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In VR Commando Mission Fury commando game there would be modernrealistic most killing dangerous weapons from modern sniper guns toattack on modern drone, you can choose your weapon according toyour commando missions requirement while fighting against terror ina worrying situation. This VR Commando Missions game is a realisticvirtual reality shooting game with a lot of helicopter fights andkilling of spies, there is no limit of killing, actually thiscommando game is a killing and shooting spree for a soldierfighting in the battlefield like a realistic war and can get a goodtraining and also could be a best trained elite commander. UK VRCommando Missions Fury is thrilling training and battle game offirst person commando VR real shooter. Enjoy thrilling commandoaction mission based game with UAE modern commando technologyrealistic weapon fight. Enemy has taken your land and they maketheir camp and making trouble in your country. You are only lastperson left from your force. It’s your challenge to kill enemiesagent before they kill you and take back your land from enemy andbecome a last commando sniper boy of this latest battlefield. Seeleft right, forward backward you will see enemies everywhere.If youare adventure & action games lover, and courageous to fight thebattle of commandos, in which there is everywhere killing andshooting, then download this VR commando game. VR Commando MissionsFury game is the package of commando action and adventure, in thiscommando adventure game you will get the lot of opportunities, oneof them is unlimited killing and shooting enemies and spy, andother one is adventure of commando vr real fight. Digital radarsystem, which you have, shows the locations and movements of spiesand enemies. They already got information about your mission andthey are ready to kill you and be alert bcoz some terrorist couldattack you in a radar range. You will feel that you are in the realbattlefield and enemies will attack you with the help of soldiers,drone fighters and missiles. VR Commando Missions Fury you aregiven is very hard and risky, enemies and artillery Play up toexciting elite one man missions. This modern gun automaticallyreloads when you run out of ammunition. The best shooting war,Afghanistan commando mission game on solidified mountain and cityareas. You are trained at United States army and police trainingschool. American Military vr commando droone shooting game containsmultiple mission to enhance your commando war tactics and UsCommando real survival mission skills. You are a highly trainedsniper shooter to complete all the survival vr commando missionsand to become assassin to deadly war fighter enemies.VR CommandoMissions Fury skills game contains multiple mission to enhance yourcommando war tactics and Us Commando risky survival mission skills.Being a bleeding edge shooter eliminate enemy and retaliate fallentroops and take revenge. Your are a gorilla freedom fighter ofKashmir, Syria and Afghanistan where you start your fight againstarmy of enemy .Soldier who are in army uniform have taken over thecity and forest base camps and the people have been made hostages.

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    VR Commando Missions Fury
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    May 9, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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Are you a fan of flying planes? Becoming an aircraft engineer? Goon an aircraft journey? Best vr airplane games. VR Airplane FlightSimulator is the right game for you, it will let you take over theflying jet, airplane. vr airplane games. virtual reality games.virtual reality Apps free. virtual reality games. Bet amongairplane games. Best VR airplane simulator 2017 Game. You mighthave played other flying games like Flight simulator, Simulator 3Djet operation, Airplane games 2016, Real 3D flying games, Realflying police simulator, AR Aircraft games. But you might have notplayed any VR Airplane flight game yet. Here is the right chancefor you to fulfil your childhood dream. VR flight simulator.Trending VR Games. Top Free Vr Games. Ultimate VR Experience. VR 4DFlight Simulator. Free Virtual Reality Game.It is a hybrid gamethat contains both the fighting and flying jet experience. You cantake 2 advantages from just one game, VR Airplane Flight Simulatoris going to have fighting and flight adventures. Do you feel boreall day and you have no more interest in playing those regularpuzzle, racing, drafting games? This Virtual Reality game has afantastic VR environment, with clouds, lands far from earth and jetinternal view can be seen using your Virtual Reality glasses orOculus. Have you ever experienced playing VR games? If not thenrush to install VR Airplane Flight Simulator now. Become aprofessional pilot, sit in