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You are a Paseo Bayer, Drive mustang racing car with high airvelocity racing and have fun by driving bentley car on oppositeroad or in two lane road. You are an undercover police officer, zinand dsa are you two friends, camouflage and zazz is codename ofyour secret mission. Obstacle like barrel, hendrick and dante willcome on opposite road on greenland countryside highway road. but asa professional police racer agent you have to complete yourmilestone, accel your aerial car, On your sirena, put your spolierup, slowdown music ,fill your fuel at patrol, fasten your seatbelt, increase your police car handling skill and forget the fineyou have artificial police papers, checkpoint will help you on theendless and limitless deceased road to save and you can also peeingwhen you want. Corvette is you opponent criminal racer he is veryskilled and shaped racer he has been driving mack trucks andkenworth truck with score rank of 7. Greenland is best area of hisvelocity racing and vertigo racing road. Drift the bigfoot policeautosport car racing, clear your dope test and become the gazi ofkashmir or camaro, don't exotic have eyeball on the racing highwayroad. Drive civic, brandon, bentley car, mustand and othersuperfast police cars Become Police escort, Rage, Run, Flash,Drive, RideSpeedy. FREE City Driving Racer: Traffic Chase CarsDriftTraffic Racer or Highway Racing Games to enjoy more in PoliceCar running and police games. Drive police cars in the realisticcity with HD Graphics of Bridge City, Beach and Desert. Rush thepolice car on the bridge road filled with blocks and otherrealistic AI (Artificial Intelligence Traffic Car). Put your policesuit and drive the modern Dubai police cars of the rush road filledwith traffic cars. You are the police car rider, you can chase thecriminal even you are on the police traffic bike, but, in this gameyou have modern police traffic racer cars.Start police car trainingto become the pro police car driver or police car rider on thepolice highway.Ready your idi crew and pursuit your career as apolice racer, drive lambo or lamborghini, froza, asphlat, suprasual and become the undercover illegal cops don't take bribe andenjoy dragster burnout racing highway officer. Feature of "PoliceCar: City Police Traffic Racer: Police Run":Modern PolicecarsRealistic reflection in police traffic games, next gen graphics20 enjoyable Levels on roadrash to become the marshal pro policecar driver in the Police Career relly ModeRealistic Police CarPhysics and Beautiful Police Siren and Music and Police SoundsEffectsRigid Police Car driving with skyline authority Kenworthtrucks in police theme in the highway police gamePolice hillenvironmentWhat's in the Future Police Car Traffic Racer Game:Newmodern Police carsKenworth truck and mack truck in police theme onthe highway racingPolice TaxiFormula f1 2017 and f1 2016 PoliceCars So, let’s jump into this beautiful police car traffic andhighway racing game to chase the criminal on the Rush Road inhighway police traffic racer. Download Free Police CarSimulation.FREE City Driving Racer: Traffic Chase Cars Driftprovides you unique way of playing. High speed traffic which feelslike a real life speedy traffic cars.You can drift your car throughany where to everywhere on the road. Free to play any level All thecars are real and real traffic also. You just need to scratch yourtire, speed up the acceleration, drift like a pro and make your carsuspension really cool with your controls. Drive on High OctaneDon’t try to save your car from scratches, Go with speedy cuts anddrifts if you get any damage, you can repair your car. Smash othercars and get score. Its never been so fun to burnout on road likethat and also the drift through traffic. Enjoy Vertigo Racing orVertigo Racing 2 and vertigo racing game.Vertigo Police TrafficRacer Acura dwi suspensionAcura, corvette No peep just anc and sbulimitless scada

App Information Vertigo: Undercover Car Racing: Chh NPC Car Escape

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    Vertigo: Undercover Car Racing: Chh NPC Car Escape
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    December 27, 2017
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Game Sim Storm Studio Sim, Racing, Shooting games
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    Litton Road Jain Mandir Lahore
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City Bus Simulator 2018: Intercity Bus Driver 3D 1.4 APK
