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The most powerful and easy to use Video Editor! It has allthefeatures you would ever want in a Video Editor!! Trim Videos,MergeClips, Add Music to Video, Filters, Overlays, Gifs, Video toMP3,Slow & Fast Video Speed, Text on Video, Convert Clips … andthelist of app features goes on!! Edit Videos the way you want. Appiscompletely FREE!! No limits! >>>>Features<<<< ? Trim: Video Trimmer provides powerfulvideoediting. Easily Trim Video from the complete movie. Also youcancut the selected clip from the movie – rest of the two partswillget automatically merged. App also supports precise movieeditingin which you can input the start and end time manually. YoucanPreview the trimmed video you are making i.e. WYSIWYG movieeditor.? Merge: Easily Merge Videos in the sequence you desire.Select theclips, rearrange, preview and generate your movie clips.You canrearrange the selected movie clips the way you need. Incaseyouwant to delete a selected clip, you can easily do that.Enjoywatching the merged movie. ? Add Music: Easily add music toyourvideos. You can add music to the complete clip or add audioinselected segment. You can select the part of the audio whichyouwant to add. App also supports Volume control of selectedMusic,Volume Control of selected and Unselected part of movie clip.Youcan also create movie without audio like in mute. ? Filters:Givean edge to your clips by choosing from a range of filters. Lotoffilters to choose from Sepia, Negative, Hue, Blur, Emboss,Vintageand more. You can also see a preview before generating. ?Gifs& Overlays: Make your movie clips really stand outwithStickers, Gifs and Overlays. Lots of overlays to choose fromlikeOld Movie, Snow fall, Star burst, Rainfall, Bubbles,FlyingBubbles, Wind and more. Easily apply stickers or gifs. Youcan addmultiple stickers. You can resize, rotate, set start/endpositionof stickers or gifs. ? Video To Mp3: Takes Movie editing tothenext level by extracting your favourite songs and music fromyourmovie clips. You can also choose the start and end positionandgenerate. Your Songs or music will get generated quickly. Youcanchoose to generate it in MP3 format or the default audio format.?Video Speed Editing: Change the speed of your movie clips. Youcanmake them fast or slow as per your liking. Speed optionsareavailable from -4 times to +4 times. ? Text on Video:Personalizeyour movie clips for various occasions like HappyBirthday,Marriage Anniversary and much more by writing Text onvideo. Youcan add multiple texts. You can also change Text Color,Text Font,Resize text, Rotate Text, start/end position etc. ?Compress Video:You can make the video shorter in size bycompressing it. Timewisethe length will remain same. This way youcan save space or savenetwork bandwidth while sharing online. Fewpreset options areavailable like Low, Medium and High Compression.You do customcompression as per your need. ? Convert: You caneasily change themovie clips from one format to another. Formatssupported are MP4,3gp, MPEG4, m4v, mts, avi, mpg, wmv, mov, mkv,m2ts, ts. You canalso change Video Codec, Frame Rate, Resolution,Bitrate. For Audio– you can change Audio Codec, Audio Bitrate,Sample Rate, Number ofChannel of audio. ? My Creations: Your editedcreations are alwayseasily available. Editings are also categorizedin various folderslike Trim, Merge, Add Audio etc. This way you canquickly accessthe editing. Also it has inbuilt player for the clipsand musicwithin the Video editor. ? Easy to Use Editor: ExtremelyEasy toUse! Modern, Intuitive and Free Video Editor. ? ShareVideos: Shareyour creations with the world on Facebook, Whatsapp,Youtube,Flipagram, Email, etc. Start creating Viral Videos! You canalsouse this Free Video Editor for Youtube. A must have VideoEditingapp!

