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VR ROBOT WARS Dear users! Please note that for a qualitygameprocess in VR ROBOT WARS, you need to have any VR BOX andgamepad.A multiplayer online FPS robo shooter with dynamic robotwars.Build your real steel coalition of super mechs, take part ofglobaltournaments with a ranking scoreboard! Be the best of thebest inthe team and the deathmatch battles. Prove your fightingskills inreal robotic pvp battles in multiplayer robot games mode!ROBOTMODES: ✪ TEAM BATTLE Two teams fight against each other, teamwiththe most frags at the end of the round wins! ✪ DEATHMATCH Freeforall, several players fight against each other in the battle forthefirst place! ✪ CAPTURE POINTS The team that has retainedmorepoints wins! Defend with the allies, do not let the enemycaptureyour point! ✪ BATTLE WITH BOTS Try to hold out the maximumnumberof rounds in the fight against battlebots! Training mode! ✪CUSTOMGAMES Create a game by your own rules, invite your friends tothelobby and play together! ROBOT FEATURES ✪ HD graphicsExcellentdetailed robots and map textures, for weak devices thereare 3graphics mode! ✪ First persone view Control your own robotwith thefirst person view from the cockpit. ✪ MULTIPLAYER PVP MODEThe gamehas several game modes like team play, free for all,capture thepoints and battle against bots, try to play on all modeswith warrobots! ✪ 16+ ORIGINAL MECHA A wide variety of differentrobots,here are a few of them: Spirit, Paladin, Phantom, Titan! Allrobotsin the game have their own features of the speed ofmovement,height of the jump, weapons recharging and so on. Eachrobot hasits own set of basic and supporting weapons. ✪AUTO-SHOOTING Thegame has auto-shooting, just aim at the enemy andthe robot willstart to shoot itself! This mode can be disabled inthe settings. ✪MATCHMAKING All matches in the game are createdautomatically, allyou need to do is click the "TO BATTLE" button,teams and opponentswill pick up automatically! ✪ WEAPONS IMPROVEImprove thecapabilities of your mechs, improve damage, range,recharge for abetter and faster victory against your opponent! ✪DRONE-ENGINEERAllows you to extract the item from the destroyedenemy robot with70% chance. Survive in the conditions of war, comeup with tacticsof the battle, help your teammates. Real steel underyour control!Robots, super mechs, mech vikings, iron forces,mechwarrior,transformers, atom destroy all of them in online modeswithfighting robots. Our game is completely FREE to download, butsomeelements in the game can be purchased for real money! Note:Dearusers! We are constantly working on improving the game, createnewmaps, new features, new robots, improving graphics and workingonoptimization! All you wishes we take into account and noteit!Please write us on the mail or in support if you found bugsandissues. ▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼ Join us:Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/robotwarfareSupport:support@azurgames.com

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Modern Strike Online: PvP FPS 1.39.0 APK
Modern Strike Online Can't get enough FPS action? Looking for themost fun gameplay around? Well you're in luck! Modern Strike Onlinehas your FPS needs covered and then some! Sink into the realisticgraphics and dynamic shooter gameplay. Heavily armed elite forcesgo toe-to-toe against dangerous terrorists... All on your phone!Play online with your friends for the best FPS action PvP battlesyou've ever seen! The best thing to happen to mobile in the styleof everyone's favorite CS! Why you'll love Modern Strike Online: ✪7 combat modes for single or multiplayer battles! ✪ Clans! ✪ Usergames! Create matches with your own rules! ✪ 14 unique maps withdifferent surroundings and their own original style! ✪ 50 uniqueweapon types: pistols, rifles, machine guns, shotguns and more! ✪Weapon skins! ✪ Optimization for weak devices! ✪ Beautiful moderngraphics just as detailed as on PCs! ✪ Easy and intuitive controls!