the cockpit, operate the Airplane inVirtual Reality environment. Enjoy the strike scenes from theplane. In this VR game, you will find realistic environment becauseof the realistic graphics, VR environment , music and sounds.Whileflying you have to take all things in account, that you have plentyof passengers sitting in the plane with you and all you need to dois; handle your seat in cockpit with care and take off, land theplane correctly, without making any mistake. Being a good,professional pilot it’s your foremost obligation. While landing youhave to drop wheels at right time, and do not hit anything on therunway, you must slow down and park carefully in the red markedarea.Following are the features of VR Airplane Flight Simulator•Virtual reality based 3D airplane travelling• Real 3D Environmentand cool graphics• It is Free• Three dimensional View of the plane•Realistic aircraft physics• Auto controls• Simple and easycontrols• Fast response timeDownload VR Airplane Flight Simulatornow and have fun playing this Virtual Reality game. After playingthis game you will feel a definite change in your gamingexperience. Because in Virtual reality games, you are actually ableto visualize the scenes and surroundings and you feel like presentin the game for real. Like other Augmented Reality games, VR gamesare also addictive and fabulous. Share it with your friends andrate our game. Thanks
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Take a ride on cool VR cars. Overtake your competitors in this VRCar Rally Racing game. VR games or VR Racing games have a greataddition with VR Car Rally. VR Car Rally is the top trending gamenow days. Users like VR games and VR apps. So Download VR Car Rallyand Enjoy Virtual Reality based Rally Game. You need joystick andvirtual reality headset (cardboard or other VR glasses) for runningthis game. Deep into Virtual Reality world and get adrenaline. Takea look and immerse in virtual reality world. VR Car Rally - OffroadDrive racing give you unforgettable feelings. Virtual realityheadset let you feel breakthrough flight, unbelievable feeling anddizzy emotions! Best VR Rally Cross game ever.VR Car Rally -Offroad Drive is an attempt to combine the best of both old schoolrally racing games and smart device experiences. Stunning visualgraphics, realistic yet fun to drive car physics, all in the palmof your hand. Take the rally racing anytime, anywhere with you -Top VR games.Highly detailed and precisely made car models,beautiful and visually convincing racing tracks located in variousspectacular sceneries including mountains, coastline and ancientcity ruins. Carefully tuned car physics to be both realistic andfun. Multiple ground surface properties including tarmac, gravel,grass and ice. Each car has unique driving characteristics, andwill evolve through the winning of races.It’s time to face the dirtand burn out fuel of your car! Drive through the muddy plains,contest with other racers and win the ride! Feel like a realoff-road driver with VR Car Rally Racing 3D! The crowd is roaring –the audience is waiting for the show! Join the racing and become areal offroad racer! Ride across the ground trek, earn points andcollect awards! Drift through the dirt, avoid crashes and be awinner! VR Racing Game Free.Check different game modes! Tryyourself at free race – earn as many points as you can in 60seconds – or at tournament mode, where you should win at most of 10rides – the much better, if you’d win all of them, of course! Testyour skills as a real rally racer and do your best to get to thetop of tournament table!Get behind the wheel of rally cars! Earnpoints to upgrade your car or buy a new one! Try to unlock allvehicles and choose the best one! Raise up your car abilities toease your victory with VR Car Rally Racing 3D!Extremely challengingevent, Get ready for real time knockout racing in car, feel thefurious racing fever raising high with drift of turbo engines innext-gen rally cars. Welcome to Arctic mountain range for mostrealistic rally racing ever in the store.VR Car Rally Racing offersyou to knockout your rivals on dirt asphalt roads acrosstreacherous mountains. Feel the rush of addictive arcade racingfever on ultimate winner event. It’s not some contest againsttraffic racer you will battle against pro rally racer in world.Show hill climbing and downhill driving skills in this furiousracing. Make your way out to top in racer championship. Be a partof best racer simulation game on arctic rally like never before.Drive in extreme condition with intense multiplayer challenges. Sitbehind custom build dream cars to race on slippery frozen tracks.Unlock more super cars to become ultimate rally racer.Drive as fastas you can to reach the finish line, upgrade your car and collectall awards to become a rally champion! Prove yourself as a realdirt racer with VR Car Rally Racing 3D!
