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Mercenary forces and terrorist camps are spreading all around thecountry. They come towards the city and urban areas to target themodern army arsenals and the civilians. Police and theanti-terrorism squad are trying to set up a combat mission but theycan’t send their elite team. Anti-terrorist squad is trying to findthe best commando, who has all the experience of army &commando VR games.They spotted you among the elite soldiers, basedon your previous encounter against military forces and terrorists.So the VR commando mission is just about to begin, but first aquick briefing about VR combat mission against and details of theoperation.Commando shooting in VR mode might be the only hope totake revenge from enemies in the war zone. Shoot down all of themin this VR mission and fight until the last drop of blood in yourbody. They will attack you from all direction, once they are awareof your presence. I hope your training in VR commando army games inwarfare situation will come handy. So help the anti-terrorism squadby wiping these crooks out in one spectacular display of commandoshooting.Make sure you keep yourself well focused and determined asit will be a do or die situation. Wish you all the good luck inthis adventure of VR game.You can also enjoy this VR video game byconnecting a video game controller (aka Joystick) via Bluetooth toyour Android device. Use the D-pad (directional pad) on the consolegamepad controller for the player movements and use the mobilegamepad keys for the shooting and other actions. Experience thesmooth controller emulation for the first time and double your funin no time. Key Features:- Compatible with almost all the VRheadsets and virtual reality devices.- Support added for Bluetoothgame controllers and joy pads. - Full 360-degree rotation invirtual reality mode.- Deadly weapons and sniper rifles.- AddictiveVR gameplay.- Thrilling missions Story with various challenges.- HDgraphics, music and voice performances perfectly adapted.- Highlycustomize-able controls so you can play this VR game just the wayyou want.- Supported by all Android devices.How to Play:WithGamepad:- Complete user guide and tutorial for playing the gamewith controller is provided within the game.Without GameController:- You must have gyro sensor on the smart phone to enjoythis VR simulator- Slide your device into the VR glasses- Tilt yourhead to aim the target- The gun fires and reloads automatically-For enemies at the far distance, use the scope- For Completingmission objectives follow navigator- Detect enemies with the helpof radar- Hear and Read the mission objectivecarefullyCompatibility:This VR game also runs on mobiles without agyroscope, but is experienced best with a gyroscope. Please notethat Samsung Gear VR support through Oculus may work throughemulator, but is not officially supported at this stage. Androidtested Google Cardboard viewers includes: VRBox, VR Case, Fove 0,VR View-Master DLX, Puyo Box, Durovis Dive, Merge VR, Refugio 3D,FIBRUM, Cynoculars, ANTVR, VR Smartview, ColorCross, Carl Zeiss VROne GX, Homido, Nibiru, Xiaomi Mi, FreeFly, VRTX One, Stooksy,Tepoinn 3D, VR KiX, VRTRIA.We don't collect any personalinformation; any non-personal information collected by our partnerslike Google is used for analytic and game improvements.

App Information VR Last Commando II

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    VR Last Commando II
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    June 9, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    4/102 Lakemba street, Lakemba, NSW 2195, Australia
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Urban Tank War 3D: Tank War Simulator 1.8 APK
Army Tank war battle game that is one of the best tank games witheasy control and PC quality graphics. This 3D free game hasdifferent environments and tank models for selection and specialmissions to take challange for military tanks shooting games. Enjoythis tank simulator and be a hero in tank simulation.Key Featuresof Urban Tank War 3D Game:• Outstanding 3D high definition qualitygraphics• Amazing battle field looking 3D environment •Breathtaking realistic war zone missions• Thrilling, dangerous& challanging missions• Easy and intuitive control of modernpanzer tank• Zoom in to target enemy and then zoom out if required• Easy GUI and controlsGame Play: • Use joystick to move• Swipescreen to aim at the target.• Zoom to take perfect shot.• Tapbullet button to fire.