✪ Daily rewards! Play every day to claim your free prizes andcomplete daily tasks! ✪ You'll need good tactics, strategicthinking and teamwork to win! Find your enemy's weak spots and win!Main game modes: ✪ Team battle! Two teams go head-to-head. Thegoal: destroy your opponents! Dominate the battlefield with yourfriends! ✪ Deathmatch! It's every soldier for themselves! Adangerous free for all battle for the most skilled FPS players! ✪Team bomb battle! The terrorist team plants a bomb, and the specialforces team tries to stop them! Just like in Counter-Strike andCS:GO ✪ Duel! 1-on-1 battle action to find out who's the best! Justyou and your opponent alone on the battlefield! ✪ Specialoperation! Two teams battle it out with just one life per round.The winning team is whoever has at least one soldier standing atthe end ✪ Hardcore! Crank the heat and get ready to sweat. Withdamage multiplied by 2x, there's no room for mistakes! ✪ Customgame! Create your own game and select the map/mode however you wantit. Invite your friends and create your own shooter game lobby.These games don't earn you experience or money, guns don't breakand the matches aren't ranked, but grenades and first-aid kits areused Reminder: Join competitions and level up your clan! Earnbigger rewards with your friends! Fight for your place on theleaderboard! Upgrade your armor and weapons, and choose yourfavorite skins. Get ready for unforgettable shootouts thanks tooptimal game balance, realistic sounds and explosion effects, andcrisp graphics. The game is regularly updated with new maps,weapons on game modes. Don't miss out on the newest cooperativemobile shooter from Russia's top developers! Online FPS combatinspired by Counter-Strike: the best thing to happen to your phone!Join our VKontakte group: https://vk.com/modernstrikeofficial Joinour Facebook community:https://www.facebook.com/modernstrikeofficial Subscribe on YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChMfgo6g8ri0FaAR-SpYpXw Support:support@ll-games.com
World War Heroes: WW2 FPS 1.22.5 APK
WORLD WAR HEROES Battle players from around the world in crazyWWII-era online combat! Destroy the enemy and survive vicious tankbattles in the center of Berlin and other cities. Participate inteam and deathmatch battles, and plant bombs and defend them. Seeif you can survive Hardcore mode where there's no room formistakes! Why you'll love World War Heroes: ✯ 7 legendary WWIIbattle zones! ✯ 4 types of combat equipment from the USA, USSR,Japan and Germany! ✯ 6 game modes and Custom Games where you makeyour own rules! ✯ Operate your own tank! ✯ 57 unique weapon types:pistols, rifles, machine guns, shotguns and more! Combat rules: ✯Hardcore! ✯ Get ready to sweat. Weapons deal max damage: one or twohits and you're dead. ✯ Team battle! ✯ Two teams go head-to-head.The winner is whichever team gets the most points by the end of theround ✯ Deathmatch! ✯ Soldiers! It's every man for himself! Thewinner is whoever gets the most points by the end of the round! ✯Bomb mode! ✯ One team plants the bomb, and the other team tries tostop them ✯ One-life battle! ✯ A team battle where players onlyhave one life. The goal: be the last man standing ✯ Custom mode! ✯Create games with your own rules! Make your own lobby with a friendand play as a team! ✯✯✯ HUGE ARSENAL OF WEAPONS! ✯✯✯ All sorts ofnew weapons will be available to help your team come out on top.Use the whole arsenal, featuring machine guns, grenades, rifles,sniper rifles, bazookas, etc. ✯✯✯ AMAZING GRAPHICS ANDOPTIMIZATION! ✯✯✯ Dive into online combat with crisp graphics andintuitive controls. ✯✯✯ UPGRADE ARMOR AND WEAPONS! ✯✯✯ Build yourdream arsenal by upgrading damage and max ammo and decreasingkickback and reload time ✯✯✯ DAILY REWARDS! ✯✯✯ Play every day toearn free prizes and get daily tasks and tons of free stuff!Complete daily tasks and upgrade your gear! The game is speciallyoptimized to work on both strong and weaker devices! Absolutelyfree to download! GOOD LUCK, SOLDIER! ======================== OURCOMMUNITIES: ======================== Join our VKontakte group:https://vk.com/worldwarheroes Join our Facebook group:https://www.facebook.com/groups/1261472480647068/ Subscribe onYouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChMfgo6g8ri0FaAR-SpYpXw
Pocket Troops: Strategy RPG 1.40.1 APK
