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Herken de vogels van Nederland aan hun geluidHeb je je ooit eensafgevraagd: "Wat voor soort vogel is er nu aan het zingen?”Vogelzang Id is de perfecte hulp om de vogel snel en gemakkelijk teherkennen aan zijn zang of roep. Dit is wereldwijd de enige app dievogelgeluiden automatisch herkent: een simpele druk op de knop ende meest voorkomende vogels worden aan de hand van hun roep en zangbepaald. De automatische functie wordt continu verbeterd enuitgebreid. Voor de herkenning is er geen internetverbinding nodig,de bepaling verloopt uitsluitend op basis van de ingebouwdesoftware in Vogelzang Id.De bijzonderheid is: om een vogel precieste bepalen is geen voorkennis of ornithologische vakkennis nodig.Maar wel plezier voor het hele gezin waarbij kinderen ook nog ietskunnen opsteken! Automatische spraakherkenningsfunctie Nog enkeletips voor de beste resultaten: Maak een opname van volle 30seconden Zorg voor zo min mogelijk lawaai op de achtergrond Vogelsafzonderlijk opnemen Neem het hoesje van je telefoon af Mobieletelefoon draaien en richting vogel houden De kwaliteit van degeluidsopname moet als “goed” of “zeer goed” worden beoordeeld(wordt aangegeven) of Je kan de vogelgeluiden ook gewoon afspelen:van elk van de 135 vogelsoorten is ten minste een zang en debijbehorende roep afspeelbaar. Als je niet zeker weet om welkevogelsoort het gaat, kan de zoekopdracht nog aanzienlijk wordenverfijnd door het beantwoorden van 6 eenvoudige vragen met debehulp van de KUSAM technologie. Via de functie "Vergelijken"kunnen de stemmen van twee soortgelijke vogelsoorten na elkaarworden afgespeeld. Over deze app: De inhoud van de app werdontwikkeld door gepromoveerde biologen. De uitstekende foto's tonenalle vogelsoorten in hun natuurlijke omgeving, helpen bij hetbepalen en werden door gerenommeerde natuurfotografen gemaakt.Fotoagentschap SUNBIRD IMAGES. Alle functies op een rij:Automatische spraakherkenning Vogelgeluiden voor alle 135 soorten –Alle soorten geïllustreerd met foto's Vogelgeluiden quiz (metafbeeldingen of zonder) + highscore Leg je eigen collectie vanvogel geluidsopnamen aan Vergelijk-functie voor twee vogelgeluidenDe meest voorkomende 135 soorten in Nederland worden behandeldGeluiden worden met behulp van GPS gegevens in kaart gebrachtBeschrijvingsteksten voor alle vogelgeluiden Uitgebreid zoeken optrefwoorden Mooie grafische gebruikersinterface Topherkenningssleutel door de KUSAM technologieRecognize the birds ofthe Netherlands to their soundHave you ever wondered, "What kind ofbird is now singing" Vogelzang Id is the perfect help to identifythe bird quickly and easily to his singing or call.This is theworld's only app that automatically detects bird sounds: a simplepress of a button, and the most common birds are determined on thebasis of their call and singing. The automatic function iscontinuously improved and expanded. For the recognition requires noInternet connection, the provision has been exclusively based onthe built-in software Vogelzang Id.The peculiarity is, to determinea bird is not exactly necessary knowledge or ornithologicalexpertise. But fun for the whole family where children can stilllearn something!Automatic speech recognition functionSome tips forbest results:Take a picture of the full 30 secondsProvide as littlenoise in the backgroundBirds record separatelyTake the case of yourphone offMobile phone and keep turning towards birdThe quality ofthe sound must be as "good" or "very good" to be assessed (shown)orYou can also just play the bird sounds: each of the 135 speciesof birds, at least one song and the corresponding call playable.Ifyou are unsure about what species it is, the search can still besignificantly refined by answering 6 simple questions with the helpof the KUSAM technology. Using the "Compare" the voices of twosimilar species can be played one after another.About this app:Thecontent of the app was developed by postdoctoral biologists.Vintage photographs show all bird species in their naturalenvironment, help define and were created by renowned naturephotographers.Photo Agency SUNBIRD IMAGES.All features at aglance:Automatic speech recognitionBird sounds for all 135 species- all species illustrated with photosBird sounds quiz (withpictures or without) + highscorePut your own collection of birdsound recordingsCompare function for two birdsongThe most commontypes 135 will be treated in the NetherlandsSounds are mapped usingGPS dataDescription Texts for all bird soundsAdvanced keywordsearchNice graphical user interfaceTop recognition by keytechnology KUSAM

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Bird Song Id: Auto Recognition v12 APK
Sunbird Images
The original and the best, accept no cheap imitations ! Record abird singing and use Automatic Recognition to help identifyit.Unlike other apps, no internet or mobile connection isneeded.Top of its class, Bird Watching Magazine rated it 9 out of10 saying it is remarkably accurate.Copied by a few, bettered bynone, Bird Song Id is three years ahead of anyone else in thisfield !The Times Newspaper said the app "Does what it says on thetin" and were amazed that "this astonishing piece of software costsabout the same as a cup of coffee".The Telegraph Newspaper said"Bird Song Id is a good walk improved, and may even put a spring inyour step".Bird Song Id helps you identify a wide variety of birdsof the British Isles by their songs and calls. AutomaticRecognition takes place on the device, no connection to theinternet or mobile network is needed.Automatic Recognition is alittle like Shazam for birds.Great for identifying warbler, finch,sparrow, thrush, flycatcher and many other types ofsongbird.Automatic Recognition needs good quality recordings towork well. See the help below, or follow the Developer Website linkto find out how to improve your recordings.How successful is it ?Our aim is to get the correct bird in the top three of thoselisted. In our testing of over 1,000 samples we found the successrate of Bird Song Id to be 85%.Follow the Developer Website link tosee a demo of Bird Song Id Automatic Recognition onYouTube--------------- HELP ----------------Automatic Recognitionneeds a good quality recording of the bird.Only record when it isvery quiet, apart from the bird singing of course.Be close to thebird singing, as close as you can be without disturbing it.Onlyrecord when a single bird is singing, or when a single bird isdominantThe analysis graph should have plenty of blue and greencolors with few or no black peaks.The peaks on the Bird Song Idgraph should reach all the way to the top. Low peaks indicate poorquality and recognition is unlikely.The Audio Quality, shown at thetop of the results screen, should be at least Good, and preferablyVery Good or ExcellentThe highest Bird Song Id score should beabove 70% to be useful. Below this and the system is telling you itis not sure what the song is.A difference between two birds of lessthan 10% is not that significant, so listen to the samples fromboth to help you furtherMake sure it is very quiet apart from thebird song which should be nice and loudBe as close to the bird asyou can be without disturbing itBe patient, dont expect miracles,the system works but needs good clear recordingsThe microphone isoften at the bottom of a device, point the microphone towards thebirdRemove the case from your device if you use one as this candampen the microphoneRecord a single bird at a timeCapture at leasttwo singing episodes if you can. Record for the full 30secondsAvoid windy conditions. Air moving over the microphone willmask the bird soundsMake sure there is plenty of life in thebattery. Your device will reduce power going to the microphone asthe battery runs downPlaying songs to the app from recordedmaterial on the internet, other apps or CDs is unlikely to work asthis material is digitally processed and edited (inter phase gapsare often shortened). They sound very different to recording birdsfor real in the natural environment. Particularly true for finchand warbler recordings.Some devices, particularly larger tablets,do not have good microphones built in to them. This will result ina lot of background hiss that will cause Automatic Recognition tofail. Better external microphones are usually available for thesedevices.Get to know the warble of a warbler, the chatter of afinch, the chirp of a sparrow, the song of a blackbird etc etc !
Vogelstimmen Id - Ruf + Gesang v9 APK
Sunbird Images
>>> Identifizieren Sie unsere heimischen Vögel automatischdurch ihre Stimmen! <<<Haben Sie sich schon einmalgefragt: "Was für ein Vogel singt da gerade?" Vogelstimmen Id istdie perfekte Hilfe um den Vogel schnell und einfach anhand seinesGesanges oder seines Rufes automatisch zu identifizieren. SPIEGELONLINE schreibt: "Eine nützliche App für Hobby-Ornithologen...Praktisch: Man kann auch selber Aufnahmen mit dem Smartphone machen- und sich dann anzeigen lassen, wer da eigentlich zwitschert."DBMOBIL MAGAZINhat das App unter "Gut getippt - Apps für den Sommer"(7-2013) als Top App vorgestellt.SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN schreibt überdie Englische Version:"It's Shazam for birdsong. Record a bird'swarble—the cleaner the recording, the better the luck you'llhave—and let the app tell you what species you're hearing!"DasBesondere: Um einen Vogel präzise zu bestimmen ist keinerleiVorwissen oder vogelkundliches Fachwissen vonnöten, ein Spaß fürdie ganze Familie mit Lerneffekt auch für Kinder!Dies kann auf 3verschiedenen Wegen geschehen:1. AutomatischeStimmerkennung-Funktion Dies ist weltweit die einzige App dieVogelstimmen automatisch erkennt - einfach Knopf drücken undbestimmen lassen! Sie erkennt die häufigsten Gartenvögel am Ruf undam Gesang. Bislang läuft die Funktion mit 36 Arten, dieautomatische Funktion wird laufend verbessert und erweitert. ZurErkennung ist keine Internetverbindung notwendig, die Bestimmungerfolgt allein anhand der integrierten Software in VogelstimmenID.Um die besten Ergebnisse zu erhalten hier einige Tips:- volle 30Sekunden lang aufnehmen- möglichst wenig Nebengeräusche- Vögeleinzeln Aufnehmen- Handyhülle abnehmen- Handy drehen und RichtungVogel halten- Stimmqualität der Aufnahme muss gut oder sehr gutsein (wird angezeigt)oder2. Spielen sie die Rufe einfach ab, zujedem der 136 Vogelarten ist mindestens ein Gesang und derentsprechende Ruf abspielbar. Falls gewünscht können so die Vögelauch