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The VR Guide to the Egyptian Pyramids is a location based guidetothe famous Pyramids. The app's landing page sorts theusersdistance to the major pyramids in Egypt. The landing page hasmoredetail about the Pyramid in question, as well as a live GoogleMap,and a Virtual Simulation of the Pyramid. There are a handfulofhotels, and the Cairo airport put in for reference, but theappsmain focus is the visualization of the Pyramids on the device.Thisis the free version, which has ads, but there is noregistration orsharing of the users' location. About: The Egyptianpyramids areancient pyramid-shaped masonry structures located inEgypt. As ofNovember 2008, sources cite either 118 or 138 as thenumber ofidentified Egyptian pyramids. Most were built as tombs forthecountry's pharaohs and their consorts during the Old andMiddleKingdom periods The earliest known Egyptian pyramids arefound atSaqqara, northwest of Memphis. The earliest among these isthePyramid of Djoser (constructed 2630 BC–2611 BC) which wasbuiltduring the third dynasty. This pyramid and its surroundingcomplexwere designed by the architect Imhotep, and aregenerallyconsidered to be the world's oldest monumentalstructuresconstructed of dressed masonry The most famous Egyptianpyramidsare those found at Giza, on the outskirts of Cairo. Severalof theGiza pyramids are counted among the largest structures everbuilt.The Pyramid of Khufu at Giza is the largest Egyptian pyramid.It isthe only one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World stillinexistence

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    August 5, 2017
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Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Guide 8.0 APK
MotorCo Apps
This app lets the user know where the bestdeep dish pizza in Chicago is. It provides a list of the FamousChicago Deep Dish Pizza Places that are closest to the user, a deepdish menu for each restaurant and then a live google map withdirections to the restaurant selected. The detail is wired with alive map to the location in question as well as a virtualsimulation inside or outside the restaurant, so you can see whatit's like before you go.Restaurants described in the app: The Art of Pizza, Bartoli'sPizzeria, Geno's East, Giordano's, Lou Malnati's, Nino's Pizza,Pequod's Pizza, Pizano's Pizza, Pizzeria Uno, Pizzeria Due, Tano'sPizzeria.This is a free version, so it has ads, but there's no registration,identity sharing or sharing of location.
VR Guide: Hong Kong Disneyland 8.0 APK
MotorCo Apps
The app is an location based and VR guide tothe attractions in Hong Kong Disneyland. The app tells the usertheir proximity to all of the different locations in the park, fromnearest to furthest, and provides detailed information on eachactivity. The specific attractions can be clicked through and arewired with a live Google map, which gives detailed directions tothe attraction, and the app has a to a simulation of the ride orattraction. The app can be used as a walking guide as well, as onecan simply start with the attraction closest to them and keepgoing. In the case where video is more illustrative (as for hotelsand some rides) we use video vs. VR.A review of our US DisneyWorld app can be found here:http://www.androidheadlines.com/2016/03/sponsored-app-review-gps-guide-disneyworld-2.htmlAttractions profiled in the app: Orbitron, UFO Zone, StitchEncounter, Snow White Grotto, RC Racer, it's a small world,Autopia, Toy Story Camp, Fantasyland Train Station, Many Adventuresof Winnie the Pooh, Mickey's PhilharMagic, Mad Tea Party, SleepingBeauty Castle, Fantasyland, Buzz Lightyear AstroBlasters, Sword inthe Stone, Cinderella Carousel, Dumbo's Rotating World, Tarzan'sTreehouse, Tarzan's Treehouse, Jungle River Cruise, Grizzy Gulch,Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars, Toy Soldier Parachute,Mystic Point, Mystic Manor and Space Mountain.This is the free version of the app, which has ads, but noregistrations, and no sharing of location. Just location anddescription of attractions at a famous amusement park. Havefun.Buy tickets in advance:https://www.hongkongdisneyland.com/tickets/NOTE: Some of the locations of the attractions won't appear unlesswe use the native Chinese. This is because at the moment, theattraction is described in the local language, and hasn't beentranslated to English yet. We will fix on an update - but for themap to work, we had to use the local name. We show the translationin parentheses, but if it appears partially translated, it'sbecause we need the map to work.
VR Guide to DisneyWorld 8.5 APK
MotorCo Apps
The MotorCo VR Guide to DisneyWorld application is an extensivelocation based guide to the attractions in the amusement parkslocated in Orlando, Florida. This app has all of the parks, andsorts everything based on the users relative location. Note - theapp has been converted from km to miles. An android headlinesreview of an older version of the the app can be found here:http://www.androidheadlines.com/2016/03/sponsored-app-review-gps-guide-disneyworld-2.htmlA tech wibe review of an older version of the app can be foundhere: https://www.techwibe.com/gps-guide-to-disney-world-review/Note - these reviews were done before we added the Virtual Realitycontent. The app tells the user their proximity, to the differentrides in the park. This app also provides more detailed informationon each activity, and a Virtual Simulation about that activity. Thespecific attraction details are wired with a live Google map (seethe button below) to the particular attraction, giving exactdirections. If you are standing in line waiting for a ride, the appwill give you the proximity of all of the other rides closest toyou, sorted from nearest to farthest and allow you to simulate theride before you go, so you know what you're getting yourself into.The attractions profiled are from all the major parks: Epcot, MagicKingdom, Blizzard Beach, the Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.Also, the major resorts are profiled so one can find the locationfrom hotels to specific activities. Attractions profiled include:Astro Orbiter, Dumbo, It's a Small World, Under the Sea, SpaceMountain, Stitch's Great Escape, Cinderella Castle, SplashMountain, Swiss Family Tree House, Jungle Cruise, Cirque du Soleil,Coral Reef, Le Cellier, Shark Reef, O'Canada, The Seas with Nemo,China Pavilion, Impressions de France, Twilight Zone Tower ofTerror, Affection Section, Rock n Roller Coaster with Aerosmith,Habitat Habit!, Star Tours, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, KiliminjaroSafaris, Maharajah Jungle Trek, Pangani Forest Exploration,Discovery Island Trails, It's Tough to be a Bug, ExpeditionEverest, Wildlife Express Train, TriceraTop Spin, Skilift, Tike'sPeak, The Great Movie Ride, American Heritage Gallery, Shark Reef,Gran Fiesta Tour, Turtle Walk with Crush, Toboggan Racers, MeltAway Bay, Slush Gusher, Snow Stormer, Runoff Rapids, Muppet Visionand Star Tours. Resorts profiled include:Disney's Grand Floridian,Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground, Wilderness Lodge, PortOrleans (French Quarter and Riverside), Old Key West, Beach ClubResort, Yacht Club Resort, Carribean Beach Resort, Boardwalk Inn.Note that too keep the amount of information as relevant aspossible - we limited the resorts to some of the bigger Disneyproperties in the park. If you think we missed something (or haveany other feedback) let us know. You can purchase tickets to thepark here: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/tickets/ This is thefree version, which has ads, but there's no sharing of location orregistration. Just a GPS enabled guide to the most visited vacationresort in the world, with an attendance of over 52 millionannually. (uscitytraveler.com). Have fun at the parks and let usknow what you think.
Guide: Le Tour de France 2017 6.0 APK
MotorCo Apps
Le Guide MapGuide MotorCo au Tour de Franceest un guide GPS et réalité virtuelle pour les événements cyclistesà partir de juillet 2017.L'application saisit chaque étape, en donnant à l'utilisateurl'emplacement et la distance relative du début et de la fin dechaque étape.Chaque étape comprend une description de la scène et une carteGoogle en direct donnant directement les indications del'utilisateur au point d'intérêt de la scène.Avec l'application, on peut suivre les coureurs et les étapes toutau long de la tournée et dans toute la France - mais notez cetteannée que l'événement commence à Düsseldorf en Allemagne. Noteégalement: une partie de l'événement a également lieu enBelgique.Vous avez tous les événements, les descriptions, le calendrier etl'emplacement sur votre appareil mobile, ainsi qu'une simulation dece qu'il sera comme à cette étape particulière. Vous pouvezprévisualiser la campagne française, Dusseldorf, etc.La tournée commence à Düsseldorf, en Allemagne le 1er juillet et setermine à Paris le 23 juillet, et il y a 21 étapes en tout. Unegrande partie de la course a lieu dans les montagnes et le paysfrançais.Il y a deux jours de repos et deux essais de temps.C'est la version gratuite, avec des publicitésÀ propos de la course:Le Tour de France est une course cycliste annuelle à plusieursétapes principalement organisée en France, tandis que de temps entemps passe par des pays voisins. La course a d'abord été organiséeen 1903 pour augmenter les ventes de papier pour le magazineL'Auto; Il est actuellement géré par Amaury Sport Organisation. Lacourse a eu lieu chaque année depuis sa première édition en 1903,sauf lorsqu'il a été arrêté pour les deux guerres mondiales. Au furet à mesure que la tournée gagnait de l'importance et de lapopularité, la course a été prolongée et sa portée a commencé às'étendre dans le monde entier. La participation s'est développée àpartir d'un domaine principalement français, alors que les coureursdu monde entier ont commencé à participer chaque année à la course.Le Tour est un événement UCI World Tour, ce qui signifie que leséquipes qui participent à la course sont en majorité UCIWorldTeams, à l'exception