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Volume Booster Sound Equalizerforandroid

Volume Booster with inbuilt music player feature. Nowincreaseyour
music volume of your mobile phone 30%-40% by using it. Itsamplifieyour sound and gives higher sound boost.Volume BoosterSoundEqualizer.

You can eaisly modifie sound by using 5 Band EqualizerwithBass
and treble effect.Volume Booster Sound Equalizer.

Use at your own risk. Playing audio at high volumes, especiallyfora prolonged amount of time, can destroy speakers and/ordamagehearing. Some users HAVE reported destroyed speakers andearphones.If you hear distorted audio, lower the volume (but it maybe toolate).Volume Booster Sound Equalizer.

You can adjust three types of volume:
* Music volume,
* Ring volume,
* Alarm volume,

App Information Volume Booster Sound Equalizer

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