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Virus Attack Qix or Spider Qix is survival arcade game. Your goalisto occupy certain % of area to win. But those monster willfightback, don't let them touch your line while weaving. -Claimportions of land to win each level - Best survival game,veryaddictive game play - Five Uniq worlds, 20 levels in each world-Easy to play and learn

App Information Virus Attack Qix

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    Virus Attack Qix
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    December 26, 2018
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    Android 4.4 and up
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    Games Lab
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    Room 109, Burj al saee, Ichra Lahore. Pakistan.
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Snake and Ladder - Chutes and Ladders is very famousmultiplayertraditional board game. You must have played this gamein yourchildhood as part of Ludo board.The game is a simple racecontestbased on sheer luck, and is popular with youngchildren.Thehistoric version had root in morality lessons, where aplayer'sprogression up the board represented a life journeycomplicated byvirtues (ladders) and vices (snakes).A commercialversion withdifferent morality lessons, "Chutes and Ladders", ispublished byMilton Bradley.Game Play- This is Dice game, throw thedice andmove the player. If you got six at first throw, then you'llgetanother chance. Easy right?- Yes easy game, but there is catch.Ifyou landed on head of Snake 🐍 or Chutes, then player will movetotail of Snake/Chutes. Ladder will take you up. Game Modes Thisgameinclude three play modes.🎲 Player Vs Player mode. Play withyourfriends, kids, mom or dad🎲 Player VS CPU mode. Play withyourmobile🎲 CPU VS CPU mode. Sit back and enjoy the fightbetweenplayers. Let your mobile control all the players🎲 You canchooseupto six playersSome other popular names for Snake andLadderare:3D Snake And Ladder GameLudo Snake and LadderSnake &LadderGameSnake and Ladderسانپ اورسیڑھیSnake and Ladder 3DSnakeandLadder 3D GamesSnake and Ladder and Ludo GameSnake and LadderBoardGameSnake and Ladder Dice GameSnake and Ladder GameSnake andLadderGame 3DSnake and Ladder Game Latest 3DSnake and Ladder LudofreegamesSnake and Ladder Online MultiplayerSnake N Ladder Gameludoandsnake ladder comes under board game category and child lovethisgames.Snakes & LaddersSnakes & Ladders LudoGameSapSidiSanp SidhiSap Sidi Board GameSap Sidi 3d GameSaapSidigameSnake n Ladder saap sidiSnake n Ladder sap sidi game playwithfriendsfree snake and ladder gamesnake ladderludo and snakeladderis great to play to kill timesnake ladder and ludo game isalways afun to play3d snake and ladder game play with yourchildsnakeladder can be played with dicesnake n ladder or snake andladder iskids favorite gamesnake ladder online playsnake a ladderkidgamesnake ladder apk downloadaddictive game and fun to playwithkidssnake of ladder children gameDisclaimer: This game isdevelopedusing HTML5 and Javascript, wrapped in Andorid app usingCordova.It was orgionaly developed by codethislab, we've purchasedit andadded couple new features and fixed some bugs.Please contactus ifyou found any issue or new feature suggestion.Ads policy:Snake andLadder is free to play, but includes ads which help usadding newfeatures and hopefully release new exciting games. Butunlike othergames, we only show ads when you finish the game, nospamming! Wehate it!