1.0 / July 3, 2016
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Vegas Virgin Roulette is a simple, fun American style roulettegame.Select a bet amount (1 to 500), a bet type and then clickSpin! to play.Bet types can be exact numbers, all odd/even numbers,black/red, 1-18 (low)/19-36 (high) half of numbers, 1st-3rd columnsor dozens.A ball will spin along the rotating wheel and land on oneof 38 possible positions (0-36 or 00).Payout rates:Double yourmoney with bets of odd/even numbers, black/red, 1-18 (low)/19-36(high) half of numbers.Triple your money with bets of 1st-3rdcolumns or dozens.A major Jackpot win (earn 35x original bet) isachieved for exact number (straight) bets.Enjoy Vegas casino stylegambling fun without losing any money!

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    Vegas Virgin Roulette
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    July 3, 2016
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    Android 3.1 and up
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    Green Sandwich Labs
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