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VICTAR is our Virtual Interactive Careers TrainingandApprenticeship Robot your personal and independent careersguidehere to help young people launch their future career.Supported bykey partnerships and credible resources VICTAR is ableto matchyoung people, their personality and interests to thecareers thatsuit them the most. More importantly once they arriveat theirchosen career they are able to see Labour MarketInformation(LMI)statistics and information about the role such ashow much theycould earn, the careers growth potential as well as avideorecorded by industry professionals. However it doesn’t stopthere,once satisfied with the selected career VICTAR then showstheacademic, vocational and apprenticeship study options availableaswell as the specific courses and locations they can study attoreach their career goal.

App Information Victar VR for Cardboard

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    Victar VR for Cardboard
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  • Updated
    April 12, 2019
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    Android 7.1 and up
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    Dev Clever Ltd
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    Unit 1 Ninian Way, Wilnecote, Tamworth B77 5ES
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If you’ve ever thought about what will happen to your Social Mediacontent when you’re no longer around to update it… then PinPal isjust for you!PinPal allows you to pre-arrange for someone to takecontrol of all your digital accounts at the point in the future,when you're no longer around to do so and to deal with themaccording to your wishes. Store all the information they’ll need inone place and then create your own Digital Will. Your PinPal won’tbe able to access any information until your Verifier confirms thatthis should be granted. You will also have ample opportunity todeny any premature requests for access.Frequently AskedQuestions:What does PinPal do ?PinPal is your digital safe, whereyou can store the log-in details of your digital accounts anddevices and store your important digital documents such as yourDigital Will. PinPal allows you to nominate someone who can act asyour Digital Executor and take control of your online accounts atsome point in the future, when you are no longer around to doso.What will they be able to do?Your PinPal will be able to accessthe information stored in your Digital Safe and therefore all yourdevices and accounts, in order to memorialise them according thewishes in your Digital Will.How does it work?Once Your PinPalactivates the process, an email is sent to both your own registeredemail address and that of your nominated Verifier. If you reply tothe email [within 72 hours] then the process is halted and noinformation is shared. If no reply is received from you and yourVerfier also confirms that you are no longer able to look afteryour online accounts, then your PinPal will be granted access tothe information which you have entered into the system. At thisstage your PinPal will then have control of the Accounts as agreedwith you.What is the difference between a PinPal and a Verifier?Your PinPal will be the first point of contact and the persongiven full access to your information. The Verifier will need toconfirm access is allowed before permission is granted to yourPinPal, but they woud not have access to any of your sensitiveinformation.What if I no longer trust my PinPal or Verifier?Underour Terms of Use, you are responsible for the actions of those youhave nominated. In the case of a breakdown in trust, they should beremoved as your PinPal or Verifier as soon as possible andalternatives appointed. This is quick and easy to do.Can I usePinPal for my Bank Account / Savings Passwords?PinPal is onlyrecommended for Social Media Accounts, to ensure that your digitallegacy is handled according to your wishes. It should not be usedwith any information which could have any financial implications.
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Air Hockey AR 1.0 APK
This Augmented Reality 2 player game Air Hockey game is a fun wayto play head to head against your friends with your smart phones.To play you’ll need you’ll need to print out the AR marker firstand place it on a flat surface. Then you’ll need to open the Appand click start, when the start screen opens you need to create agame session by entering in your name, when your friend opens theApp they simply need to select the game session you’ve created inorder to connect your 2 devices together and then you can both useyour cameras to scan the marker and play head to head. The game issimple, first player to scorch 5 goals wins, use you finger to moveyour controller around the table and block your opponents shots.Happy playing and have fun**Download the AR marker here:http://airhockey.devclever.net/playmat.pdf "
Harvester Festie 0.1.1 APK
Have fun, win prizes and get festive this Christmas with Harvester!Share your “Festie's” with your friends and family and be in with achance of winning £100 in High Street vouchers thanks to Harvesterand J20 Glitterberry.To get involved simply download the Festie Appto your device, take a picture or upload one from your library andthen edit your picture by adding fun festive stickers, borders andtext. When you’re happy with your “Festie” you can give it a titleand share it via Facebook with your friends and family. We’ll bepicking our favourites from all the “ Festie's” that get shared andwe will display them on the gallery of the App. At the end of thecompetition our favourite 5 “ Festie's” will win a £100 High Streetvoucher each, simple as that. So what are your waiting for, getthose Festie's shared. Terms and Conditions apply. Apple is notinvolved in any way with the contest.
Clever Toon AR 2 APK
WOW this is a Clever App. Install the App and you can downloadacolouring in sheet, once downloaded, print it out and then letyourchild colour in the characters drawn on it with their crayonsorfelt-tip pens. Once they’ve coloured in the characters use theAppto scan the image and see the characters brought to life invirtualreality 3D, you can then save the Clever Toon or even Shareit onFacebook. This is the first on many Clever Toon Apps andcolouringsheets so we hope you will enjoy it and it brings asmuchexcitement to your children as it has to us “Big Kids”,Happycolouring and have fun.
Toby Scarie 0.0.8 APK
Have fun this Halloween! Share your ‘Scaries’ with your friends andfamily and be in with a chance of winning £100 in High Streetvouchers thanks to Toby Carvery and Fruit Shoot.To get involved,simply download the Scarie App to your device, take a picture orupload one from your library and then edit your picture by addingfun Halloween stickers, borders and text. When you’re happy withyour Scarie, you can give it a title and share it via Facebook withyour friends and family. We’ll be picking our favourites from allthe Scaries that get shared and we will display them on the galleryof the App. At the end of the competition, our top 5 favouriteScaries will win a £100 High Street voucher each, it’s as simple asthat. So what are your waiting for, get those Scaries shared! Termsand Conditions apply.
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This application if for Colt Data Centre Services employees tohaveaccess to the annual events calendar, internal communications,keepup to date with company news, as well as a tool to share ColtDCSposts in social media.