/ July 6, 2017
(4.3/5) (50)


Welcome to the Vegas Crime City Simulator.It's time to show everyone who’s boss by shooting rivals and rulingthe streets. In this deadly crimes simulator, take revenge fromhigh security police officers and rival gangsters by stealing theircar.

You can steal any vehicle you wish - auto, car, bike, helicopter.There's no one to stop you the action as you run, drive, shoot, anddestroy the cities and the people in it. You can destroy the carsby hitting them or firing at them but police is waiting for you sothey will start chasing you and you will have to escape the policesmen.

Be careful before you shoot a police officer, he will pull thetrigger and chase to kill you.

There are plenty of missions to challenge you in this crime-town.Do you like to get into a criminal case? If yes, then performmissions to gain respect and clear the streets of the Vegas CrimeCity.

App Information Vegas Crime City Simulator

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Impossible Words is a fun and exciting wordguess game. Are you a fan of spelling search games? If so thenbecome a expert in this new word game. The letters are may bevertical and horizontal or diagonal.Find the all hidden word, guess it and find them. Found all thewords and complete the list of levels. It has differentlevels,makes it perfect for everyone. Do it all in the correctorder and you will be able to clear the grid.By doing this, it makes you challenging for every time and allowsus to keep you wanting to solve the puzzle.Challenge yourself, try to complete it. But you will have to bequick and accurate to get the right letters in the allowed time.Sometimes it is difficult to spot it. If you like to the reveal thetroubling just press on the letter and ask for hints. Find as manyletters as fast you can and be the high scorer.