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Bots Future War 3D 1.8 APK
Control your real fighting robot and destroy your opponents in thisbots future war 3D game.Experience the real robot games fighting inthis futuristic robot battle game 2017.Test your bots controllingskills as a robot simulator and its combos in these stunning andreal robot fighting games. Robot combat war is a new generation ofrobot battle games with the patch up of bot shooting game in newcombat style. In these robot shooting game 3D and bots fightinggames, you will face melodramatic robot fight 3d. This realisticrobot game will definitely give you the pro experience of the bestbot fighting games 3d. Join this amazing bot simulator 2017 game toget fun of bots and control them as real simulator.The futuristicbots future war 3D has fun with attack on the ship of enemy whichis come at your area and they want a real shooting battle withhighly explosive weapons. Extreme bots war chase 3d game 2017 hasphysics based simulation and target location finding system to killthe enemy bot city. This is a latest robot warship operation to forthe demolition of your opponent bots. Appreciate the most stunningbots game to destroy all insane creatures and save the city. Thisrobot game has incredible shooting machine gun to shoot the botscriminal city. This robot war chase is best action game withgunship features to demolish the criminals.The most addictiveaction packed bots attack game is one of the best in the categoryof fighting and shooting games.The bots future war 3D 2017 is anamazing machine robots battle game to fight with enemy bots and winthe real robot war by showing off your shooting skills. This botsfight offers multiple thrilling and challenging missions todemolish your opponent robot and save your bot field from enemies.Tap to play and move your robot with joystick controls to shootyour enemy with your gunshots. Clear the previous mission full ofaction to get more fighting and shooting missions for more fun andto boost up your shooting and fighting skills. To go into the enemybase camp and shoot all robot machines to destroy them for yourprotection. Fight against the enemy like a real fighter full ofthrust and excitement to get the real fun and experience. Just tapon the install to download this unique android game for fun andenjoyment.How to Play:• Use the joy stick control to move andturn.• Tap joy stick up/down to move up/down.• Tap jot stickleft/right to move left/right.• Detect robots using Radar beforetheir onslaught in this realistic bots fighting game.• Tap on thefire button to attack on this criminal insane creature. Bots FutureWar 3D Game Features:• Third Person shooter game.• Excellent 3D HDgraphics and realistic Environment in the bot games 3D.• Goodquality sound effects and music impacts.• User friendly GUI of therobot simulator games.• Efficient weapon controls & movement.•Enemy AI in bot battle.• High level of accuracy.If you like thisbots future war 3D game, please try other games by clicking “Morefrom Developer” or by visiting our publisher account. And don’tforget to rate and review.We don't collect any personalinformation; any non-personal information collected by our partnerslike Google is used for analytic and game improvements.
Off Road 3D Stunt Bike Race 1.8 APK
Another crazy and best bike racing game, Off Road 3D Stunt BikeRace , is now available to download and play for free. So braceyourself for real thrilling bike stunt racing challenge ondifficult mountain tracks. Fulfill your off road racing fever whileriding a stunt bike and dust off the difficult mountain tracks likea pro racer. Cross the impossible hurdles and flip through themid-air difficult tracks while performing the insane acrobaticstunts. The off road impossible tracks are so difficult to ride, sobe a perfect bike rider to win this crazy bike racing game. OffRoad 3D Stunt Bike Race is one of the most thrilling and actionpacked stunt sports game in category of stunt bike racing games.Unlike other creepy dirt racing games, it is a unique addition tothe world of super bike championship racing. Use your trail bike toperform the next level insane acrobatic stunts on off road dirttracks. Boost your super bike riding skills while playing thiscrazy race. Flip through the revolving and evolving mid-air trackslike a pro rider and don’t let the rival racers win this motorbikeracing championship. Its special features, the amazing 3D tracksalong with beautiful lakes view will surely make you fall in lovewith this cool bike game. Riding a trail bike simulator onimpossible muddy tracks is a real challenge and only a stunt mastercan deal with it. So show your super bike stunts and reach to thefinish line within time limit.Game Play:• Tap the accelerate buttonto speed up the motorcycle.• Use brake button to slow down orreverse stunt bike.• Use the perfect balance to win this racegame.Features of Off Road 3D Stunt Bike Race Game: •Special 3Dgraphics and amazing environment.•Best physics-based bike racinggame. •Realistic game sounds and background music.•Challenging anddangerous stunts in every level.•Extreme tracks over the lakes andcave.•Advance ultra-smooth controls.•Addictive action and extraordinary stunt racing.•Multi-level gaming.•Wide variety ofbikes.•Beautiful and eye-catching graphic.•Realistic feel of eachand every move.We don't collect any personal information; anynon-personal information collected by our partners is used foranalytic and game improvements.
