1.0 / January 7, 2018
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Welcome to change voice apps voice changer pluschanges yourvoicevoice changer plusvoice changingchanges voice is anapplication that voice alteration to another sound of your choice.All you have to do is record your voice through the microphonebutton and select the sound from the following menuvoicechangingchange your voice to anythingrobotvioce changervoicechangingvoice changer freechipmunk voicevoice changerGhost slowmotionchipmunk voiceBeeElephantThe original soundFunny viocechangerchange your voicechnge your voicechage your voiceafunnyvoice-change your voicedisguise your voicevoice changer freevoicechanger freecange your voicesoundwave voicedisguise yourvoicedisguise my voicechange my voicevioce changercheng voicevoicechangs application has many wonderful soundsPress the Record buttonand start recording your voice and then play it on the soundeffects available in the applicationsawtsoundwave voicechangementsde voixvoicer changervoice changingvoice changer plus chipmunkvoice changervoice modulationvoice alterationvoice modifiersvoicechanger freevoice chancervoz de ardillavoice changer plusvoicechangerchnge voiceboice changervoicer changerfunny voices addvoicecopierchanged voicesinging app change voicemegaphone voicechangerchange voice apps you can changes your voice to manysounds:Ghost slow motionrobotsquirrelBeeElephantoriginalsoundnormalvoice changer plusFunny The advantages of changes voiceapplicationvoice changer plusEasey of use Just click the microphoneimage and start recording yuor voiceChoose many sound effects suchas Ghost, Elephant, chipmunk voice slow motionrobot

App Information Voice changer with effects

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    Voice changer with effects
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    January 7, 2018
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    Android 2.3 and up
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