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With 8000 ports and over 8 millions distance calculation , thiswill assist any shipowner to get a fair estimate of any voyage.Itis fairly evident , even to those who are not engaged in day to daychartering , that the problem on a voyage charter can start veryearly in the life of a contract. Whilst some vessels are fixed whenthey are in a spot position , this is comparatively unusual andmost vessels are chartered when they are some distance from theloading port.Having this app is handy and ready at all time. Withthe built in distances , all it takes is few minutes to arrive atan estimate.You can use the same cargo parcel for different shipusing different fuel condition. All estimations can be save for alater comparison.Please view the video for a detailedexplanation.In this version you can retrieve saved information andalso email them to another person.There is no limit to the numberof estimates saved.

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    October 22, 2014
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Ships Container Bayplan BAP3.02 APK
Avocet Data
Mobile Bay Plan App is the world first Mobile APP for the ContainerShip Industry and is a result of over 40 years of Cargo practice.This App keeps you ahead of the curve with this innovative EDIsolution. Ships Container Bayplan decodes and displays content ofBAPLIE file. Although designed on the latest BAPLIE Version 3.0.2 ,it has backward compatibility with earlier version of SMDG BAPLIEEDIFACT. This version requires Internet connection only fordownloading the EDI, if you use media such as USB/SD Card thenInternet is not required.Internet is also required if you needaccess to the Port Information. A data bank of about 16000 Ports isavailable on Avocet Cloud for Free.It construct the vesselaccording to the information received , but user have an option tocreate their "own ship" profile.Graphic Display of Data - Profileof the ship with display of hold / deck stack- Bay plan front viewfor each bay- Individual Bay Detail- Individual ContainerDetailsReports generatedContainer List with column sortordering.IMDG List Summary of Containers for Each PortContainerdetailed informationContainer remarks , Handling instructionetc.Ship Profile CreationShips can be created by specifying thenumber of Bay and the position of the accommodation.BAPLIEIMPORTBAPLIE can be imported directly from the USB / SD/ miniSD orother media compatible with your mobile unit.using the syntax:file:///mnt/usbhost/usb1/mybaplie.edi where mnt/usbhost/usb1 isthe path determined by the File Manager. A video has been placed onyoutube to assist you in importing.Importing from the Web:If you donot have access to external media , you can upload your BAPLIE tothe web and download it from there.For that you willenterhttp://www.myserver.com/mybaplie.txt Please use .TXT extensionfor your file and not EDI as some website do not have any ideaabout EDI and may reject the file download. Most Web Server doaccept EDI extension but just to be sure.If you do not have anywebserver which will host your file,then you can usehttp://www.avocetdata.com/shipmate to upload your file.Please notethat avocetdata.com will delete your file automatically after youdownload it on your mobile. If you need to store your filepermanently you need an account with AvocetData EDI Cloud, a freeservice operated by Avocet for Seafarers. You need your facebookaccount to login to this service. DOWNLOADING AND DEPLOYMENT OFBAPLIE This version uses the mobile disk based data system , whichis slightly slow as each data is verified and placed securely ontothe database.Advantage - Once we have the BAPLIE converted into adata base , data extraction and display becomes very fast.Disadvantage: Data conversion is a slow process, a BAPLIEcontaining a 1000 containers will take about a minute to process ,if you have 22000 containers in the EDI , it will take about 20minutes to process all data.But this is just ONE-TIME OPERATION sothe advantages over ride this delay in processing.Our AdvanceVersion which is 18.0 uses XML data as BAPLIE is also available inXMLformat. If you use the SMDG BAPLIE format this APP converts theEDI into XML.Advantage you get lightening fast processing of dataas all processing is done using ram.
Ship Surveyor - Draft Survey 7.4.3 APK
Avocet Data
Draft Survey is a way to determine the weight of cargo being loadedon a vessel. Ship Surveyor App calculates the draft survey andproduces a draft survey report.This Draft Survey procedure andcalculation ascertained is based on the following.: Reading thedraftmark of the ship, which consists of six (6) points of draftmarks, i.e.; Ford, Midship, and Aft at both sides of theship,sampling of the sea water or dock water density at the placewhere the vessel floats,determining of deductible weights bymeasuring and sounding of ballast tanks, fuel oil, fresh water thatexists onboard at the time of survey,and finally using HydrostaticTable provided on board to calculate..This app allows you to havemultiple ships , email report and print report using any print appwhich can print email.This version is METRIC onlyYou can configurethe ship easily on http://draft.avocetdata.net using your excelworksheet.Or you can email your Hydrostatic data in Excel format,CSV format or Text format to [email protected] allows 3hours before attempting to download. Please use correct Shipnameand Callsign.If your cell phone has external device such as SDCardand USB data , you can create an Excel sheet and save it in CSVformat. You can then use this CSV file to update your hydrostaticand Tank data. It is important that the Excel Sheet column must bethe same as in the App, once you upload the Excel please recheckthe data before conducting and draft survey.
