1.0 / August 5, 2016
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The Clash of Rims and Roads – The Kiss of Speed - Virtual Reality -VRTraffic Race : Need for Drift is the super City Legend Car DriftRacing Game, it is one of the best Traffic Car Racing & Ridinggames to build a city of racing passion and enthusiasm. It givesyou the passion of matchless jumping and hill climbing feelings.You just feel as you are climbing hill with your amazing heat cumhot simulator car and that is also without any coach. VirtualReality - VRPress the Paddle, Kiss the Speed, Leave Dust &Smoke Behind, Burn the tires, leave the black burning tires signsand breaks scratching sounds behind on offroad. Traffic Race : Needfor Drift is truly an amazing, high speed, ultimate cruise stuntcar, which gives you matchless and world-class experience to enjoythe hill-thrill on an ultimate super stunt car. The Noise of Driftsreveals how tight tires kiss the road and let you feel the fun ofdrift. It is one of the best top free 3d traffic racing anddrifting games on Google Play Android Store. The Beauty of itsphysics is its multi-kinds thrust and pressure on road, by it noosesometimes it gives you the feelings of light flight air borne andsometimes like heavy monster PK Cargo truck Parking simulation. Inshort it’s a battle between storm and ego cum attitude, it’s aclash between rims and roads. You just take thrilling driving oncommercial road and don’t forget to use left-right yellowindicators to wisely drive and sometimes dodge your rivals inracing.Real Virtual Reality - VRTraffic Racing: Need for Drift is awonderful free high speed and drifting game with turbo extremeengine on a trail of buggy, you drive like a hero, its nothing butjust fast race in furious mood on off-road hill track. It gives youthe feeling of Dubai 4x4 Desert Race, where you as a professionaldriver have to leave behind the dust and have your eyes onfuture.it is a real test of airborn racing car rally ride to go onmountain. That is why it is being echoed as one of the best carracing game 3d 2016. Real Virtual Reality - VRIgnite the engine,switched on headlights, use light dimmers, press the turbojetpaddle and forget everything around and roam around the city.Remember you have to cross the sound barriers with the trill ofyour traffic racing drift, its just a fast racing car, you have tofly over traffic jam. Feel like, it’s a rocket race. ✪ This game isfor enthusiastic drift racing game✪ Burn your tyres on eachdrifting track.✪ Earn best drifting trophy by showing your topdriving skills.Hence, Traffic Race : Need for Drift is most wantedand much anticipated game for 2016, it’s a true case of test skillIts time to play free android racing and drifting game on GooglePlay and discharge the black smoke on road with high speed andsound road grip. Go & Skid an leave the black tyre-strip markson grayish-black road. It time to fly on road without any stringsalong with prime passion and thrill. Your sports car is verypowerful and full of throttle therefor, Drift safely on track toavoid your sports car crash but don’t attempt street racing, it maybe fatal. As your car engine is very powerful hence, it may be outof controlled in city streets in high speed. Be a true game player& racer, use multiple cameras views, multiple speedometers,headlights low and high beams, reverse lights, left-rightindicators, its all yours, just plug and play. ***** GAME FEATURES*****1. Advanced Unique & classical sports car models2.Realistic Drift Car Physics with turbo engine.3. Completely newfree game of 20164. High Quality 3D graphics, Cool game with SmoothGraphics5. Addictive Game play6. Easy to learn, a challenge to beskillful7. Awesome cars and tracks to explore8. Multiple trackswith Smooth Interfaces.9. Interactive Sounds & backgroundmusic.10. Special feature: Low-High Beam Headlights, ReverseLights, Left / Right Indicators, Multiple Cameras Views, Dual (Raceand Speed Digital Meters).