Want to learn How to drive Real Bus then this realistic bussimulator 2018 will help to become the pro bus driver in busystreet of new york and london. This game will provide you therealistic buses like mini coach, van, micro bus, volvo and othermodern buses in bus driving school 2018. Objective is very simplein real coach bus driving simulator, Pick the passenger from citybus station and drop them to other city bus station. You will getthe reward in the end of every successful bus mission. You can usethis reward to open the others real buses and can upgrade coachbus, city bus, volvo bus, double decker, mini bus, microbus, superbus, travel bus. You can change the color of bus and can optimizebus steering, bus brakes, bus speed to have more fun in 3d bus vandriving simulator. City Bus Environment is very realistic and veryoptimized for mobile devices. There are 10 mission in mini busdriving 2017 and real bus driving simulator. Bus radar will helpyou to guide you way to the bus passenger pick station and buspassenger drop station. Passenger can book their ticket to rideonline and you will collect coach bus ticket before passenger enterinto the bus.Features of Pro Coach Bus Simulator 2018:- Highdetailed Graphics- Realistic Bus Vehicle Physics- Realistic 3Dhighly optimized city bus environment- Steering, Buttons andAccelerometer (Sensors) Bus Controls- Bus Damage System and BusFuel System- Rewarded Bus Cash System- Remove Ads In App Purchases-Inner Bus Camera, Following Bus Camera and Smooth Camera - Auto BusDoor Open and Coach Bus Door Closed System- Mini Map, Large CityBus Map4- Pro mini bus Speedometer- Amazing Bus Fare System- BusRepair System- Bus Lights, Horn and City Traffic Signals System-economy simulation gameSo, let's jump into City Bus Simulator 2018and Travel the city while having fun on busy street and earn cashto get some new modern bus. Avoid hitting other traffic caar todamage your bus. This 3d bus driving game will satisfy all your busdriving simulator needs and will cover the maximum bus driversimulation scenarios. Anybody who loves the bus driving schoolsimulation game will also become the fan of this beautiful 3d miniand micro bus driving simulator. Coach Bus Driving School Simulator2 will be released very soon after this Modern City Driving SchoolBus Simulation.How To Play Hill Bus Driving Game?When open gamepress the play button to go the New Bus selection screenSelect thebus you like to have if you dont have enough money then you canwatch rewarded ads to earn some free cash to unlock the newbus.Select the bus mission you want to play Press race to increasebus speed and press brake when you want to slow down the bus speed.Move to the City Bus stop and press bus door button to open thecoach bus doorWhen all passengers are in the bus then press themini bus door button again to move your realistic busGo to the nextinter city bus stop and drop all the passengers at the stop and busmission is completed and you will get the reward collected as afare from all the micro bus passengers. So mission are related totourist bus simulator 3d and some are related to party bussimulator 3d. You have to play first mission in order to enter innew bus level. Bus line and auto bus to simulat the lyft driver busroute.
Truckers Wanted: Cargo Truck Transport Real Truck 1.41 APK
Presents the next level lorry drive using real truck 18 wheeler forhill transport. Accelerate your hill truck, oil truck and do someimprovments for big trucks vexing cargo truck driving. Enjoy thegreenery on the road side, drive safely with u haul or u-haul ptcmega truck with future semi truck simulation. Become the proAmerican Truck Drive and drive you speedy truck on the rough roadfrom USA to Europe. This game will give your realistic truckexperience with future truck simulation for world truckhistorical-­simulation.So, you want the pro truck driver in eurotruck simulator 2017? Well you are on right trucking place as anewcomer you have been played lorry driving games or semi truckracing games but this truck simulator 2017 will give youunparralleled or blinker trucking experience. You can be a driverScania truck simulator or Volvo truck simulator. Mack TruckSimulator will also a very good towing option for you.You job is totransport the heavy load trailers using oversized 18 wheeler truckon the uphill road as well as on the city road. So, you will alsobecome the city truck simulator driver in this gameplay. You havebeen played peterbilt truck games or truck simualtor america butthis game will give you realistic trucks Impossible stunt usingreal truck simulator physics.Features:Tilting, buttons and steeringwheel6 realistic heavy and grand trucks6 eighteen wheelertrailersDriver Cargo Truckreal trucker phsyicsmonster truck withheavy container trucktrucker usa or grand truck usa gives grandtrucking experiencerefill diesel, cng, petrol or gas stationtruckhauling with thrilling driveManual and Automatick gearscity trucksimulatorDay & Night Cycle comingDamage and fuel Systemmorraoil truck transportercargo driver heavy transmission in usa or ineuropefreeway staring and refinery tanker shifter, slamming andkicking simulation haul and fell expereincehook and pullingsystemchassis, bulky, vader, roadmap ets and camcam perksHDGraphics and Environmentscs, lex, osi and hino driving simulationstoplight, clutch, braking, handbrake, blinker, reversing, hornsand limiterNow what are we waiting for let jump in