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Easy access to more than 100 sermons by Vance Havner.Allcategorized into 31 different topics! Share sermons easilytofriends. Like and comment directly within the app. No ads.Dailynotification with a sermon by Vance Havner. Search VanceHavnersermons. Sermons about these topics: America BenefitsChristiansChurchDavid Decisions Desperation Discernment ExperienceFamilyFeeding Glory Gospel Heaven Isaiah Judgement Lordship LotMiraclesMoses Observations Patriotism Religion Repentance RevivalServeStubbornness Survival Testimony Temptations Thirst ThornsDon'tforget to Share The Sermon with friends. God Bless!

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    March 16, 2019
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    Android 5.0 and up
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Daily Bible Verse - Share The Word 2.29 APK
Share The Daily Bible Verse easily with your friends! Theapplication is quick and simple to use. Many features worksoffline. The quick navigation is made possible with a localdatabase. Clear and large text for all Bible Verses. Sharing ofBible Verses is made easily with a large Share button. Amen buttonto express your feelings. :) Top 100 Bible Verses, based on usersactions. Select among 10 different Bible translations: - King JamesVersion (KJV) - American Standard Version - Douay-Rheims Bible -Basic English Bible - Darby Bible Translation - English RevisedVersion - Webster's Bible Translation - World English Bible -Young's Literal Translation - American King James Version Compareeach Bible verse for all translations. Bible Verse are updatedbased on your settings. Change them in the Settings tab wheneveryou like. Notifications can be turned on or off. Easily customizethe frequency of Bible verse notifications. Don't forget howencouraging it can be to get a Bible Verse from a friend! Sharethem! God Bless and please give us a nice review of you like theapp!
King James Topical Bible 1.0 APK
Why the Topical Bible? As Christians we're often stuck with humandoctrines, just because we don't know what the Bible really says.It can be hard to "break free" from false doctrines and opinionswhen they're repeated over and over by educated Christians. My wishis that You will learn directly from His Word instead. We'rerapidly getting closer to the Second Coming and as a bride we needto prepare accordingly. Jesus must become our head as a Church,nothing else. The King James Topical Bible is in no way complete orperfect. It can never replace reading from the real Bible buthopefully it will help and encourage you to seek deeper into Hisword.You can help this project by posting a review and share theapp with friends, suggest a new topic or suggest a new verse.Someexamples of Topics included in the King James TopicalBible:-Abortion-Accusations-Action-Adultery-Advice-Affliction-AllThings Possible-Anakim-Angelic Worship-Anger-Answers toPrayer-Antichrist-Arrogance-Awakening-Babbling-Baptism-Be Still-BeStrong-Beauty-Bitterness-Blessings-Boasters-Bondage-BornAgain-Broken Heart-Brothers-Business-Calm Down-CarpeDiem-Catholicism-Celebrate-Charity-Children-Church-Clothes-Compassion-Confession-Consistency-Consolation-Control-Courage-Cowards-Creation-CrownofLife-Culture-Danger-Daughters-Death-Debt-Deceit-Deception-Demons-Desire-Destruction-Disgrace-Disobedience-Divorce-DNA-Doctrine-DoingGood-Education-Elders-EmptyWords-Encourage-Endtime-Endurance-Enemies-Eternity-Evolutionists-Exile-Failing-FairPrice-Faith-Faithfulness-Falling Away-FalseProphets-Family-Fathers-Fear-Fearless-Fellowship-Fight-Filthiness-FinalJudgement-FollowJesus-Food-Fools-Forgiveness-Fraud-Freedom-Friendship-Future-Generosity-Gentleness-Giants-Gifts-Glorify-GodlyLife-Gold-Gospel-Gossip-Grace-Greed-Grumbling-Happiness-HardWork-Harmony-Harsh Words-Hate-Healing-Heaven-Help-HighPriest-Holiness-Homosexuality-Honesty-Hope-Horoscopes-Hospitality-HumanWisdom-Humility-HurtfulWords-Husbands-Hymns-Hypocrites-Idolatry-Idols-Ignorance-Insults-Integrity-JesusReturns-Joy-Judgement-Justice-Justification-Kingdom ofGod-Laughter-Lawsuit-Leaders-Lending-Liars-LivingWater-Loans-Loneliness-Love-Loyalty-Lust-Magic-Mammon-ManmadeReligion-Mark of TheBeast-Marriage-Masturbation-Maturlity-Meekness-Mercy-MerryHeart-Miracles-Modesty-Money-Music-Myths+ hundreds more.If you haveany concerns or questions, please contact me.God Bless You!John
King James Bible (KJV) 2.1 APK