angelockt werden!oder3. Falls Sie nicht sicher sind um welcheArt es sich handelt kann durch die Beantwortung von 6 einfachenFragen mit Hilfe der KUSAM Technologie die Suche deutlicheingegrenzt werden. Durch die "Vergleichen" Funktion können dieStimmen zweier ähnlicher Vogelarten direkt hintereinanderabgespielt werden.Zum Inhalt:Die Inhalte der App wurden vonpromovierten Biologen entwickelt. Die sehr guten Bilder, die alleVogelarten in ihrer natürlichen Umgebung abgelichtet zeigen, helfenbei der Bestimmung und stammen von renommierten Naturfotografen derFotoagentur SUNBIRD IMAGES.Funktionen auf einen Blick:-automatische Stimmerkennung - Vogelgesang zu allen 136 Arten - alleArten fotografisch bebildert- Vogelstimmen-Quiz (mit Bildwahl oderohne) + Highscore- Anlegen einer eigenen Vogelstimmen AufnahmeSammlung- Vergleichen-Funktion zweier Vogelstimmen- abgedeckt sinddie häufigsten 136 Vogelarten- Kartieren der Stimmen der Vögelinkl. GPS-Daten- Beschreibungstexte zu allen Vogelstimmen-Volltextsuche nach Stichwörtern- graphisch wohlgestaltetes Layout-Top Bestimmungsschlüssel durch die KUSAM TechnologieDie NaturführerApps von SUNBIRD IMAGES in enger Kooperation mit dem englischenUnternehmen Isoperla Ltd haben internationale Anerkennung undAuszeichnungen aufgrund ihrer einfachen Bedienbarkeit und hoherwissenschaftlicher Qualität erhalten. Vogel Id, Baum Id als auchBlumen Id gehören zu den meist geladenen Apps im Natur-Sektor inEuropa.Die App benötigt keine Internet Verbindung, im Gegensatz zuähnlichen Apps ist der gesamte Inhalt nach dem Laden sofort undoffline verfügbar! Vogelstimmen Id kann auch zum Anlegen einereigenen Vogelstimmen Sammlung verwendet werden, welche Sie gehörtund aufgenommen haben.>> Achtung: bitte die Mute-Taste zumhören der Vogelrufe und Gesänge an der Seite des Telefonsausschalten!>>> Identify our native birds automatically bytheir voices! <<<Have you ever asked yourself, "What kindof bird is singing now?" Birdsong Id is the perfect tool for thebird to quickly and easily identify automatically based his singingor his reputation.SPIEGEL ONLINE writes:"A useful app forornithologists ... Convenient: You can also do it yourselfrecordings with the smartphone - and then display who twittersactually there."DB MOBIL MAGAZINEhas the app "typed Good - Apps forthe Summer" (7-2013) presented as a Top App.SCIENTIFIC AMERICANwrites about the English version:"It's Shazam for birdsong. Recorda bird's warble-the cleaner the recording, the better the luckyou'll have-and let the app tell you what species you'rehearing!"Special feature: To determine a bird precise no priorknowledge or ornithological expertise needed fun for the wholefamily with a learning effect for children!This can be done inthree different ways:1. Automatic voice recognition functionThis isthe world's only app automatically recognizes the voices of birds -can simply press and determine button! It detects the most commongarden birds on call and on vocals. So far, the function runs with36 species, the automatic function is continuously improved andexpanded. To detect an Internet connection is necessary to thedetermination based solely on the built-in software birdsong ID.Inorder to obtain the best results here are some tips:- Take a full30 seconds- Minimize noise- Birds individually Recording- RemovePhone Case- Turn the phone and follow the signs to bird- VoiceRecording quality must be good or very good (displayed)or2. Play itsimply from the calls to each of the 136 species of birds at leastone song and the corresponding call is playable. If desired, so thebirds can also be lured!or3. If you are not sure what type it iscan be significantly limited by answering 6 simple questions withthe help of technology Kusam search. Through the "Compare" featurethe voices of two similar species of birds can be played one afterthe other.To Content:The contents of the app developed bypostdoctoral biologists. The very good pictures showingphotographed all species of birds in their natural environment,assist in determining and submitted by renowned wildlifephotographer of the photo agency Sunbird IMAGES.Features at aglance:- Automatic voice recognition- Birdsong to all 136 species-All types illustrated photographically- Vogel votes quiz (with orwithout image choice) + highscore- Creating your own recording birdsongs collection- Compare feature two birdsong- Covered are themost common 136 bird species- Mapping the voices of birds includingGPS data.- Descriptions for all bird calls- Full text search forkeywords- Graphically well designed layout- Top Identification keysthrough the Kusam technologyThe nature guides Apps by SunbirdIMAGES in close cooperation with the English company Isoperla Ltdhave received international recognition and awards for their easeof use and high scientific quality. Bird Id, Id tree and flowers Idare among the most downloaded apps in the nature sector inEurope.The app requires no Internet connection, unlike similar appsEntire contents immediately after loading and availableoffline!Birdsong ID can also be used for creating your own birdsongs collection, which you have heard and recorded.>> Pleasenote: the Mute key to listen to the bird calls and songs off on theside of the phone!