gainesvilledriver fast and speedy with proton simulation. Cary oversizeluggage from one station and drop them to the other trucking pointto become real truck driver and Heavy Truck Driver of crazy monstertruck. When you becoem the pro truck driver then Mr freightlinerand jakes and camion and cummins will hired you as pro usa driverto drive the mack truck simulator. On the freeway you will see tollplaza where you have to give some of your revenue to pass the tol.In order to pass the mission you must transport your lori on thebase transport truck cargo truck driving simulator even road isjam, rough, uphill, relly, dirt or deserted. You will get detaillex truck driving licence and your trucking daily earing when youconvoy your semi truck trailer without damage.When you havecompleted the first 5 turcking missions you will become the truckmaster of city truck simulator and gignatic truck drivingsimulator. Now your next step is to become the pro master of OilTruck Transporter, Heavy metal Transporter, Wood Transporter,Petrol, Desiel and Gas Transporter.Extra Features:muddy, rig, haul,dump, stn, assi, gds, wanda and pente transportation.faithful,punctual and reproduction expereincehooter truckingSo, Now letsjump in mack truck driving and peterbild truck driving to becomereal truck simulator usa with turksih made and truck physics withkenworth trucks. Mack and Kenworth Truck Simulator
Oil Tanker Truck Transporter: Mack Truck Driver 2.1 APK
Let's Start the 18 Wheeler Heavy Oil Tanker Truck Engine or heavyduty oil tanker truck engine, Drive the Kenworth Oil Cargo TruckEngine on the rough road of the city. Oil Transport Truck Simulatorwill give the realistic simulation of driving the oil tanker usingmack truck and kenworth truck in the city, be careful and avoid tohit the crazy traffic cars on the road because oil tanker isflammable and will catch the fire if olio you hit 3 or 4 time tothe cars and other heavy rough trucks. In Oil Truck Simulator 2017,Your responsibility is Oil Delivering from Oil Drilling Rigplace.Oil demand in morra is increasing day by day in the city, Youare a Pro Cargo Oil Tanker Driver, so, it is your responsibility tomake sure the continues supply of Oil Petrol Pump and to the DieselSupplier and to the Gas refinery Station. Drive beautiful KenworthTruck and Gainesville to the Oil Digging Place to the others petrolpumps.Mr Bingo is one the successful business man in the Oil TankerTransportation Field. He had made the contract with Government todeliver logging oil tanker to petrol station different cities. Hehas earned more than 20 Million Dollar by this business. Now hehire you to transport the Heavy Cargo And Grand Oil Tanker to thegas stations and petrol pumps. Mr Bingo is very punctual, if youdeliver the Oil Tanker on the time then he will give you the rewardif you did not deliver the grand oil tanker usa on the time then hewill cut your fee. But, he knows that you are pro oil tanker driverwho is driving kenworth oil tanker and peterbilt oil tanker fromlast 15 years top driver, so he had many bonuses for you. If youdrive the Oil Tanker successfully then he will give you opportunityto open your own oil tanker transportation company.Features of "OilTruck Simulator 2017 and Transportation Truck":- 3 Oil Tankers andwagon- oil refinery stations- 10 Petrol Pumps- 20 Unique Levels-Real City Traffic Simuation and pedestrian- 6 Beautiful Trucksincluding kenworth truck, peterbilt truck and others American Truckand Euro Truck and gainesville and caterpillar- 3 Beautiful Citieswith detail graphics in Night mode- Heavy Truck Driving Simulationwith smooth steering, buttons and Hydraulic Brakes- Virtual OilTransport Truck Driver Duty for oil truck transportation- GrandTruck Driving Simulation for Heavy Cargo 18 Wheeler Oil Tanker-Realistic Oil Tanker Truck Physics- Smooth Animations and ParticleSystemComing in Future:- Volvo Truck- Hill Transport Environment-Off Road Environment on gage- Flame Particle limitless- And othersinteresting forme stuff Now what are we waiting for lets jump inthe realistic oil tanker simulation with majesty and drive therealistic rough truck simulation on the rough road of the city tomake sure the continuous supply of the Oil or oleo, Diesel, Petrol,petroleum, Gas and CNG.If you fond of muddy road then big truck isgood choice to drive mack truckcary trailer from barr point to thehep and cummins destinationdrive dms and lex by haul oversizetrailerkeep the spotlight on road and wiper on and avoid thetraffic collisionKeep Truck fast as proton and deliver the heavyconstruction on freeway using semi truck and keep control onrudderGot problem put your jakes down and drive again with macktruckComming In Future scania TruckCattle TransporterwinnipegafghancityLets enjoy the oil cargo truck driving experience and drivetruck simulator euro in european cities. Control your speed limitin Europa and guide yourself for drive directions using europe mapsand made scenario for your help.
