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Do you love taking crazy photos and have lotsof fun? Or maybe you prefer making funny voices and funny soundsand entertian your friends?! Well, this amazing video editor allowsyou to add funny sounds to your crazy photos that will make youlaugh out loud! Voice Changer with Photos is one of the best freeapps which is a voice changer and video maker in one! What anamazing and fun way to take your favourite photos and make themmore exciting! With this free video editor you can add some funnysound effects to your photos and make funny video clips! Everybodywill love it!

Manipulate your voice and apply funny sounds to photos with thisamazing free app!

Download this amazing free app and make funny video clips with thisvoice changer and video maker!

Save your recordings and share them with your friends on socialnetworks, via e-mail or any other instant messenger or chatapps!

☺♫☺ Customize your photos and add crazy voice recordings ☺♫☺

With Voice Changer with Photos you will have tons of fun forsure! Combine photos and sounds with this cool video maker andvideo editor and the fun is guarateend! Play with your voice, talkor sing, or shout, add some funny sound effects, make funny soundsand then apply them to your photos. Share your recordings with yourfamily or friends on social networks, via e-mail or any otherinstant messenger or chat apps. They will find it amusing for sureand you will all have a good laugh!

Voice Changer with Photos is really easy to use! First you needto choose images you want to combine. It doesn't have to be onlyone, you can select several images and then make one containing allof those images. Then you get to choose among various backgroundsand stickers for your new creation. The next step is recording youraudio, which could last max 60 seconds, by just clicking on amicrophone. Record your voice, tell a joke or a funny message andthen make it even funnier by choosing one of many funny soundeffects to put your voice through and it's done! Click next andthat's it! Save your funny video clip or imediatelly share it witheveryone on social networks, via e-mail or any other instantmessenger or chat apps!

Amazing free voice changer and video maker!!!

Download this best of free apps, combine your favourite photosand then add hilarious voices and funny sounds to get some amazingfunny video clips!

Have lots of fun and make you friends laugh out loud with this coolvideo maker and video editor! Pull a prank on someone and send himhis photo with a voice in the background making him sound like analien or maybe a squirrel! Share you funny video clips witheveryone you want on social networks, via e-mail or any otherinstant messenger or chat apps!

Voice Changer with Photos is awesome! In just one app you get avoice changer, video maker and video editor! Changing your voiceand making funny sounds is now even more amuzing when you get tocombine them with your photos and record funny video clips thatwill make everyone laugh a lot! It is perfect app for adults aswell as for children!

With this best of free apps, which is a voice changer, videomaker and video editor in one, you can customize your photos, adddifferent backgrounds and stickers, record you voice and changeyour voice by adding one of many funny sound effects and thencombine your photo and sounds into an amazing, cool and funny videoclips!

Download this best of free apps now and have tons of fun makingfunny video clips and sharing them with everyone you know! Withthis voice changer and video maker fun is guaranteed!