POCKET TROOPS Mini special soldiers are ready for your instructionsCommander. Pocket Troops is a cartoon battlefield military shooterwhere you have to lead a gangstar mini army of brave and purposefulcommanders and combat against military strong bosses. Looking for ateam of frontline mini warriors you can put in your pocket? Build aminion team of experienced fighters. Recruit and train a ragtagband of soldiers and take them into battle. Take on other playersand show them who’s the action boss. Military Features:Light-hearted gameplay with strategic and tactical battles andindirect troop control. Pocket Troops is an armor games genrestrategy shooter. Tiny, angry army dudes with a huge collection ofcrazy weapons and gear. Crush your opponents, think up new tacticsof gun games combats. Never think about that a mission isimpossible! A crazy backstory with an evil army bad guy who plotsto take over the world so he can make everyone wear black. Its armytimes! Military base, shelter upgrades and cool interactivefacilities: cash device, fish tank, "soft kitty, warm kitty, littleball of fur" and other truly military toys. But in truth it’s ahuge variation of weapons to crush an enemy: cannon, shotgun,sniper rifles, machine gun, artillery and so on. All your weaponswill be stored in the shelter! Handcrafted music and cartoonishgraphics inspired and approved by a guinea pig named Boris. Youknow what?! Our special action soldiers are simply consist of goodjokes and always will find something to laugh at and make youlaugh! There are several mercenaries in the game, each of them hasits own qualities and skills: Trooper Quick, lightweight, wellarmored and combat soldier. Equipped with mid-range automaticrifles. A perfect unit to take the initiative in battle. Sniper Along-range weaponry pro with the highest accuracy and highestchange of critical damage. But has a weak defense. Gunner Longrange weapons with splash damage covering multiple targets in thisstrategy shooter. Commander Commander is a fan of long-range heavymachineguns. Deals lots of damage, but has low accuracy. Highhealth points and regeneration make him a true tough opponent. Atrue army man! Scout A shotgun maniac for close range battles. Highaccuracy with splash damage covering multiple targets. Uses nadesagainst enemies with long-range weapons. Spy A master of closecombat, lightweight and well armored. Hard to train, but totallyworth it. His teleportation tricks can gives his opponent a seriousheadache. A true assassin. A lot of missions and bosses with aninteresting plot and a beautiful cartoonish graphics will not makeyou get bored. Fight with other players and compete with them inthe global challenge map. Action of the game originates fromsoldier games and army games shooters. Beat the boss, win opponentsin this military army games cartoonish strategy shooter. DEARUSERS! Our game still in development and we do our best to improvethe game. We are trying to make a perfect army product and would bevery grateful for any feedback and wishes for improving the game.Stay tuned: Join the Pocket Troops community and stay tuned onfacebook.com/pockettroops We are happy to answer all your questionsat team@heyworks.com
Infinity Ops: Online FPS 1.11.0 APK
Infinity Ops A multiplayer FPS in a sci-fi setting! The event ofthe game take place in the distant future, when humanity hassurpassed the limits of technological development and the world hasdescended into the chaos of interplanetary warfare! Player willface team PvP combat as classes like Recruit, Saboteur, Tank, andAssault! Each of the classes has its own features and abilities.Features: ❖ Clans Create your own clan and invite other users orfriends and spend time in the game together! ❖ Armament A widevariety of weapons are available in-game, from assault and plasmarifles to laser machineguns and grenade launchers! Each weapon hasits own unique properties and features. ❖ Material interaction Lowgravity frees players to jump far and high, while universal gravitycan affect running speed! ❖ Jetpacks Use a personal flight deviceto more quickly and effectively conduct combat operations. ❖Fantastic 3D graphics Excellent, detailed 3D character and mapmodelling. ❖ Optimization for weak devices The game is optimizedfor devices with low technical characteristics. Choice of graphicsfor different phones! ❖ Easy controls Intuitive control and easyinterface won’t leave you struggling to master the learning curve!Game modes ≛ Team Deathmatch Two teams battle for domination. Theteam with the highest score at the end of the round wins; ≛Deathmatch Free mode. You fight for yourself. The player with thehighest score at the end of the round wins; ≛ HARDCORE A morerealistic combat experience with doubled damage; For true proplayers! ≛ Custom game Create a game with your own rules. Inviteyour friends to your custom game lobby and battle together! Morefeatures ☢☢☢ MAGNIFICENT GRAPHICS AND OPTIMIZATION FOR WEAKDEVICES! ☢☢☢ Immerse yourself in the experience