App Information Video Editor - Video To Mp3 converter

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    Video Editor - Video To Mp3 converter
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    October 25, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Devs Wall
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Business Card Maker - Business Card Holder 1.1.1 APK
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Bussiness card holder "Corporate brand is like a person’sreputation. You earn your reputation by acting as a role model,trying to work out your challenging tasks." - Business Card Maker& Creator Digital business card maker & creator for yourbrand to expand your business,Get Visiting Card Maker & Creatorright now and lets your mind fly over the worlds! The best businesscard application used by thousands of people. *Business Card Makercreates professional digital business card for your business. Youcan create, save and share your design business card. *You can alsocreate custom business card design free according to your need andalso design lenscard for your company or shop with business appsFeatures of Business Card Maker & Visiting Card Maker ✯Business Card Maker Help you to control the quality of your brand,reduce time wasted in searching or rent freelancer designer. ✯Visiting Card Maker is A simple application which makes yourbusiness card in a minute. ✯ Name Card Maker is a mini studio thatinspires Your Mind. ✯ Business Card Design Editor is An evaluatevision for your brand. ✯ Save your business time without anydesigner. ✯ Visiting Card Maker Make your evaluate business cardmore and more. ✯ Printable or digital business card showcase toyour clients. ✯ Name Card Maker is new ways to build your onlineshowcase. ✯ Business Card Maker Create any custom color card orpick your own image. ✯ Point your business card with many elementsin Business Card Editor app. ✯ Business Card Maker Easy to make anylogo within or make your own logo with our other application. ✯business card design Powerful to edit your texts, elements,symbols: change fonts, size, style, color. ✯ Visiting Card Maker isnavigate your element using 4 arrow key for editing detail. And alot more!!! In this digital age, you might think business cards arepast their prime. True, they’ve been around a long time —centuries, in fact.1 But like so many enduring objects, they’veonly gotten better with age. Business cards are far from being oldnews and should be a key part of your marketing toolkit.And now isthe perfect time to design your business card -Business Card Maker& Creator virtual business card business card app create abusiness card visiting card digital business cards free businesscard digital business digital business card visiting card makerbusiness card maker visiting card scanner business cardbusinesscard business cards business card editor mobile businesscard busines card business card organizer business card bookbusiness card designs card maker Here's how Business Card Maker& Creator works: • Edit any information you want on thevisiting card like your name, logo, picture or photo, and websitename using the business cards editor. • Optionally, sync yourcontact details to build and fill your digital business cardsdesign. • Swipe between countless types of free and cheap businesscard templates to suit your tastes. • Save, share, or export yourcustom and personalized card as a PDF and print at nearby printshops like Staples or use online services such as Moo andVistaprint. The app's clean interface makes it easy to use, and theapp will never confuse you with complicated customization options.The pre-made designs are timeless and professional, so even if youdon't have an eye for art, you can make stunning and uniquebusiness cards that are standard wallet card size and fit in anybiz card holder. the process for making your electronic card issimple and straightforward to use. Gain inspiration & ideas byswiping left or right between sample background cards. Just likeyour business website the sharing of your business cards provide aquick and easy snapshot of your brand for your businessacquaintances and network. So download our free, Business CardMaker.
My Notebook (Diary with Lock) 1.1.4 APK
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My Notebook is simple app, which could be used for taking notes,pictures, making list. Your own dream book. You can create multiplenotes along with subject. You can also capture image from camera& select it from gallery. You can put your Christmas notes withChristmas images and Christmas stickers. It has too manyfunctionality like searching, Lock app. You can also customize applook, by changing date formats and font size. Notebook is a musthave application for students, business men and for anyone usingtheir phones and tablets for taking notes. Its real time statusnotes. Its Surreal Notebook. Use this diary app to make your ownpersonal journal of daily events, appointments, to put GST TaxRates Details, Your Friendship details, Status 4 you quotes,secrets and feelings. ***Now backup/restore to Google Drive*** Youcan also synchronize your notes with your own google account *Thepermission GET_ACCOUNTS is to communicate with the Google Drive tobackup the data. We do not store your account details in the app.Easy & simple notepad that you can use for quick note taking,for writing a diary or as a private notebook. Application Features:1. Create multiple notebooks. 2. Customization title, size of textsand page style for every notebook. 3. Password protected. 4. Set atitle for every notes. 5. Instant search within list of notes. 6.Attach image files. 7. Easily find your notes by search. 8. Customfont-size for each notes. 9. Backup/Restore. 10. Backup to GoogleDrive. 11. Offline/online notebook 12. Easy to use. 13. Save,browse, search and share entries. 14. Make unlimited entries. 15.Group weekly, monthly, yearly entries. 16. Support for differentfont sizes 17. Support for pictures 18. Support for different dateformats 19. This notes diary has PIN lock to secure your privacy20. Allows import and export 21. Resetting of all data option 22.Sync data via Google Drive between all Android devices you use. 23.Keep your data safe in the cloud. What are you waiting for now!!Lets download and use My Notebook Diary. Be the first for it. AndSuggestions are also most welcome for this. You can mail me @bhoomikapatel06@gmail.com.