We have created a simple yet powerful Bible application for KingJames Bible.King James Bible is arguably the most trusted versionof the Bible. With our app you will not only be able to read theKing James Bible, you will also gain access to the followingfeatures:- Easily save favorite Bible verses- Make notes- Addpersonal topics- View other users topics- Daily Bible verse- Easyaccess to last read verse- Share verses easily with friends- Changetext size- Search the Bible- King James Bible(except notes etc.)can be used offlineShort instructions on how to use these featurescan be found at the bottom of this app description.Voluntarilyregister to keep and save favorites, notes and topics on manydevices.Below follow a short explanation of why the King JamesBible is regarded as one of the most trusted Bibletranslations.King James Bible, commonly known as KJV, was based onthe most reliable Greek New Testament texts, the Textus Receptus orMajority Text. Most of the new Bible translations are based on theAlexandrian Text where many Bible verses are left out for example.Take a look at this very important example from the scripturebelow.King James Version (KJV), Acts 8:36-38And as they went ontheir way, they came unto a certain water: and the eunuch said,See, here is water; what doth hinder me to be baptized? And Philipsaid, If thou believest with all thine heart, thou mayest. And heanswered and said, I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.And he commanded the chariot to stand still: and they went downboth into the water, both Philip and the eunuch; and he baptizedhim.In NIV Bible version for example, the verse 37 is missing. Asthey traveled along the road, they came to some water and theeunuch said, “Look, here is water. What can stand in the way of mybeing baptized?” And he gave orders to stop the chariot. Then bothPhilip and the eunuch went down into the water and Philip baptizedhim.SHORT DESCRIPTION ON HOW TO USE OUR KING JAMES BIBLE APP- Tofind last read Bible verse, open left menu. Tap the text "Tap tocontinue at verse 1:1" at the bottom of the black square.- To savea note. Tap the verse(s) and then tap the Note+ symbol in the topmenu, write your note then tap OK.- To create a topic(s). Tap theverse(s) and then tap the Note+ symbol in the top menu, write yournote(if any) and add your topics in the following way: #love #truthetc. Tap OK when done.- To mark a favorite verse(s). Tap theverse(s) and then tap the heart symbol in the top menu.- To searchthe Bible, tap the search symbol in the left menu and enter yourwords. Since the search is in "realtime" you might have to be a bitpatient for common words.- To share a Bible verse from the Bible,tap the verse(s), then tap the share symbol in the top menu. Selectmethod to share. Complete depending on the way you chose to share.-To make text larger, tap the magnifying glass with + in the topmenu. Tap until you feel comfortable with the text size.- To maketext smaller, tap the magnifying glass with - in the top menu. Tapuntil you feel comfortable with the text size.Still have questions?Please contact us at the email listed below.
Speed Math - Have Fun Learning Math 1.3 APK
Speed up your brain with this simple and fun math game!This gamewill give you a math question and 5 seconds to solve it. Thequicker it's solved the more points you will receive. If yousucceed you will quickly be faced with another question to solve.The difficulty within each level increase after each question yousolve.Save top scores to see your improvements and compare withfriends!Edit settings, choose among 10 difficulty levels. Read moreabout each level below.Edit the ad frequency. Tip! Higher adfrequency gives you time to rest between the questions.This mathgame is perfect for the family. Parents and children can compete,speed up math skills and have fun.Basics about the difficulylevelsLevel 1: Only addition. Level 2: Only addition.Level 3:Addition and subtraction. Level 4: Addition and subtraction.Includes negative numbers.Level 5: Addition, subtraction andmultiplication.Level 6: Addition, subtraction and multiplication.Includes negative numbers.Level 7: Addition, subtraction,multiplication and division.Level 8: Addition, subtraction,multiplication and division. Includes negative numbers.Level 9:Same as Level 8 but difficulty increase 2 times quicker than Level8.Level 10: Same as Level 8 but difficulty increase 4 times quickerthan Level 8.Please give us a review if you like the game!If youhave other feedback or find a bug, please contact us at the emailbelow. Thanks!
