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The Virtual Laboratory of Strength of Materials is aninteractivesoftware designed to simulate the performance oflaboratory work onthe course of Strength of Materials by studentsof technicalspecialties of higher and secondary educationalinstitutions. Thevirtual laboratory includes 12 laboratory works,covering the maintopics from the course of Strength of Materials:tensile,compression, torsion, bending, theory of stress, strengththeory,stability, dynamic loads. Virtual laboratory works arecarried outin interactive three-dimensional graphics mode. Versionsof thevirtual laboratory are implemented for various operatingsystems(including mobile). Virtual laboratory meet moderneducationalstandards and is an effective complement to the reallaboratorybase of educational institutions. LANGUAGES:English/RussianMINIMAL SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: - OS: Windows, MacOS,Android, iOS -RAM: 2 GB - Processor Frequency: 1.6 GHz - VideoController: 3Dsupport (OpenGL 2.0)

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    Virtual Lab - Strength of Materials (Free)
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    October 16, 2018
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Virtual Lab «Mechanics» (Demo) 1.0.1 APK
The program complex includes 32 virtual laboratory works onthebasic sections of classic mechanics: TranslationalMovement,Rotational Motion, Forces, Deformation of Solids,Mechanics ofLiquids, Mechanical Oscillations, Acoustics andSound.Key Featuresof the Product:1. Modern Design: The graphiccontent of thesoftware corresponds to the modern level of qualityin the field ofcomputer graphics and visualization;2. Simplicity& Minimalism:Unobtrusive interface of software products andintuitive managementof virtual laboratory space;3. HighInteractivity: A highinteractivity combined with visualdemonstration of physicalexperiments significantly increases theeffectiveness of thelearning process;4. Realistic Experiments:Execution of simulationexperiments is as close as possible toreality. The softwaresimulates process of working with the realequipment and repeatsall sequence of actions of the laboratoryassistant;5. Compliancewith Educational Standards: Virtuallaboratories meet moderneducational standards and are an effectivecomplement to the reallaboratory base of educationalinstitutions;6. Crossplatform: Thesoftware is supplied under themain modern platforms: Windows,MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS, HTML5,which allows for more flexibleuse of virtual laboratories in theeducational process.Minimalsystem requirements:- Display Diagonal:7"- OS: Android 4.0.3 (andhigher)- RAM: 2 GB- Processor Frequency:1.6 GHz- Video Controller:3D supportLanguage: English/Russian
VLab - Parallelogram of Forces 2.0.1 APK
PURPOSE: Simulation performance of laboratory works ongeneralphysics.OBJECTIVE: Experimental investigation of thevectoraddition of forces.SUMMARY: The vector addition of forces canbedemonstrated in a clear and simple manner on the force table.Thepoint of action of three individual forces in equilibriumisexactly in the middle of the table. Determine the magnitude oftheindividual forces from the suspended weights and, usingaprotractor, note the angle of each force vector (the directionofeach force). The result of the experiment can beevaluatedanalytically or represented as a graph.MINIMALSYSTEMREQUIREMENTS:- Display Diagonal: 7"- OS: Android 4.0.3(andhigher)- RAM: 2 GB- Processor Frequency: 1.6 GHz- VideoController:3D support
CNC Simulator 1.0.7 APK
A software simulator of a numerical control (CNC) lathe is aneducational methodological development intended for basicfamiliarization of novice machine building specialists with theprinciples of programming parts turning operations using standardGM code (Fanuc System A). The basis of the three-dimensionalsimulation model is a lathe with a classical arrangement of units,equipped with a CNC system, an eight-position turret, a three-jawchuck, a tailstock, a coolant supply system and other machinery.Material processing is performed on two axes in the horizontalplane. Field of application of the software product: educationalprocess using computer technology: laboratory lessons of studentsin computer classes, distance learning, demonstration support oflecture material in the group of areas of training and specialties:«Metallurgy, Engineering and Material Processing». Thefunctionality of the simulator: preparation of texts of controlprograms of turning operations in the format of a standard GM code,checking control programs for syntax and technological errors,playing on the computer screen (or other computing device)three-dimensional graphic models of the main components of thelathe machine and metal-cutting tools to simulate the process ofturning metal, the three-dimensional visualization of the processof forming parts during turning on the compiled control programs,visualization of toolpaths, implementation of interactive userinteraction with the simulation model of technological equipment.
