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Volume sound check analyzer is a helpful toolfor everyone.
In this noisy world this tool will help you analyze how noisy yoursurroundings are. The noise is measured in terms of decibel whichis displayed in a sound meter as well as graphical display. Thedecibel level is bifurcated with day to day usual sound to help youunderstand better the levels of decibel. For example
Levels of Noise In decibels (dB) according to American Academy ofAudiology (www.audiology.org):
140 dB - Gun shots, fireworks
130 dB - Jackhammers, Ambulance
120 dB - Jet planes taking off
110 dB - Concerts, Car horns
100 dB - Snowmobiles
90 dB - Power tools
80 dB - Alarm clocks
70 dB - Traffic, vacuums
60 dB - Normal conversation
50 dB - Moderate rainfall
40 dB - Quiet library
30 dB - Whisper
20 dB - Leaves rusting
10 dB – Breathing

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