VR Army Commando Shooting 1.0 APK
Shooting and Commando killing games are always a fun gameplay forboys who love to watch fighting and action movies. Play gamesaccording to your choice, you would have already played games likeshooting game, shooting games free, 3D sniper shot, VR shooting, VRCommando, VR enemy killing, Sniper fury, Sniper shooter, Commandoadventure, Commando mission, now you have amalgamated the totalfun, adventure, action and excitement of all such shooting commandogames. We bring you the most thrilling and breathtaking game of alltimes. VR Commando Shooting game is a VR Commando Shooting. It is avirtual reality game with the best Realistic Environment. this gameneeds all your concentration and you need to move fast, if you moveslow then there are chances that you get shot and you die, but youare not playing this game to get shot and die. Your ultimate mottois to go to the terrorists location, kill all the threads and leaveno criminal minded people behind. When you enter the place, youhave to be very much brave and confident because your enemies canbe anywhere and they might get an aim on you before you get tothem, hide in obstacles, take cover, get your guns loaded, put yourfingers on the trigger and shoot the enemy first. This game usesFPS (First Person Shooting) technique, so the one who presses thetrigger first is getting the shot and he is able to kill the otherone. VR Commando Shooting has many addictive levels, game startswith you, you are the soldier and combatant here, to save theworld, your citizens, kids and families from war. there is a countof war in the country, War against terrorism and war against roadcrimes, that occur everyday. You are assigned the duty to end allthis mess up. counter attack all the enemies to kick them out ofyour range and let them leave their base hub of crime. Heavy guns,battlefield, military camping and many other features are includedin VR Commando Gun Strike game. This game has 12 exciting andrealistic levels, with best graphics and sound effects, that willsurely give you the pleasure of playing a commando game. Thevirtual reality environment used in this game is Army camp, all thethings are very much real and you need to take cover of all yoursecret and highly sensitive places, so that nobody can invade yourprivate camping areas and get your information. Game Features; ⦁Thrilling FPS shooting game ⦁ Virtual Reality HD Graphics ⦁ Varietyof levels in counter terror mission ⦁ Upgradable weapons for longrange shooting game ⦁ Excellent city Environment for militaryattack ⦁ Realistic effects and new challenges to your mission ⦁Outclass sound effects, Background and shooting sounds ⦁ Easy andintuitive controls ⦁ Multiple addictive levels ⦁ Use your left andright controls to play this game ⦁ Touch the shoot button to shot afire ⦁ Guns are Auto loader Download VR Commando Shooting now andplay as an efficient shooter and striker. You can play this gamewith your friends, make them play well, by sharing your playingtechniques. Don't forget to share and rate our game.
VR Warship Battle - Defence 3D 1.0 APK
VR Warship Battle - Defence 3D is an MMO naval combat simulationgame of virtual reality. VR Warship Battle - Defence 3D will bringyou back to World War 2 whilst you enjoy fighting real worldenemies. You are able to join the Navies of the United States,Japanese, United Kingdom, Russia, France and Italy to create yourown personal fleet within Naval Front-Line. You can join the war inDestroyers, light and heavy Cruisers, Battleships and evenSubmarines. Welcome to the war and ENJOY battle! VR Warship Battleis the best virtual reality game. VR games or VR apps have greataddition with VR Warship Battle game.Go back in time to the 20thcentury, and be prepared to take on your enemies on the high seas,by commanding your naval vessel and destroying your opponent’sships. World Warships Combat is a battleship shooting game withseveral types of military ships fulfilling different roles.Take thebattle to the seas in WARSHIP BATTLE, a 3D warship action game,with missions inspired by the historic naval clashes of World WarII. From the USS Arizona to the HMS Bulldog, take control ofauthentic World War II era vessels and steer them through epicnaval battles to glorious victory!Take part in a sea battleshipagainst enemy warship. Join the armed naval force to destroy thesubmarine