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When should you go for that new job interview? When is the besttime to buy a car or a house? Now you can find your success timesfor important activities, with just a click! From asking someoneout on a date, booking a doctor’s appointments or conductingimportant business meetings, this Calendar Pro App will help youschedule everything as per the best time. AstroVed has created andoptimized an easy-to-use Calendar for you to quickly referencecritical time elements of the day and schedule your eventsaccordingly. Benefits of this App• Based on Location, it willdisplay, Vedic timings and events or festivals• Customized calendarfor the whole month• Displays details of the selected day• Anoption to add events, important meetings or festivals in yourCalendar• Syncing option with Google Calendar available• Completesupport to all the devices and tablets• Sharing option for yourfriends and social networksWidgets to help you know the:• MoonPhase for the day• Events/Festivals listed for the day/month•Panchanga details for the day While running the Calendar Proapplication for the first time, it will ask for your currentgeographical location. Based on the location details, this Calendarapp will help you know about the astrological timings, Vedictimings and the events or festivals on daily basis.Before you go,we request you to give us feedback and rate our Calendar App sothat we can make it more user-friendly. Please share thisapplication with your friends. Have a nice day!

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    Vedic Calendar Pro
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    November 14, 2015
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    Android 2.2 and up
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    AstroVed / PillaiCenter
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Muruga Pooja and Mantra 1.9 APK
Muruga, also known as Karthikeya and Skanda, is the main deity ofthis pooja app. He and His Vel can bless you with courage and helpyou eliminate negativity, debts and diseases. He is the overlord ofMars and chanting his mantra will negate the ill effects of Marsaffliction. Muruga empowers you with clear thinking, strength,self-confidence and destroys negative influence and ignorance. Heempowers you with winner's consciousness, especially in yourprofession and His energy is available on 6th Moons and on Krittikastar days. His Vel is a symbolic representation for power andhigher intelligence. Offer your prayers to Lord Muruga with thisapp and receive His blessings. This virtual pooja and mantraapplication will help to lift your consciousness to the next level,and make you more courageous and confident. Features of MurugaPooja & Mantra App • 2 Popular Mantras • Mantra Chanting Option• Simple User Interface • Lord Muruga Images Available An Option toChoose Another Image of God from Gallery
AstroVed Assistant- Calendar, Horoscope, Astrology 4.0.2 APK
AstroVed Assistant is an easy-to-use application that helps you tounderstand yourself better on a Vedic front. With a simple userinterface, the App gives you precise daily/monthly/yearlypredictions for your Moon sign, and detailed info on your birthchart, Moon sign, current planetary transits, FREE astrology toolsto use and much more! Personalized, Location-based App | Supports 3Languages AstroVed Assistant is a useful and personalizedlocation-based App that supports three different languages –English, Tamil, and Hindi. You can get your predictions and instantnotifications specific for your Moon sign, Hora, Dasa/Bhukti,impacting transits, etc. in your desired language with a mere tap!Descriptive Dashboard – Almanac in a Single Click The App has avery all-in-one dashboard that brings the Vedic Panchang into yourpalm. Here, you get to know how your day is going to be, with thedaily horoscope for your Moon sign, things to do and avoid, goodand bad times of the day, and all other vital elements of bothGowri & Drik almanacs. Personalized Astrology – Stay Informedto Make Every Day Your Best Day Get your birth chart andpersonalized predictions specific for your Moon sign to plan yourdaily chores and make every day your best day. Learn how to readyour birth chart on your own and understand a bit more aboutyourself based on your Moon sign and birth star. You can also readthe predictions for your loved ones’ Moon signs and access theVedic calendar, marked with important events and lunar phases. YourLife Changes a Lot as the Planets Make a Move Planets play a majorrole in deciding your life events and every time a planet makes atransit. It can have a significant impact on your life. AstroVedAssistant gives you detailed predictions for your currentDasa/Bhukti (major/minor planetary transits) and their durations toplan your actions effectively. Free Astrology Tools - Tap on YourVedic Wisdom AstroVed Assistant offers a wide range of VedicAstrology tools FREE! You can now know your luckycolor/number/gemstone for your Moon sign, the presence of any Dosha(affliction) in your birth chart and the most dreaded Sade Sati(71/2 years of Saturn) in a single click. Offer Pooja to YourFavorite Deity on the Go! Can you imagine praying to your favoritedeity, offer flowers, show Aarti and chant Mantras from anywhere inthe world? AstroVed Assistant helps you do that with the exclusiveVirtual Pooja feature that makes you stay connected to the divinefrom any nook and corner of the globe. AstroVed Live TV – 24x7Streaming of Pooja, Fire Prayers & Much More Have you missed toattend any of our special events or webcast? Worry not! AstroVedLive TV telecasts LIVE ceremonies, important Poojas, and events foryou, 24x7! Set reminders on your calendar for your favorite videosso that you do not miss the event. Download AstroVed Assistant -the life-changing App that helps you make positive changes and takeright decisions at the right time!
