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Are a wildlife watcher lover? Or a sportseventspectator ? If the answer is yes? This is Virtual binocular50x andcamera stabilizer app will help you to turn you simpledevice to abinoculars zoom, telescope, or even to a close upcamera withoptical zoom lens and digital zoom lens to be able tohave a superzoom camera in your phone. A lot of users want to takea photo withtheir phones but they have a problem with the zoom sothis zoomingcamera app and binocular zoom is the right solution toall zoomproblems and start taking photo using the digital zoomandmicroscope camera technologies. Now with thisVirtualbinoculars/zoom camera joke app you can take photos from alongdistance with a high quality and amazing zoom using the zoomlensand the camera stabilizer as well as you can take photos with a50xzoom capacity like you are using a telescope zoom or ajumelle,it's small but it's a helpful phone binocular and zoomcamera prankapp.
If you love to take photo as a professional and you don't have aprocamera, This telescope binoculars, zooming camera app andmicroscopecamera will let you to take photo as a pro photographjust byconverting your phone camera to a sharper image camera,binocularzoom, camera stabilizer or even to a mega zoom cameraapp.Thisbinoculars zoom camera app, telescope camera app usescomplicatedalgorithms to increase your phone camera zoom capacityand make it acamera stabilization. It's your time you start takingphoto fromdistance and prank your firends by making theme thinkingthat youhave a telescope binoculars or sharper image camera butintact youare using just your simple phone camera with this closeup cameraand jumelle app.

Now with This binocular zoom or zoom camera app you can seewhatthe other people doing even they are in a long distance fromyouuse the digital zoom and optical zoom lens to turn your deviceto aphone binocular or even to close up camera. So if you decidedtoturn your phone to a telescope binoculars, zoom camera app allyouhave to do is just install this Virtual binocular 50x,smartjumelle app from the store for free, then click the startbutton inthe app and you will have to choose from the three opticalzoomlens ,digital zoom lenses or telephoto lens, then your phonewillbe converted to a Virtual binocular or to mega zoom camera appwitha zoom 50x capacity and start taking photo from a longdistanceusing this small Mira lejos/zoom cam tool. It's smallcamera zoomjoke app, Free and Helpful zoom camera app

Virtual Binocular 50x app features :

• Offline zoom camera and binocular zoom app
• Increase phone camera zoom capacity
• Easy to take sharper image camera
• Mega zoom camera even to 100x
• Tow zoom camera use options (pro zoom camera use or simplezoomcamera use
• Take photo from long distance using the optical zoom lensanddigital zoom
• Zoom camera for all smart phones
• You can zoom in and zoom out easy
• Telescope binoculars with flash light
• Free megapixel or zoom camera app
• Three zoom lens and telephoto lens to choose from
• Best Mira lejos and zoomer app in the store
• Amazing digital zoom
• New optical zoom lens
• Turn your phone to telescope binoculars in seconds
• Binocular zoom with volume buttons
• Smart camera stabilizer
• Telescope zoom camera
• Phone to Jumelle convertisseur
• Save your binocular photo in device storage
• Share zoom photos in all social media

NB : This app is just joke for having fun with friends andfamily.It's just a JOKE

App Information Virtual Binocular 50x Joke

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    Virtual Binocular 50x Joke
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    October 31, 2016
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    Android 3.0 and up
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    1,000 - 5,000
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Real Xray Clothes Remover Joke 1.0 APK