VLab - Free Fall (Free) 2.0.1 APK
PURPOSE: Simulation performance of laboratory works on generalphysics.OBJECTIVE: Determine the gravitationalacceleration.SUMMARY: In free fall the distance fallen h isproportional to the square of the time t taken to fall thatdistance. The coefficient of that proportionality can be used tocalculate the gravitational acceleration g.MINIMAL SYSTEMREQUIREMENTS:- Display Diagonal: 7"- OS: Android 4.0.3 (andhigher)- RAM: 2 GB- Processor Frequency: 1.6 GHz- Video Controller:3D support
VLab - Static & Dynamic Friction 2.0.1 APK
PURPOSE: Simulation performance of laboratory works on generalphysics.OBJECTIVE: Measurement of friction forces.SUMMARY: In orderto measure dynamic friction, a friction measuring apparatus isused. It is composed of movable friction strips, which are pulledfrom under a stationary rough body connected to a dynamometer atconstant speed. In order to vary the effective weight (andtherefore the normal force) of the stationary body, the angle ofthe track can be set to any angle.MINIMAL SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS:-Display Diagonal: 7"- OS: Android 4.0.3 (and higher)- RAM: 2 GB-Processor Frequency: 1.6 GHz- Video Controller: 3D support
Ovid's Game 1.0.1 APK
The «Ovid’s Game» is mentioned in the works of the Roman poet Ovid.Imagine a game of tic-tac-toe (noughts and crosses). The game isplayed with red and blue counters (or coins) instead of X's andO's. Unlike tic-tac-toe, each player gets only three markers. Whenall of the markers have been played, the moves consist of sliding amarker into an empty square that shares a common wall with thesquare the marker is leaving. While the strategy of the game issubtle, the rules are very simple:1. The game is for two players,each of whom has three counters. The counters for one player aredifferent in color from the counters for the other player.2. Theplaying board consists of nine cells, like a tic-tac-toe grid.3.Players take turns placing their counters one at a time, anywhereon the grid.4. After each player has placed three counters, theplayers take turns moving their counters. A move consists ofshifting one counter into an empty adjacent empty cell. Diagonalmoves are not allowed.5. A player wins by getting three counters ina row, horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.6. Because thecenter cell is important in this game, the first player is notallowed to place a counter in the center on the first turn.The keyto this game is to place your counters to obstruct your opponent.Remember, although you can shuffle your counters around, you arenot allowed to jump over your opponent’s counters, and you can onlymove one square at a time.
VLab - Uniformly Accelerated Motion (Free) 2.0.1 APK
PURPOSE: Simulation performance of laboratory works on generalphysics.OBJECTIVE: Measurement of instantaneous velocity as afunction of distance covered.SUMMARY: In the case of uniformacceleration, the instantaneous velocity increases as the distancecovered becomes greater. The constant of proportionality betweenthe square of the velocity and the distance covered can be used tocalculate the acceleration. This will be investigated in anexperiment involving a carriage rolling along a track. In order tomeasure the instantaneous velocity, a flag of known width attachedto the wagon breaks the beam of a photoelectric sensor. The timefor which the beam is broken is then measured by means of a digitalcounter.MINIMAL SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS:- Display Diagonal: 7"- OS:Android 4.0.3 (and higher)- RAM: 2 GB- Processor Frequency: 1.6GHz- Video Controller: 3D support
VLab - Moment of Inertia of Various Bodies 2.0.2 APK
PURPOSE: Simulation performance of laboratory works on generalphysics.OBJECTIVE: Determine the moment of inertia for various testbodies.SUMMARY: A body’s moment of inertia around an axis ofrotation depends on how the mass of the object is distributed withrespect to the axis. This will be investigated for a dumbbell,which has two weights symmetrically aligned either side of theaxis, for a circular wooden disc, a wooden sphere and both solidand hollow cylinders. The period of oscillation of the test bodiesis dependent on the mass distribution and the effective radius ofthe object.MINIMAL SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS:- Display Diagonal: 7"- OS:Android 4.0.3 (and higher)- RAM: 2 GB- Processor Frequency: 1.6GHz- Video Controller: 3D support