yards, navy bases, gunship boats and defeat theterrorists. Take your enemies out with ultimate warship craftsattack. Aim your scope to target and destroy the terrorist navalfrigate. Your duty is to defend naval warship from attack to enemyand secure the sea defense line. Are you ready to take the greatrevenge? This is the sea war like a world war. This is the clash oftwo nations. Try to conquer your opponent nation. So finally yourtarget is to strategically fire to enemies on the warships withyour powerful gunship boat and devastating guided missiles. Surviveand chase your enemies with allied naval forces in the sea. Coldsea war is now started. Enemies attack on your naval territory andmarine headquarters. So prepare your combat warship and fighterships to destroy the terrorist. The world’s best naval mission isin front of you. Complete the warship challenge and become the bestnavy commander.Sink your opponent's ships before they sink yourships in this 1-2 player virtual reality experience. Hunt down sixclasses of ships (Aircraft Carrier, Amphibious Assault, Cruiser,Littoral Combat, Destroyer, Submarine) in this classic strategygame played and known the world over by many names, includingbattleship, battleships, sea battle, salvo, combat, wings, gridattack, ship attack, attack at sea, l'attaque (French), bataillenavale (French), Морской Бой (Russian), zeeslag (Dutch), 海戦ゲーム(Japanese), okręty (Polish), and more.Game Features- Best VirtualReality based VR Warship Battle Game- High quality 3D graphicsdespite compact app size- Fast paced naval battles with authenticwarships from the World War II era- Customize your warships withdifferent weapons and parts to win the battle- Episodes and hiddenmissions based on real WWII naval battles.- No network connectionis required after downloading the gameThe game provides playerswith a huge naval fleet and grants an opportunity to take commandof legendary vessels and fight for domination on the high seas.Each machine has its unique realistic combination of firepower,speed, armor, and enduranceThe naval action game has severalfeatures to keep you entertained, including a straightforward andclear game interface, as well as easy-to-maneuver gamecontrols.Your mission is to take charge of a fleet of powerful andvaried naval ships, taking to the rough seas to seek out anddestroy your enemies in intense and bloody battles.
VR Dino Hunting - Jungle Shoot 1.0 APK
Looking for VR Games? VR games Dino Hunting is the best junglebeast sniper shooting game. VR Dino Hunting - Jungle Shoot providesa Dense Jungle environment to find and hunt different Dinosaurswith one of the best sniper guns with him. Player enters intojungle to hunt different types of Dinosaurs with sniper shootinggun. In response of first fire, Dinosaur will react with full angerand rush to hunter / player to take revenge. Hunter has to defendhimself wisely and finally shoot the Dinosaur.This game now beatall other dino hunting games in 2017.Have you ever wondered to lookbig dinosaur around? Do you want to see the flying dino? Do youwant to see there movement freely? Here comes a special VR Dinopackage for you... the ultimate VR Dino Hunting - Jungle Shootexperience of Dinosaurs around in Virtual Reality... using GoogleCardboard glassesThe challenge has to be completed within limitedgiven time. Jungle Dinosaur Hunting contains multiple levels withincreasing difficulty levels. On successful completion of existinglevel, player will land on next level with enhancedcomplexity.Freely roam the open environment en poke round thebeautiful cedar evergreen trees to see huge dinos come to life. Youcan go to any point and see the sites and dinos in VR. Players getto experience the site at their own pace and the mission is simple;enjoy and discover the world of prehistoric dinosaurs before themodern world cities were built. It's like a virtual realityattraction traveling you back to prehistoric times!Progress throughvaried shooter series to win rifles, shotguns and assault rifles.Make your kills and complete them all for even greaterrewards!Journey to a hidden, untouched Jurassic island and kill themost ferocious animals in history. Encounter Jurassic beasts longthought extinct, from the docile stegosaurus to the terrifying T.rex. There is no need anymore to become an archaeologist and digthe earth for fossilised dino bones to learn