Draft Survey Pro v15.3 APK
Avocet Data
Satisfaction Guaranteed:Draft Survey is a way to determine theweight of cargo being loaded on a vessel. Ship Surveyor Appcalculates the draft survey and produces a draft survey report.Thisapp requires internet if emailing report or downloadingpre-configured ship.THIS VERSION USES BOTH METRIC / IMPERIALYou canimport your hydrostatic directly using Excel CSV format. Just slipin the SD Card , USB with the CSV and tap Import while onHydrostatic Screen.You can configure the ship easily onhttp://draft.avocetdata.net using your excel worksheet.Or you canemail your Hydrostatic data in Excel format, CSV format or Textformat to [email protected] allows 3 hours beforeattempting to download. Please use correct Shipname and Callsign.This service is provided FREE.This Draft Survey procedure andcalculation ascertained is based on the following.:Reading thedraft mark of the ship, which consists of six (6) points of draftmarks, i.e.; Ford, Midship, and Aft at both sides of theship,sampling of the sea water or dock water density at the placewhere the vessel floats,determining of deductible weights bymeasuring and sounding of ballast tanks, fuel oil, fresh water thatexists onboard at the time of survey,and finally using HydrostaticTable provided on board to calculate..This app allows you to havemultiple ships , email report and print report using any print appwhich can print email.Pro Version has the following added featuresagainst its predecessor .1- Email to multiple email addresses.2-Instant Cargo Notes3- Default Ship Selection4-Ad Hoc Calculation.You do not need a HydroStatic Table.5-Easy to use interfaceFor fileimporting File Name must contain the fullpath.Example/mnt/sdcard/sdcard1/myfile.csv (try using a file namewith no spaces)You must check if external (I mean the one which canbe freely removed from the device without removing the battery) SDcard is inserted on the device For instance, Samsung's Galaxyfamily devices state the external SD drive to be mountedon/mnt/sdcard/external_sd/Anyway, before trying to get actualexternal path you should consult to the device manufacturer, forwhat mount path you should be looking for. And still, even when youknow external path, you can be frustrated trying to look thatfolder directly.Consider we have a Galasy S which has external SDcard path as of "/mnt/sdcard/external_sd". The most obvious way tocheck it is to use File Manager App.
Draft Survey for Large Ships Tankers APK
Avocet Data
Satisfaction Guaranteed:Aboard tankers , it is a frequent practiceof Ships Officers to take draft surveys many times a day. Since youare loading at a fast rate which sometimes exceeds 250Tons/Hrs ,Draft changes considerably at every end of watch, And it is notpossible to record all the six draft marks at all times. Sometimeswe have to be contented with just the drafts on the port side orthe Starboard side.Avocet has designed this App with the above inmind. If you take the draft on one side then you can fairlyestimate the draft on the other by matching the List angle with theInclinometer. Avocet Draft Calculation is a mobile load andstability indicating App which has User Friendly Graphic . VariousReport presentation Draft , Cargo and Calculation Results. InbuiltHelp. Create and store conditions Tank filling using global tools.Visual Display of Trim and Heel as you type in the Draft. Easyexchange of Data . Emailing of Data report. Draft Trim CARGO etccomputation on the fly in real time. Displacement and weightCalculations and many moreThe optimum condition would be to takeall the six draft , get the dock density , determining thedeductibles and then using hydrostatic table to get the weight ofthe cargo loaded.Import of Hydrostatic Tables and Tank Plan hasbeen made much easier . You just create a CSV file in the styleexplained using Excel or Notepad on Mac or Windows and import itdirectly. No internet connection is required. Or you can send thehydrostatic tables and Tank Plan in any form [email protected] and we shall create the file and send it toyou.This is detailed in detailed in the user manual available atwww.avocetdata.com/draftsurvey/usermanual.pdfPlease visitwww.avocetdata.com for more information about Avocet and its MarineSoft Products
Voyage Calculation VoyCal APK
Avocet Data
A vessel doing 14 Knots and consuming 15 tons of Fuel will takethree days to cover 1000 Miles consuming about USD 20000 ofFuel.VOYCAL Ver 11.9.7 is slightly more than that. Measuring justover 10k this app has enough power to compete with the availabledesk top commercial versions. If you wish to save calculation forretrieval , please use the Voyage Estimation Version.This versionis the scaled down version of the Avocet's Charter Calculation DeskTop Application . WIth over 9000 port names and over 8 millionsdistance calculation , it cover most of the cross ocean passages.If the distance is not known or seems to be incorrect , you canalways overwrite the distance with your own table.It can save yourvoyage result locally , so you do not have to rely on the Internetfor retrieval. Although it lacks all the features of its desk topVersion , we have tried to capture maximum information which can befitted into the viewport of a mobile phone.In this AppYou can Modeldifferent cargo and vessel. Thus the same cargo parcel can be triedusing different ship.Apply differing scenarios and viewoutcomeInstant estimates with multiple estimate stacking facilityfor easy evaluation/comparisonConfigurable bunker price Ballastbonus cost and address commission For voyage estimation it isabsolute essential to have enough knowledge about the maritimegeography with particular regards to distances and loadlines. Thebuilt in distances provides you with fairly accurate idea of themajor world distances from which you can usually calculate crossvoyages.A shipping industry standard used to calculate the averagedaily revenue performance of a vessel. Time charter equivalent iscalculated by taking voyage revenues, subtracting voyage expenseand then dividing the entire total by the round-trip voyageduration in days. TCE which is a tool to measure period-to-periodchanges is dynamically displayed at each alternation..TCE /cBase isconveniently located and the results are highlighted.This App isoptimized for Retina Display and work well in mobile phones andTablet alikeThe Pro version will soon have the ability to transferdata to and from Excel.