City Cab: Cab Driver 2016: Crazy Taxi Simulator 1.21 APK
You must be a fan of taxi simulation game. We assume that you arecrazy driver and want to drive city taxi at the busy road of DubaiCity, then you are on right place. Your are a taxi car driver soyour duty is to drive US taxi, London Cab,NYC Taxi and taxi dublin.Fix your taxi fare, sit in the yellow taksi, turn your taxi radioon, handle your steer, press your drive clucth, put you foot on cabbrake and enjoy the taxi car 2018. Taxi Passanger are calling youto lift me up and drop them on their booking taxi destination.Youcan overtake the other crazy cab driver and other yellow cars tosave your time and to become kind taod, but slow down when you comecloser to New York Traffic Signals. Passangers Cab can also getfree ride if they book taxi from the cab app.Features of TaxiSimulator 2018:- Modify car- driving academy- booking taxi- cameragames and camera angles- Steer, titl and button cab controllers-inner camera view- realistic new vehicle physics system- car fairsystem- town car service- cab book systemSo, lets jump into taxilondon, and make our own taxi company. People car calling "taxitaxi cab taxi or cab near me", so now we have to serve them to findcrazy taxi simulator 2018. There are 6 high detail taxis in game tohave fun in New your taxi and london taxi simulation. Driving taxiis also fast money way to build your own london taxi company. TaxiSim 2018 will be the best free cab game of the year. Some of themission are including to pick the passanger from Airport taxi stop.So get taxi or become lyft driver partner or get yellow cab anddrive taxi in driving school 2017 and become the real hero of crazywheel clunker cab master and taxi sim. So, lets fasten your seatbelt and drive realistic cab simulator and beat your modernisticcab competitor. maltese falcon and young mr. lincoln are outerhelper of your cab sim gameplay. freeway killer road traffic andintelligent pedisterain. Extra Features of Cab Sim 2018 and TaxiSimulator 2018:- venetian doge- pedicab and toptaxi and taxicab-gran torino and roundabout tokyo jungle- sunny day and star night-rush hour 2 and cab transporter 2- ahead of old cab simulation-bangalore palace and toledo traffic- producer to earn fast cash-mydriver and detailed car motor sound- 2016 cars of cabs- tasi-handling, pedals - cabi and fare taxi - off broadway shows cityrush- destination inner space and baltic trade for urbantransportation with insane driving- drive safely and takecare ofcity life- cab minicab for foreign taxi with rush hour drivingSo,now it time to become the amazing taxi driver and drive the moderntaxi simulator on the extreme rush taxi roads and beautiful taxucity. City Taxi Simulator will be real life taxi simulation to lyftpassanger. So time you have to rid the hill taxi and some timemodernc city taxi and some time modern amazing cab of the europeancity. In traffic cars you will find the wagon, mack truck andkenworth trucks. You have to avoid to hit the others russian taxi,euro taxi and modern dubai taxi in this game. be a true car driver
Floor is Lava: The Floor is Lava 1.0 APK
Floor is Now Lava is new trending game on social media. In whichfloor is suppose to be lava and you have to survive with outtouching lava floor. This floor lava game would be the best game ofthis year which will give you the chance to be the part of newtrend in social media. This game is also match with pianosimuation. when you hit the box then piano will sound and you canplay piano lava music to enjoy more fun.Tap Left to move the ballon the left side and Tap Right to move the ball on the right side.Avoid hitting the ball to the lava floor, you will lose game if youhit the lava floor. Leaderboard is also integrated in this game sothat you can beat "Lava is Floor Challenge" world wide and withyour friends.Feature of The Floor is Lava or Lava is Floor GameChallenge:- Very Addictive GamePlay- Avoid hitting the hot lava-Tap Left to move left- Tap Right to move right- Hit the box to getthe score- Leaderboard to compete the lava challenge game-Realistic 2D Lava Simulation- Realistic Ball Physics- BeautifulGraphics- Hit and fit on the lava social trend- simple to play yetlots of fun and addiction to avoid ball hitting lava- Heart to getextra lava life and have more fun- Loon jump to more score- 2x lavascore- Tfil challenge- Tfil prank and enjoy Tfil react also getTfil failed- Lava Compilation and team edgejump into new trendinglava floating challenge (The Floor is Lava) and be the part of thisLava Challenge and show the world your best lava survival score.Submit your lava challenge score on the floor of Leader Board.Download for free
