9.200.2 / February 11, 2017
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What do you want to do on Valentine’s Day? Love is in the air andthat’s the perfect moment for valentine games. Match & crushwith colorful and lovely items such as hearts, gifts, flowers andcookies. A valentine connect game in the city of love, isn’t thatthe perfect and timeless fun to do on Valentine’s Day? Let’s getinto this matching game and crush candies all the way! Features: •classic matching games in the city of love • match 3 or more toclear the field • match 4 or more to create lovely boosters withextra power • match & crush candies to win all levels • funvalentine games to play on valentine’s day • invite friends to joinyou in this matching game Come and crush candies in the city oflove where the love is in the air. Invite your best friends to comeplay with you in this matching game. Match 3 to clear the field,but match 4 or more to create amazing boosters with extra power. Avalentine connect game like this is the perfect game to play onValentine’s Day. Let’s match & crush candies and colorfulobjects like hearts, flowers and cookies. Win all challenges andfeel amazing! Help us by rating our game with a lot of stars. Youcan also follow us on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG

App Information Valentine's Day: Match & Crush

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    Valentine's Day: Match & Crush
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    February 11, 2017
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  • Requires Android
    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    Puzzle Games - VascoGames
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    Vasco Games Nijkampenweg 31 7815GB Emmen The Netherlands
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Welcome to the forest animals story. Join Annon her journey through the woods of blossom, trying to catch a picof all the wild animals that you will run into. Ann is a good girlfrom scouting, daughter of the forester, and knows the riddles ofthe wilderness because of her scouts school adventure. She ran intodifferent funny animals already, for example a fox, owl, duck,bunny and even a crocodile! Ann tells her story often to kids fromscouting, they love exploring the woods of blossom too!You can join Ann in this matching game and make pictures of allsort of cute animals in the wilderness. All you need in this photogame is mastering of the camera and some match 3 puzzle skills.Come and learn this scouting matching game with Ann, ran intodifferent wildlife like a bird, frog, squirtle or fox in thisamazing forest life photo adventure. Ready to match 3 or more wildanimals and take a picture?Forest Animals Photo Adventure:- Wildlife picture game: meet like fox, duck, bunny orcrocodile!- Swap forest animals and match 3 or more in this mania!- Woods of blossom: perfect game for kids that love pets!- Many levels for exploring and mastering the wilderness withAnnThis photo adventure is the scouting journey that many guys andgirls are dreaming about. Every kid loves pets and wild animals,and now you can go on this trip to the woods of blossom and startexploring wildlife in the wilderness yourself during this matchinggame. The forester allows you to go into the forest animals areaand try to catch some pics of a fox, camel, frog, bunny or bird.Who knows what you can spot when mastering your match 3 puzzleskills. This match game suits the dreams of all scouts and kids.Playing in the woods of blossom watching forest animals mania andwildlife instead of home pets. Go on this puzzle adventure, it’sfunny! Bunny!How To Play:This match 3 puzzle game is a matching game first class. Join Annand go into the forest animals mania. Follow her scouting rules andmake pictures of all duck, fox, frog, bird or crocodile that youmeet during this journey. Swap and match 3 or more while exploringand mastering your wildlife photo adventure. Enjoy and havefun!Follow us here:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVGNOTE: Forest Animals Photo Adventure is completely free to play,but some in-game elements such as lives or gold may requirepayment.
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Look at this sweet cake splash, full of candy pop sweets. Connectthe candy cupcake in this line puzzle game and win! Start a chainand candy pop explosion. Join the cook in his sweet bakery andcombine everything! Win this candy puzzle game! Cake SplashFeatures: + More Than 99 Delicious Levels + Sweet Bakery World Map+ Candy Match ReactionS + Cake Splash Blast Adventure CONNECT THECANDY Get in the cook’s seat and connect the candy. Make thegreatest cupcake and most delicious candy pop happening. CREATE ACHAIN Enter this sweet cake splash and start a chain full ofmouthwatering sweets, include each cookie and bakery cupcake andwatch an amazingly sweet reaction. CANDY PUZZLE GAME FOR KIDS It’ssimple to learn, but can be hard to master. This is why it’s aperfect candy puzzle game for kids. Everyone will be able to swap,switch sweets and make a bakery blast. COOKIE, CUPCAKE, COLORCOMBINE Start the line puzzle game, combine every cookie / cupcakeor color and win the match 3 contest. Join the cook in this linepuzzle game full of candy pop practices. Combine and swap until youmatch 3 or more sweets in the right way. Manage a reaction full ofcolor in our sweet bakery. Match 3 or more sweets in the bakery andmake the cook happy, connect the candy in this candy puzzle game.If you fail, the cook