des équipes invitées par lesorganisateurs.The MapGuide MotorCoGuide Tour de France is a GPS guide and virtual reality for cyclingevents in July, 2017.The application captures every step, giving the user the locationand relative distance from the start and the end of eachstage.Each stage includes a description of the scene and a live Googlemap directly giving indications of the user point of interest inthe scene.With the application, you can follow the runners and stagesthroughout the tour and all over France - but note that this yearthe event starts in Düsseldorf, Germany. Also note: a part of theevent was also held in Belgium.You all events, descriptions, schedule and location on your mobiledevice, and a simulation of what it will be like at this particularstage. You can preview the French countryside, Dusseldorf,etc.The tour begins in Düsseldorf, Germany on 1 July and ends in Parison July 23 and there are 21 steps in all. Much of the race takesplace in the mountains and the French country.There are two rest days and two time trials.This is the free version with adsAbout the race:The Tour de France is an annual bicycle race multistage mainlyorganized in France, while occasionally pass through neighboringcountries. The race was first organized in 1903 to increase salesof paper for the magazine L'Auto; It is currently managed by AmaurySport Organization. The race has taken place every year since itsfirst edition in 1903, except when he was arrested for the twoworld wars. Gradually, as the tour was gaining importance andpopularity, the race was extended and its scope has begun to spreadworldwide. Participation grew from a mainly french area, whilerunners from around the world have begun to participate each yearin the race. The Tour is a UCI World Tour event, which means thatthe teams participating in the race are mostly UCI WorldTeams,except the teams invited by the organizers.
VR Guide: Universal Studios 5.0 APK
MotorCo Apps
The Unofficial MotorCo Guide to Universal Studios, Los Angelesapplication is an extensive location based guide to the rides,shops, hotels and restaurants in the amusement park located in LosAngeles, California. The app tells the user their proximity to thedifferent rides in the park, starting from nearest to farthest.This app also provides more detailed information on each activity.The specific attraction details are wired with a live Google map tothe particular attraction, giving exact directions. Also, the apphas virtual reality simulations of the different locations in thepark, so you know what you're getting yourself into before you geton the ride. Also, As your location changes, the app updates itslocation and provides new information as to the activities whichare closest to you. If you are standing in line waiting for a ride,the app will give you the proximity of all of the other ridesclosest to you, sorted from nearest to farthest. Also, the majorhotels are profiled so one can find the location from hotels tospecific activities, and the restaurants things to do in City Walkand other attractions are described as well. You can purchasetickets to the park here:https://store.universalstudioshollywood.com/PurchaseTickets.aspx
VR Guide: Disneyland, CA 9.0 APK
MotorCo Apps
The app is an extensive location based guide to the attractions inDisneyland located in Anaheim, California. The app tells the usertheir proximity to the different rides in the park, and providesmore detailed information on each activity. The specificattractions can be clicked through and are wired with a live Googlemap, which gives detailed directions to the attraction. If you arestanding in line waiting for a ride, the app will give you theproximity of all of the other rides closest to you, sorted fromnearest to farthest. Also, each attraction has a virtual simulationso you can see what you are getting yourself into before you go onthe rides. Attractions profiled include: Alice in Wonderland, BuzzLightyear, California Screamin, Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain,Indiana Jones - Temple of the Forbidden Eye, It's a small world,Matterhorn Bobsled, Monster's Inc., Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, Piratesof the Caribbean, Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin, Sleeping Beauty,Toy Story and Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Disneyland Park is aSouthern California destination where generations of families havevisited. Opened in 1955, Walt Disney’s original theme park isdivided into 8 themelands—Main Street, U.S.A., Tomorrowland,Fantasyland, Mickey's Toontown, Frontierland, Critter Country, NewOrleans Square and Adventureland You can purchase tickets to thepark here: https://disneyland.disney.go.com/tickets/ No pop ups, noads, no sharing of location or registration. Just a GPS enabledguide to the park.
MapCo Guide: 2016 Rio Games 1.0 APK
MotorCo Apps
The MapCo Guide to the 2016 Rio Olympic Games is a location basedMapGuide to the Summer Olympics. It shows the user their locationrelative to all of the Olympic events, sorted by nearest tofarthest. As a result, the user can triangulate their position toall of the events and plan accordingly. Each location has adetailed schedule of the events taking place there (whether trackand field, gymnastics, etc.) Also - the detail has a live GoogleMap that will take the user directly to the event in question. Theapp has no ads, pop-ups, does not require user info or identity,and does not share your location. Have fun at the games.