Gunship Helicopter War 3D 1.7 APK
Your army base has been attacked by enemy airforce, as a pre planned assigned onslaught against your interests,along with their expert commando fleet. You are left alone, whileall your mates have been injured. Your base has lots of sensitivematerial and lots of injured personnel. You have to find a waythrough to take your injured soldiers to safety and also tosafeguard the remnant and important paper work.Don't let any of the enemy’s air craft land in your base, to takethe remnant of the war as they are trying to come to your basethrough parachutes, to get hold of any of the important material.You know that the enemy is expert in guerrilla war and they ambushplaces in no time in their onslaught mission. You have the choiceof using modern anti aircraft gun or RPG or even M16, but use themwisely.Your advantage is that enemy commando fleet doesn't know your basequite well, which would delay their ambush tactics, so you wouldget a chance to respond to their onslaught blitz. So get hold ofyour ammo and destroy their assigned ambush, and bring glory toyour state.Hope you can pass through all the waves, and keep the remnant toyourself and be a baler in your future life!!!!!!!!!.How to Play:- Touch & Drag the screen anywhere to move/rotate your antiaircraft gun or RPG.- Tap Fire button at bottom right to fire for a blitz.- Radar will show you the helicopters as red dots and the commandoas blue.- The weapon will reload itself and you have unlimited ammo for theonslaught, but time to respond is crucial.- Choice of the weapon, RPG or the modern anti aircraft gun.Gunship Helicopter War 3D Features:- FPS (First Person Shooter)- Complete army remote camp with real looking 3D armyenvironment- Good quality sound effects- User friendly GUI and controls- Enemy AI- Efficient weapon controls & movement to get an addedadvantage.Please visit our website for more information:[email protected]/skippyappsstudio
Aliens Insect Shooter 3D 1.5 APK
You were on mission to Mars as an expertastronaut on a assigned mission in the galactic caves... yourtransportation was destroyed due to Mars storms. In the result bigAlien Insects pops out from the surface. These Alien insects areapproaching you with a blitz, stay away from them as they aretrying to ambush you from all around.Your armor is safe and you have enough ammo to counter attack themthat is an added advantage to you. So come up with a plan andfinish their onslaught, and bring back home some remnant from thisancient planet for our research labs just like an expert astronaut,which would help the humanity in general, and that was youroriginal assigned project.The whole nation is waiting for you to bring home the remnant fromMars, and give advantage to your researchers with thisfeature.re speed is fast charging on you, you are alone have to survivewith a machine gun, an armor and a digital radar to locate &destroy enemy aliens insects; defend yourself and stay alive aslong as possible.Stay Away from their ambush in a clever manner.How to Play:1. Rotate your screen complete 360 degree, while they are busy intheir ambush.2. Detect insects blitz using Radar3. Tap on screen at left to fire4. Tap on screen at right to rotate the guns left or rightAlien Insect Shooter 3D Game Features:- FPS (First Person Shooter)- Excellent 3D Environment- Good quality sound effects- User friendly GUI and controls- Efficient weapon controls & movement- Enemy AISkippyApps Game StudioNew South Wales, Australia.Web: www.skippyapps.comNote: This free game is supported by ads within the App only as perGoogle Policy.