Bird Id - British Birds v10 APK
Sunbird Images
Identify birds of the British Isles with this stunning guide. Allthe RSPB annual survey birds are included. Garden birds, woodlandbirds, birds of heath and moorland, summer and winter visitors,waders and sea birds.Includes high quality images, plus songs andcalls. No internet connection is needed.Bird Id is the perfect birdwatching companion.Great fun to use, bird identification can beenjoyed by the whole family. Bird Id is ideal for those with aninterest in birds, nature and birdwatching. Make your own birdsighting diary by adding your sightings to our map. Bird Id doesnot need an internet connection, all the information for birds isdownloaded when the app is purchased.Bird Id is the original andthe best bird identifier app. Bird Id is an easy to useidentification guide created by professional published ecologists,accept no cheap imitations! Have you ever been bird watching andwondered "What kind of bird is that?". Bird Id is a great birdidentifier app that helps you quickly and easily identify birdspecies of the British Isles. Its great fun to use too. With BirdId, identification can be enjoyed by the whole family. For the birdenthusiast there is anatomical, ecological and taxonomicinformation too. Bird Id can be used to keep a log of your birdsightings making it easy to build a record of the birds you'veseen. Bird Id uses propriety image and audio libraries to help makebird identification quick and easy.Isoperla apps appear in BBCCountryfile's top 10 apps, and have been described as "incrediblyuseful" by ITV's Seth Conway and "lovely" by Adam Vaughan of theGuardian. Isoperla field guides are the only products on the marketthat use the KUSAM species identification methodology. This stateof the art method is a modern taxonomic keying system designedspecifically for use on mobile devices and is ideal for birdidentification while birdwatching.The RSPB annual survey is calledthe Bird Garden Birdwatch. The survey relies on accurate birdidentification, bird id will help you identify these birds you seequickly and easily. We also include wading birds, summer and wintervisitors and sea birds. The app is great to have to hand when birdwatching.The British Isles are also known as the Anglo-celtic Islesand include the UK (Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales) andNorthern Ireland) and Eire. Britain or Great Britain is the namegiven to the mainland within the United Kingdom (the UK). The UK isthe political union between England, Scotland, Wales and NorthernIreland, not a geographical area. The permissions needed to installthe app are only used for the Google Map component and to check thelicence on the Google Play store. The internet will only be used ifyou use the sightings map in the app. Bird Identification is quickand easy with Bird Id. If you are looking for a bird identifier forbirds of the British Isles then this is the app for you.
Tree Id - British Trees v13 APK
Sunbird Images
A stunning guide to identifying trees of the British Isles. Allnative and naturalised trees of the British Isles are covered.Great fun to use, tree identification can be enjoyed by the wholefamily. Tree Id does not need an internet connection, all theinformation for trees is downloaded when the app is purchased. Theoriginal and the best tree identifier app. Tree Id is an easy touse but comprehensive field guide to trees found growing in opencountryside and natural woodland of the British Isles. The guidehas been created by professional published ecologists, accept nocheap imitations! Tree Id is one of BBC Countryfile's top 10 apps,and one of the World Wildlife Fund's top 10 apps. Described as"incredibly useful" by ITV's Seth Conway and "a lovely app" by AdamVaughan of the Guardian. It was voted No. 5 in the Guardian GreenLiving top 10 apps and was given the "Best" award by Apps Plus. Ourtree identifier is the only tree identification app in the WoodlandTrust top apps list.Have you ever been on a walk in the countrysideand wondered "What tree is that?". Tree Id is a great treeidentification tool to help you quickly and easily identify treesyou find in the British countryside. It is a tree identifier thatis great fun to use too! With Tree Id, identification can beenjoyed by the whole family. For the tree enthusiast, there iscomprehensive anatomical and ecological information, with highquality images of the leaf, flower, fruit etc of all treesincluded. The permissions needed to install the app are only usedfor the Google Map component and to check the licence on the GooglePlay store. The internet will only be used if you use the sightingsmap in the app.When you have found a tree with our tree identifier,why not record your sighting on our map. See how many trees you canidentify this year!Isoperla field guides are the only products onthe market that use the KUSAM tree identification methodology. Thisstate of the art method is a modern taxonomic keying systemdesigned specifically for use on mobile devices. It is the idealmethod for identifying trees.Tree Identification is quick and easywith Tree Id. If you are looking for a tree identifier for theBritish Isles then this is the app for you.