of online battlesin the future with stunning graphics and perfect controls. Take tothe frontline of each battle. ☢☢☢ IMPROVE ARMOR AND ARMS! ☢☢☢Improve your character, upgrade weapons, reload time, armor andmovement. Each character has its own traits. Buy additionalgadgets, such as: mines, grenades, medkits, and shock-blades. ☢☢☢ ADAILY REWARD! ☢☢☢ Enter the game daily to receive free presents,quests, and tons of free stuff! Do your daily quests and improveyour equipment! Dear users, the game is still in thepost-development phase. Please share any bugs and errors youexperience, as well as any requests and ideas you have through thesupport team. ======================== COMPANY COMMUNITY:======================== Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/AzurGamesOfficial Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/azur_games YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/AzurInteractiveGames
King of Sails: Ship Battle 0.9.536 APK
KING OF SAILS: ROYAL NAVY Exciting PvP naval warfare with 18thcentury ships! Sail into a world of historical battles and be acaptain in the golden age of shipbuilding! Conquer the seas inexciting online battles! FEATURES: ⚓ Fleet vs. Fleet Online PvP 5x5team naval battles! Sink all your opponent's ships at any cost andsail off into the sunset! ⚓ Legendary ships of the 18th century!Lots of different ships, from the beloved Ship of His Majesty St.George, to the mythical Flying Dutchman. Set sail on fast andmaneuverable corvettes or heavy warships from the most infamous seaempires! ⚓ Tactical battles Tactical naval warfare! Catch thetailwind, tear your enemy's sails to shreds with chain shots, orbellow out cannon fire while maneuvering between isles in the opensea! ⚓ Upgrade and customize! Tons of ways to improve your fleet!Upgrade durability, speed & maneuverability, and boost cannondamage, firing range & reload time! Choose from a huge varietyof sails and flags with different stats to get the upper hand inbattle! Don’t get caught with your mast down! ⚓ LeaderboardsCompete with players from all over the world for a place at thetop! ⚓ Impressive 3D graphics Stunning graphics: detailed ships andbeautiful maps! ⚓Customizable controls Simple and intuitivecustomizable controls! Raise or lower sails for complete control ofyour Ship! ☸☸☸☸☸☸☸☸☸☸☸☸ Sail with us: FACEBOOK:https://www.facebook.com/kingofsails
CASE: Animatronics - Horror game 1.3 APK
CASE: Animatronics is a truly scary and challenging first-personstealth horror. Control of the police department is in the hands ofan anonymous hacker. All the exits are locked. The power has beenshut off. There are metallic thumps getting closer. Will yousurvive, Detective Bishop? Welcome to the police department, whereworking late can lead to tragic consequences. You're John Bishop, aoverworked detective who tirelessly carries out investigations lateinto the night. You’re torn from yet another night of fitful restand nightmares by a strange call from an old friend, turning yourwhole world upside-down. Your police department is cut off from thepower grid. The security system has been hacked. All the exits arelocked. But that’s not the real problem. Someone, someTHING, isfollowing you. Red eyes shine from dark corners, and the sound ofshifting, clanking metal echoes through once-safe halls. You knowthem simply as animatronics, but something unknown and horrifyingis driving them. Figure out what’s going on, survive the night, andfind the one responsible for this madness. KEY FEATURES Hide Theobject in your environment could be your salvation. Animatronicscan’t see you cowering in the closet or under the table! Keepmoving Stay on the move, even if you see an animatronic, you justmight manage to run away from unrelenting death. Everything dependson you! Solve puzzles Try to figure out the cause of this ghoulishchaos and complete terrifying quests! Listen Don’t trust your eyesalone! Listen carefully to your surroundings, every stray noisecould completely change the situation. Use the tablet Check thesecurity cameras to keep the situation under control in otherrooms, but don’t forget to keep an eye on the tablet’s battery lifeand use the charging station in time. Survive Just one wrong movecould be the death of you. Do you like horror games? This one won’tlet you get bored, constantly cranking up the tension. One of themost watched horror games on Youtube. Over 100 million views! THEFEAR IS REAL!