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Vegas Sniper X 1.1 APK
One of the best first person shooter - FPS sniper game, it’s asniper fun game for free. Join Sniper X in vegas city to save yourcriminal friend Jason from Vegas Police. Smiper X in an Ex Sniperof US Marine Corps but after serving in Afghan war for years as afront line commando he had joined criminal group as a contractkiller. It’s a new thrilling game in android free games category.Use your special skills to defeat the Enemies. You are unseen tothe enemies till you shot first fire from your Sniper Machine. Areyou going to accept this challenge to defeat the Vegas police? TakeAim to kill Police before they kill you. Experience a differenttype of gameplay.Police is chasing your criminal friend and youhave to use your sniper machine to save your friend from vegas citypolice.Become the legendary and brutal sniper for enemies.Fighttill you save your friend and kill all the police men. Feel thedangereous situation for your best friend Jason and save him byEliminate enemy police officers.Download the game for free and bethe best sniper shooter.Vegas Sniper X doesnot require any internetconnection to play, you can enjoy it anywhere ( Subway, Temple orat your bed before going to sleep).
Moto Bike Traffic Racer 2016 1.1 APK
Have you ever dreamed to be a good stunt bike racer? Riding amotobike is not an easy job, it’s very difficult to control bike athigh speed. Riding motorcycle on a busy road is a difficult job,sometime it is considered as death racing but with awesome motobiking skills one can ride and do racing with an expensive heavybike. You could ride a motorcycle so fast on highways to do racingwith your friends. Most people like to do drifting and racing withexpensive sports cars but riding a supper fast moto bike is athrilling experience for youth because sports bikes have powerfulengines for racing purpose and it can give flying like experienceat high speed. Highway Rider is a cool group of young moto bikeriders having skills to ride bikes at fastest possible speed andthey enjoy their most expensive bikes on busy roads with speedracing. It’s a bike challenge game for death racers. One could be agood motor bike rider by practicing for years.This is no#1 bikeracing game in which you can do stunt too. Competition in bikeracing is very hard.Bike racing is very hard to master. The goal inthis game is to complete different levels successfully.This gamehas three modes to play.In Single Race you have to just reach toyour finishing point without any hurdles.In Time Race you have tocomplete your level before time ends, means you have specific timeto complete the level.Knockout level contains opponents to competewith; you have to compete with opponent and try to be as fast asyou can to win the race from them.Every mode further contains threelevels:GrasslandDesertSnowJust try your best to prove that you arethe best bike racer.Features:Awesome game play NicegraphicsAddictive action Realistic stunts
Sniper Assassin Kill Shot 2016 1.1 APK
Sniper Assassin Kill Shot – 2016 is a unique new Sniper AssassinSharp Shooting Game – it’s a New Year 2016 Gift for those gallant,brave, bold and courageous rebel Snipers who have the heart ofLion. Sniper Assassin knows and love the art to Drill, Thrill andKill to fill the Sniper War Suspense. Sniper Assassin Kill Shot –2016 is one of the best and most thrilling free First PersonShooting – FPS, shooting games.In fact, your City Square in DownTown is under attack by callous, cruel, brutal and heartlessterrorists with destructive and devastated ill-intention to killinnocent civilians and citizens, including kids, children, adult,old, men, women indiscriminately in metropolitan city to meet theirnotorious and venomous agenda. Enemy is to get erupt and wage avenomous war in city. The City Police vs Terrorists situation comesin the favor of terrorists hence, on the special request of CityPolice Chief followed by the trusted recommendations of ArmyGeneral Chief and National Security Adviser - NSA, you’re assignedspecial target to aim and kill the bad boys, enemies, militants andterrorists. You are dropped at the various rooftops through roaringstealth gunship helicopter, to hit various multiple