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Now with managers, football videogames, stadiums, classicplayers..If there are players you wanna appear in app just tell my,with 5stars :) hope you like!

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Agenda EcoHuerto 2.0 APK
Chapas Games
Aplicación de sugerencias de huerta ecológica con claros ideales deautosuficiencia, es decir, no queremos que tengas que comprar nadapara poder crear o mantener una huerta, ya sea un balcón pequeño oun gran huerto. Sugerencias organizadas por meses para poderrealizarlas a tiempo y sin perderse sobre funciones básicas dehuerta y técnicas hortelanas. Especial atención a las sugerenciassobre técnicas ecológicas como Acolchados, La tierra, Compostaje,Reciclaje, etc, para que puedas elaborarte tú mismo muchas de lasherramientas y útiles necesarios.Configura en tu perfil tu nivel deconocimientos de huerta y el clima de tu zona para que lassugerencias se adapten a ti. Sugerencias desde muy avanzadas entemas ecológicos a cómo empezar en un pequeño balcón. Busca en laventana sugerencias los tipos que quieras y recorre por meses paraver el tratamiento de un tema (¿Qué sembrar?, El agua, Compostaje,Cosechando,...) o cómo tratar una planta específica en todo elaño.Incluye una agenda dónde puedes incluir notas diarias sobre tuhuerta y avisos a futuro para que te avise por ejemplo cada 3 díasde regar unas plantas determinadas(En versiones de Androidsuperiores a 4.0). Además hemos incluido una sección con frases yrefranes hortelanos muy bonitos.En el menú incluímos pequeñas guíassobre cómo empezar un huerto con bancales, conocer y usar elcompostaje y recetas para preparar tratamientos para lasplantas.Todo escrito desde nuestra práctica, queremos darle valor aeso, no somos una empresa grande que hace una aplicación de huertacon cientos de fichas sin alma, queremos explicar también detalles,¿por qué no te crece una planta?,¿como aporta nutrientes la huertaecológica a las plantas? Esperamos que os guste, que os sea útilpara que cada día produzcamos más comida en nuestros jardines,huertas urbanas y grandes huertas… Ya estamos trabajando paraincrementar las sugerencias y las funcionalidades en próximasactualizaciones. Si quieres una aclaración o tienes una duda sobrealguna sugerencia háznosla llegar por Twitter @AgendaEcoHuerto conel número de la sugerencia. Para sugerencias y comentarios sobre laaplicación aquí en Google Play :)Es importante saber que lassugerencias relacionadas con climatología están indicadas para elhemisferio Norte. ¡Salud y huerta!keywords: huerta huerto ecológicoorgánico calendario agenda citas refranes dichosApplication oforganic gardening tips with clear ideals of self-sufficiency, ieyou do not want to have to buy anything to create or maintain avegetable garden, either a small balcony or a large orchard.Suggestions organized for months to carry them out on time and misson basic functions orchard and market garden techniques. Specialattention to the suggestions of ecological techniques asAcolchados, Land, Composting, Recycling, etc, so you can elaborarteyourself many of the tools and supplies needed.Set up your profileyour knowledge level garden and the climate of your area to fit thesuggestions you. Tips from very advanced ecological issues to howto start a small balcony. Search the suggestions window types youwant and runs for months for the treatment of a topic (What ?, Thewater plant, Composting, Harvesting, ...) or how to treat aspecific plant throughout the year.Includes a schedule where youcan include daily notes about your future garden and warnings toalert you say every three days to irrigate about certain plants (Inversions of Android higher than 4.0). We have also included asection with phrases and sayings very nice gardeners.On the menu weinclude small guide on how to start a vegetable garden withterraces, make and use compost and recipes for treatments forplants.All written from our practice, we give value to that, we arenot a large company that makes an application orchard with hundredsof chips without a soul, we also explain details, why do not yougrow a plant?, How provides nutrients the organic garden plants?Hope you like it, you will be useful to produce more food each dayin our gardens, urban gardens and large gardens ...We are alreadyworking to increase and functionality suggestions for futureupgrades. If you want a clarification or have any doubts about anysuggestion háznosla reached by TwitterAgendaEcoHuerto number ofsuggestion. For suggestions and comments on the application here onGoogle Play :)It is important to know that weather relatedsuggestions are indicated for the Northern Hemisphere.Health andgarden!keywords: organic garden organic garden calendar scheduleappointments such sayings
Cycling Stars 3.2 APK
Chapas Games
Throw the cyclists of your team for the road to get the mountain,green shirt, and of course the final stage with the sprint!Win inSpain in a road with 4 stages and now in Italy with 5 stagesmore.Take care with flat tires! You can use bananas to obtain shotswith power extra. BANANA SHOT! Take care also with black tiled oryou will be exhausted(2-4 turns with 50% power off). Get help ofyour teammates...I hope you like.#cycling # ciclismo #tour #byke#bicicleta #giro #vuelta
Fireplace & Torch - Light 1.0 APK
Chapas Games
You have a chimney and a torch. In addition, if you touch on thescreen you will create fire. The sound is good also. Magneticfire.I hope app could be useful, if you have ideas with fire say tome and I'll do :) Regards!