Detective Story: Jack's Case - Hidden objects 2.1.36 APK
This game is based on real events... The story narrates events thatoccurred in Philadelphia several years ago. One day, an unusualpackage arrived to the office of your detective agency containing alocked box. Shortly afterwards, you received a strange phone call.The stranger, who called himself "Jack", said that you have justone hour to save a man's life, and gave you a single clue... Butwho is Jack, and just what is he after? About the game: 🔎 Amind-blowing storyline based on real events. Your goal is to solvequests and look for hidden objects, but be careful and don't rush!Some of the quests are tougher than you'd think. 🔎 Detailed HDgraphics. The game boasts perfectly detailed pictures and textures.All objects look very realistic, and even small details like hiddenfigures are easily discernible. 🔎 Lots of different locations.Explore a huge city and massive number of locations, from backyardsto ship decks. 🔎 Over 30 unique characters. Get ready to interactwith more than 30 characters! Your communication skills will becrucial in cracking this case. 🔎 Tons of case evidence. Look forclues and find objects all over the place, even the smallestdetails matter! 🔎 Fun puzzles and minigames. The game is packedwith mini games to keep your attention. Find them all! 🔎 Uniquecollectible cards with information on the criminal underworld.Collect all the cards and learn more about the world of realcriminal kingpins. Regular free updates with new cases! The game isa hybrid hidden object, detective story and quest game. Let theinvestigation begin! Do you like hunting down hidden objects? Whatabout like solving puzzles and uncovering secrets? Then DetectiveStory is for you! Hey everyone, We always read and take intoaccount what our players have to say. Please write your suggestionsand wishes in the comments section. Best regards, the developmentteam! ATTENTION! Detective Story: Jack’s Case is a free game within-game resources available for purchase. If you don't want to makepurchases, you can disable this option in Settings. You can alsoplay offline if you don't have an internet connection! Join ourFacebook community: https://www.facebook.com/detectivestorygame/
Space Armada: Galaxy Wars 2.2.426 APK
In Space Armada, you are the captain of an interstellar spaceship.Your galactic fleet starts out with a small cruiser, but as yourspace base develops, you’ll get to control battleships and evensupermassive space cruisers! Start with a small spaceship, but asyour base grows and develops, you’ll graduate to commanding hugebattleships and super-heavy spaceships. Battle in a galaxy on fireonline with real opponents in the multiplayer Space Wars game mode,and develop your space fleet. Features: ≛ 6 classes of spaceshipsand galactic starships! Several classes of spaceship, from lightfrigates to supermassive cruisers! ≛ Leagues and Leaderboards!Players are divided into different leagues from bronze to diamond,depending on their level and skills! ≛ Galactic team battle! Spaceinvaders! Fight side by side with other players in team-basedgalactic battles online! ≛ Customize your cosmic spaceship! 100+types of plasma galaxy guns and modules are available. You can evenrepaint your ship! ≛ Over 20 galactic spaceships! More than 20different ships available, all with their own capabilities andfeatures, including the Predator, Phoenix, Olympus, Soul Catcherand many others. Improve your skills and equipment, add turrets,missiles and special weapons! ≛ Beautiful 3D graphics! Perfectlydetailed maps and spacecraft textures, enjoy galactic views ofcosmic objects such as Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, asteroids and evengalactic cities! Space Armada The most dynamic space simulator yet,space battles between massive ships and small but sneaky frigates,each one controlled by individual players. ★★★ Fight for a place ina global league. Upgrade your fleet. Customize your ships, repaintthem and improve their skills! ★★★ In-game lobby where you can chatwith other players to share your successes and ideas! ★★★ Regularupdates and new elements are waiting for you in online multiplayergames. This year’s best graphics and perfectly-matched audio willhave you spending all your time playing Space Armada! ★★★ Awesomemobile space game with 3D graphics! ★★★ Our multiplayer PvP spaceshooter is completely FREE to download! A galaxy on fire full ofepic space battles needs a commander like you! Become a legend inthis galactic space shooter! Let the spaceship battles begin!⋙⋙⋙⋙⋙⋙⋘⋘⋘⋘⋘⋘ Join our galactic community:https://www.facebook.com/spacearmada