more about themajestic creatures that ruled our earth 65 million years ago.Archaeology is simply to boring and digging up fossils take a wholelot of time. You can study them right now using your VRgoggles!Meet and greet with your favorite dinoThis amazing app islike a time machine that takes you back in time. Learn more aboutthe history of dinosaurs and stand in awe as you explore a richvirtual reality world filled with insidious 3d details. Explore theisland’s Jurassic shores and dense jungle and learn about thischapter in history. Safely observe the deadly creatures as theyprowl their natural habitat. Hunt for your favourite creature onthe vast plains and secluded mountain ranges. The app includes manybreed of dinosaurs; from hunting carnivores like the towering T-Rexto smaller mini specimens such as the Dilophosaurus.KEY FEATURES:★Amazingly detailed Jurassic era landscape environment★ Meet yourfavorite dinosaurs in this breathtaking safari adventure★ Easy touse controls, simply look where you want to go★ Many species ofdinos, from hunter carnivores to kind herbivore specimen★ Uniquevirtual reality (VR) theme park simulator for your phone★Compatible with virtual reality glasses such as Google CardboardVR★ Crisp, Cinema like, HD visuals★ This is a unique experience anda top showcase to show off your Android device’s capabilities
VR Racing in Car 1.0 APK
From the house of most famous games, your most awaited game is her.Yes it is the best racing addiction game. The plus point of VRRacing in Car game is that is has Virtual reality technology usedin it. The task assigned to you in this game is, race on highwaysand busy roads, among traffic and show your ultimate racingabilities. You have plenty of time to decide for choosing yourfavorite racing car, because the best vehicle you choose, the morechances you have to score more points and win. It is a total winwin game! Drive all crazy, take hold of steering wheel in thecockpit. Check for your license and permit, because you have toplay VR Racing in Car fair. Playing fair in games, make you aperfect racer for real, show no illegal moves. Stay on your lane;defeat your opponents with your mind skills.Dodge the traffic,drive on city highway with full speed. It is the best arcadesimulation game. Make VR Racing in Car your game for practicingyour racing skills. Note the controls and keys for driving best inthe car. It is the best simulation Virtual reality game. Drive,race, move, drift and do all the crazy things in your racing in cargame. Keep your eyes on the interior of the car, i.e. car meter,fuel etc as well as on the traffic around you, these small but keenpoints make you a good driver and racer. Racing has been your dreamforever; it’s the time to make this dream come true.Stunning highdefinition graphics with mind blowing game play giving you theadrenaline rush with every game. VR Racing in Car brings you themost amazing top-speed dodge! Really Tour, Real cars, RealCompetition real tracks, real traffic racing with epic driftsstunts. VR Racing in Car has number of amazing environments andnumber of laps. You can also change the level of difficulty ofgame, by changing the number of opponents in your race and bychanging the types and speed of your virtual traffic. It has afantabulous mode of racing and knockout. Your virtual reality gameis going to give you a sure shot fun with a lot of other expertisein racing. VR Racing in Car is easy and fun to play! You must runas fast as you can, avoid other cars and road transport vehicles.Don’t bump or hit your car into another car on road, avoidaccidents because you are practicing and you need to be good inyour driving. In fact you need to race as an amazing moto and carracer.Game Features• Multiple detailed environments: Beach, Desert,City, Bridge• VR realistic cockpit view• Endless game mode•Simulator-like controls• Stunning 3D graphics• Smooth and realisticdriving• Easy to learn and drive• Earn score rewards to unlock newcars & environmentsIF you are a great fan of racing games andyou were craving from racing in your car then VR Racing in Car isthe best and foremost the first game you will want to play on yourmobile phones. Download VR Racing in Car now, compete with yourfriends, take good controls of your devices and don’t crash yourexpensive car. If you like our app, don’t forget to rate and shareit.Have fun fellas!
