1.0.0 / August 1, 2016
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Go back to the Victorian era with Solitaire Victorian Picnic.Stroll through beautiful parks, visit a masquerade ball, drink teawith noble ladies and gentlemen and complete an unforgettablejourney through wonderful Victorian locations. A legendary time and120 new patience levels!Welcome to glorious England! This classicsolitaire game with original mechanics is sure to go down well bothwith fans of traditional solitaire and those who prefer moreunusual gameplay. Collect card pairs as fast as you can and aspecial multiplier will increase your reward! Buy useful bonuses:Joker, cancel and shuffle. Let premium-quality graphics, colorfullevels and classical music take you to the Victorian era and acelebration of life.Travel through time with Solitaire VictorianPicnic!-A solitaire card game for new players and expertsalike!-Unique game mechanics – choose card pairs-Use bonuses –Joker, cancel and shuffle-Collect golden cards to complete levelsand unlock the next location-Pick up bonus cards and get additionalcoins and bonuses-Pick up cards faster and increase your combomultiplier to get more coins12 locations, 120 levels and multipledifficulty modes-Premium-level graphics in true Victorianstyle-Original themed decks and 9 card back styles-Beautiful musicto help you relax and concentrate on the game

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    Victorian Picnic Free HD
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    August 1, 2016
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    Android 2.3.3 and up
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Solitaire or bowling? Two in one!Complete 120 levels in StrikeSolitaire!The game utilizes a unique setting for solitaire gameswhere the action takes place in bowling hotels offering a widerange of recreation services and outdoor sporting activities. Alllevels are split into 12 packs, 10 levels each. Each levelsymbolizes one frame of a bowling match.All levels look like asolitaire set of cards. Players should remove matching pairs ofcards from the game board in order to complete all the level goals.The goal of each level is to remove 10 special skittle cards fromthe game board.By doing that, players earn money. The amount ofmoney players receive on each level depends on the type of thematching cards and the multiplier.Upon the completion of eachlevel, players also earn scores (just like they would earn scoresfor each frame in a bowling match). The number of points earnedwithin the whole frame is calculated according to the attainedscores.This perfect match solitaire also known as match cardsSolitaire, emerland patience, blast, fairway, Spider Solitaire, orPyramid, Klondike, FreeCell, Crescent, Golf, Addiction, ThreePeaks, Yukon Solitaire. Many other names, like Forty Thieves,Scorpion, Gaps, Canfield, Crazy Quilt, Algerian and Montana, EightOff, Calculation, Clock Solitaire.
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Play, win and relax with your favorite game! Play solitaire andbowl a strike at the best resorts!Solitaire in the uniqueatmosphere of bowling resorts allows you to play two games at once– bowling and solitaire. Another 120 new levels of varyingdifficulty for you to enjoy. More than 8 hours of entertaining playawait you, in which you'll dip into heady competitions at the bestbowling resorts!The presence of unique gold card-pins will addvariety to the game mechanics you're used to.This perfect matchsolitaire also known as match cards Solitaire, emerland patience,blast, fairway, Spider Solitaire, or Pyramid, Klondike, FreeCell,Crescent, Golf, Addiction, Three Peaks, Yukon Solitaire. Many othernames, like Forty Thieves, Scorpion, Gaps, Canfield, Crazy Quilt,Algerian and Montana, Eight Off, Calculation, Clock Solitaire.
Solitaire Beach Season 1.0 APK
Solitaire Beach Season is an explosion of fun: vacation, summer,the beach, the sea! The resort of your dreams on tropical beachesand 120 new and unique solitaire levels – an ideal combination forany solitaire fan!Your trip to an island of fun begins now! Enjoyclassical solitaire improved with a new game mechanic – collectpairs of cards! A special multiplier increases your reward if youfind card pairs quickly. Buy bonuses with your reward: mulligan,shuffle and joker. Solitaire Beach Season is a sea of fun both forfans of classic patience and fans of solitaire with unusualrules.Uplifting exotic music and premium-quality graphics in atropical style will take you away to the resort of your dreams.Want to rest on the shores of the Caribbean sea? Travel to Hawaiiand stay in the best spa hotel? Visit a pristine paradise at Bali?Take a cruise and swim in the open ocean? This summer, anyone canbe where they dream to spend their vacation. With Solitaire BeachSeason, it’s easy!- Сard solitaire game for new players and expertsalike- Unique game mechanics – choosing pairs of cards- Usedifferent bonuses – mulligan, shuffle, joker- Collect gold cards tocomplete levels and unlock new locations- Collect bonus cards toget more coins and bonuses- Collect cards fast to make combos andget good rewards- 12 locations, 120 levels and several difficultymodes- For daring players, we offer special tasks and over 20colorful trophies- Colorful high-quality graphics in a tropical seastyle- Original themed decks and 9 card backs- Beautiful music tohelp you relax and concentrate on the gameThis perfect matchsolitaire also known as match cards Solitaire, emerland patience,blast, fairway, Spider Solitaire, or Pyramid, Klondike, FreeCell,Crescent, Golf, Addiction, Three Peaks, Yukon Solitaire. Many othernames, like Forty Thieves, Scorpion, Gaps, Canfield, Crazy Quilt,Algerian and Montana, Eight Off, Calculation, Clock Solitaire.