Baum Id - Deutschlands Bäume v9 APK
Sunbird Images
Die App beschreibt als einzige alle 105 heimischen undeingebürgerten Baum-Arten Deutschlands in 600 Bildern! Unsere Nr. 1Natur-App aus Großbritannien jetzt maßgeschneidert für Deutschland!+++++++ Der ideale Naturführer für Unterwegs um Bäume im Wald undPark, an Wegrändern oder sonst wo in der Natur zu bestimmen. Solassen sich alle in Deutschland heimischen Arten schnell undeinfach identifizieren! Das App ist ein Spaß für die ganze Familiemit dem auch Kinder spielerisch die heimische Flora kennen lernenkönnen. +++++++ Der Baumführer richtet sich an Leute mit aber auchvöllig ohne Vorkenntnisse. Für den Fachmann findet sich eine Füllevon Information zur Anatomie und Ökologie zu allen Arten heimischerBäume und Sträucher. Die von promovierten Biologen entwickelteApplikation ist regelmäßig europaweit unter den Top Ten derKategorie Nachschlagewerke im Playstore zu finden und in Englandvon BBC zur besten Naturführer Applikation gewählt worden. Wenn Sieeine Applikation zur zielführenden Baumbestimmung suchen und nichtan eine App mit endloser, unübersichtlicher Auflistung mit vielennicht-heimischen Bäumen geraten wollen, liegen Sie mit Baum Idgoldrichtig! Die App beinhaltet: .- Baum-Identifikation mitpreisgekröntem Natur-Bestimmungsschlüssel zum bestimmen, erkennenund identifizieren.- Die Fotos zeigen Laubbäume und Nadelbäumeinklusive Blätter, Blüten, Früchte, Rinde, Knospen, ganzer Baum undviel mehr .- ausführliche Beschreibung inkl. Gestalt, Borke,Blätter, Blüte, Früchte, Äste .- Zusatzinformationen zuVerbreitung, Ökologischem Wert, Wuchsort, Holzbeschaffenheit,Medizinischer Verwendung .- Indexsuche zum schnellenidentifizieren.- Beobachtungsliste führen.- Baum auf Karteautomatisch kartieren .- Listen Anzeige ist sortierbar: Deutsch,Latein, Gattung, Familie, Blattform Unsere Naturführer Appfunktioniert sowohl für das Pads als auch für Smartphones jeglicherGröße. Die App benötigt keine Internet Verbindung, alle Inhaltesind auch im Feld immer verfügbar. Alle Updates sind kostenlos!Haben Sie Fragen oder Anregungen? Schreiben Sie uns, wir freuen unsauf Ihr Feedback!The app describes as the only all 105 native andnaturalized tree species in Germany in 600 pictures! Our No. 1Nature Cruises from the UK now tailor-made for Germany!+ + + + + ++The ideal nature guide for traveling around trees in the forestand park, along roadsides or elsewhere to determine in nature.Thus, for all native species in Germany identify quick and easy!The app is fun for the whole family with which children can learnin a fun way the local flora.+ + + + + + +The tree guide is aimedat people with but also without any prior knowledge. For the expertthere is an abundance of information about the anatomy and ecologyto all types of native trees and shrubs.Developed by postdoctoralbiologists application is regularly among the top ten in thecategory reference to find Europe in play goals and was elected inEngland by the BBC for the best nature guide application.If you donot want to search for an application for the goal-tree anddetermination to get an app with an endless and confusingcollection with many non-native trees, you really hit the treeID!The app includes:To determine, recognize and identify treeidentification and award-winning nature-identification keys. -. -The photos show deciduous trees and conifers including leaves,flowers, fruits, bark, buds, whole tree and much more. - A detaileddescription including shape, bark, leaves, flower, fruit, branches.- Additional information on distribution, ecological value, growingarea, wood quality, medical useIdentify the index search for fast.-- Lead watchlist.Automatically mapping tree on map. -. - Displaylists is sortable: German, Latin, genus, family, leaf shapeOurnature guide app works for both the pads and smartphones of anysize.The app does not require any Internet connection, all contentsare always available in the field. All updates are free!Havequestions or suggestions? Write to us, we look forward to yourfeedback!
