1.1.1 / August 1, 2015
(4.8/5) (4)


How high will your reflexes take you?


• Tap the screen to move.
• Try to make it as high as possible.
• Avoid the red blocks.
• Don't go too far to the left or right.
• Use boost to jump over blocks.

App Information Verti Go!

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digitalbarbarian.rts 1.3 APK
Clash with armies of robots, aliens and space marines in thissimple RTS. Teleport in troops and blast your enemy off thebattlefield. • Clash as or against five different armies. • Duelthe computer or advance through challenges. • Simple RTS controlsmade for Android. • High Fidelity 2.5D Pixel Graphics.
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Verti Go! 1.1.1 APK
How high will your reflexes take you?Instructions:• Tap the screen to move.• Try to make it as high as possible.• Avoid the red blocks.• Don't go too far to the left or right.• Use boost to jump over blocks.
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Test your mental math skills!Instructions:• Choose four numbers ata time.• If the value of the blue and red tiles are equal you gaina point!• New numbers appear constantly, so be quick!• You lose ifthe board fills up.
Robot Dangerous 1.1 APK
Using your right to bear arms, and thefewdollars you have, you decide to clean up the streets.Spend your money and ammo wisely and you might survive.Instructions:• Buy ammo for your arsenal of weapons.• Fight gangs of robots, aliens, and thieves on yourdailywalk.• Tap to target dangerous enemies and destroy them first.• Spend talent points to grow your fighting ability.• Bribe your enemies or flee when you can't win the fight.• Learn to spend your ammo and money efficiently to survive.• The longer you survive the harder the enemies get.• Death is permanent!WARNING this game features:Robots, energy weapons, dark streets crawling with criminalscum,bribery, synth, and perma-death.
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You are stuck in a room filled with robots and spikes. Collect asmany points as you can before you die.Luckily you are really goodat throwing a sword.