Saraswathi Pooja and Mantra 2.4 APK
Saraswati is the Goddess of education, wisdom, creative skills andgives you consciousness that is required for learning music, artand so forth. She is also called the 'Shwetambari', since Shwetameans 'white' and Ambari means 'one who wears', because of herfondness of wearing white dresses. She will bring in newunderstandings and technologies beyond our present thinking thatwill uplift all of humanity, deepen our faculties and open us onspiritual level. Offering pooja to Saraswati or chanting her mantrawill bring results. This android app from AstroVed is designed tohelp you connect with the Goddess of education. Start offeringpooja and listen to her mantras from the 3 popular selected ones.Pray to her to destroy ignorance and the suffering. Pray to be ableto access divine intelligence and to get a clear picture of what isthe right thing to do at the right time. Establish intimateconnection/relationship with Saraswati. The virtual pooja andmantra section will help to lift your consciousness to the nextlevel.
Hora Watch Pro 2.6 APK
Stay connected with the energies of time, called Time Shaktis inSanskrit, wherever you go! This application is a great tool to helpyou get the most out of your day, and plan your days for success.Hora Watch is a time management application based on VedicAstrology Science. It displays each Hora (hour), ruling planet, andrecommended activities for any date and time. This fun and easy wayto connect with the planets helps you make the most of every day.With Hora Watch application, we put all you need in the palm ofyour hand. This is a stand-alone application. While using theapplication for the first time, a data connection will be needed.Switch on the GPS satellites and the Google's location service toidentify the current location. You can also view our otherapplications by visiting AstroVed.com. Before you go, we alsorequest you to Rate our App and to share it with your friends. Havea nice day!
Pratyangira Devi Pooja 1.9 APK
Goddess Pratyangira has the special powers to remove negativeenergy. Offering prayers to Her through this application will helpyou unchain from health ailments, evil eyes, obstacles, thesufferings of enemies and other mental traumas. This app fromAstroVed is designed to help you connect with Pratyangira, who canhelp you liberate from negative energy and bless you with the driveto win the challenges of life.Offering prayers to Her through thisapplication will help you unchain from health ailments, evil eyes,obstacles, the sufferings of enemies and other mental traumas. Youcan also select Her mantra to be chanted using this amazing app.Start offering pooja and listen to her mantras from the 3 popularselected ones. Pray to her to shield you with peace and prosperity.Establish an intimate connection/relationship with the Goddess andthe virtual pooja and mantra section will help to lift yourconsciousness to the next level. Chanting Pratyangira Devi Mantraon 1st Moon, during Mars and Saturn Hora and on Tuesdays is veryauspicious. Benefits of Performing Pratyangira Pooja & ChantingMantra: 1)To overcome all negative energies 2)To overcome your fearand illusions 3)To stay away from evil eyes and black magic 4)Toattract positivity,peace and prosperity
Lakshmi Pooja and Mantra 1.9 APK
The Supreme Archetype of Wealth, Goddess Lakshmi is the overlord ofthe planet Venus. There are many who consider her to be the mostimportant of all the Goddesses as she represents wealth. Withouther, everything falls apart, even beauty. She brings morepleasures, comforts and fun into your life. Lakshmi symbolizesprosperity, purity, chastity and generosity. She bestows the wealthof positivity and dissolves your scarcity consciousness. She sitson a fully blossomed lotus, a seat of divine truth. An aura ofdivine happiness, mental and spiritual satisfaction, and prosperityalways exist around her. You can Listen to or Chant her mantras orperform poojas with this application and fill your life with hergrace and blessings. Features of Lakshmi Pooja & Mantra App • 2Popular Mantras • Mantra Chanting Option • Simple User Interface •Ma Lakshmi Images Available • An Option to Choose Another Image ofGoddess from Gallery
Ganesha Pooja and Mantra 2.1 APK
Lord Ganesha is the overlord of Ketu and the ruler of obstacles inmaterial and spiritual matters. This divine elephant-headed has aspecial power that permits him to see obstacles that are going toarise and to intervene and prevent the obstacles from takingeffect. Ganesha brings happiness and success; he is always ready togive, all you have to do is to ask. Offering pooja to Ganesha orchanting his mantra will bring results, for He is truly a "God ofthe People". This app from AstroVed is designed to help you connectwith Him. Start offering pooja and listen Ganesha mantras from the3 popular selected ones. He will grace you and move you to higherrealms of material and spiritual refinement. The virtual pooja andmantra section will help to lift your consciousness to the nextlevel, uniting you with your inner guru. It will help instabilizing emotions, enhancing intelligence and enhance yourproblem solving skills
Taurus Horoscope 3.1.0 APK
Dear Taurus natives, plan your day as per the planetary influence.Taureans or the bulls are generally very stable and strong. Theirdetermination and unwillingness to change are some of theirnegative qualities that they have to work upon. However, they aredependable, nurturing and wise while their huge strength ispatience. Now, you can plan your things well in ahead with the helpof your App. The Benefits of this Application• Swipe and view thehoroscope predictions• Predictions are available for –daily, nextday, monthly and yearly • View general predictions related withcareer, finance, health, love, etc.• Get your predictions asnotification, daily at a specific time • Complete support to allthe devices and tablets• Sharing option for your friends and socialnetworks Our Taurus Horoscope Application is based on the planetaryinfluences in life, which can help you to make strategic plans andtactical shifts so as to surf the energy waves in the most optimumway possible. Get the guidance on Do's and Don’ts for the day andmake your life go tension free! You can also plan your months wellin advance as this app developed by AstroVed provides monthly andyearly predictions too. You can also view your free personalizedreports and planetary influences by visiting AstroVed. Before yougo, we request you to give us feedback and rate our App so that wecan more it more user-friendly. Please share this application withyour friends. Have a nice day!