Blumen Id Automatik + Fotoerkennung für Wildblumen v13 APK
Sunbird Images
*** NEU: Jetzt mit verbesserter FOTO Erkennung! *** Wie heißt dieBlume am Wegesrand? Ganz einfach herausfinden mit Blumen Id!Genial: Foto der Blüte aufnehmen - App bestimmt die Artautomatisch! Ganz ohne Internetverbindung. Blumen Id aus der Reiheder SUNBIRD Naturführer ist ein Bestimmungsführer der Spaßmacht!Mit den häufigsten 318 Wildblumenarten in Deutschland und denNiederungen der Schweiz. Diese App ist die meistverkaufteBlumen-App in Deutschland. Mit über 1000 Naturfotos, GPSLokalisierung, Listen-Funktion, Quiz u.v.m. Oft ist die Bedienungeiner Natur App kompliziert - nicht bei unseren bewährtenSUNBIRD-Apps - die übersichtliche und einfache Menüführung sowiedie hervorragenden Fotos zeichnet auch diese App aus. Auch erfolgtedie Auswahl der Arten nicht zufällig, sondern beschreibt die 318tatsächlich am häufigsten vorkommenden Blumenarten in unserenBreiten. Anders als bei anderen Naturführern liegt dieserBlumen-App ein von promovierten Biologen entwickeltes KUSAMBestimmungsschema zugrunde, welches durch die Beantwortung von 10Fragen tatsächlich zur gewünschten Pflanze und der Auswahlähnlicher Arten führt. Das Besondere: Um eine Wildblume präzise zubestimmen, ist keinerlei Vorwissen oder botanisches Fachwissennötig!Ganz maßgeblich helfen hierbei auch die sehr guten Bilder,die alle Blumen in ihrer natürlichen Umgebung abgelichtet zeigen.Dabei wurde aus tausenden Bildern ausgewählt, um eine möglichstsichere Bestimmung der Arten zu ermöglichen. Denn die sorgfältigeAuswahl der Bilder ist für die Bestimmung essenziell. UmfangreicheTexte zu Beschreibung, Ähnlichkeiten und Ökologie und vielem mehrrunden diese Blumen-App ab. Dabei sind die Texte bei dieser Appnicht allgemein auf Europa ausgedehnt, sondern wurden speziell fürDEUTSCHLAND und Mitteleuropa geschrieben. Dies gilt unter anderemfür die Populationsgröße, Häufigkeit, den Status und dieBestandsentwicklung. Besonderheiten dieser App:- automatischeFotoerkennung- keine Internetverbindung dafür notwendig- Die 318häufigsten Wildblumenarten Deutschlands und den Niederungen derSchweiz (wird erweitert) - Top Bestimmungsschlüssel - UmfangreicheBeschreibungstexte - Mehrere Fotos zu jeder Art, insgesamt über1.000! Mit Fotos zu Blättern, Blüten, der ganzen Pflanze undWuchsort - Volltextsuche nach Stichwörtern - Jede Blumenart kannmit GPS Daten auf einer Karte mit Fähnchen punktgenau markiertwerden- Einfache Bedienbarkeit- Graphisch wohlgestaltetesLayoutBlumen Id kann auch für das Führen von persönlichenBeobachtungslisten verwendet werden. Blumen Id befindet sich inständiger Entwicklung. In Zukunft werden dem Bestand laufendweitere heimische Blumenarten zugefügt. Haben Sie Fragen oderVerbesserungsvorschläge? Schreiben Sie uns, wir freuen uns über IhrFeedback! Emails an: apps@sunbird.tvFolgen Sie uns auf Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/SunbirdImagesHaben Sie Fragen oderVerbesserungsvorschläge? Schreiben Sie uns, wir freuen uns über IhrFeedback! Updates der App sind kostenlos und die App funktioniertvollständig offline.*** NEW: Now with improved detection PHOTO! ***What is the flower by the wayside? Easily find out with flowers ID!Ingenious: Photo flowering record - the kind app automaticallydetermines! Without Internet connection.Flowers Id from the seriesof SUNBIRD natural leader makes a determination leaders of fun!Withthe most common 318 wildflower species in Germany and the lowlandsof Switzerland. This app is the best selling flowers app inGermany. With more than 1,000 nature photos, GPS localization, listfunction, quizzes u.v.m.Often the use of a natural app iscomplicated - not with our proven SUNBIRD Apps - the clear andsimple menu navigation and the excellent photos also distinguishesthis app.The choice of species did not occur by chance, butdescribes the 318 actually most abundant species of flowers in ourlatitudes.Unlike other natural leaders of these flowers app isbased on a system developed by postdoctoral biologists Kusamdetermination scheme that actually leads by answering 10 questionson the desired plant and the selection of similar types.Specialfeature: In order to determine a wildflower accurate, no priorknowledge or botanical knowledge is needed!Quite significant inthis case also the excellent images that show all the flowersphotographed in their natural environment help. It was selectedfrom thousands of images to enable the safest possibledetermination of the species. For the careful selection of imagesis essential for the determination.Extensive texts description,similarities and ecology and much more round off this Flower appfrom. The lyrics in this app are not generally extended to Europe,but have been specifically written for GERMANY and Central Europe.This applies, for example, the population size, frequency, thestatus and population trends.Special features of this app:-automatic photo identification- no Internet connection necessaryfor this- The 318 most common species of wild flowers Germany andthe lowlands of Switzerland (extended)- Top Identification keys-Extensive descriptive texts- Multiple photos of every kind, a totalof over 1,000! With photos of leaves, flowers, the whole plant andgrowing area- Full text search for keywords- Each flower can bemarked precisely with GPS data on a map with flags- Easy to use-Graphically well-designed layoutId flowers can also be used forkeeping personal watch lists.Flowers Id is in constant development.In the future, the inventory are constantly added more nativeflowers.Do you have questions or suggestions? Write to us and weappreciate your feedback! Mail to: apps@sunbird.tvFollow us onFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/SunbirdImagesDo you havequestions or suggestions? Write to us and we appreciate yourfeedback!Updates of the app are free and the app works completelyoffline.
