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We hope this will be the best app on store to measure intensity ofany shake which can be of different thresholds.To use Vibrationmeter accurately place it on a steady flat surface. The thresholdstell you how much trembling or shaking is occurring. The app showsgraph so that you can know the relation of vibration with past andcurrent values. Features:- Vibration detector- Earthquake detector-Richter Scale meter- Vibration meter- VibrometerUsage:- Place thephone on steady place to use Vibration meter. It can detect trembleand tells you the intensity of vibration.- It acts as an Earthquakedetector.- Vibration meter has a graph for easy viewing.FAQ's:Q1:Does it work without internet?Ans: Yes it does.Q2: Can it detectvibration when phone is not steady?Ans: No, the phone should besteady for the readings to be accurate.The readings are based onthe Accelerometer sensor. It is a hardware component and theaccuracy depends on the quality of phone and sensor.VibrationMeter-Earthquake Detector is the best app for vibration detector.You cannot get a better app then Vibration Meter-EarthquakeDetector.Feel free to contact our support team if you have anyquery about Vibration Meter. We also welcome any suggestion.

App Information Vibration Meter- Vibro Meter & Earthquake Detector

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    Vibration Meter- Vibro Meter & Earthquake Detector
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    December 16, 2017
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    Techer City
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Hidden Camera Detector - Cam Finder 1.1.5 APK
Techer City
This hidden camera detector provides you feature to detect hiddencamera around you. This app is the best and easiest solution foryour privacy. get hidden camera detect app and find hidden camerasfor free on android phone If you are traveling a lot and staying inhotels. You can use this hidden camera detector to safe yourselffrom being spied. hidden camera will work as spy camera for yousafe your family from hidden cameras which are spying. if you foundany camera in your room or shower then there should b hiddencamera. Hidden Camera Detector Usage to detect hidden cameras: Youjust have to move your phone in your surroundings to detect hiddencamera and to find any unusual magnetic activity which may be ahidden camera,spy camera, secret camera or a hidden device as thishidden camera detect app is also hidden device detector to detectdevices as well as a hidden camera detector to detect camera. Thishidden camera detector uses magnetic field to detect camera and itis the reason of varying readings. This is not our fault this isthe limitation of sensor of different phones. IR camera detector :1-camera detector comes with another feature which is detectinfrared light.Only open the IR camera detector and scan for whitelight that appear on screen but not visible by naked eye. Suchwhite light indicate IR infrared light.It could be infrared IRcamera. Your normal cam can also detect it but what we have isinbuilt feature with luminosity effect. 2-It can also be used as IRRemote Control Detector(Infrared) Features:- -infrared detector -It is easy to use - camera detect hidden detector - It has accuratemeasurements -detect hidden camera through radiations - hiddencamera detector - Uses magnetic sensor -detect camera -detect spycamera -detect secret cameras -IR Remote control Detector - Detectsmagnetic field -can be used as IR Remote Detector(Infrared) -hiddencamera detector will make camera detection and detect cameras.Important: If there is no magnetic sensor you cannot use this app.You can check for your phone's specification online to know whetheryour phone have magnetometer sensor or not. If there is no cameranearby and the camera detector is showing high reading you justhave to shake the phone gently to make reading accurate. detecteach and every electronic device and also potential cameras whichare hidden. Hidden camera detect app asks for Internet permission(To fetch ads). Camera Permission is taken for IR Camera Detectionand IR Remote Detection. If you are in unfamiliar place like hotelroom,guest room,under shower,even at your own private room,publicwashrooms etc you could be under a secret camera , here our apphidden camera detect helps you to detect that spy camera,hiddencamera or secret camera and save you from hidden cameras and makeyour self safe from cameras which are spying you. Hidden CameraDetector app detect hidden camera even when it is not visible bynaked eye, camera detect only by radiations like magnetic field.This hidden spy camera detector can be used in Changing Room,Dressing room, or public bathrooms to detect hidden cameras aroundyou and to make you feel safe from hidden cameras. cameralocator,camera finder,camera detect,bug finder,spy camerafinder,hidden camera Rate us and share this app with your friends.
