1.1 / July 10, 2016
(3.6/5) (16)


In this viper snake game, you can choose either classic keyboardorswipe to control your snake direction. You can play singlemode,versus AI or with other player (multiplayer will be releasedin thenext version 1.1) In multiplayer versus AI mode, there comeswith 3difficulties. At first, you have to beat easy level at least10times to unlock the medium level. Then, hard level will beunlockedonce you get 20 wins over medium level. To win themultiplayergame, you have to survive longer than your opponent. Ifyou chooseswiping method to slither your snake, it would be hard atfirst ifyou not used to be. But with practice, some prefer this wayoverclassic arrow keyboard. You can choose your speed preferenceinsetting mode and of course, higher speed comes with higherscore.Feel free to leave us a comment on reviews or through emailstohelp improve this snake multiplayer game!

App Information Viper Snake Multiplayer

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    Viper Snake Multiplayer
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    July 10, 2016
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    Android 3.0 and up
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    Mico Studio
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