targets atdifferent locations in different attire in the shadow of stealthgunship heli. You, as Sniper Assassin is well-equipped withdifferent weapons and Guns like Beretta Pistol, M24, SR25, NegevMachine Gun, Galileo Sniper rifles and Assault Rifles, out ofthese, selected can be frequently used and changed whereas, restare condition to be unlocked subject to your performance. SniperAssassin Kill Shot – 2016 is a vast game to clear five (5) multiplelevels as follows: 1. Snipers’ Valley You, in Snipers’ Valley – TheSniper Assassin also famously know as Death Sniper, has to find,pin-point, aim, hunt and kill Blue Briefcase boy terrorist on CityDown Town Square who is allegedly carrying stolen city maps, EXTRAimportant, confidential and classified documents which mayultimately help him to lead weapons of mass destruction. There arealso Intelligence reports that Blue Briefcase is carrying theformula of lethal atomic or chemical bomb. Simply, find and killhim. 2. Assassins’ Square A Vest Man, having pistol in hand is justpopped up in people crowd, he is carrying pistol and weapons inhand and having intentions to kill many innocent people to create amassacre. Find and kill him immediately before he starts huntingdown innocent people from his closest areas. 3. Crimes’ Roof TopTwo enemies are standing nearby roaring helicopter, which is almostready to take off in air after uplifting them, here, you’ve toexercise your best snipping skills after calculating air frictionand air-waves pressure. Remember, you’ve very short time to killthe enemies. Simply, Don’t wait to get late. 4. Los Vegas There areIntelligence reports that a most wanted Suicide Bomber has enteredin Los Vegas by dodging Elite Police, SWAT and American Navy Seals,now, American Army General Chief has assigned you a special targetto aim, hit and hunt on Headshot the suiside bomber. 4. MissionImpossible Drunk Driver is rashly driving a car with full ofdynamite / weapons of mass destruction, find and hit him from topin moving car in city. Features: ** Sniper Assassin Kill Shot 2016is free to play.** Multiple guns: M24, SR25, Negev Machine Gun,Galileo Sniper rifles and Assault Rifles, ** Five (05) Tough andChallenging Missions. to become a real sniper hunter hero in this2016 hunting game.** One of the Best 2016 shooting games.** SniperAssassin Kill Shot 2016: Military Encounter is the best contractkiller game in top 10 best free sniper games in Google Play Androidworld for free.** To be a hunter empire targeting terroristsenemies of nation.** Speculate yourself to be in a world war 1defending and safe city base.
Military Assassin Shooter 3D 1.1 APK
As a known Hit Man and an expert stealth sniper shooter and killeramong your brave Air force Army battalion, you are assigned withclear vision frontline task to defend your city base from uniformedblack evil terrorists.As a Strong Modern Hit Man Solider and a lasthope to call of duty you are called to perform your prime duty todo not let the black evil uniformed enemy tanks infiltrate thesteal gates with their Tom Tanks. The bad black evil uniformedenemy Armor Core has been sent on Tanks followed by upcomingstealth helicopters and fighter jets to attack on American ArmyCity Base to attack your base and assassinate your troops. You arethe commanding officer of the best team with short and long rangesnipers equipped with modern classic weapons to snipe sharpshooting the enemy marines before they arrive at the base.Terrorists will be attacking you from multiple locations withtanks. You, as frontline brave and gallant solider must act fastand keep pulling the trigger to keep yourself and your platoonalive.Military Assassin, is one of the best First Person ShootingFPS Free Games, your Army has to conquer the battlefield and attackthe enemy forces with dedication, determination to expressexemplary bravery and gallantness. Military Assassin includesrubber bullets and head shots options. Alpha Army has to expressits professional expertise with clear vision without any hesitationto clear the ground.How to Play:- Touch Screen to aim- Press scopebutton to zoom- Press shoot button to fireGame Features:- RealisticEnvironment- Interactive Gameplay- Smooth Graphics- 3D SpecialEffects
Army War : Range Shooting 2016 1.1 APK
