if you're wearing a diamond jewelry your phone or tablet can bethe perfect addition to your style! These live backgrounds willreflect your inner beauty and never let you down in decorating yourfavorite mobile device. Transform your phone display into anextravagant gadget with this "analog clock wallpaper"! Download"Gold Diamond Clock" and style your phone!
Blender Camera Photo Editor 1.5 APK
Hey, photo editing maniacs, here is a fantastic new photo editorjust for you! Blender Camera Photo Editor is here to help youcombine two pictures together and prepare them for social networks.Now you can merge photos and use the transparency effect like apro! Just choose images from your smartphone or tablet gallery ortake new ones and blend two pictures into one with ease. All youneed to create wonderful customized photos is your imagination andour brand new mixer app. We've created the best image blender appwhich you can download right away free of charge and start yourmagical picture editing now! Download Blender Camera Photo Editorand make transparent pictures like a true artist! Features: ✤ Mergetwo pictures together, free and easy! ✤ Choose pics from the phonegallery or take a selfie! ✤ Perform the best image blending with atransparency effect! ✤ Add cute photo frames to decorate your photomontage! ✤ Share instantly to social networks like Facebook,Twitter or Instagram! ✤ Save to the gallery of your smartphone ortablet! ✤ Combining two pictures has never been easier, try outnow! We designed this photo editing app with special dedication andcare in order to make picture manipulation easy and fun. Free yourinner artist, “blend pictures” together and create real pieces ofart. Image blending is very popular in the world of picture editingbecause it is so fun and easy! After you select your pics andcreate “blended photos”, decorate your photo montage with some cuteframes for pics to complete your work of art. This “photo blender”will blend two pictures together like no other free app and amazeyour friends. Use our image blender photo editor to fade twopictures together and create stunning images that will dazzleeverybody the minute you share your creation on social networks. Sowait no more, download Blender Camera Photo Editor for free! Tryour “blender camera app” to create an incredible couple in lovephoto with gorgeous picture frames and surprise your sweetheart forValentine's. With the advanced transparent overlay effects, ourimage editing app is the best “overlay photo app” you can find onthe market. Blend two images into a romantic picture, which you canuse as a cover photo or home screen wallpaper. With this uniquephoto editing software you'll have the means to make a picturetransparent and create magnificent images that will fill your phonegallery. After mixing two pictures together you can decorate themwith adorable picture frames and we guarantee that you will besatisfied with the work you've done. Download Blender Camera PhotoEditor free of charge and create “overlapping photos” that willtake your breath away! Create a faded photo effect using this imagemerger because it is the simplest way to blend pictures into one atany time. You don't need to mix pictures online and a constantinternet connection because with our “photo merge and editor” youcan morph two pictures together whenever you want! Select yourfavorite selfie images, “blend photos” and mix two most preciousmemories you can find on your phone or tablet. Adjust the degree oftransparency and add transparency effects to make spectacularpicture montages. Download our brand new “overlapping photo editor”and blender, download “Blender Camera Photo Editor” and let thefantastic pic merging begin!