All men dreamed that he can Seethroughclothes, look under clothes and discover what every girl inthewearing as an underwear. That was impossible thing in thepreviousyears, but now see thru clothes and take off clothe onevery girl'sbody in the street become possible, Today with the xray technologyall smart phones users can Remove cloth from body andstartremoving clothes and Body scan. So this magical XrayClothesScanner and Xray Underwear Remover app make the Full bodyxrayscan, Remove cloth from body and See through clothes apossiblething, YES now with this Real x ray scanner and XrayClothesRemover it's possible to take off clothes and Remove clothfrombody and see what every girl wearing as a under clothes. Thisthefirs Real x ray scanner and Xray Underwear Remover app thattakesclothes off and 100% work Xray Clothes Scanner that let youLookunder clothes, See inside clothes and Remove cloth from bodyusingyour phone xray camera/Naked camer and the xray technology. Ifyouwant to surprise and prank your friends and show themyourcreativity this Xray Scanner, Xray Underwear Remover andSeethrough clothes app is the right prank app for by allowing youtoRemove cloth from body, See inside clothes of friends andpranktheme, removing clothes of your girlfriend and make jokeswithheror even see under clothes of your boyfriends and trick him.ThisReal Xray Clothes Remover and xray scanner and clothes scanneristhe only X ray software, Naked girls scanner app that work onmenand women, So you can Remove cloth from body of any women or ifyoua woman you can See inside clothes and Look under clothes ofanymen just by using this see thru clothes app and removingclothesapp that takes clothes off. With this real body scanner orremovingclothes app you can go out and turn you phone to a Xraycamera,Xray underwear or even to an Underwear remover and taketheexperience of see thru clothes and look under clothes. Theamazingquality of images what make this Xray Clothes Scanne,Clothesremover and Body scanner the special Xray Scanner, you canswitchthe quality, so you can see thru clothes with low quality,Lookunder clothes with a medium quality and also you can seeunderclothes or See inside clothes with a full hd quality. It'sHelpful,Funny and 100% working Xray Clothes Scanner and XrayUnderwearRemover.To use this Real Xray Clothes Remover and start see thruclothesjust follow the steps bellow :1- Get this Real x ray scanner and Body scanner machine appforfree2- Click on the Power on button that shown in the start of theXrayUnderwear Remover app3- Choose the gender that you want to apply the Xray ClothesScanneryou can Remove cloth from body of men or take off clothesofwomen4- Select the part of body that you want apply the XrayUnderwearRemover on5- Enjoy see thru clothes and Look under clothes of every oneReal Xray Clothes Remover app features :• Offline Xray Clothes Scanner• New x ray scanner and Clothes remover• 100% Works Xray Clothes Scanner and Body scanner• Easy to Remove cloth from body and see thru clothes• Xray scanner and clothes scanner for men• Xray under clothes scanner and real body scanner for women• Full body xray and Body scanner machine• Real x ray clothes scanner and Clothes remover app• Underwear remover and Body cloth remover software in thesametime• Xray Clothes Scanner app that takes clothes off• See thru clothes and See under clothes app• Look under clothes and See inside clothes app• Naked camera and Xray cam real with x ray technology• Naked scanner that removing clothes app• Remove cloth from body app• Nudity photoshopNB : This app is just joke for having fun with friendsandfamily. It's just a JOKE
Real Xray Clothes Scaner Joke 1.0 APK
Did you ever imaging that you seethroughclothes and scan girls underwear? Do you want to amaze yourfriendsand show them you creativity? So this real x ray scanner,removeclothes app is the right app for you. By using this realx-rays,clothes remover, and x ray scanner to see under clothes appyou cansee through clothes and know every girl's underwear, byusing thebody scanning technology and scanner radiation this bodyscanner,Xray underwear, underwear scanner and Look under clothesapp applets you see inside clothes it's a xray under clothesscanner andsee under clothes app that let you remove cloth frombody easily.Now with this real x ray scanner and clothes removeryou can seeyour girlfriend underwear and remove clothes on her bodyand makeher naked it's Xray underwear (underwear scanner), nakedgirlsscanner and also Look under clothes app.If you curious to every sexy girls bras and underwear this cameraxray scanner and see under clothes app will work for youperfectlyit will let remove cloth from body and see inside clotheswith ahigh quality to make the seeing through clothes clearly andto makeyour fiends believing it's a real x ray scanner, clothesremoverand real body scanner machine. Now you can show your friendshowmuch you phone is special and you can Look under clothes