Charles Spurgeon Sermons 1.1 APK
Charles Spurgeon was a man of the people. He always tried to preachthe Biblical truths. Find hundreds of his sermons in the app! Sharesermons easily. Below are a few of the subjects where you will findsermons by Charles Spurgeon. - Holy Spirit - Grace - Faith -Justification - Church - Prayer - Salvation - Love One subject thatMr. Spurgeon always touched in his sermons was the true gospel ofJesus Christ. Be blessed!
Leonard Ravenhill Sermons 1.0 APK
Leonard Ravenhill told the truth and always tried to be Biblical.Learn from him by listening to his sermons.Hundreds of sermonsabout many issues. Some of them are listed below:- Holiness- TheGospel- Joy- Obedience- Second Coming- Prayer- Enemy- Baptism- HolySpirit- Church- Faith- PowerBe blessed by Leonard Ravenhill, a trueservant of God!
King James Bible Dramatized Audio - KJV 1.0 APK
Listen to this dramatized version of the King James Bible, alsoknown as KJV.Includes both Old and New Testament of the Holy Bible.All 66 books as listed below:The Book of GenesisThe Book ofExodusThe Book of LeviticusThe Book of NumbersThe Book ofDeuteronomyThe Book of JoshuaThe Book of JudgesThe Book of RuthTheFirst Book of SamuelThe Second Book of SamuelThe First Book ofKingsThe Second Book of KingsThe First Book of ChroniclesThe SecondBook of ChroniclesEzraThe Book of NehemiahThe Book of EstherTheBook of JobThe Book of PsalmsThe ProverbsEcclesiastesThe Song ofSolomonThe Book of the Prophet IsaiahThe Book of the ProphetJeremiahThe Lamentations of JeremiahThe Book of the ProphetEzekielThe Book ofDanielHoseaJoelAmosObadiahJonahMicahNahumHabakkukZephaniahHaggaiZechariahMalachiTheGospel According to MatthewThe Gospel According to MarkThe GospelAccording to LukeThe Gospel According to JohnThe Acts of theApostlesThe Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the RomansThe FirstEpistle of Paul the Apostle to the Corin...The Second Epistle ofPaul the Apostle to the Cori...The Epistle of Paul to theGalatiansThe Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the EphesiansTheEpistle of Paul the Apostle to the PhilippiansThe Epistle of Paulthe Apostle to the ColossiansThe First Epistle of Paul the Apostleto the Thess...The Second Epistle of Paul the Apostle to theThes...The First Epistle of Paul the Apostle to TimothyThe SecondEpistle of Paul the Apostle to TimothyThe Epistle of Paul toTitusThe Epistle of Paul to PhilemonThe Epistle of Paul the Apostleto the HebrewsThe General Epistle of JamesThe First Epistle Generalof PeterThe Second Epistle General of PeterThe First EpistleGeneral of JohnThe Second Epistle of JohnThe Third Epistle ofJohnThe General Epistle of JudeThe Revelation of JohnDon't forgetto Share this Bible app.God Bless!
Share My Prayer 1.31 APK
Become a Prayer Warrior with this Social Prayer App! Instantly findpeople who can Pray for You. Show Your support and Pray for Othersin need! Important! Please understand that all mobile data isunsafe. Spying agencies and hackers can access your device. Use ourprayer app wisely. Don't put others in danger! As soon as you haveposted your prayer request there will instantly be people prayingfor you! Save all your prayers and mark answered prayers astestimonies. Strengthen your faith, look back and remember when Godanswered you! Main features of this Prayer App: - Post PrayerRequests - Mark answered prayers and add a testimony - Pray and letthem know you did - Share prayers with others - Comment and showyour support - Easily delete your Prayers - Edit/Update yourPrayers - Report bad prayers(spam, non-prayers etc.) - PrayerWarrior Toplist - Your Own Profile page - View the Profile ofOthers - Get notified of actions by others - Re-post prayers easilyafter 48 hours - View detailed statistics of all prayers - Viewnumber of views on each prayer - View who prayed, shared andcommented Our Prayer Warrior Toplist will show the most activeusers during the last 30 days. It is meant as an encouragement forthose who dedicate their lives praying. Please post a review if Youlike our Prayer App! If you find a bug, please contact us on theemail address below. God Bless!