Cute Doggy Face 1.4 APK
Feel free to act silly for a bit and make a Cute Doggy Face usingthis awesome photo editor app! The funny face changer is here witha great array of cute stickers that let you create awesome andsweet photos of you and your bffs as puppies. Share your creationson social media and have hundreds of likes! Place puppy eyes, earsand mouth over your photo or be even more creative and add text tophotos, inspirational, friendship or love quotes or anything youlike. Now we have provided you with the cutest picture editor andsharing app at the same time, you can now take pictures, edit themand then share them with your friends. If you want to edit picturestaken by your camera or maybe to edit your friends' photos you'vecome to the right place! Download Cute Doggy Face free of charge!^◕‿◕^ ❤ ^◕‿◕^ ❤ ^◕‿◕^ ❤ ^◕‿◕^ ❤ ^◕‿◕^ Features: ❤ So fun & easyto use! ☆ Girly photo editor pro for easy edits and with adorablestickers! ❤ Take a picture or select one from your gallery! ☆ Addpuppy ears, mouth and eyes or numerous other decorations! ❤ Scale,move, customize your image with many photo editing options! ☆ Addtext, friendship and love quotes and sayings! ❤ Save and share yourgirly pics on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! ☆ No Internetconnection required! ^◕‿◕^ ❤ ^◕‿◕^ ❤ ^◕‿◕^ ❤ ^◕‿◕^ ❤ ^◕‿◕^ A newanimal face sticker image editor is here to make each and every ofyour images sweet and funny! There are so many cute animal photostickers and “puppy face” simulators and you have to try them all.This gorgeous “dog face app” will help you enhance your selfies andmake funny doggy face montages. You will love the way this imageeditor for girls makes incredibly good face swap with its freephoto editing options and how adorable your selfies will look.Place a “cute dog face” instead of your own or choose any otherwild animal sticker you like. We made this cool sticker maker appfor all those girls who are bored and want to change face and playwith cool and funny manipulating options. So hurry up, downloadCute Doggy Face because it's free! We assure you, all your friendson social networks will adore your photo montage. Plus, you canalso set all the images you edit here as a wallpaper background anddecorate not only your selfies but also your home screen. This isone of the leading “puppy ears and face apps” on the market and youshould not miss this opportunity to get the only free downloadright here. Beautify your best selfies with our latest “puppy faceapp” and try out a variety of animal faces and cool text stickersthat will turn your cool images into masterpieces! This is a freephoto editing software for girls who love animals and want to belike one. Play with the most incredible “puppy filter” you can findon the market! Download Cute Doggy Face free of charge and becomean adorable puppy in a second! Plenty of different and “funnystickers” for your funny photo montages are waiting for you in this“puppy face camera”. This face changer will become your favoritephoto editor because it’s so easy to use and can help you get somany likes on any of the most popular social media. Put a “doggyfilter” on your face, create funny photos you can set as yourprofile picture or share it with your followers and friends to maketheir day. This wonderful photo studio app will help you edit yourface and make fantastic edited pictures of sweet dogs and othercute animals. Prepare your phone or tablet, because it is doggyface time! Seize the chance to obtain this funny photo editor!Download “Cute Doggy Face” for free now! Disclaimer: This app is inno way associated with Snap Inc.
My Photo Emoji Keyboard 2.9.1 APK
Are you tired of the same old keyboard themes? If you're lookingfor a keyboard personalization that will take your phone to thenext level you are at the right place. With My Photo Emoji Keyboardyou can have a different and unique design every day! Choose anyphoto from the gallery or take one at the spot and set a newkeyboard background in a matter of seconds. The days of old systemkeypad are behind you! Enjoy the new way of texting and expressevery emotion or attitude using awesome emoticons. Send smileys,sweet messages, comment on Facebook or Instagram with your newstylish keyboard. Select the default language, choose your favoritephoto background and you're ready to text non-stop! Download MyPhoto Emoji Keyboard for free and experience a brand new way oftyping! How to set your new keyboard skin: 1. Click on 'Enable theKeyboard', then check the box-field next to "My Photo EmojiKeyboard" and then click on the OK button 2. Return to theapplication, then select 'Set the Keyboard to Default' button andselect 'My Photo Emoji Keyboard' 3. You can now personalize yourkeypad 4. Select language and shortcuts 5. Choose the font color,button shape and the background image 6. Check whether you like thefinal look using the 'Preview' option 7. Choose background imagesfrom the gallery or take one anew with your camera and click theDone button when you are satisfied with the pic Check out the coolfeatures this "photo keyboard with emoticons" has: ✔ Select yourown keyboard pictures! ✔ Choose between various button styles andletter colors! ✔ Cool keypad sounds and vibration! ✔ Completelycustomizable picture keyboard app with emoji art! ✔ Type your textmessages, choose your hotkeys and send funny smileys! ✔ Choose thedefault language: English, Spanish, Malay, Vietnamese, Turkish,Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Polish, or Romanian! ✔ Havelots of fun using "my photo keypad theme" free of charge! Don'tsettle for any keypad theme when you can "make your own emojikeyboard"! Choose images that you already have for your keypadphoto background or take a selfie with your boyfriend or girlfriendand create a sweet "couple photo keyboard". Your letter fonts willlook so cool when you change the keypad color and you'll type muchfaster once you select your favorite hotkeys! Besides, there arebunch of new emojis that will make your everyday texting easier andpleasurable. Surprise your friends by showing them a photo keyboardbackground with their faces on your phone or tablet. As you cansee, possibilities are endless, but there is only one "photokeyboard with emojis" that's perfect for you! Get our latest appfor free and make an "emoji keyboard with your own picture"! Choosea photo of your family, friends, or take a picture with your selfiecamera and make a unique keyboard wallpaper photo. This way you'llpersonalize your mobile device and have a new keypad theme everysingle day! Share this phone app with your best friends so all ofyou can "create your own emoji keyboard". Spice up your messageswith sweet smiley emoticons and express your emotions through thecool emoji keyboard. It's time to go typing on a "personalizedemoji keyboard"! Get our keypad photo app free of charge and findout why this is one of the best "my photo keyboard apps" on themarket! Download My Photo Emoji Keyboard and decorate your mobiledevice in the most unique way!