toseeinside clothes by using this full body xray, x ray clothes appyoucan go on the street and watch out sexy girls underwear andseeingthrough clothes only with this naked scanner and inaked app.This xray underwear remover and underwear scanner is theonlycamera x ray scanner, see through clothes camera that let youturnyour phone to xray scanner and remove clothes scanner in thesametime, and it's the best x ray scanner to see under clothes,removeclothes scanner, xray under clothes scanner and camera xrayscanner to make every girl naked it's also a naked camera andnakedscanner app. So if you ready to take this seeing throughclothesexperience, to use this xray under clothes scanner,clothesremover, real x-rays and see through clothes camera all youhave todo is just install this real x ray scanner for free, thenchooseyou gender (male or female) then choose the part of the bodythatyou want to do a xray body scanner and remove clothes from it.andstart watching girls underwear and Look under clothes of girlsandamaze your friends.Real Xray clothes Scanner app features :• Free real x ray scanner• Easy to Look under clothes• xray scanner and clothes remover for men• xray camera and body scanner for women• Xray underwear and underwear remover in the same time• Full body xray• Real x ray clothes app• X ray scanner to see under clothes• Xray under clothes scanner• Camera x ray scanner and see under clothes app• Body scanner machine• x ray software• Naked girls scanner• Inaked app• Body cloth remover software• Naked scanner• Seeing through clothes app• Remove cloth from body app• Remove cloth from body app• Naked camera and see inside clothes appNB : This app is just joke for having fun with friends andfamily.It's just a JOKE
iSmoke - Photo Effect 2 APK
Many people want to have artistic photos with smoke effects otherwise add smoke in photo but as we know smoking cigar is harmful tohealth. so that ou team provides you with This cool smoke effect,fake smoke effect or smoke effect premiere pro app that allows youto add smoke effect in photo and make amazing selfies with fakesmoke effect, if you look for some fake smoke photo editor or smokephoto effects booth? so this smoke in photo, fake smoke effec andsmoke photo editot is the right app for all user that they arelooking for taking photos with smoke effects. With this smokeeffect photo editor and cool smoke effects photo Editor applicationyou are able to take photos with smoke effects and makeprofessional photos using your phone camera, iSmoke - Photo Effectphoto booth app provides you with a variety of smoke effects orfake smoke effects ready for you to add smoke in photo, by usingthis small smoke effect tools and smoke photo effects photo boothyou can make your photos more attractive and get more likes andfollows and find out your look with smoke effects. This smokingphoto editor / Photo effects smoke or smoke photo effects app willlet you add simple smoke effects, artistic smoke effects, coloredsmoke effects as well as rainbow smoke effects you will fell likeyou are in world of a fake smoke effect. Now with this smoke photoeffects/ smoke camera effects and smoke effect app you can amazeyour friends and let them believe that you are using realisticsmoke effects it's real smoke effect on photo but it's just fakesmoke effects in photo using this smoke effects photo editor.iSmoke- Photo Effect, smoking effect photo booth and fake smoke effectsquick photo Editor is one of the best smoke effects, fake smokeeffect and smoke in photo maker app on the store that let the usersable to add fake smoke effects on their photo without using theinternet and easily. If you decided to take a photo with smokeeffects or fake smoke effect using this free smoke editing softwareand smoke effect Photo collage maker, so all you to do is just getthe ismoke photo effects app in the play store for free, thenselect a pic from your phone gallery to apply on fake smoke effectson and choose from the amazing variety of smoke effects, artisticsmoke effects, 3d smoke effect, fake smoke effect or colored smokeeffects that this fake smoking app offered you and putt it easilyon you photo you also adjust the smoke effects after adding smokein photo just by using you fingers to zoom in and out it's reallyeasy to make photo smoking pics with smoke effects without smokerspost and all that in a few minutes.iSmoke - Photo Effect features :● Smoke effects without internet.