Styled Map With Pager 1.2 APK
Devs Wall
Styled Map Pager is an awesome first of its type android libraryfor showing a multiple location with different pins along withcustom style on a google map with view pager. It highlightsselected location with unique marker pin. It give prominence tocertain marker with needs to be highlighted which are selected byyou. Also displays selected location in center of screen. Markersare changed with map zoom in and zoom out effects. Main thing isthat this all is binding with pager slider. With sliding of pagermap locations are also moves.
New Year Calligraph Art 1.0.1 APK
Devs Wall
New Year Calligraphy Name ArtCalligraphy Name App for Android is acollection of best flip font for your device to write yourname.Write Calligraphy name using Calligraphy Text application.This Name app provides 50+ calligraphy font styles to write yourname on different background and gradients or create yoursignature.Calligraphy Name Art is a free application that helps youwrite your calligraphy easily.Calligraphy Name or the art of fancywriting has thousands of years in its history and development. Youcan use Calligraphy Name to generate text designs based on yourselection of colors, sizes using calligraphy fonts in seconds.Calligraphy art design - One of the most wonderful styles and artvarieties you can learn is modern calligraphy design. It is thereview and approach to creating visible interest through turningterms into lovely art.New Year Specialhappy new year wishes2018happy new year images 2018happy new year wishes 2018 imagesNewYear's Day✿ Features ✿★ Provide more 100+ Calligraphy Font Style.★Provide 50+ decorate text symbol.★ Provide 50+ background.★ Provide30+ Gradients.★ You can also set the background color.★ Use MagicPencil to decorate your calligraphy name.★ set Calligraphy fontcolor and decorate symbol color.★ Share and Save in SDCARD.Thanksfor Download!
Stylish Text Generator 1.2 APK
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Fancy Text(Fancy Text For Chat) - mäkë ÿöür mëssägës stÿlïsh.Wantto impress your lovers/friends with cool text??Finally, your choicefor funny Fancy Text is here!!Get Fancy Cool Text on your phone andadd style in your chatting.While typing a text message on yourfavorite chatting app or on your social sites, just use this fancytext app & type your text creatively. Create your Christmaswishes in stylish way by christmas stylish text generatorSend orwrite in Stylish Text on WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram Telegram,Facebook Messenger, Hangouts, Allo, Skpye, Kik, Kakao, LINE,WeChat, hike etc with Blue, Round, Squared, Mirrored, Curved,Slashed, Double Underlined, Dotted Underlined, Small circleunderlined, Monospace, Parenthesized, Cursive, Small Caps.- Workswith Chatting applications, E-mail clients, Social networking sites& text messages.- Around 90 styles for free- Change your screencolor as you wish.- Change Text Background of your choice- ChangeText Color of your choice- Customize Text Size- Easy to use.
Business Card / Visiting Card Creator & Generator 1.0.4 APK
Devs Wall
Business Card Maker Business card Holders application used bythousands of people. Free Business cards creates professionaldigital business card for your business. You can use business cardsize to create, save and share your business card. You can alsocreate custom business card according to your need. a lot ofcategories for card such as photography business cards,squarebusiness cards,real estate business cards,digital and creativebusiness card,overnight business cards etc. ✯ Visiting Card is akey of successful Business. ✯ Business Card print : Help you tocontrol the quality of your brand, reduce time wasted in searchingor rent freelancer designer. ✯ Visiting Card Maker - A simpleapplication which makes your business card in a minute. ✯ Name CardMaker is a mini studio that inspires Your Mind. ✯ Vista print - Anevaluate vision for your brand. ✯ business card printer save yourbusiness time without any designer. ✯ Visiting Card Maker Make yourevaluate business card more and more. ✯ Printable or digitalbusiness card showcase to your clients. ✯ Name Card Maker is newways to build your online showcase. ✯ Business Card Maker Createany custom business cards color or pick your own image. ✯ Pointyour business card with many elements in Business Card Editor app.✯ visiting card maker Easy to make any logo within or make your ownlogo with our other application. ✯ Business Card Editor Powerful toedit your texts, elements, symbols: change fonts, size, style,color. ✯ Visiting Card Maker is navigate your element using 4 arrowkey for editing detail. - Standard Card: this cards are very easyto create in no time and it depends on the resolution of yourdevice - Vertical Card new: vertical business card introduced inthis version and it depends on the resolution of your device *Business Card Maker & Creator is: - A simple application whichmakes your business card in a minute. - A mini studio that inspiresYour Mind. - An evaluate vision for your brand. - New ways to buildyour online showcase. * Business Card Maker & Creator does: -Create any custom color card or pick your own image. - Point yourbusiness card with many elements. - Save your business time withoutany designer. This app can help you to create digital business cardfor your business networks. You can also use them as your digitalidentity and e-card. You can also submit your created business cardto us. We will showcase them on our website and now in this updatewe are displaying those business card in the app itself. So you cancheck other's business cards and take inspiration from it. WithBusiness Card Maker you experience following cool features - CreateBusiness Card: You can create different type of business card from25 Standard Cards, 8 Vertical Business Cards, 5 Multi-sized Cardsand Custom Card according to your own need. - Manage Profiles: Youcan create profiles of users for whom you want to create BusinessCard. you can also easily edit and delete user profiles at anytime.
