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VR drone attack comprises of modern air combatwith ultimate aerial action of drone shooting game. An air strikefighter is striving for attacking enemy bombers with highlyequipped air strike flight fighter game. Drone attack looks likejet fighter modern military attack but it could be a silent deathdrone attack where you have to infiltrate in enemy air space andshoot down their warheads. It is drone attacking game having agreat experience of drone simulation virtual reality.

In VR drone attack enemy has attacked with a huge army and modernweapons. They are here to infiltrate into your country and occupyour land and actually they succeeded in their filthy ideas byoccupying one of our check posts on border. Now they are movingtowards our city. In this vr shooting game you have to defend yournation by killing enemy’s military forces with multiple rounds ofgunshots and missiles loaded into your drone. It will be a jetsimulation bombardment using your vr headset to kill enemy baseresiding in your country’s premises. You cannot use your army inthis scenario because of huge risk of army loss. So it is your bestchance of survival against your enemy. Attack with full force thatnot a single enemy could flee from your soil and get revenge ofyour nation.

In VR drone attack you have to use your vr headset to manipulategame menu. So just start game and enjoy every aspect of vr gamewith your great virtual reality experience of mission selection.Use your deadly war machine in air force surgical strike waragainst shooting enemy base. It is best drone simulator vr shootinggame where you can use high class weapons loaded in your drone suchas heat seeking missiles, ballistic missiles, unguided rockets andheavy machine gun.

Missions Statement:

Desert Mission: Clear the combat arena warzone from you drone andkill all the targets including enemy infantry, camps and“Anti-Aircraft Humvee”. Be a part of ultimate aerial action in airstrike fighter drone game in enemy battlefield.

Mountains Mission: Enemy vehicles are escaping from the scene afterplanting bomb on nearby bridge, destroy them all. Air surgicalstrikes will be used in dogfighting aerial battle in this droneattack game. A modern air attack game in which you have to attackwith multiple gunshots in air to ground soldier shooting.

City Mission: Enemy is going to attack your base from differentdirections, save your base at any cost. Defend your airspace usingsimultaneous shooting to anti aircraft guns which are moving alongwith their attacking army movement.

How to Play:

• Turn on game
• Use VR goggles to select and start a mission
• Use rockets, missiles, and machine gun buttons on right lowerside
• Use radar to read navigate

Highlighted Features:

 Compatible with any of your VR headset
 Superb battlefields and air combat
 Missiles, bombs, machine guns and more
 Ultra-Realistic explosion and fight against army
 High quality world maps with real-time horizon
 Best drone flight simulator game
 Experience the ultimate action drone bombing
 Dynamic lighting and sound effects to recreate realisticexperience
 Breathtaking battle scenarios
 Realistic drone flight simulation
 No internet connection required

VR drone attack is an ultimate supercool real surgical strike game.Give it a try, it will give you tremendous amount of joy andthrill.

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App Information VR Drone Air Assault

  • App Name
    VR Drone Air Assault
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    July 26, 2017
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 4.0 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Babloo Games
  • Installs
    5,000 - 10,000
  • Price
  • Category
  • Developer
    Email info@nuzcotek.com Privacy Policy
    Diera, PO Box 252410 Dubai United Arab Emirates
  • Google Play Link

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Feel the real speed and perform deadly stuntswhile playing the world’s best vr highway escape rush 3D. Burn upthe street with the fastest and most exhilarating 3D racing actionto become champion of racing world. Through this awesome VR carsimulator game, become fastest driver on the leaderboards to grabthe steering wheel. Prove yourself as a best racer by driving crazysports cars. Enjoy the ultra-speed race with overtaking anddrifting like as real racing champion. Fulfill your VR car racingfever by displaying you real driving skills with VR Crazy Islandracing adventure in the free car racing rivals. Fasten your seatbelt to get an adventurous and addictive free car race.VR highway Escape Rush is #1 extreme daring action highway trafficcar racing game for android to drive fast on the endless tracks andbecome pro racer. The amazing VR car games have realistic interiorcockpit view of the cars and real time traffic vehicles simulationto do some insane stunt actions. This death rider VR car racingsimulator game blends the boundaries through traffic rush tracks toenjoy the real time vehicle physics simulation with fast-pacedgameplay. Experience the real thrill and adventure with 3D stuntsthrough VR car racing simulation games. VR car racing game new 2017is from one of the most addictive and adventuring VR car drivinggames on the play store and best ever made. You may have alreadyplayed many car racing games but this time, you are behind thewheels of pro racing car to get detailed gaming experience.VR highway escape rush is an ultimate turbo racing game full ofadrenaline fueled and thrust to give you realistic thrill andadventure. VR Free car racing games have astonishing physics andeye-popping tracks to do a crazy race. Car drifting games alsoprovides multiple modes with endless tracks and more than onesports-car. Play the previous endless race to earn cash and collectthe coins and nitrous for speed boost. Clear the previouschallenging and adventuring level to unlock more thrilling racingtacks. Avoid bumping and crashing the vehicle otherwise you’ll loseyour racing opportunity. Get coins and cash to upgrade your sportsracing cars or buy new one in the car simulation games 2017.Download this awesome car drifting simulator game to get realisticexperience like as sports car racer. Highway Escape Rush takes the endless modern generation racing to awhole new level by adding three different modes. The 1st one ishighway mode which offers the deadly highway tracks including heavytraffic rush to race fast and become a champ. The 2nd one is citymode which has only city streets road to race carefully fromcrashing the vehicle. And the last one is island track which hasmountain terrains for deadly race in the vr racing games.Key Features of VR Highway Escape Rush:• Stunning 3D HD quality graphics.• Smooth and realistic vehicle handling.• Breathtaking visuals.• Different speed boosters to increase the speed.• VR based 3D Environment.• Gyro-meter based 360 degree rotation.• Compatible with virtual reality glasses such as 4DUD and GoogleCardboard VR.• HD visuals and different exciting tracks.• Unlimited play and fun Easy to learn and drive.How to Play:• Requires VR headset to play.• Tilt the VR glasses to move left/right.• Collect Coins from the track & upgrade the vehicle.• Perform real acrobatic stunts in the VR games.If you like this VR highway escape rush game, please try othergames by clicking “More from Developer” or by visiting ourpublisher account. And don’t forget to rate and review.
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Do you have craze of hunting in amazingenvironment of jungle, this game lets you enjoy the thrills ofbeing an expert hunter. The army career is over now. Being anarmy soldier, you have the task to test your hunting skills. Youare on jeep and moving here & there in search of animals. Thefuel of jeep is also decreasing time by time. There are multiplelevels with more dangerous animals. Lion & bear can attack onyou any time while hunting, so be careful.For players, who are just looking for some exciting activity, morethan just run and gun, Animal Hunt on Wheels offers a refreshingmixture. Don't waste your time; It’s free Just download it &enjoy the hunting adventure in the real time forest environment.How To Play:- Swipe the finger left or right to move/rotate your gunaround.- Use telescope for zoom in effect- Tap Fire button at bottom right for shootingFeatures:An Immerse First Person 3D AdventureCamera Zoom to get accurate ShotsEasy touch and drag controls to rotate axisUse your Sniper to aim the Animals from a distance.Multi-Touch making it more easier to playFuel TankRealistic Forest EnvironmentStunning GraphicsCharming background sounds of forest environment

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