Scoreboard Football Games 1.3 APK
Chapas Games
Scoreboard includes two different whistles of referee that you canuse want you want and also(configurable) whistle at the end of thefirst and second half. You can see also the results of your last 5matches. It's not a live football scoreboard please don't installand 1 star if you thing is a live scoreboard for real matches! Ihope it will be useful, 5 stars for more versions!
Champions Stars Soccer 1.1 APK
Chapas Games
Can you win the Champions? Throw your players through the soccerfield and pass the qualifying rounds to reach the great final.Rivals have different levels and big teams could play verywell...The gameplay is two strokes at start or after yellow card.One stroke in normal mode. If you do a pass or a control you`llhave an extra shot.The game also has a 2Players mode.I hope youlike my game, I always read your opinion. If you enjoy my gameplease 5 stars!#champions
World Cup Soccer 2018 Stars 2.71 APK
Chapas Games
In Soccer Simulator you can play a online match, a match vs machineor vs a friend, series of penaltys, challenges, trainning minigames and more. -Online Mode: For now you can play matches vsothers players in the world, but we are saving your statics becausesoon online league with clubs and online word cup with nationalteams! - Challenge Mode: In challenge mode you will play indifferent situations of a football match and will have to scoregoal in a maximum of shoots. To do it perfect, so, to win threestars, you have to touch, with the ball or with your players thatare placed in the field but also, to obtain the third star, youhave to mark goal in the number of shots that the challengeindicates you. But attention, because it's possible that challengesays to you that one of the shoot has to be a pass or a perfectcontrol. - Match Mode: In match mode you can play vs a friend withthe colors of the best national soccer teams. Match has penaltys,throw ins, corners, yellow and red card, ... You have two shoots byturn, and if in your second shoot you do a pass or control perfectyou will have another extra shoot! You can choose play in a roughsand field, in a perfect and green field or in a field of ice thatslides. - Penalty Mode: You can play series of penaltys in aperfect minigame to play vs a friend. In Penalty mode fist one inplaying will be the goalkeeper, who only on the line of goal willbe able to slip to difficult the shot to the penalty shooter. WhySoccer Simulator is the best cap soccer simulator? Control and passperfect make the difference. In other games you simply shootabsurdly the ball, in Soccer Simulator you have to think in alwaysin play with your playmates, or in control de ball vs a rival in adefensive move to be able to clear the ball. To make a control orpass perfect you have always to touch the ball first of all, in allother case turn will pass to your rival. Yellow cards make a greatdifference also, you can't simply hit against other players, youhave to have something of care if there are rivals nearby and moreif they are near the area or if maybe the player that you are goingto strike has yellow card. We hope you enjoy our game, We aredeveloping just now new improvements for what we ask you thatindicate in the comments that you would improve. Our current workis to do the game most configurable during the game, more teams, anew training mode... and certainly, a lot of great and funny newchallenges!
France 2016 Soccer Euro 1.1 APK
Chapas Games
Could you win the French Euro Cup 2016?Throwyour players through the soccer field and pass thequalifyingrounds to reach the final in Paris. The game also has a2Playersmode.The gameplay is two strokes at start or after yellow card.Onestroke in normal mode. If you do a pass or a control you`ll haveanextra shot.I hope you like my game, I have also Cycling, Formula1...#soccer #football #stars #futbol #francia #euro #soccer
Formula Stars One 1.2 APK
Chapas Games
Indie and easy game to just have fun and enjoy playing withoutstress.. could you win world chapionchip? Take boxes to repareyourself, DRS to get extra shoot, take care with crashes withothers cars. If your car get damage he will run low.. but if you doit fine you'll win Individual and Teams classification. In Race 1stracer win 25 points, 2nd 18, 3rd 12, 4th 6, 5ht 1 point.I hope youlike! There are people who love it ;)If you have any suggest tellme, maybe I will do it, and five stars would be awesome! :)GetFUN!#F1 #FORMULA1 #FORMULE1 FORMULA FORMULE ONE