Hexablock: Hexagonal Puzzle: 350 Hexa Game 1.0 APK
Let's drop the puzzle dice and match hexa puzzle using hexa block.Objective is very simple we just puzzle daily by match samehexgonal shape. Hex hrvr has 350 puzzzle for you to enjoy yourtime. Just click and drag the match block and complete the hexpuzzle in hexa puzzle block mania 2018. Collect diamonds to viewthe hexas hint. This game is made using hexa puzzle editor and hexpuzzle maker with block puzzle hexagon. This game does not have anysqure puzzle, all bocos are small tetris to become the tetrismaster. Puzzle block is also good for kids and also for sweet 16.You can get the puzzle hint by watching rewarded video ad. Blockhexa puzzle free available all the time with no wifi games. thisgame is flow free with matchin hexa shapes and free hexgon blocks.This is marvelous game with smooth block maze animation. When youclose the game then this free hexagon games will save the state ofcurrent bloc puzzle. This is one the challege game that is hard tobeat but not impossible to match block with puzzle with matches.Just fill the blocks in free puzzle games.this game is also madefor kids block puzzle.Honeycomb presents Block: Hexa Puzzle: MatchBlock Slide Puzzle free with consumer and shaped puzzle in thismarvelous game. Mrs puzzle wood is a game in which you have tocomplete hexagonal jewel mania or jewel puzzle in hex puzzle. Thiscrusher will force you to increase your thinking skill to solvebrain hex box puzzles. Voodoo and teaser will also help you saptialand soma puzzle by dev and terminal puzzle problem solving skill.Doyou love Hexa block puzzle games then this "Block! Hexa Puzzle"games without wifi would be the best choice for you. You can playmore than 200 matching pluzzle by drag and drop hexagon shapes attheir respective positions. hex block hexa puzzle game! will setyou in very brain training puzzle situation in which you will havemany combination of hexagon matching shapes but you have tocomplete it with one hexa blox combination. You will get block!hexapuzzle - a popular brain free kid games free of cost. You will get10/10 merged block hexa puzzle: make six merge 7. Connect hexapuzzle - matching numbers by drag and drop blox on the correctblockheads. This game has also hexa pop rewarded blocked dialog inwhich you can get 3 hints every time by watching video adFeatures:4Difficulty LevelsEasy Hexa PuzzlesMedium Hexa PuzzlesHard HexaPuzzles and Expert Hexa PuzzleFree Hints Dialog guide for block!hexa puzzle - answer solutions Every Category in six blocks - hexapuzzle challenge has 60 block hexagon puzzlesEasy Level:Very easyto play hexa block puzzle shapes. you just need make m! hexa puzzleby merge hexa puzzle - merged block & sudoku quest. pop puzzle- block hexa puzzle offline games and make 100! block hexa puzzle:10-10 classic brain teaserMedium Level:unblock unroll block hexapuzzle - logic two dots by matching the correct color by switch thehexa shapes.Hard Level:hexa puzzle lite is good for children andyounger. This will give you the chance to train your brain by hexapuzzle fill block me. Expert Level:hexa puzzle pro the last experthexa puzzle is hard matching puzzles but you can find hints onevery puzzleLets jump into hexa puzzle! and complete the hexapuzzle fun and easy.Gaudi: Wood Puzzle block: fica hexa: Woodypuzzle. fill 240 ctc match puzzles by sliding hexablock in HexaPuzzle Block Mania woody
Luxurious: Multi Storey Car Parker: Valet Parking 1.1 APK