won’t be that happy.. maybe evendisappointed. You don’t want a jelly chain mess, but you do want anepic candy pop adventure. Match the sweets, connect the candy andwin a blast in this sweet cake splash with a jelly chain. Thesweets line puzzle game ‘Cake Splash: Sweet Bakery’ is online andnow open for fun. Help the cook with his sweet cake splash contest.Sign in with Facebook and play with friends, send gifts to eachother and win together in this candy puzzle game. Matching candieslike a real cook in this cupcake matching game. SWEET WIN anddelicious moments to remember forever! Can you play with friendsand become cook hero? Support Cake Splash: Sweet Bakery by givingus a positive review and rating, we would appreciate it. Follow ushere: http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG Instagram: Follow usnow: https://www.instagram.com/puzzlegamesvg
Fluffy PJ Trolls Friends: Match 3 Puzzle Game 11.700.26 APK
Welcome in the crazy puzzle party of plush! This dream forest isfull of walking pet and you can find fluffy doll friends foreverhere. The new acres are ready to pop and you are the only one thatis good enough to win all match 3 games! Don’t trolls them, thewildlife can react grumpy.. ;) Many challenges are waiting to trollin the dream forest of the walking pet friends. Pop with plush andwin all match 3 games possible! The fluffy doll friends forever arehappy animals to see you and they get excited! No walking pet hasever regret the new acres of happiness. Score a certain amount ofpoints, swap bomb in the dream forest, explore the crazy puzzleparty and pop with plush pets! Features: + Many challenges andgreat match 3 games + Beautiful dream forest full of fluffy dollfriends + Pop with plush on the new acres + Enjoy a crazy puzzleparty with friends from Facebook + Swap bomb or plush to troll themThe dream forest is full of challenges that you really need toplay! Exciting match 3 games all around the new acres, full ofwalking pet friends as wildlife animals. Pop the plush creaturesand create a crazy puzzle party that you will remember for years!Don’t troll the fluffy doll friends forever, they will catch youback. Or they will work against you and swap bomb into your newacres. Let’s pop the plush and make the dream forest happy again!Win all match 3 games and you will become the best fluffy dollfriends forever! Help us by rating our game with a lot of stars.You can also follow us on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG
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Welcome to Euro from the makers of Frozen Fairy: Match 3 cascade,one of the greatest soccer match 3 games of the year. Be part ofyour dream and team in the league for becoming champion in Paris,France. Score a goal hattrick with balls and be the soccer starhero of the stadium in Euro Soccer 2017. ⛹ The Euro is happening inFrance, the place to be during the soccer 2017 matchcentre. Do somegreat soccer match 3 gameplay and score a goal hattrick with ballsin this very addictive puzzle game! You’ll be the hero in Paris,France and take the cup home The hero of the champion dream andteam in the league.The whole stadium full of fans will explode ofhappiness and fun! Become champion and soccer star for yourcountry, no matter if it’s France, Spain, Germany, Russia, Belgium,Italy, Portugal, England or any other participant. You’re thecollector of stars to become hero of the stadium when you score agoal hattrick with balls for your dream and team in the league!Take the cup home in this soccer match 3 game, an amazing but veryaddictive puzzle game! Euro: - Multi Language: English, Dutch,German, Russian, French and Spanish - Many Challenging Levels inthis Soccer Match 3 Game in Stadium, League, Dream and Team of 2017- Support your favorite Dream and Team in the League: France,Spain, Germany, Russia, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, England or anyother - Score a Goal Hattrick and be Hero and Champion Soccer Star- Super Exciting Soccer 2017 Gameplay Experience - Amazing and VeryAddictive Puzzle Game Play Euro: Soccer Match 3 with your friendsand family. Connect with Facebook and send free gifts! It doesn’tmatter if you support France, Spain, Germany, Russia, Belgium,Italy, Portugal, England or any other participating country. Youcan all be champion in this league with the team of your dream inthis amazing and very addictive puzzle game. Take the cup home!Enter the stadium in Paris or any other stadium in the league andbecome the soccer star hero! Play with soccer match 3 balls, match3 or more in a row and win the champion cup in this Euro SoccerMatch 3 puzzle game in 2017.
Birds: Free Match 3 Games 11.820.29 APK
Birds is a cute and addictive birds match 3 puzzle game that youcan enjoy playing for hours. Rescue the birds and make them happy!Match 3, 4 or 5 in a row to create special combo's and boosters forhuge effects and win! Let’s enjoy hours of endless fun in thispuzzle adventure. You can fly away and flap with all the differentwildlife birds to the most beautiful destinations. While you’reenjoying amazing bird sounds! Join our world of birds and win match3 puzzle games in this bird land. Features: - Amazing world mapwith wildlife - Facebook connection for friends and high scores -Enormous amount of levels to play - Swap, flap and tap the birds -Classic match 3 puzzle video games gameplay - Free match 3 games toplay Help us by rating our match 3 games with a lot of stars. Youcan also follow us on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleGamesVG