1.2 / October 4, 2017
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Learn how to use a vending machine! In Vending Machine Soccer Ballyou will be learning how to use a vending-machine!Find yourfavourite ball in the machine and insert the amount of coins neededfor the soccer ball, press the button and your soccer ball willfall down the machine. Grab it and it’s all yours now! Fun to passtime! Vending Machine Games are fun and easy to play, and it’s agreat game to pass time when you are waiting for something. Alsoeasy to play for young and old. If you love vending machine gamesthen search no longer and download this fun time-passer! SoccerBall Games Features :- Buy all the soccer balls you want - Unlocklots of machine skins- Learn how the machine works- The machinestand in a big soccer stadium- Don’t forget to rate and give oursimulator feedback ~Have Fun! - ChiefGamer

App Information Vending Machine Soccer Ball

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    Vending Machine Soccer Ball
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    October 4, 2017
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Chief Gamer
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    Weerdingerstraat 36 7815 SC Emmen Nederland
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Become a real traffic controller in this perfect Railroad CarTraffic Simulator! This game is perfect for all boys and girls. Ifyou like train driving games and traffic controlling games this isthe game for you. With the awesome train in this train drivingsimulator you will have lots of fun. Even only watching it is a lotof fun! At first sight this game looks easy… But you have to paymuch attention and really be cautious or else an awesome train willhit a sports car. Be the boss of the railroad traffic and make surethe crossing gates go down to let the cars stop! Crossroadsimulator games have never been this challenging. With the manyrailroad traffic levels you will have a good time learning abouthow to cross the crossing gates! Crossroad simulator games arereally educational. In other words.. This railroad car trafficsimulator is the perfect game for every boy and girl!Main Featuresof Railroad Car Traffic SIM 2017✦ Perfect 2017 features in thistrain driving simulator!✦ Become a real traffic controller in thesetraffic controlling games!✦ Crossroad simulator games are full ofeducational elements!✦ Control the railroad traffic and close thecrossing gates!✦ Stop the sports car and let the awesome train goon!✦ More educational games like Railroad Car Traffic SIM 2017coming soon!We hope that you like this metropolis traffic simulatorand if you do please rate us on Google Play! *** ANY IN GAMEPURCHASE WILL REMOVE ADS FOREVER **We’re on Twitter, Facebook andYoutube - find us on your favorite networks to hear about ournewest games and other news updates:Facebook |http://goo.gl/kj4kL5Twitter | www.twitter.com/chiefgamer1
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SWAT TEAM FORCE NEEDS AN ELITE TERRORIST KILLERAlways wanted to dosomething about the injustice in the big world? Now it is yourchance to step up your counter terrorist activities. Join the SWATTeam Force in their mission to stop the terrorists from sending abomb squad to big cities. Work with the the lethal police force andintelligence centres all over the world to track the wantedcriminals down. Take them out of the big world society, dead oralive. SWAT SHOOTER GAME UNLIKE OTHER TERRORIST GAMES!!Take theSWAT Team Force by hand and put the wanted criminals in the ground.It is your job to improve the safety in this big world. In thechallenging missions of this elite crime simulator game you arebecoming the elite terrorist killer. Every intelligence centre iskeen on hiring you as the counter terrorist specialist. Build a newsafe society with the help of the lethal police force by taking outthe wanted criminals. Features Of SWAT Team: Terrorist Counter➤Epic shooter games physics that blow your mind!➤ Stunning lethalpolice force graphics!➤ Lots of challenging SWAT missions tocomplete!➤ Counter terrorist attacks like a real elite terroristkiller!➤ Adrenaline-filled lethal police force gameplay ➤ Moreshooter games free to download coming soon!We hope you like thiscounter terrorist SWAT team force game!*** ANY IN GAME PURCHASEWILL REMOVE ADS FOREVER **We’re on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube -find us on your favorite networks to hear about our newest gamesand other news updates:Facebook | http://goo.gl/kj4kL5Twitter |www.twitter.com/chiefgamer1
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THIS IS THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE SIMULATOR OF WHOLE GOOGLE PLAYDriveyour amazing city car into the big city airplane in this cargotransport plane simulator! This car transport airplane simulator isbuilt for cargo transport flying epicness. With the many featuresthis game brings you you will enjoy every second of it. Fly above abig 3D city landscape like New York, Paris or London and experiencea stunning ride above the big 3D city. TRANSPORT EPIC CITY CARS INTHIS FLYING CAR SIMULATORDrive your epic city cars into the loadingspace of the big city airplane that you will control. Park all theurban cars and sports cars in the right spot in order to start thebig city airplane and fly the cars over to another big 3D city!Experience epic sceneries in this cargo transport plane simulatorabove cities like New York, Paris, London. Get your flying licensefrom the flying school out of your pocket and show us that you cancontrol the big city airplane in this car transport airplanesimulator!Key Features of City Cargo Airplane Cars:✔ Epic city carsto fly in this car transport airplane simulator!✔ Unlike any otherflying car games!✔ Transport the urban cars and sports cars in thiscargo transport plane simulator!✔ Show us your flying schoolskills!✔ Adrenaline-filled cargo airplane flying simulator!✔Action-packed city cars and sports cars driving simulator!✔ Useyour flying school experience to earn the most money!✔ More cargotransport plane simulator games like this car transport airplanesimulator coming soon!We hope that you like this flying car gameswith perfect controls and physics and if you do please rate us onGoogle Play! *** ANY IN GAME PURCHASE WILL REMOVE ADS FOREVER**We’re on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube - find us on your favoritenetworks to hear about our newest games and other newsupdates:Facebook | http://goo.gl/kj4kL5Twitter |www.twitter.com/chiefgamer1