● Easy to add smoke effects to youphotos.● Variety of smoke effects and smoke stickers.● Free Smokeeffects● New smoke effect pack● Quick Smoking photo editor ● Smokephoto booth ● fake smoke effect ● smoke photo effects● smoke cameraeffects ● free smoke editing software ● smoke video effects ● coolpicture editing apps ● smoking picture photo filters ● smokers postphotography editor● smoking image editing app ● Smoker app photomakeup●Realistic smoke effects● artistic smoke effects● 3d smokeeffect Photo collage maker● Smoking picture editor● Cool smokephoto stickers● Save your photos with smoke effects● Share yoursmoke effects photos with fiends in all social mediaGet this iSmoke- Photo Effect app NOW and be ready to take a ride in the wildworld of smoke effects
Halloween Face - Photo Booth 1.0 APK
Do you want to take the maximal level of the scar this Halloweenand you need a new idea about scary Halloween masks, Halloweencostume and Halloween makeup ? Halloween Face - Photo Booth is theright Halloween Face makeup and Halloween costume maker for you.This amazing Halloween face painting/ Halloween costume makeup willhelp you get an idea about the right Halloween costume andHalloween mask for you and find out how you will look withHalloween face masks and Halloween costume it's pretty scary thereis more than 100 Halloween costume - Halloween costume - Halloweenlenses - Halloween stickers - Halloween makeup, all that is for youto get an idea and choose your right Halloween costume andHalloween mask for Halloween party, Now with this Halloween photoeffects and Halloween face changer photo editor you don't have tobuy an expensive Halloween face paint or even cheap Halloween facepaint. You use your smart phone and trick your friends that yourare sell a Halloween mask and Halloween costume and treating jokesand spooky photo for free. This scary face maker is also aHalloween headstone maker and Halloween photo stickers that let youhave a Halloween makeup ideas, Halloween face painting templates,objects Halloween and all that in one Halloween face photo editorapplicationHalloween Holiday is soon so do you have an idea aboutwhat you will dress in Halloween party. This Halloween's camera andHalloween face changer editor is here so you don't need to worry.By using Halloween Face - Photo Booth app you will be able to tryon a variety of Halloween masks, Halloween costume face makeup,Halloween face painting, Halloween costume and turn your photo to aHalloween picture effects ghost or even to a Halloween witches faceand get a scary Halloween faces in a few minutes. This Halloweenmakeup for men and women is the easiest Halloween face paintingstencils and Halloween's camera in the store all user can use itwithout any difficult. So all you have to do is just get thisHalloween Face - Photo Booth app in the store for free, then chooseto photo from you gallery then select from the various Halloweenmasks, Halloween costume, Halloween makeup, Halloween eye lenses oreven from the Halloween scary stickers and apply it on your photo,you can also use your tow figures to adjust the Halloween masks(Halloween scary effects) and zoom in and out, this is the bestHalloween makeup and Halloween costumes maker that provides youwith scary Halloween faces - clown faces for Halloween - Halloweenface masks for adult and more to discover by yourself. It's SCARY,EASY, and FREE Halloween masks and Halloween costume makeupmaker.Halloween Face - Photo Booth app features : ● No InternetNeeded (it's offline Halloween makeup photo editor)● Free Halloweenphoto effects● Easy to apply Halloween makeup and Halloween maskson photo● Scary Halloween masks and Halloween costumes● Easy totreating jokes● cool headstone maker● Fast Halloween costume●Simple costume makeup maker● Spooky photo free● Picture effectsghost● Scary Halloween photo effects● Amazing Halloween makeup●Halloween face painting● New Halloween makeup ideas● Makeup forHalloween● Halloween face painting templates● Halloween costumemakeup● Halloween face masks● Face makeup for Halloween● Halloweenmakeup kits● Objects Halloween● Halloween's camera● The vamps●Halloween fun apps● Trajes para fotos● Cheap face paint● BestHalloween makeup● White Halloween makeup● Halloween costumes andmakeup● Halloween party costumes● Halloween face painting stencils●Halloween face masks for adults● Halloween witches face● Halloweenmakeup for men and women● Halloween costume face makeup● Clownfaces for Halloween● Halloween face paint kids● Save your scaryphotos on your device● Share Photos with friends on all socialmedia applicationGet Halloween Face - Photo Booth Now and Get NEWHalloween makeup ideas