Luxurious and Uniqueness multi stoery car parking games 3d willgive you the enjoyment and learning car parker experience ofadvance hard car parking simulation. You have played old and toughmulti parking building games, But this dynamite parking games willwiggleyou mood and will make to becoming exotic cars parking driverto park the modern sports and luxury cars like mustang, rover,prado, suv with each car engines sounds in multi level plazabuilding. Parking Sensor and game guides will help you to park atexact at Parking Spot. This game will have royal car parkingsimulation. Some levels will simulate the sports car paker drivingexpereince in underground parking. Features of Luxurious MultiStorey Car Parking drive mania:- Good Graphics- 50 luxury carparking mission- real engine sounds with intuitive feeling forparallel parking games- headlights, racing gears and parking mania-awesome cars- Interior new cars camera angles and car seats- drivesafely, haste and learn driving- Controls like steering, buttonsand Sensors- parking garage with parking ramp- multi level carparking with plaza parking- real car parking simulation- Each RealCar is customizable with wheel, paint,real engine sounds and carspecs- advanced car parking sensors- mastery level parking-sport-utility vehicle with realistic parking car phyisics to streetcar- prestigious modern sports cars with realistic hd graphics andparking environment and 3d parking city with driving academyHow ToPlay Multi Level Plaza Building Parking Fury 2- Choose your bestcar in Car Parking Garage- Customize it for advance parkingsimulation to become dr parking game, you can change crazy colorwheel, new tires, boost the speed, handling and brake, put nitrousetc- choose parking level, you can earn cash to unlock new racingparking cars which are also being used in dubai drift and dubaiparking games- Press race button to increase the speed oraccelerates the valet car and brake to slow down your luxury car-Avoid to hit the civilian and other luxurious cars to reducehealthy car or damages and increase to parking experience in rushhour traffic, Have an eye on your parking time - Find the parkingspot and use sensor and camera to change the view to parken yourcar at parkous spot.- designated yourself as a master car parker -Get the help of parking coche for game guides- continuously funparking to learn parking traffic rules - the longest ride scrapesculling experience in mall parking and park hotel- Some of theparking levels are extremely challenging or drive hard and some ofthem may be impossible parking for you. But you have working tohard to compelet the steep, when you are tired take some rest andcome back to enjoy your parking duty. In the end each level willgive you the parking reward to unlock new super cars. obstaclecourse- designated yourself as 4x4 parking driver and front parkingmaster.So lets jump into super cars game to have fun, learn todrive car parking, drive safely simulation in traffic rush cityparking environment. classiccar to have fun city car drivingsimulator and parking games new 2016. Let,s see what you can doreal driver parking to bcome the super driver real parking games incar parking simulation. sports car test driveris the first level toknow How to play this game.Suggestions to learning parking- Keepyour car in your lanes- fasten your seat belt for funtime- changecamera angle to have better view- concern yourself to have parkingfun prestigious in car parking 2017- Find the direccion forextraspecial parking slot- corny, tough, chh, and aria minivanCarParking Games 3D 2017 New: Smart Car Parking
Amazing Circular Pong 1.03 APK
Amazing Circular Pong is an amazing, addictive and fun to playgame.Object of this game is to keep the ball inside the circulararea. Hold left or right button to move the blocker. Game will overif you miss the ball. Speed of the ball will increase as you getmore and more score.Features- Leader Board- Very Decent Music-Landscape and Portrait Mode- Amazing Graphics- Color Changingscreen.Lets check it out how much skill have you got until you beatthe top score in the Leader Board.Now enjoy the beautiful colorscheme in the game play of Amazing Circular Pong.