Avocet Stability And Trim Demo APK
Avocet Data
Avocet Stability and Trim App will render the stability conditionfor a ship.This App is free for a limited time only , and has lessfeature from the Ship Loadicator STAB AND TRIM AppFrom timeimmemorial , Stability and Trim has always been a job for ChiefOfficer where he checks the trim before loading any cargo. Usingthe slide rule , he used the MCTC and cargo moment to determine thechange of trim on loading a cargo hold or discharging ballast toget on even keel.Avocet Stability and Trim does exactly that. It isnot a replacement for Ship Board Loadicator and should using theMaster Device.It provides visual display of ship's stability oneach change of cargoes , tanks and Ballast . You can then save thecondition for later reviewing.GN Curve is based on Simpson Rule andbased on the Cross Curves of Stability as provided by the shipyard.Internet access is only required if you are accessing tabledata which you have saved on the web otherwise it is not requiredat all. This App is a full working version , you can configure andadd ships. However the hydrostatic curves have editinglimitations.We strongly hope you like this App , please do nothesitate to contact the developer if you need features added it oryou have any questions in regards to its use.
Tanker Stability And Trim Tankers APK
Avocet Data
Satisfaction Guaranteed:Welcome to the First Ever Visual Mobile Appwhich will meet the needs of Master and Mates when calculationcargo and trim aboard Tankers.(Complete details including Video canbe found on www.avocetdata.com/stabtrim)This is not a replacementfor the On Board Loadicator and it is strongly suggested tocalibrate the outcome of this app with the actual Loadicator onboard.If you need to have an Class Approved Loadicator for yourship please contact Avocet through their website atwww.avocetdata.com.Another good place to configure this App is touse the Master Device Book which is designed by the ship yard foruse by Ship officers.Internet Connection is required for Email andfor downloading configuration file.The program does not needsInternet connection to perform.You can configure your ship byanswering simple questions like , how many tanks you have you haveand the engine room is situated after which tank. The program willthen construct the ship for you.You can then configure the ship.For hydrostatic table you can create an excel CSV and then downloadit into the program.Just provide the full path to the file.Pleasecontact Avocet for any queries on their websitewww.avocetdata.comThe App features are detailed on the website.
Stability Trim v19.5.5 APK
Avocet Data
Download now and gain access to our fantastic auto update and selfcustomized solution feature.Calculate the Stability , Trim andconduct Draft Survey. An all in one App for any Chief Officer onboard a cargo vessel.Check out the Video. Now it is possible tocheck the trim on loading weight in ford hatches, check ballastwater , experiment for even keel.We build custom solution forMobile units (all phones iphone,android,windows and Blackberry) forships such as Bulk,OSV, Tugboats ,Tanker, General Cargo at a priceyou can afford.Great for Containers and Bulk Cargo. Stabilityincludes the optional KN Curves of Stability Ship stability is anarea of marine Cargo Officer mainly the Chief Officer whoper-calculates how a ship behaves at sea, both in still water andin waves. Stability calculations focus on the center of gravity andcenter of buoyancy of vessels and on how these interacts during thelong passage.The APP depends upon the Hydrostatic Data which has tobe correctly uploaded to the APP. The ship Cargo Hold /Tanks are tobe per-defined as well as the each Ballast , Fuel, DOTanks.Provision is made to make these tedious task an one timeaffair. Once the Ship is well configured , the user can then getthe Stability Condition of the vessel before and after the Shipmovement in/out if the port.Draft Survey will be included by yearend.If exporting hydrostatic tables from MS Excel , please makesure the Table is constructed in the fashion explained on thewebsite . http;//draft.avocetdata.com .In the past users have triedto upload Excel Data with differing Column names which resulted ingreat error.It is emphasized that Hydrostatic Data must be enteredas accurately as possible.This limited edition has limitation seton Hydrostatic Table. For full version please see Avocet Data 'sApp called Ship Loadicator Stability TrimYou are strongly advisedto compare the GZ Curve with your own calculations to gainconfidentiality in the App.According to Capt Faruqi " Nothing inthese code shall exonerate any user , Chief Officer or crew fromthe consequences of any chiding by the Master for using theHydrostatic Table designed for another vessel , or wrongful datauploaded during the late night. Remember computer do not have amind of their own. Garbage in means garbage out." .