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Choose to experience our products in eitherthe cabin or cockpit of a virtual jet.

This version supports interaction VR Headsets (like Cardboard,DODOcase, and Durovis Dive) and a full screen mode for non-headsetusers.

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PT Chart 1.4 APK
HVAC mechanics have a new option when it comes to the standardpaper pressure-temperature (PT) chart they currently carry.Honeywell offers a colorful display in which users can select arefrigerant and get all of the data they need to perform theirtasks in the field. Using the touch screen, users can quicklycalculate superheat and subcool averages to set a control.
Fast Track 1.5.2 APK
Get on the Fast TrackSelecting, configuring and ordering valve and actuator assembliescan be a challenge when there are thousands of options available.With the new Fast Track project management tool you’ll enjoysimplified product selection and project estimation. And carryingyour estimate over into a job submittal is a snap.A Superior ExperienceStart using the Fast Track tool today and see for yourself howHoneywell has simplified everything from estimating throughdelivery and installation. From reducing the time needed forcreating estimates and preparing job submittals to more accurateorder delivery and easier installation, Honeywell can help you keepyour projects on the fast track.
Honeywell HMS Android App allows remote access to view surveillancevideo, configure settings, and monitor alarms from Honeywell Black™DVRs.
Fall Clearance Calculator APK
When working at height, it is important toknow your fall clearance and swing fall, whether using ashock-absorbing lanyard or self-retracting lifeline. Calculatingyour fall clearance and swing fall is critical to your safety. TheMiller Fall Clearance Calculator App gives workers at height theability to quickly calculate the required fall clearance for ShockAbsorbing Lanyards and Self-Retracting Lifelines, including swingfall.
Direct Access 5.0 APK
Take your Honeywell Business & GeneralAviation customer support network with you using the Direct Accessapp. Locate your nearest authorized service centers and dealers,get technical support, contact our aircraft-on-ground (AOG) deskand access vital information for pilots and flight departments.NOTICE: Prior to installing the newest version of the DirectAccess app, please clear the browser cache/settings on your device,as well as deleting any previously installed version of theHoneywell Direct Access app currently on your device.
MK Electric Catalogue No. 49 0.0.3 APK
With a full overview of the complete MK Electric product portfolio,this App is a useful resource for professional electricians,architects and specifiers in the electrical and constructionindustries. The MK Electric Catalogue provides details of WiringDevices, Circuit Protection, Power Distribution Systems and CableManagement in a comprehensive reference to one of the largestranges of quality electrical products and accessories on themarket, covering over 10,000 items. Highlights include integratedUSB sockets; echo, the wireless, batteryless, self-powered switchtechnology; antibacterial wiring devices and cable managementsolutions and metal consumer units. You can browse through thecatalogue pages by simply scrolling through the content, whichprovides a single page view when held portrait. Users can alsobenefit from a contents pane for fast and easy navigation.
Honeywell Virtual Museum 1.0 APK
With a century of aerospace achievementsbehindus, Honeywell Aerospace and its legacy companies—Sperry,Bendix,Garrett AiResearch, Pioneer, Lycoming, Grimes, King,AlliedSignal,EMS Technologies and others —have been at theforefront of bothmilitary and civilian aviation advancement. Weare proud to share alineage with many of the great names inaviation history.We strive to enhance customer value by making flight safer,morereliable, more comfortable and more cost-effective. Our visionisto transform the world with superior technology, customerservice,quality and - above all - innovative, dedicated people.Honeywell Aerospace celebrates our past accomplishments andlooksforward to continuing to push the envelope of aerospaceinnovationby delivering responsive, high performance technologythat meets thecurrent and future needs of our customers. Here area few of thesignificant milestones achieved by Honeywell and itslegacycompanies which can be experienced via this virtualrealitymuseum.
Honeywell Hplus 4.4.6 APK
Honeywell H Plus provides you a smart indoorenvironment and personal protection solution. You can check yourhome environment anywhere anytime. With Honeywell cutting edgetechnology, we help you make a healthy and safe environment.We provide these convenient features for you:- Overall home environment overview- Categorized environment data and statistics- Anomaly detection and alarm- Realtime push notification- Device running status and remote control- Consumables usage and online purchase- Multi devices group management- Scenario control- Share device- Outdoor weather and air info- Personal protection devices monitoring and controlling