VR Wild Roller Coaster 360 - Best VR BOX App 1.0 APK
VR DINO ROLLER COASTER 7D (TRENDING MOVIE OF MOTION RIDE) IS NOW ONPLAY STOREVR apps for Daydream VR headsetBest VR game is coming outwith breathtaking experience of Wild Roller Coaster VR. Imaginescreaming and fun in Dino Roller Coaster game. a Virtual RealityRoller coaster game thrilled by Dinosaurs and wild animals and highspeed coaster. VR simulation of famous dinosaur world RollerCoaster.BEST VR GAME WITHOUT CONTROLLERVR Wild Roller Coaster 360game is both breathtaking and broken. Fulfill your passion ofVirtual Reality experience. This Roler coaster game is crazy gamefor VR lovers. Real virtual reality scary tour of ROLLER COASTER.We are offering Best and HD collection of virtual reality appsfree.BEST VR HEADSET GAMESImmerse yourself into near to realvirtual reality horror rollercoaster in amusement Park Ride. Arealistic tour of virtual world populated by dinosaurs. DownloadFree VR ROLLER COASTER game that does exactly what its namesuggests. Download Best App for Google Cardboard.VR ROLLER COASTERFOR ANDROIDVR WILD ROLLER COASTER is a simple app that shows offhow well 3D can work in Google Cardboard and similar devices. Oneof the most popular VR games just got even better with 3D fantasyride.VR TRAIN ROLLER SIMVR Dino Coaster is highly recommended forpeople who want to enter the world of VR and see some of theamazing features of this technology. Best vr games samsung free andcompatible for All Tray Based VR BOX and glasses. Enjoy a great VRexperience using your smartphone and some brilliant vr app.VR DINOROLLER COASTER 7D (MOTION RIDE VERSION) IS NOW ON PLAY STOREOnChristmas sale, download free on OcculusDownload Best App forGoogle Cardboard.BEST VR GMAES without gyroscope
VR Army Truck Driver - Warzone 1.0 APK
VR Army Truck Driver is a 3D platform game in which you are drivinga military trucks. (VR Army Transport Driver) VR Army Truck Driveris an exciting and realistic truck driving game,get ready to playan extreme vr army truck driver 3D game.army truck driver is tough,challenging and will test your patience for sure! VR Army TruckDriver - Warzone is best VRgame or virtual reality based truckdriving game. So if you are looking for VR games, VR Apps, Truckdriving, offroad adventure or truck simulation game than VR ArmyTruck Driver - Warzone is the best choice for you.Get ready for anadventurous free driving game with VR Glasses. Journey begun froman army base camp. You are a driver of a military and being amilitary driver your duty is to drive an army 4x4 truck throughouta mountain and drop army commando to their check post. Challengingdrive, limited time and mountain are the key task for a militarydriver. So show your professional driving skills and transportsolders from small base camp to main army check post. Solders areready for a battlefield. They have enough time to reach a checkpost so your duty is to drive a real monster 4x4 truck and helpcommando to fulfill their mission and drop them to check post frombase camp. An adventurous drive start when you start engine of big4x4 truck. VR extreme truck drive is the ultimate duty task totransport soldiers through the rugged terrain on hill climbroad.army truck transporter 3d will allow you to enjoy the drivingand simulation experience.this army modern trucker 3d simulation isthe newest in simulation.you have to show your driving skills andpick the military soldiers and to take off into theirdestination.now you can be an army truck driver and work for savingyour territory from enemies. VR Army Truck Driver has unique wartheme players need to deliver army convoy from one base camp toother through difficult hurdles. The fixed time duration, battleenvironment,hidden ground mines and opponent army soldiers makesgame more exciting and creates an urge to play more.show yourprofessional driving skills and transport soldiers from a smallbase camp to main army check post. soldiers are ready for abattlefield. they have enough time to reach a check post so yourduty is to drive a real monster army 4x4 truck and help commando tofulfill their mission and drop them to check post from basecamp.drive through some challenging levels, under extreme weatherconditions. each level of Army Trucker 3d driver is more thrillingthan the previous level. drive carefully through the dark night, infoggy weather and in thundering rain. Team VR Games Studio is proudto present a wonderful army truck game in a realistic war situationwith virtual reality cardboard experience. You would have probablyplayed a number of army truck games. But for the first time youwill feel like really in battle situation with VR glasses. Everyonewho loves to play simulation games check this out army truck drivergame.be an army truck driver done your job with honesty,passion andcarefully.VR Army Truck Driver game features:> Beautiful insideview of dashboard,steering and speedometer etc> truck simulatorfree game with dynamic HD graphics.> most realistic army cargotruck with jumbo tyres.> realistic war situation with stunningsound effects.> real 3D soldiers animations with guns.>wonderful mountain environments.> Live score board and level endscore based on timely mission completion and efficient driving.>Multiple missions from easy to difficult.> Multiple steeringoptions i.e. tilt, wheel and touch buttons.> Multiple cameraviews... The best in truck drive mode.> Multiple beautiful day,evening and night truck driving levels.> Free to play game withaddictive gameplay.Better than conventional 3D games parking, ittakes you in different realistic environments.