Bird Song Id USA Automatic Recognition songs calls v9 APK
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--> SUMMER SALE: Instead of 9.99 just 4.99 US$! ****** Identifybirds of the USA by their songs and calls! Automatic Recognitionwill help identify birds around you. Includes an audio referencelibrary of 241 songs and calls. *** Top of its class, Bird WatchingMagazine rated it 9 out of 10 saying it is remarkably accurate. ***Copied by a few, bettered by none, Bird Song Id is three yearsahead of anyone else in this field ! ***Look at the many goodreviews compared to similar apps claiming to achieve bird songrecognition!*** 'Scientific American' writes:"It's Shazam forbirdsong. Record a bird's warble—the cleaner the recording, thebetter the luck you'll have—and let the app tell you what speciesyou're hearing!" ***Developed by automatic recognition experts incollaboration with published biologists.*** 'The Times Newspaper'said the app "Does what it says on the tin" and were amazed that"this astonishing piece of software costs about the same as a cupof coffee". ***Watch the film: vimeo.com/isoperla/birdsongidThemost functional Bird Song app on the market by far. Make your ownbird song recordings and keep a bird song diary. Have you everheard a bird singing and wondered "What kind of bird is that?".Bird Song Id is a great tool to help you learn to quickly andeasily identify birds by their songs and calls. It's great fun touse too. With Bird Song Id, identification can be enjoyed by thewhole family.Bird Song Id has been created by professionalpublished ecologists. The app does not need an internet connection,all songs and calls are downloaded when the app is purchased, onehundred and eighteen species are included.We have included an earlyversion of Automatic Recognition in the app for you to try. We hopethis feature will help you identify common bird species. However,it needs a good quality recording to work, and takes a bit of timeand patience to get used to. Automatic Recognition takes place onthe device, no connection to the internet or mobile network isneeded. How successful is it? Our aim is to get the correct bird inthe top three of those listed. In our testing of over 1,000 sampleswe found the success rate to be 85%. Remember this is an earlyrelease of this innovative feature, so please be gentle. A demo isavailable on YouTube.--------------- HELP ----------------Automatic Recognition needs a good quality recording of thebird------------- Remove the case from your iPhone if you use oneas this will significantly dampen the microphone------------- Onlyrecord when it is very quiet, apart from the bird singing ofcourse------------- Be close to the bird singing, as close as youcan be without disturbing it ------------- Only record when asingle bird is singing, or when a single bird is dominant------------- The analysis graph should have plenty of blue andgreen colors with few or no black peaks------------- Be patient,dont expect miracles, the system works but needs good clearrecordings ------------- The peaks on the graph should reach allthe way to the top. Low peaks indicate poor quality and recognitionis unlikely------------- A difference between two birds of lessthan 10% is not that significant, so listen to the samples fromboth to help you further------------- The microphone is at thebottom of an iPhone, point the bottom of the phone towards the bird------------- Record a single bird at a time ------------- Recordfor the full 30 seconds------------- Avoid windy conditions. Airmoving over the microphone will mask the bird sounds -------------Playing songs to the app from recorded material on the internet,other apps or CDs is unlikely to work as this material is digitallyprocessed and edited (inter phase gaps are often shortened). Theysound very different to recording birds for real on an iPhone oriPad in the natural environment.-------------
Vogel Id Schweiz - Gartenvögel identifizieren v3 APK