Turkey Day Griddlers Free 1.0 APK
Turkey Day Griddlers is an exciting game for developing logicskills which combines the spirit of griddlers with the warmatmosphere of the harvest holiday of Thanksgiving. Enjoy a goldenautumn landscape, a holiday table with a roasted turkey, rich giftsof nature from the horn of plenty and over 100 themed levels!Thesepuzzles are also known as griddlers, picross, hanjie, nonograms,japanese crosswords, logic puzzles, pic-a-pix, nonogramme,logimage, logic art, japanilainen ristikko, kare karalamaca,nonogramas, malovane krizovky, crucipixel, but whatever we callthem, you’re sure to enjoy solving them!Visit 6 unique locationsand solve 120 autumn puzzles ranging in difficulty. Even the mostrefined connoisseur of nonograms will be pleasantly surprised bythe wonderful music and high-quality graphics!Each level reveals anew autumn-themed picture. Solve all the puzzles and enjoy playing!It doesn’t matter whether you’re a newbie or a pro: the gamecontains a well thought-out tutorial that is sure to come in handyto any player!Break away from the hassle of day-to-day life, relax,switch your logical thinking into high gear and dive into thebrain-stretching world of griddlers! Get into the spirit of goldenautumn with the new and exciting Turkey Day Griddlers!Griddlerswith no pen and paper!6 artful locations and over 100 new levels.Anexcellent way to train logical and abstract thinking.Make anypurchase in the game and forget about ads forever!Over 15 rewardsand trophies for extra quests.Well-designed tutorial for new andexperienced players alike.Colorful graphics and pleasant music.Over12 hours of exciting gameplay!The best way to while away those longautumn evenings!Two in one: an autumn holiday atmosphere andexciting griddlers!
Solitaire Halloween Story Free 1.0 APK
Solitaire Halloween Story – trick or treat? No tricks! For all fansof the solitaire and perfect match genres, a gift for Helloween inthe form of 120 new and unique solitaire levels! SolitaireHalloween Story has riddles from ghosts, ancient mysteries and anexciting party full of cheerful monsters. Scary stories, tricks anda unique holiday style – just what a solitaire and perfect matchfan needs!Classic solitaire with an original game mechanic – matchpairs of cards! A special multiplier will increase your reward ifyou find card pairs fast. Buy bonuses for your reward: mulligan,shuffle and joker. Choose your difficulty level or complete thegame twice – Professional mode is a challenge to true fans ofsolitaire! Solitaire Halloween Story is a horror story forHelloween night and a game for connoisseurs of classic solitaireand anyone who likes unusual twists on a classic game.The playfulthemed music and premium-quality graphics will help you get intothe spirit of Halloween. Sinister pumpkins, amiable ghosts, blackcats, vampires, a haunted house and witches. All this awaits you inSolitaire Halloween Story!- Card solitaire game for new players andexperts alike- Make any purchase – turn off ads! - Unique gamemechanics – choosing pairs of cards- Use various bonuses –mulligan, shuffle, joker- Collect gold cards to complete levels andunlock new locations- Collect bonus cards to get more coins andbonuses- Collect cards fast to make combos and get good rewards- 12locations, 120 levels and several difficulty modes- For daringplayers, we offer special tasks and over 20 colorful trophies-Colorful high-quality graphics in a Halloween style- Originalthemed decks and 9 card backs- Beautiful music to help you relaxand concentrate on the gameThis perfect match solitaire also knownas match cards Solitaire, emerland patience, blast, fairway, SpiderSolitaire, or Pyramid, Klondike, FreeCell, Crescent, Golf,Addiction, Three Peaks, Yukon Solitaire. Many other names, likeForty Thieves, Scorpion, Gaps, Canfield, Crazy Quilt, Algerian andMontana, Eight Off, Calculation, Clock Solitaire.