3D Moving Wallpaper Backgrounds 2.2 APK
Enter the world of virtual reality with the best 3d wallpapermoving app for android! With 3D Moving Wallpaper Backgrounds yourhome screen will always look amazing! This parallax app is unlikeany other 3d live wallpaper on the store. It will make yourbackground pictures look so real because of the 3d photo effects,that you would want to enter your phone screen! You can choosebetween several 3d parallax themes and cool moving wallpapers oryou can have them all together with the background changer. All ofthis will allow you to create a perfect moving backgroundwallpaper. So don't wait anymore, install 3D Moving WallpaperBackgrounds for free and embellish your favorite mobiledevice!□▢□▢□▢□▢□▢□▢□Features:▢ The best background app featuringmany parallax live wallpapers available now!▢ Create your ownmoving wallpaper with these fascinating 3d background pictures!▢Enjoy live wallpapers and 3d parallax backgrounds!▢ Optimizedbattery usage!▢ Select the degree of moving for your backgroundimages to get a 3d effect!▢ Add a blur effect to cool 3dwallpapers!▢ Choose the direction of moving from one side to theother, or up and down!▢ Add a filter or extract color to getawesome live wallpapers parallax!▢ Download moving wallpaper andcreate awesome parallax pictures free of charge!□▢□▢□▢□▢□▢□▢□If youare looking for realistic "3d live wallpapers and backgrounds" youare at the right place! One of the best live moving wallpapers forandroid apps have numerous beautiful pictures of breathtakingscenery. You can also add "blur photo background effects" andfilters for pictures and personalize your moving wallpapers! If youdon't like pre designed "3d parallax wallpapers" you can createyour own background. Be the first among your friends to have this"3d parallax background app" and decorate your home screen. Thesemoving wallpapers for girls and boys are made for all 3d parallaxtheme lovers! So hurry up, download 3D Moving Wallpaper Backgroundsand parallax your favorite mobile devices!Rendered with amazing 3dpicture effects, this awesome 3d parallax background live willbring you real moving wallpapers with several images that willdecorate your phone quickly! These are not ordinary wallpapers andbackgrounds live free for your phone or tablet, but the "bestmoving wallpapers" with 3d parallax effect. You can almost feel andtouch all the objects in the picture because of the realistic 3dparallax design free that will dazzle you! "Awesome movingwallpaper" with fascinating 3d effects for photos offers youseveral pictures of beautiful scenery. Choose your favorite 3dparallax background theme and change the way you customize yourmoving wallpapers forever! Share the amazing "3D Moving WallpaperBackgrounds" with friends and admire it together!Enjoy the sight ofdifferently themed free moving wallpapers and backgrounds every daywith "amazing 3d wallpaper app"! Find the perfect 3d parallaxbackground or personalize your moving wallpaper free of charge byadding photo filters and blur background effect. This way you'llhave realistic 3d pictures for your phone that you can also use asa "parallax 3d live wallpaper"! You can get this home screendecoration right now and every time you move, these "cool movingbackgrounds" will follow you with the parallax effect! Waste nomore time, download 3D Moving Wallpaper Backgrounds and decorateyour phone screen background!