Name in Football Jersey Joke 1.0 APK
we all love play and watching footballgames,and each one have his favorite football team and he supportit withloyalty and ambition. As we know the loyal fan must buy histeamFootball Jersey, Football uniform or football Shirt. After thebigsuccess in the other stores Name in Football Jersey app nowisavailable for android users, This number one ranked FootballJerseymaker app is the best soccer jerseys maker, customfootballjerseys, and soccer Shirt designer that let you make yourownsoccer jerseys/football jerseys in a few minutes. If you wantshowyour Football team support this Football Jersey maker andjokeapplication, football sweater maker and soccer jersey maker istheright app for you. You have the option to choose from thevarietyof all football teams jerseys, football clubs uniform orevenfootball shirts, and start personalized football jerseys,customfootball jerseys and soccer teams shirts designer to maketheothers know how much you are loyal to your Football teambydesigning your football practice Jerseys and.Our soccer shirt Designer and Football Jersey maker letsyoucustomize your football uniform /Football Jersey, previewyoupersonalized football jerseys and designed football uniform thenbea special fan that can have the Newest Football Jersey,soccershirt or football sweater. This sports jerseys maker orofficialfootball jerseys maker is the only football jersey creatorandFootball Jersey maker and prank app that provides you with allFIFA2017 and all football leagues jerseys and uniform, you can find:France league Football Jersey - Spain futbol uniform -Englishleague soccer shirt - German official football jerseys -Italiansoccer teams shirts - my blouse... and more to Descover byyourselfin this fantastico football joke app. If you want customfootballjerseys just follow the steps bellow :1- Get this Football Jersey maker and soccer jersey maker appforfree2- Choose your favorite Football Jersey and soccer uniform3- Enter your Name to personalized football jersey andcustomfootball jerseys4- Enter a Number to make your Football Jersey and socceruniformshirts5- Enjoy supporting your football team by design footballsweaterand soccer sweatshirtName in Football Jersey app features :• Offline Football Jersey maker and soccer uniformdesigner• Free custom football jerseys app• Soccer teams shirts designerOfficial football jerseys maker• Easy to make your football Jersey maker and futbol shirts• Make your football Jersey and generate your soccer uniformandshirt with a few clicks• New soccer jersey maker• Custom football jerseys app• Football shirts app• Custom football jerseys in a seconds• Football Shirt design and soccer t shirts creator inthesame• Soccer uniform and shirt designer• Shirt maker for kids• Jersey maker men• Soccer uniform design for women• Football sweatshirt creator• All sports jerseys maker• Personalized football jerseys• Authentic football jerseys• Football practice jerseys• Real football jerseys maker• Fifa 17 football sweater maker• All leagues soccer uniform shirts and futbol shirts• National team football uniform makerNB : This app is just joke for having fun with friendsandfamily. It's just a JOKE
HD Xray Clothes Scanner Joke 1.0 APK
Did you ever imaging that you can seeunderwearof any girl using you phone? Do you want take thisexperience ofSeeing through clothes and remove clothes ? So thisHD Xray ClothesScanner is the right app for you, that lets you toLook underclothes and Remove cloth from body using the Xrayscannertechnologies. This real x ray scanner and clothes scannerallow youto : Look under clothes - clothes remover - clothesscanner - Fullbody xray - see under clothes and body scan. If youwant to seegirls underwear just go out and turn on the XrayClothes Scanner,clothes scanner, and clothes remover app and startthe show ofSeeing through clothes and Remove cloth from body. Thisx rayscanner and underwear remover is the only real xray scannerand Fullbody xray that works perfectly and without internet. Ifyou acurious person and you what know every girl in the street andyouneed a real x ray clothes remover and a 100% working bodyclothremover software? You are in the right place and this Xrayunderclothes scanner