Hidden IR Camera Detector 1.0.4 APK
Techer City
IR Hidden Camera Detector is very helpful app for those who wantprivacy. If you are in a room where you feel your privacy can becompromised our app is the best solution for your problem. ThisHidden camera detector detects hidden cameras because they emitinfrared radiations. This infrared light cannot be seen with nakedeye. Usage IR Camera Detector : 1-Just open IR Hidden cameradetector and see through the specialized camera filter to findhidden cameras. Our filter allows you to detect cameras by showingthe infrared as bright white light. 2--can be used as IR RemoteDetector(Infrared) You can also check that your IR remote is inworking or not press the button of your IR remote control and seeif the light is blinking then your IR remote is working perfectly.Usage Camera Detector by Radiations : You just have to move yourphone in your surroundings to detect hidden camera and to find anyunusual magnetic activity which may be a hidden camera,spy camera,secret camera or a hidden device as this hidden camera detect appis also hidden device detector to detect devices as well as ahidden camera detector to detect camera. This hidden cameradetector uses magnetic field to detect camera and it is the reasonof varying readings. This is not our fault this is the limitationof sensor of different phones. Permission: - Our app requirescamera permission as it opens camera with our special filter so youcan detect hidden camera. - Internet (To fetch ads) Features of IRHidden Camera Detector: - Easy interface - Special Camera Filter-IR Remote Detector(Infrared) - Instructions on how to use - Spycamera detector - IR camera detector - Light Weight This hiddencamera detector and locator allows you to get the most comfortablestay in a hotel room. It also gives you privacy in public washroomsand changing rooms so that no one can use hidden cameras againstyou. Remote Infrared Light can also be detected by this. When usingthis app just turn off the lights and look for white light whichyou cannot see without the app. This can be a camera. After thatyou can check manually for that place where you saw white light.Disclaimer: -We are not gathering any personal information withoutthe user consent -There can be other things emitting IR radiations.So be sure before complaining to stay away from embarrassment. Note: Built-in Camera also detect IR light,What we add is theluminosity effect,Which has clear Visibility Rate IR hidden cameradetector and share if you like it.
Hidden Microphone Detector 1.0.7 APK
Techer City
Hidden Microphone Detector app uses your devices magnetic sensor todetect hidden microphones everywhere to protect your privacy andmakes your phone like a real Hidden microphones detector.microphonedetector can act like a real device detector.This app can also beused as device detector to detect different devices.HiddenMicrophone Detector application is easy to use, just openMicrophone Detector app and move it around the suspected objects .If the magnetic field values arises then there should be hiddenmicrophone or cameras in the area your surroundings. Accuracy ofthe app is entirely dependent on the magnetic sensor in your deviceand is affected by electronic devices such as TVs,remotes,batteries due to electromagnetic waves.Features of HiddenMicrophone Detector :- Easy to use- Simple user interface- GivenInstructions of How to use- Can also be used as device detector-Lightweight app- Listening device detector- Listening device spymicrophone- Listening device bug detectorNote : If HiddenMicrophone Detector does not work correctly or Sensor givinginaccurate readings then there might be problem in magnetic sensorof your device. Maybe your device does not have one. When thereadings are stuck at some point then try to calibrate the sensorby pointing your phone up and rotate it in a figure 8 pattern orshake your phone gently.please give reviews to Hidden MicrophoneDetector (Microphone Detector) app for any improvement or makingthe app better.please Microphone Detector app with your Circle.
Electromagnetic Radiation Detector-Radiation Meter 1.3 APK
Techer City
Your Smartphone Can Measure Radiation Exposure.Radiation Detector -Radiation MeterRadiation Detector is the best app for radiationdetection which is used by humans to measure the safety level.Now adays everyone is talking about the harmfulness of radiations mostpeople says that unplug laptop chargers when not in use, don't putyour phone upto your ear and don't put a laptop on your lap why useRadiation Detector app and find out!!!Electromagnetic Radiationemitted from laptop computers, cell phones, and other electronicdevices can be harmful to our bodies. Many studies have revealed alink between the use of these types of technological devices andvarious forms of illnessReasearches reveal the following:ElectricalSensitivityHeadachesConcentration or memory lossCognitiveimpairmentTingling or burning sensationsSleeping problemsAches andpainsHand painTechnology plays a major role in most people’s lives.While you can certainly try live without your mobile devices, itmight be difficult. So what is a person to do? Avoiding the effectsof Electromagnetic Radiation isn’t exactly easy, as mobile devicesthat emit it are everywhere and practically inescapable.RaditaionDetector is made only for you people to analyze the harmfulness ofthese things.The app measure the radiation through phone sensor. Ifyou feel any symptoms of effect of radiation you can contact thedoctorSensor reading may not be accurate it depends on sensorcapability every phone have different quality of sensor.if thereadings are stuck at very high even when there in no electronicdevices nearby gently shake your mobile phone to caliberate thesensor.Radiation detector and radiation meter app forandroidRadiation detector and radiation meter free app.-radiationapp-radiation alarm-radiaiton alert-detect electronic devices forradiaitons-detect camera from radiaitons-detect all of theelectronic devices-radiaiton check meter-radiaiton exposurecalculator
EMF Detector - EMF Meter 1.4 APK
Techer City
The EMF detector is the best app if you want to detectElectromagnetic field in your surroundings. This lightweight emfmeter will be quite handy to use. When there is nothing around youcan also detect lost electronic devices because they emit EMFradiations. While this is a great scientific tool to have it canalso be used as fun. The EMF meter can detect Cameras and otherdevices. This emf detector also enhances the privacy by detectinghidden electronic devices such as hidden cameras, hiddenmicrophones etc. Usage: To use this emf detector just move yourphone near the object to identify whether it has any magnetic fieldbecause this acts as magnetic field detector. The EMF meter sectionprovides you with full meter type layout with values in the form of(uT) the unit of EMF The emf meter is a lightweight solution foryour many problems. Features of emf detector: - It acts as EMFMeter - Magnetic field detector - Easy to use - Help Section - VeryLight on your phone - No special permissions Disclaimer: The emfdetector uses magnetic field detection by using phones sensors.These values may vary from device to device due to sensor quality.Permission for emf meter: - Internet Permission for ads Share thisapp with your friends.