Desert Sniper Invisible Killer - Counter Terrorist 2.3 APK
The Desert Sniper Invisible Assassin game is designed for theshooting games lovers who have strong grip over sniper rifles andassault guns. This commando shooting game has awesome snipermissions with fast thrill and ultimate action to clear all thedesert shooting missions. This is a commando perfect sniper missionto perform the gun action on enemy forces to protect your country.This commando game has highly trained guerrilla commandos in thedesert shooting arena with real tactical weapons. You have to playthe role of a spy commando to enjoy the ultimate shootingadventure. Rely on your gorilla commando shooting skills to finishthe work with access to an inventory of snipers and different rifleguns.It is the best FPS shooting game to fight against enemy forcesand to save many lives. This sniper shooter game is all aboutcommando surgical strikes and sniper shooting game in 3D along withthrilling & adventuring missions.The realistic android shootinggame to play for fun and thrill in the desert to perform surgicalstrikes against enemy. The most addictive action packed commandoshooting game has special spy commando missions. This spy commandoshooting game provides multiple latest sniper rifle guns to takeperfect gunshots. Sniper shooting games offers multiple thrillingand challenging levels to play and become a shooting expert. Clearthe previous level to unlock more missions of elite spy forcescommando shooter.This is commando FPS simulator game to go solointo the enemy camp and play with latest physics basedtechnological explosive weapons. Clear all the thrilling andchallenging missions of the Desert Sniper Invisible Assassin tobecome a hero of the army. Use the bullet proof jackets to protectyou from the gun shots coming from enemy elite force commando.Upgrade or buy new weapons after getting rewards by completingsniper game shooting mission. Download and make fun with best armyshooting games.  Desert Sniper Invisible Assassin game Features:•Stunning 3D desert environment and sound effects.• Splendid actionwith breathtaking thrilling animations.• Addictive game play.•Thrilling missions Story with various challenges.• Multi-levelsgame play.• Multiple latest physics based sniper rifles.• HDgraphics and music.• Intuitive and highly customize ablecontrols.How to Play:• Touch and move the screen to aim the enemy.•Scope will help you detecting your objective.• Use your Sniperscope to aim at enemies from a distance.• Use fire button toshoot.• Read the mission objective carefully.If you like this game,please try other games by clicking “More from Developer” or byvisiting our publisher account. And don’t forget to rate andreview.
Dead Zombies Revenge Attack: Evil Slum City 1.5 APK
Zombie shooter evil slum city game has much fun with tsunami ofzombies coming towards in your direction for evil attack.Zombieshooting adventure is an fps shooting game to shoot the incominggroup of zombies and destroy them for your survival.It is yourresponsibility to attack on deadly monsters to kill shot them allbefore they attack you in the zombie shooting game with the gun.There are a few big monsters in the zombie shooter 3D game 2017,trying to control the day today affairs of this city. Join thisamazing and realistic zombie simulation game to get zombiesshooting and killing experience with sniper rifle and many moreguns for head shots.These aggressive giants will attack anythingcoming in their way or the highway in the zombie shooter evil slumcity. It is utmost important to kill them from invading othercities of the zombie survival game. The futuristic zombie killinggame gives the opportunity to pick up your sniper shooting riflewith the aim to stop these ill minded creatures causing furtherchaos. Zombies attack should be planned very carefully, as zombiesrun and escape is also on the cards, when they see dangersurrounding them in this kind of zombies shooting game.So plan yourzombies attack and don’t let them flee the slum city. After thezombie killer attack, you are now confronted with the giant monsterattacks. There weaknesses are specified before their onslaught inthese zombie games.The most terrible zombie shooter evil slum cityhas the realistic zombie attack to spread the horror betweenpeoples.These zombies games have realistic physics simulation tokill shots the zombies for survival of human beings. There aremultiple zombie shooting missions to play in the zombie shootergame to be an expert shooter like as assassin killer. Zombiesimulator games provide many types of different guns and pistolsfor gunshots to kill the zombies. So start playing the zombiesshooting game and shoot them all to protect your area from monsterattack.Clear the previous mission to unlock more thrilling andchallenging missions to play and get realistic experience of thezombie shoot games. This sniper shooting game offers multiplehorrible missions to play and become a hero of the public by savingthem from zombies attack. Download this most amazing and bestandroid game to play and get realistic fun and adventure ofshooting experience. How to Play:• Tap the right half of screen foraiming and left half for movement.• The gun reloadedautomatically.• For enemies at far distance.• Tap to pick upweapons.• Follow navigator for completing mission.Zombie ShooterEvil Slum City game Features:• Experience the sensation of thesezombie games.• Multiple deadly weapons available in the zombiekiller games.• Addictive game play of this zombie smash game.• HD3D graphics.• HQ Sounds, music and voice performances perfectlyadapted for a shooter game.• Intuitive and highly customize ablecontrols.• Supported on all devices.• Sensational animations.• Manyforms and abilities.• Fight with big Monster as a zombies shooter.•Shoot at monsters weak point.• Having extremely dangerousmonsters.If you like the zombie shooter evil slum city game, pleasetry other games by clicking “More from Developer” or by visitingour publisher account. And don’t forget to rate and review.We don'tcollect any personal information; any non-personal informationcollected by our partners like Google is used for analytic and gameimprovements.