Wars can't be fought over just men or technology instead it needsheroism and courage, the brave heart and courageous soldiers andnations. While exchanging fire to enemies it takes a lion heart tostand and not to give up.Army War game is based on a militaryinvasion on an Army Base. Rogue Nation's military has sent an Airstrike of F-18's and F-15's fighter jet for bombing before droppingsoldiers in the territory, with the air Strike of Modern F18's andF-15's Fighter Jets, all your soldiers are martyred, now you arethe only soldier to defend this area and army base, so Don't Falldown and before your military convoy of quick reaction forcearrives you have to take some tough decisions.Para's arecontinuously parachuting from the helicopter. You are a RangeShooter the sword of soul and your job is to kill them before theytouch the ground. kill them all wisely in battlefield before theykill you. If you destroy heli, the para's hub will be destroyed andthey will never have the courage to send other soldiers to fightagainst your country.Features:Easy ControlsAwesome GraphicsNiceGamePlay
Sniper Jungle Legend 2016 1.1 APK
We, the proud maker of Vegas Sniper X, feel immense pleasure tobring you the one of the best Sniper Jungle Legend 2016 free 3Dgames, including wild beasts animals as well as innocent DeerHunter with rubber bullets to get them insane for research andtreatment purposes. Matchless Hunting experience with Sniper JungleLegend including deer hunting 2016 along with other animals. Huntacross the globe in the world’s greatest hunting experience.SniperJungle Legend 2016 is an amazing hunting adventure with multipletargets, simply, its all about thrill & fun. As First PersonShooter (FPS) Sniper you will find multiple animals like Tiger,Lion, Wolf and Deer, as Deer is a smart and clever animal so to bea professional deer hunter you must have to have good aim and shootand target aim skills while holding your breath. You are on a deerhunting expedition of 2016 in a dense jungle snowy winterenvironment where you have to hunt deer in a specified time. Inthis Deer Hunting encounter your shooting and hunting expertiseshould be at par to win this immersive challenge while enjoying abest animals and deer hunting experience in a beautiful and denseSniper Jungle Legend 2016.You are going to face a real challenge tohunt one of the smart and wild animal hunting i.e. deer before itjump of your sniper gun shot, you should hold breath, line up yourgun barrel and press the sniper gun trigger to take successful shoton this wild and smart predators for an outstanding and sensationshot.Anyone who love to play sniper shooting games, animal hunting,forest hunting and Jungle animal hunting games, must try this freehunting game of pro 2016 to be a super hero of this new animals anddeer hunting game while having a hunting adventure with modernsniper guns similar to AK47, M4, AWP, P90, UMP45 Desert Eagle,negev etc.If you are FPS games fans, then time has come to downloadand play new deer hunting game of pro 2016 with marvelous gameplayand splendid graphics which are absolutely incredible and you willsurely love playing this first person shooter game. The SniperJungle Legend 2016 delivers the nostalgic kind of animals and deerhunting experience on your smartphone and tablet!So if you lovehunting games, shooting game and deer hunter games then youdefinitely need to download this new deer hunting game to have amemorable Halloween Holidays season, Christmas and Winter holidays.Download now Sniper Jungle Legend and ENJOY UNIQUE Sniper JungleLegend 2016 EXPERIENCE WITH AMAZING 3D GRAPHICS; Sniper JungleLegend 2016 – GAME FEATURES: ★ Tough and Challenging Missions. tobecome a real sniper jungle hunter hero in this 2016 hunting game.★Multiple Missions★ Multiple weapons★ Interactive Environment★ HDGraphics★ Smooth Game play & Interface★ Great Deer HuntingExperience
Dino Shooting Clash 1.2 APK
