/ June 5, 2016
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With ViterboConnect you can prepare for your job search, connectwith your career services department, search for jobs, and more!

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TES eTIME Employee APK
In this app you can find: TES Staffing's APP. Employees are able tocommunicate with the office, submit important info like call outrequests, and access eTIME our time and attendance submissionsystem. Managers can also approve time, order staff and more.
Purple Briefcase APK
Purple Briefcase, Inc. is an innovative solutions partner thathelps students stand out (just enough) in the very competitive jobmarket and recruitment world. Students and their parents are moreengaged and socially aware of how career readiness impacts theirsuccess after college. They expect institutions to equip them withtools to help them put their best foot forward when entering thereal world. Schools are joining Purple Briefcase to help theirstudents gain a competitive advantage in today's job market.
UAB HireABlazer APK
The UAB HireABlazer app lets UAB students and alumni prepare forand search for jobs and internships, practice for interviews, andso much more.
Eagle Career Net APK
In this app you can find: Georgia Southern University's careermanagement student app: Eagle Career Net. This APP providesstudents access to exclusive job listings, employer database,career development events, and content for Georgia SouthernUniversity. This APP will synchronize to your Eagle Career Net webapplication powered by Purple Briefcase.
SAIC Compass APK
The SAIC Compass app gives students and alumni from the School ofthe Art Institute of Chicago access to a full range of servicesfrom the Career and Professional Experience (CAPX) office. Studentscan search internship and job listings, sign up for career advisingappointments, register for CAPX workshops and programs, link toonline portfolios, create profiles for employers to review, andmore. The app works with Purple Briefcase, which powers the SAICCompass platform.
Albright Purple Briefcase APK
In this app you can find: Albright College students and alumni willfind valuable ways to connect with employers, search jobs andinternships, and gain access to many career development tools.Purple Briefcase is the platform that is used by Albright College'sExperiential Learning and Career Development Center.
RangerJobs APK
RangerJobs is Olympic College's mobile career services resourcescenter. You can prepare for your career search, search for andbrowse jobs, connect with your career services staff, and muchmore.
Austin College Roo Connect APK
In this app you can find: Austin College's career developmentplatform: Roo Connect. Students & Alumni can search for jobs,connect with career advisors, and access career educationalmaterials.