App Information Voice Changer with Photos

  • App Name
    Voice Changer with Photos
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    July 28, 2015
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Abrassi Design Apps
  • Installs
    10,000 - 50,000
  • Price
  • Category
    Media & Video
  • Developer
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Modify and change your voice with this amazingapp, a voice changer with different funny sound effects! Have funtrying out different effects on your voice and trick your friendsinto thinking that you are nervous or cranky simply by applyingthese effects to your voice! You have all tried inhaling helium andgetting squeaky voices, well now you can hear what you would soundlike with hexafluoride, the helium's evil twin! Make your voiceepic with this effect and talk like movie star usinghexafluoride!Download this free app and change your voice with this awesomevoice modifier!Use the built-in voice recorder to record yourself and then addhilarious free sound effects in order to modify your voice!Set these funny voices and funny sounds as free ringtones ornotifications or share the audio files with your friends andfamily!The features of this cool app are the following:Talking effectsInstant play of the modified voiceRecord sound, save, listen and shareSet as ringtonesSet as notificationsThe sounds you can find in the sound library are: you, ant echo,baby monkey, cave, comics, cranky, echo repeat, fan, hexafluoride,high sound, lost world, microphone echo, nervous, rabbit,rattlesnake echo.Funny Voice Modifier is such a simple tool to use to change yourvoice. Record your voice with the voice recorder of this free appor choose any other audio file from your phone, select yourfavorite sound effects and apply them to the sound recordings andlisten to the new funny voices and funny sounds you've created. Youcan choose to set them as ringtones, sms tones or notifications, orshare them with your friends and family via emails, chat apps orinstant messengers.This free app is an amazing voice changer which allows you tocombine more sound effects to your voice. For example you can soundlike a scary giant from a cave just by combining two effects - caveand hexafluorid. You can apply even more sound effects, so you canhave endless fun every day.Get creative and create cool free ringtones for your mobile withthis voice modifier. You can play with your voice and make uniquefunny ringtones for calls or sms ringtones, even notifications Thisapp is a voice recorder, voice changer and ringtone maker in one,just so you can maximize your fun..Make your friends laugh by sending them voice messages of yourmodified funny voices via chat apps or instant messagingprograms.This is the best of all free apps for voice modifying and thissound editing program lets you change your voice in many differentwitty ways! Never ending fun is guaranteed because you can use andcombine many different free sound effects with a just press of abutton. Add background sounds to your voice or talk, sing, shoutand change your voice with this modifier of sound!Making free ringtones has never been easier nor more fun! Downloadthis free program and you will be able to make hilarious freeringtones for your mobile phone, ringtones, sms tones andnotifications. Funny Voice Modifier lets you share these funnyvoice recordings and funny sounds with your friends just as easilyas making them. Do you and your friends love pranks? Well they aregoing to love you entertaining them with this app, sending them thehilarious sounds of your voice modified!Have a blast playing with your voice and modifying it with thisvoice changer! Have the most original ringtones and create newringtones every day! Entertain your company by sending them thesecomical sounds you've made using this awesome free app!
Voice Changer: Talking Tool 1.10 APK
Voice changing include mimic voice, changevoices in songs for kids and children. Interesting audioapplication which can play prank calls online on your friends. Havefun changing your voice dozens of different ways. Select from manyfunny voices from list and choose your favorite effects. Audiofiles can be set as ringtones and notifications. Share, save andlisten all your modified sounds. Apply echo effect and sound likeyou are speaking from a well. Like talking games and apps thisVoice Changer – Talking App will make you laugh. Modify your voiceand create hilarious sounds which you can set as a ringtone or anotification. Also, all sounds in the app can be set as SMSringtones or your personal alarm and timer including your owncreation sounds. Audio voice recorder maker available free. Createsoundboard music and record speaking. oice Changer – Talking Toolcontain a lot variants of vibrato, helium, echo and noise makeunique funny and entertainment sound for all. Apply new recordingand you can edit, save or share your new art. Talking tools is partof a wider series of talking apps use for fun. Kids love this typeof android apps, but also lots of adults. Your personal talking andspeak audio editor. The application contains 15 voice changer speakfunctions.Huge personal selection of ringtones for mobile phones. Talkingringtones and notification sounds to easily customize to yourdevice. Make unique ringtone, send to your friends. For eachcontact you can set different alarm, alert or ring tone and talkingnotification.Download Voice Changer - Talking App and your sound effectsfree!short info:Instant play and save of the modified voiceChange mic speech speed
Many audio voices to choose and funny voice effects
Ambient audio sounds
Funny interesting voice changerListen your original recordsSet as ringtonesFunny ringtone freeRecord sound, save, play, listen and shareSet your voice as notificationChange your voice and sounds and have fun listening to your newfunny modified voice. Download Voice Changer - Talking App and yoursound effects free! High quality mobileringtones, fast and easy,free download.
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Free and awesome application for you to makeyour own keyboard is here! Refresh and transform your old keyboardin just a few seconds! Get a lovely color keyboard with this bestof apps for girls, Color Change Keyboard Theme! Awesome elegantthemes and beautiful keyboard wallpapers for better texting andchatting! Stop wondering how to change your keyboard color,download these custom keyboard themes and get a cute keyboard forAndroid™! Customize your phone keyboard and send sms with style!Try this best of apps for girls with awesome custom keyboardthemes, select a beautiful keyboard wallpaper and improve yourtexting and chatting experience!Make your own keyboard, get a unique cute keyboard for Android™and send sms with style! Download this best of apps for girls,change color of the keyboard and enjoy texting and chatting withyour friends and family!Apply your unique elegant themes for a lovely color keyboard injust a few easy steps:1. Click on the button to enable the keyboard and then check thebox-field next to 'Color Change Keyboard Theme'2. Return to the application, then select 'set the keyboard todefault' button