and see under clothes app will let yo abletoRemove cloth from body of any girl you want and Look underclothesusing this amazing Xray underwear and Body scanner machine.So what are waiting for? Get this Naked camera andnudityphotoshop app and amaze you friends, by using this Camera xrayscanner/real x ray scanner you can turn your simple phone toamagical Xray under clothes scanner and to an Inaked app andkeepyour eyes on every sexy girl in the street and Seeingthroughclothes or see inside clothes. This is the first and theonly Fullbody xray, xray cam real and clothes scanner that workperfectly onwomen and also it's a real x ray scanner works for men,so you cansee men body also by using this clothes remover andRemove clothfrom body app, you will be the special one and amazeyour friendsand make theme believe that it's real x ray scanner andthat yousee under clothes of all girls but infact it's just a prankapp andfake xray scanner and Naked scanner joke. So if you ready tostartRemove cloth from body and Seeing through clothes all you todo isfollow the steps bellow.Steps to Remove cloth from body and see inside clothes usingthisreal x ray scanner app :1- Get this clothes scanner and underwear remover for FREE2- Click the start button shown in the beginning of the Xrayunderclothes scanner app3- choose you gender that you want use the remove clothes on4- Select the part of body that you want apply the Xrayunderwearscanner app on5- And let's start Seeing through clothes and Remove clothfrombodyHD Xray Clothes Scanner features :• Free xray scanner and clothes scanner app• Easy to Seeing through clothes• Clothes remover for men• Body scanner for women• Real x ray scanner• Look under clothes app• 100% working xray scanner and clothes scanner• Xray camera and Xray underwear in the same time*• Underwear remover app• Full body xray• Real x ray clothes• X ray scanner to see under clothes• Xray under clothes scanner• Camera x ray scanner• see under clothes appBody scanner machine• X ray software• Naked girls scanner• Inaked app• Body cloth remover software• Naked scanner and Body scan app• Remove cloth from body app• Naked camera• See inside clothes app• xray cam real• Nudity photoshopNB : This app is just joke for having fun with friendsandfamily. It's just a JOKE
Santa Tracker - Pro 2 APK
After the big success in the other stores, Now Santa Claus Tracker-Pro is available in plays store. Santa Tracker - Pro is a cool toothat allow the users to track santa Claus, find santa Clauslocation and know where is santa Claus now. If you love to playfunny jokes with your friends this Real Santa Claus Tracker andsanta Claus norad tracker app is the right santa tracker games,santa radar and santa locator for you to tracking santa, followsanta and know where is santa. With This father Christmastracker/norad tracks santa app you can turn your phone to santatracking device, santa finder or even to santa locator and starttracking santa Claus, find santa Claus location and know the santaClaus north pole address to always keep knowing where is santaClaus. This track father Christmas and tracking santa norad makeusers able to track santa now or donde esta santa Claus and trackfather Christmas or even tracking santa on Christmas eve and makeyour friends believe that your phone is a Real Santa Claus Trackeror santa finder that can track santa Claus, tracking santa norad,track santa at the north pole and you know santa Claus north poleaddress, but it's just a santa Claus tracker prank app, santatracker games and santa tracker for kids. This father Christmastracker, Christmas santa Claus tracker and Santa Claus location isthe only santa radar - track santa now - santa locator that makethe users able yo know the Real Santa Claus location and the realsanta Claus north pole address using the santa Claus radar andsanta Claus GPS to keep tracking santa, find santa Claus tracksanta at the north pole to know the actual santa Claus north poleaddress.If you a parents and you kids and you look for some new appto amaze your kids this father Christmas tracker, Christmas santaClaus tracker will work with you perfectly and let you track fatherChristmas, tracking santa norad, elf tracker we guarantying thatyou kids will love this santa finder, santa north pole tracker andsanta tracker for kids and they would like to track santa at thenorth pole and know the santa Claus north pole address and where issanta now. Also, this