Camify-Hidden Camera Detector 1.0.3 APK
Techer City
Detect hidden cameras by using Hidden Camera Detector and locatorapp and Now your phone can save you from embarrassing situations inpublic places. Just use this Hidden Camera Detector app wheneveryou are in a place where you think your privacy can be compromised.Hidden Camera Detector will let you know if there is a hiddendevice or a hidden camera in your surroundings.Spy secret detect:hidden cam detector are so common they can now be hidden in teddybears, clocks, watches, key chain remotes and even in your bathrobeand towel hooks! Use our camera finder app to find hidden spycameras today!This app is not designed to detect metals. Metals aregood conduction for electricity so they have electromagnetism butit is very weak and app is designed to ignore it.But sometimes,some type of metals depending on their length, material,temperature may exhibit same magnetic activity as that of camera.In that case app may beep. If so please look for lens on thesuspect. Check if there is any lens type on suspect. If not, thenyou are secure. if you find lens, there should be hiddencamera.This hidden camera detector detects camera and will let youfind any camera spying on you. You just have to move the phone withapp opened in it. It will beep if there is any potential hiddencamera around. camera detector app protect your privacy from spyhidden camera lenses.Camera Detector app works best detecting allmetal cameras up to 15 cm away from your device, and working bestdetecting ferromagnetic materials, such as detect camera and itcan’t detect non-ferromagnetic materials such as aluminum or othermaterial.The magnetic field of the cameras in nature ranges from 25to 65 µT (0.25 to 0.65 G). Data is displayed in µT (micro Testla).1µT = 10mG (milli Gauss). Any higher calculation is an indicationof metal in the area. When there is metal in the area, magneticfield increases with red sign .To get this camera detector featureto work your phone must have a magnetometer sensor.Camify HiddenCamera Detector and Device Detector allows you to detect hiddencamera and devices in your surroundings either by the use of CameraDetector feature of this app or by sensing the magnetic field ofthe electronic device.This Camera detector app has followingfeatures:- Feedback section-detect spy camera✅ great hidden devicefinder app✅ easy to use & intuitive ✅ stops scammers to ruinyour privacy✅ instantly shows any detected devices✅ hidden camdetector- find cameras-special camera filter for detect- Magneticfield detection- detect cameras-camera hidden detect-detectmagnet-detect magnetic field- discover camera with magnetic field-camera detector detects cameras- Detect hidden electronic devicesby their magnetic field- Camify Hidden Camera detector and locatorapp for android-cameras detector- Hidden Camera detector anti spycam- Easy interfaceHow to use this app. How to find camera ?BringYour phone near to any device that you have doubt. For example -shower, flowerpot, lens looking part or changing room mirror anddetect cameras.If the sensor is behaving abnormally just move yourphone in an 8 shape to calibrate the sensor or shake the phonegentlyIf you like the app share with your friends.
Metal Detector 1.8 APK
Techer City
Intro:This app uses magnetometer sensor of android phone to detectmetals and other electronic devices based on their magneticfield.You can easily move your phone close to an object to findmetal. So you don't need to go for metal detectors because this appmakes your phone a metal detector.The instructions section in ourapp will help you use this app. Metal detection solely depends onyour phones sensors. Whether its a lost electronic device or a pinin your couch or carpet, our app will help you in finding them.This app is also of great fun to kids.Features of Metal Detectorapp:- Sleek Design- Marshmallow and Nougat Support- AccurateReadings- Vibration and Sound- Metal Detector- Easy to useInterface- Instructions- Device DetectorPermission Details:"MetalDetector" app requires following permissions.- Internet (ForShowing Ads)- Vibrate (For generating Alerts in app)Disclaimer:-The values are based on readings from magnetometer sensor. Everysensor has its limitations and the readings may or may not beaccurate in depending on the device's sensor quality and objectsmaterial.We at techercity appreciate your feedback.Rate and sharethis app. Best,Team TecherCity
Noor e Islam - Islam for Everyone 1.0.2 APK
Techer City
Islam is a religion of peace. This app is the best way to getknowledge of Islam. Noor e Islam best of Islamic apps. It providesHadith and Tilawat. Noor e Islam also provides its users withEnglish and Urdu/Hindi Islamic Lectures. With all the references ofHadith you do not need to worry about verification as we have doneit already.Beautiful Tilawat can be heard using this Islamic App.There is tilawat in different voices to help you get closer toIslam.Features of Noor e Islam:- Easy to use Interface- VerifiedHadith- Beautiful Tilawat- Islamic Dars- Islamic Lectures Urdu-Islamic Lectures Hindi- Islamic Lectures English- Light Weight-Regularly UpdatedThis app has lectures of different Ulamaa. Youjust have to keep the app with you to stay in touch with Islam.Permissions:- Internet (To fetch Videos)If you are in need to getin touch with Islam you are at the right place because Noor e Islam- Islam for Everyone will get you closer to Islam.Do rate andShare.