and select 'Color Change Keyboard Theme'3. Now, you can customize your phone keyboard (select customkeyboard themes, keyboard languages, and choose words fornumbers)4. Check key feedback options ( vibration, sounds, preview ).Beautiful keyboard wallpaper for girls!Improve your chatting and get lovely elegant themes with thisamazing best of apps for girls, Color Change Keyboard Theme! Trythis amazing color keyboard and have fun while chatting with yourfriends and texting funny messages! Send sms and enjoy its view onyour new cute keyboard for Android™! You need just a few clicks andyou'll customize your phone keyboard and change color of thekeyboard for a beautiful keyboard wallpaper that will put a smileon your face!Download this best of apps for girls and make your own keyboardfor free! Awesome and easy way to beautify your phone with coolcustom keyboard themes! Choose a color keyboard, get amazingelegant themes for your keyboard, be creative and sweet and havelots of fun! Send sms with style and affection and enjoy the lookof your messages on your unique and beautiful keyboard wallpaper.Lovely keyboard color changer, best of apps for girls!Color Changer Keyboard Theme is available for you free ofcharge! Download this awesome color changer and customize yourphone keyboard in a few clicks! Send sms with style, start textingand chatting cute messages and enjoy! It's easy and free! Refreshyour plain keyboard, bring some colors into your life and put asmile on your face!With this best of free apps, all the girls around you will beamazed and you'll definitely have a unique color keyboard with abeautiful keyboard wallpaper! Be the first among your friends todownload this cool color changer application and spread the word toeveryone!An awesome way to turn a plain keyboard into a beautiful andunique one. Download this best of free apps with custom keyboardthemes and enjoy!
Gold Color Keyboard 1.2 APK
Here's an awesome, free way to customizekeyboards and get your own amazing color keyboard! With Gold ColorKeyboard, texting and chatting will be much interesting! Don't youwant a brand new gold keyboard for Android™ that will replace yourold, plain qwerty keyboard? Then, this best of apps for girls isperfect for you! With a variety of keyboard themes, you will getyour new glowing keyboard and won't stop chatting and texting allday long! Download this awesome free app with different keyboardthemes and choose your new color keyboard, plus send your messagesin other languages and select among French keyboard, Germankeyboard, Spanish keyboard and Italian keyboard! Get your newcheerful, bright and glowing keyboard now!This amazing best of apps for girls is very easy to use:1. Click on the button to enable the keyboard and then check thebox-field next to 'Gold Color Keyboard'2. Return to the application, then select 'set the keyboard todefault' button and select 'Gold Color Keyboard'3. Now, you can customize keyboards (select keyboard themes,keyboard languages - French keyboard, Italian keyboard, Germankeyboard and Spanish keyboard - and choose words for numbers)4. Check key feedback options ( vibration, sounds, preview ).An awesome way to turn a plain keyboard into a beautiful and uniqueone. Let your phones look like celebrity accessories and customizekeyboards with beautiful keyboard themes. Add a little luxury toyour life and select a new gold keyboard for your mobile phone!Start texting and chatting with a style! Amazing, best of apps forgirls!Download this cool best of free apps and get ready to feel likea star! Replace your plain qwerty keyboard with a color keyboardand send luxury, shiny messages to your friends!Customize keyboards, choose keyboard themes and send sms messageswith more enthusiasm using your beautiful color keyboard! Get alittle crazy and choose among other keyboard languages for your newglowing keyboard - French keyboard, Italian keyboard, Germankeyboard and Spanish keyboard – and start texting and chatting inother languages. Make your friends laugh, because your messageswill be more interesting when typed on a beautiful gold keyboard!Download it, it's free!Beautiful qwerty keyboard for Android™ !Get a new texting and chatting experience! Gold Color Keyboard isperfect for you! There's no better free app, it's definitely bestof apps for girls! Your girlfriends will just love your goldkeyboard, and you'll have tons of fun looking at your messages on aglowing keyboard! Download beautiful keyboard themes now, customizekeyboards and get a little color into your phone with an awesomecolor keyboard!You need just a few clicks and you'll have your own goldkeyboard, luxury qwerty keyboard that will put a smile on yourface!Download this best of apps for girls and you will not regret itfor sure! Beautify your messages and start texting and chatting onan awesome color keyboard! Luxury glowing keyboard is waiting foryou!
Beauty Selfie Maker Pic Frames 1.0 APK
Beauty Selfie Maker: Pic Frames will make youedit pics in a creative and entertaining manner. We have designed avariety of insta borders, overlays, and templates for all lovers ofphotography! Beautify your favorite selfies and pictures of yourfriends with these lovely pic effects and enjoy the photomontage!Make your choice amongst colorful foto effects: retro, sepia, blackand white, cartoon, pop art, blurred, etc. Wrap your pictures withluxurious pic frames that will make them look glamourous andstylish. Show everyone how posh you are by posting your fotos toFacebook, Twitter, and Instagram.Insta photo sharing has reached its peak! Thousands of photos arebeing uploaded daily to all social networks. There are party pics,holiday fotos, photographs from wedding ceremonies, birthdayparties, etc. All of these are usually edited in popular photobooth editors and pic wrapping software.Who wouldn't want to have the most popular selfie ever? Try BeautySelfie Maker: Pic Frames! Selfie mania is here and no one canresist it! All generations have gone crazy for insta 'selfing'!Therefore, girls, boys, women, men, grandmas, and grandpas takeyour selfies now! Make them look elegant with Lux Photo Editor forGirls!Let the photofunia begin! Use this insta selfie cam app and you'llsurely have the best-looking photos on Instagram. Edit your picsfrom the last summer and post them on Facebook. In a matter ofminutes, you'll have hundreds of likes. Post your lovely selfies onTwitter and let all your followers see your picsart techniques!Don't hesitate because our photo booth is waiting!What is different about this insta camera app is that it will makeyour pics look fancy and cool! When you apply numerous pic effectsthat we have provided, you will look like a real celebrity! Thisphoto makeover tool contains an awesome photo warp for Android thatwill increase your popularity on all social networks. Download nowand enjoy! Stitch your insta pics with glamourous photo grids andcollage templates. This elegant pic collage maker will give you achance to montage photos in a luxurious way. Beauty Selfie Maker:Pic Frames is a picture decorator suitable for both kids andadults. Elegant design and simple tap controls make it easy and funto use.