GST Rate Finder - Tax Invoice (GST Act ) 1.6 APK
Devs Wall
GST Tax, GST Tax Invoice & GST Tax Rate Calculator GST TaxCalculator, GST Rate Guide, GST Invoice Guide, GST Act India &GST Bill Guide with GST Bill India. Observe the largest financialchange in India, the GST good and services tax, here we are showingyou the latest rate of tax in the GST in India. GST, GST Tax, GSTTax Rate in india, GST Bill, GST Tax Calculator, GST in india - GSTGuide is available. GST Calculator and Tax Rate app helps you toinstant calculate GST Tax for Different Tax Slabs like 5%, 12%, 18%and 28% for different products also it gives complete List of TaxRate on Different Goods and Services decided by government ofindia. GST Rate Finder and calculator app help you find Tax Ratesand HSN/SAC Code Same Time. Enhance your business by callculatingGST Tax with this GST Calculator & Invoice App. This is not anofficial application. GST (Goods and Service Tax) Rate Finder &Calculator application is all about the proposed Goods and ServicesTax which is likely to get implemented in India somewhere in2017.This app contains latest GST Structure update. ApplicationFeatures : 1) GST Tax Calculator for calculation of return Taxaccounting enrollment. 2) GST Tax Rate Detail for goods as well asServices. 3) Explanation of GST Structure in India 4) QuickCalculator 5) Important dates related to GST 6) Search availableKnow all about GST on your android device now. Good and servicestax is the largest reform of finance in India and this will changethe entire Indian Business GST Act GST Bill GST Billing billing GSTRate Finder GST Tally GST Invoice GST calculator Tax Rate FinderTax Invoice GST Tax Invoice Tax calculator GST Rate GST Guide GSTtax GST rate finder GST India FAQs GST Act GST Accounting GST BillOnline GST Bill GST Way Bill GST Rules Tally For GST GST InvoiceSoftware for GST Download this app and get everything you needregarding the GST (Goods and Service Tax) Bill TOTALLY FREE..
Resume Builder / CV Maker & Templates 1.0.3 APK
Devs Wall
Smart Resume Builder / CV Maker – a Free Resume App is an all inone solution for building Innovative and Leading Edge Resume, CV.CVor Resume builder app provides all the job tools and career adviceyou need to build your confidence, and turn job interviews into joboffers. CV or Resume Builder app guides you to create your resumeso that you can avoid mistakes while creating your resume, whichwould cost you your job. Free Resume Builder with latest 30+ Resumetemplates suitable for various jobs. This is the first resume appwith more resume formats. Very easy to use & you can createperfect professional resume in just few minutesSmart CV Maker orResume Builder App: FEATURES and BENIFITS1. CV Maker or ResumeBuilder app has professional and impressive resume templates withphoto and without photo.2. With the simple User-Friendly interfaceCV or Resume Builder app, allows you to build resumes in just abouttwo to three minute.3. There are several impressive resume formatsincluded, you can use them to help you create a great looking cv orResume (Curriculum Vitae) to help you in your job search.4. CV orResume Builder app features professionally designed templates, andeasy editing options to ensure you always have a resume ready toimpress your future job.5. You can save your resumes as PDF formatand then you can share these resume using bluetooth, email or anyother social sharing platform.6. Easily edit any field any timeduring the easy resume creation process.7. This Resume builder appis completely offline, no need to worry about internet.8. CV orResume Builder app provides you ready made resume formats orsamples or resume templates. To create resume you do not need toworry about what format, what information to put etc, just enterthe information and forget about the design and format.9. The cv orresume builder app tool allows you to select and change your resumelayout in real-time.THUMBS UP for CV or Resume Builder App!!