Real Santa Claus Tracker, santa north poletracker or where's santa Claus is the easiest Santa Claus location,norad tracker and norad tracks santa app that you can have even thekids they can use this santa locator and santa tracker for kids andstart track santa at the north pole, locate santa Claus, find santaClaus north pole address and know where is santa noweasily.Tracking Santa Claus Construction:1- Get this Real SantaClaus Tracker and santa north pole tracker for free2- Click on thestart search button to find Santa Claus, track santa Claus orlocate Santa Claus3- Wait a while and this father Christmas trackerand Santa Claus locator will find Santa Claus location, Santa Clausnorth pole address and tell you where is Santa Claus now.SantaTracker - Pro features:New santa north pole tracker and santalocator in the storeWorks offline (tracking santa, find Santa Clausand locate Santa Claus without internet)Easy to track santa Claus,locate Santa Claus north pole address and know where is santanowReal Santa Claus Tracker and norad tracks santa appChristmassanta Claus tracker and santa north pole tracker compatible withall phoneSanta tracker 2017Santa Claus games and santa radarfatherChristmas tracker and elf trackerApp that let you tracking santanoradDonde esta santa clausTracking santa on Christmas eveSantatracking device that lets you track Santa at the north poleSantatracker for kidsTracking santa norad with pictures of SantaClausInstall this Santa Tracker - Pro app NOW! And keep trackingSanta Claus everywhere you go
Real Laser on Phone - Joke 1.0 APK
Do you want have a laser pointer? Do youeverimaging that your phone can turned to a laser pointer, orlasergame ? Now with Real Laser on Phone it becomes possible tohave amobile lazer pointer by transforming your phone into a smartlaserpointer using the flash light of your phone and make yourphone aLaser Pointer device. This laser on phone/laser simulatororvirtual laser pointer will let convert your simple phone tolasersthat come out of your phone with a cool lightsaber sound,oneheadlight or laser flash and prank your friends.If you have a cat and you want a cat games to play you can usethiscat teaser app as a virtual laser, laser nickel or laser fusionappwith one headlight and laser fusion to make fun with your catit'sa cool lazer pointer for cats and also you can trick yourfriendsor your family members by using this laser pointer andlasersimulator app it's a lazers that come through your phone formorefun better use the laser simulator/laser pointer at darknessofnight. This funny virtual laser, laser pointer app is thebestphone to laser pointer app with the rayos laser in the storeandthe only laser simulator and virtual laser app compatible withallsmart phones. If you want to use this cool laser flashlight allyouhave to do is justinstalll the Real Laser on Phone from theplaystore, then click the start button that shown in the first ofthelaser simulator and choose from the three colored laserpointer,there is green laser, red laser flashlight and also bluelaserpointer it's the moste wanted laser pointer, laser simulatorandvirtual laser app.If you a star war lover this app will be your next favoritelaserapp and laser games it's include amazing laser flashlightandheadlight animation beside the rayos laser, that make youfeelwhile you use this laser simulator/lacer gratis like you areusinga real laser pointer or laser device.So are you ready to be the special and trick your friends?ThisLaser on phone and laser simulator will let you play a laserjokeswith your friends and make them believe it's a real laserpointerbut in fact it's just a virtual laser pointer so get readyto takea new experience of the lacer gratis and laser pointer andlasergames wild world.Real Laser on Phone App features :• Free laser simulator/laser pointer• Offline Laser on phone app• Easy To use laser pointer and laser flashlight• Green laser pointer• Red laser pointer• Blue laser pointer• Laser on phone and laser simulator in the same time• Virtual laser and lasers that come out of your phone• New one headlight and laser nickel• Lazer pointer for cats• Laser khet & lacer gratis• Cool laser game and Pointed laser• Rayos laser• Lazers that come through your phone• Different color laser lights• Lightsaber sound/laser diode• Puntero laser• Cat teaser app• Headlight app and laser flashNB : This app is just joke for having fun with friends andfamily.It's just a JOKE