2.1 / December 26, 2017
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Rushy Road is playful version of VR car racing game which isdifferent from other hardcore, realistic VR car racing games.You’ll be immersing yourself in endless rides in Virtual Reality,driving car during rush hours, grab coins on your go, collectingcards and building a large car collection. VR Car Racing: RushyRoad is a family-friendly VR game, it can take more of your timewearing cardboard, driving, racing, smashing, drifting, braking andplaying with speed in Virtual Reality with family and friends thanever before. There's lots of fun to be had in this VR game: Youhave to be conscious to avoid fast-paced emergency vehicles: policecar and ambulance, Look out to avoid unexpected cars falling onyour way, brake when you need time and speed up to seek for speed.▶ There are two modes available in VR Car Racing Rushy Road:✴ VRmode: No controller required. Put your cardboard on, move your headto control the mini toy car and feel the wind in your hair withcoolest ride in Virtual Reality.✴ Non-VR mode: No cardboardrequired. Touch or slide to move. Control speed by braking andspeeding up. ▶ KEY FEATURES of Vr Car Racing Rushy Road:✴Simplistic racing game.✴ Collectible cars, grab coins on the roadto build a large collection✴ Effortless control: Touch or slide tomove. ✴ Brake, drift and speed up✴ Crazy smash by unexpectedfalling cars.✴ Give way to emergency vehicles: Police car andambulance✴ Smooth racing experience in rush hour✴ Well-polished 3Dmini toy car models✴ Funny, attractive sound effect, street noisegiving you real experience racing in Virtual RealityWear yourcardboard on, pick up a mini toy car, speed up and start the streetride in VR Car Racing: Rushy Road. Enjoy real feeling of cartoonishride in virtual reality. Don't forget to pick up as much coins aspossible, collect cards and build your own wonderful toy carcollection in this VR game. This game has just been released but ithas received hundreds of good feedback from users worldwide duringBeta testing period: “I never thought that I can find a VR gamebringing back my childhood memory like this”, “Amazing, addictiveVR game killing most of my time”, “Aparently good and greate VRracing game to be an execllent racer”, “Very good and excellentgraphics”, etc.Share Vr Car Racing: Rushy Road with your family andfriends, spend hours racing, avoiding fast paced police car,speeding up and smashing with wonderful 3D mini toy carmodels.Follow us on facebook:https://www.facebook.com/DTAMobile/For more games, visit:https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=DTA%20Mobile&hl=vi

App Information VR Car Racing: Rushy Road

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    VR Car Racing: Rushy Road
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    December 26, 2017
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    DTA Mobile
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    Room 2408, Block 29T2, Hoang Dao Thuy St., Cau Giay Dist., Ha Noi
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A very simple and challenging game -DragonsRisingThe rule is very simple. We have a Dragon moving from landtowardsky, whirling around a big stick. The big stick separate by2 part:red and green, and the dragon have to cross into the greenregion.Sometime we have dragon balls attach beside the stick, andif youcatch them, you can get bonus score and gem. The Dragon hasto earnas much dragon ball as it can to fly up to the sky and thenyoucould give it a revolution. If you go with wrong direction orcatchthe red stick, you die!Very simple, but this game is very hard and challenging. Youmustplay at least 10 times to get used to with gameplay, then youcancontrol the dragon as you want. The way that Dragon fly overcouldmake a beautiful Sin graph, if you like math, you would lovethisgame.Now, after the Lunar New Year of Asia - where Dragon is themostpowerful legion, it is time to play a Dragon game. Casual,simplebut really hard, you could challenge yourself or your friendtobeat high score record.The new game update will be release soon in March withmanyattractive feature.Enjoy the game, thank you very much!
Floor box jump APK
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loor box jump - The most addictive box gameofall timeAre you tired of your repetitive life?Whenever you feel bored or don’t know what to do while waiting,playfloor box jump. We will turn your boredom into entertainment.Yourrepetitive problems will all be solved.Floor box jump is challenging yet fun and vibrant. Play floorboxjump now to pounce up and down. In this game you will notonlypounce but also glide for fun and vibrant. Every time yourscorethe entertaining colors shift and you change your pipeline.Try tomake the box pounce or glide through the hindrances. Tap tomake itleap and hold to make it glide. The box will immediatelyshatterand wham once you hit the spikes but if you don’t hit thespikes,the pipeline color will shift and you go to the nextpipeline.Score high and relax!!Tap tap and hold to make your day. Don’t shatter or whamyourbox.Download Floor Box Jump now!!DTA MobileLike us: https://www.facebook.com/DTAMobileFollow us: @DTAMobile