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*** Vogel Id Schweiz ist ein Vogelbestimmungsführer der häufigsten115 Vogelarten der Schweiz inklusive aller Vogelstimmen. DasGartenvogel-App der Schweiz - leicht verständlich für Anfänger undFortgeschrittene *** Die Auswahl der Arten erfolgte hier nichtzufällig wie bei anderen Vogel-Apps sondern beschreibt die 115tatsächlich am häufigsten gesehenen Vogelarten - belegt durchjährliche Vogelzählungen. Anders als andere Vogelführer liegtdiesem Vogel App ein von promovierten Ornithologen entwickeltesBestimmungsschema zugrunde welches durch die Beantwortung von 7Fragen tatsächlich zum gewünschten Vogel und der Auswahl ähnlicherArten führt.Das Besondere: Um Vögel präzise zu bestimmen istkeinerlei Vorwissen oder vogelkundliches Fachwissen vonnöten!Ganzmaßgeblich helfen bei der Bestimmung der Vögel die sehr gutenBilder, die alle Vogelarten in ihrer natürlichen Umgebungabgelichtet zeigen und von renommierten Fotografen derNaturfotoagentur SUNBIRD IMAGES stammen. Dabei wurde aus tausendenBildern ausgewählt um eine möglichst sichere Bestimmung der Vögelzu ermöglichen. Die sorgfältige Auswahl der Bilder ist für dieBestimmung essentiell. Dem Käufer nutzen Vogelbilder bei denen derVogel nur von vorne abgebildet ist bei der Bestimmung wenig, wie esbei vielen zum Teil deutlich teureren Apps der Fall ist. Auch dieVogelstimmen helfen die Gesänge der Vögel zuidentifizieren.Umfangreiche Texte zur Beschreibung, Ähnlichkeitenund Ökologie und viel mehr runden dieses Vogel App ab. Dabei sinddie Texte bei dieser App nicht allgemein auf die VögelMitteleuropas oder gar Europa ausgedehnt sondern wurden speziellfür die Schweiz geschrieben. Dies gilt unter anderem für diePopulationsgröße, Häufigkeit, Status und dieBestandsentwicklung.Besondere Features:- Vogelstimmen aller Vögel -Zählungen zufolge die 115 häufigsten Vogelarten der Schweiz- TopBestimmungsschlüssel- umfangreiche Beschreibungstexte- Fotos zujeder Art, zu vielen Arten auch Weibchen und Sommerkleid, bzwWinterkleid zum besseren identifizieren und bestimmen-Volltextsuche nach Stichwörtern- jede Vogelart kann mit GPS Datenauf einer Karte mit Fähnchen punktgenau markiert werden- graphischwohlgestaltetes LayoutVogel Id Schweiz kann auch für das Führen vonpersönlichen Beobachtungslisten verwendet werden.Vogel Id befindetsich in ständiger Entwicklung. In Zukunft werden dem Bestandweitere heimische Vogelarten, Bilder und Vogelstimmen zum Bestimmenzugefügt.Besuchen Sie unsere Internet Support-Seite für mehrInformationen oder "liken" Sie uns auf Facebook:www.facebook.com/SunbirdImages. Wir freuen uns, wenn Ihnen unsereApp gefällt!*** Bird Id Switzerland is a bird identification guideof the most common 115 bird species in Switzerland, including allbird voices. The garden bird app of Switzerland - easy tounderstand for beginners and advanced ***The selection of specieswas made here not by chance, as with other bird apps but describesthe 115 actually most watched birds - evidenced by annual birdcounts.Unlike other bird guide is this bird app developed bydoctoral ornithologists determination scheme based on what actuallyleads by answering seven questions about the desired bird and theselection of similar types.Special feature: In order to determineprecise birds is needed no prior knowledge or ornithologicalexpertise!A vital contribution to the very good images showingphotographed all species of birds in their natural environment andcome from renowned photographers nature photo agency SUNBIRD IMAGEShelp in determining the birds. It was selected from thousands ofimages to enable the safest possible determination of birds. Thecareful selection of images is essential for the determination. Thebuyers use bird images in which the bird is only shown from thefront in determining little, as is the case with many in some casessignificantly more expensive apps. The bird calls help the songs ofbirds to identify.Large amounts of text to describe similaritiesand ecology and much more round out this bird app from. The textsare not generally extended in this app on the birds of CentralEurope or even Europe, but written specifically for Switzerland.This applies, for example, the population size, frequency, statusand population trends.Special Features:- Bird voices of all birds-According to counts the 115 most common bird species inSwitzerland- Top Identification keys- extensive descriptive texts-photos of any kind to many species females and summer dress orwinter coat to better identify and determine- Full text search forkeywords- each species can be marked precisely with GPS data on amap with flags- graphically well designed layoutBird Id Switzerlandcan also be used for keeping personal watch lists.Bird Id is inconstant development. In the future, the stock further domesticspecies, images, and bird songs are added to determine.Visit you"like" our Internet support site for more information or to us onFacebook: www.facebook.com/SunbirdImages. We would be pleased ifyou like our app!