Dino Shooting clash!!!Best shootinggame of all time!!!Returning back to the Jurassic world to end the very last breedof few left over dinosaurs. Soldier of modern world has reached theworld of dinosaurs to shoot them down with the best army rifle tohunt dino. These dinosaurs are at your mercy to kill them down orthey will be alerted towards you on the first fire form the snipergun. This is a best sniping game with amazing new school featuresof best android free games.Ever wanted to play with dinosaurs in Jurassic Park? Now youcan! Move around in the jungle and Snowy Mountains and rough trackto track down the dino and killing them like a professional snipershooter.A Jurassic world for you to discover a dinosaur or becomediscovered. Become a Sniper or FPS style free roam and discovermany dinosaur deadly carnivores to the best hunter.This game willoffers In-app purchases to instantly unlock Animals/Weapons/Items.all these can be unlocked by playing and progressing through thegame, in our next update.JOURNEY THROUGH THE DINO WORLD – Dare to trek across the worldwhile evading terrifying pterodactyls, raging rivers, and more! Asthis game is full of adventure and best gaming mobile androidgraphics of all time.Before you download this dino hunt game the best ever clash ofhumans and dinosaurs, please consider that this app includesadvertising, some of which may be targeted to your interests.Hunt or be hunted! Embark on the dinosaur hunting expedition ofa lifetime to kill the ultimate game in Dino Hunter: DinoShooting clash,.EXPERIENCE AMAZING GRAPHICSDynamic shadows, hi-res textures and realistic Jurassic models allcombine to make this one of the most beautiful dinosaur shootergames on your mobile device so have fun with the dino hunting !VISIT EXOTIC Jurassic LOCATIONSKill dinosaurs in lush and dangerous Jurassic environments like theshipwreck-strewn coast, overgrown jungle and dinosaur bone yard,snowy hills and deserted islands!EQUIP POWERFUL WEAPONSLoad up on firepower with destructive weapons like the amazingsniper gun and more over rocket launcher and crossbow. You’ll needa powerful arsenal and an expert shooter strategy to kill thesedinosaurs!People have already spoken***** “this is the best free game of all time “Kotaku***** “working of developer has brought us the real feel of extinctanimals like dinos of lost world“ Gamezebo***** “you people are setting up the standards toohigh”Modojo***** “shape shooting yeahhh!!! My best loving free android mobilegame”Twitter team memberFEATURES• Actual thrill of shooting and dino world• Amazing 3D graphics and prehistoric Jurassic parkenvironments• Many thrilling levels• Awesome gameplay with attacking animations
Sniper X Battle Shooting 1.2 APK
We bring for you one and only sniper X on bank of battle beach, Mr.Sniper X will drill with his best action solo skills againstcriminal terrorists, bad boys and vagabonds who are trying toharbor at country’s Southern sea port to Kill Shot City PoliceCommandos, Army, Navy, Air force Seal Officials as well ascivilians indiscriminately. Sniper X Battle Shooting is one of thebest Sniper Shooting 3D free Games of year 2015 / 2016. But enemydoes not know Mr. Sniper X – a well-trained commando sniper, isthere to save the city. He will guarantee to shoot all enemies as abrilliant sharp shooter. Mr. Sniper X is the last hope for Citywith his latest most sophisticated multiple automatic Free guns andweapons. Saving city from terrorists with minimum possible loss isthe key component of Mr. Sniper X fighting elite strategy ofNational Security Policy. Mr. Sniper X is specially trained tocombat with all kinds of conventional and unconventional, hot startor cold start situations, he is fully prepared to snipe, headshotsenemies and rouge elements, he is even prepared to dismantle anddefuse all kinds of bombs and missiles, arms, armaments andmilitary hard wares. he is master to calculate the air frictionunder the hoover of flying cobra helicopter, jet plane, airplane oreven from ships. He possesses all kinds of ultimate sniperqualities, such as:• Mr. Sniper X knows the art of Kill Shot,assassin and Head Shot the enemy• During his tuff trainings he wasalso taught the art of sharp shooting in multiple environments likesea, desert, air, day, dawn, dusk, night, evening, rain, snow,mountain, trainings in ALL kinds of possible natural environmentsmake him more strong and firm. • Mr. Sniper X has to eliminate andkill enemy soldiers, officers, military personnel, ships, drones inFirs Person Shooting 3D free game • Latest zoom in and zoom outoption