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Go to the VR air combat incandescent You can select variousfighters. Zero fighter Nakajima Ki-43 Aichi D3A and more... 1.EnemyYou can defeat the fighter, tanks, battleships, aircraft carriers,submarines. There is a durability to each airframe. You can changethe Damage per shot at power-up menu. 2. Find Friendly Forces Whenyou hear the sound of Morse code,the message " Find FriendlyForces" will displayed. Within the remaining time of 30 seconds,you look for a Japanese flag to get Friendly forces. You canequipped up to 2 Friendly aircraft at the same time. 3.Select theaircraft If certain conditions are met, it will be a new aircraftcan be selected. Each aircraft has a feature. It can be varied tofeature the aircraft by custom. 4. Custom By consuming the pointsobtained in the enemy shot down,you can enhance a variety offeatures, such as attack power. Let's custom your favoriteaircraft. 5. Stage You can select 3 stages. There are differentdifficulty and earn points in each stage. 6. Game Mode In VR mode,by setting the HMD, you can play virtual reality game. When thegame start, please secure the 3 seconds perspective. When yourviewpoint is determined 3 seconds fixed, VR mode game will start.In VR mode, the attack will be auto. Since the aircraft number ofbullets and reload are displayed in the upper right corner of thescreen, Please to track the enemy aircraft to suit the timing. Yourup, down, left and right movement will operate the aircraft. InTilt mode, to detect the inclination of the smartphone, take theaircraft operation and synchronization. Attack the machine gun bytap the screen. In Touch mode, the left side of the screen is theaircraft maneuvering pad, right side of the screen is attack pad.Please attack on the right tap. All without charge. Full free game

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    September 10, 2018
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    Android 5.0 and up
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We realized optimal simple operation in VR smartphone game.Thespacecraft will tilt when you tilt your own head.You can moveforward while avoiding the looming obstacles.Tilt your head to theleft = Dodge to the leftTilt your head to the right = Dodge to therightYou can continue the game three times.At first you can startthe game at a slow speed.After that, it will automaticallyaccelerated.If when you crash, after 3 seconds, you canautomatically re-start.In this game, there is a normal mode and VRmode.It's a simple game, but can be excited.This game requires ahigh reflexes to the player.Whether you have a high reflexes,please try.>VR Headset>3D virtual reality graphics>You cancheck the highest score at any time.
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You can time travel to the World War 2.You must shoot down enemymachine looming.There is a VR mode and normal mode.You canexperience the force of overwhelming air war in VR mode.If you haveHMD, you enjoy the game in VR mode.>VR mode / Tilt mode / Touchmode>Change view (cocpit / flight)>Change weapons ( Flak Gun/ Mini Gun)>Leaderboard - Fight with the user around theworld!>Achievement - Get the items!you can check Record.you cancheck help.music by : Music Atelier Amachadeveloped by Unity
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You can time travel to the World War 2.You must shoot down enemymachine looming.Game Pad available.There is a VR.You can experiencethe force of overwhelming air war in VR mode.If you have HMD, youenjoy the game in VR mode.>VR mode>Change weapons ( FLare Gun/ Mini Gun)you can check Record.you can check help.music by : MusicAtelier Amachadeveloped by Unity
VR StarEludeTrial 1.5.4 APK
VR mode / Nomal modeWe realized optimal simple operation in VRsmartphone game.The spacecraft will tilt when you tilt your ownhead.You can move forward while avoiding the looming obstacles.Tiltyour head to the left = Dodge to the leftTilt your head to theright = Dodge to the rightIn this game, there is a normal mode andVR mode.It's a simple game, but can be excited.This game requires ahigh reflexes to the player.Whether you have a high reflexes,please try.>VR Headset or similar device>3D virtual realitygraphics>You can check the highest score at any time.(Notice)Itis not available for the following functions in the trialversion.1:You can continue the game three times.2:At first you canstart the game at a slow speed. After that, it will automaticallyaccelerated.3:If when you crash, after 3 seconds, you canautomatically re-start.music by : Music maoudamasiideveloped byUnitybase system airstrike
VR StarCombat 3.0.0 APK
You can experience space saga of incandescent. This is star questVR game We use the HMD. (VR mode) There are Various sizes spacemothership. You will shoot down enemy in space wars. Depending onyour score, you will see the various story image. VR StarCombatBattle front--- - Auto Laser Beam (VR mode) - Touch to the screenright half is a Laser Beam (Tilt mode, Touch mode) - Touch to thescreen left is the Aircraft Operation. (Touch mode) - Viewpointchanging - VR mode / Tilt mode / Touch mode - Guide function to theenemy area - Various space mother ship - many enemy aircrafts -Falling meteorite - Excitement of reality of star war saga -Explosion effect - Flight Simulator - Smart Phone slope detection -Lock-on function Exiting Star Combat ※ machine gun automaticcontrol (laser is fired at regular intervals) Leaderboard - Fightwith the user around the world! Achievement - Get the items!
VR 零式 3.0.1 APK
気分は零式艦上戦闘機(零戦:ZEKE)エースパイロット! 迫力の零戦VS連合国軍の空中ドッグファイトを、リアルな仮想現実で体験。これまでのスマホゲームとは一味違う空中戦をお楽しみください。 VRモード と Normalモードの切替(VRモードは、迫りくる立体の敵戦闘機に対し、零戦を操り白熱の空中戦を仕掛けます)(Normalモードは、スマホの傾きがそのまま零戦の動きとシンクロ。シンプル操作でドッグファイト)武器切替:マシンガンとフレア弾の変更が可能 視点切替:機体視点とコックピット視点変更が可能モード切替:VRモード/傾きモード/タッチモードの変更が可能 Leaderboard:世界中のユーザと撃墜数を競うAchievement:特定の条件により、達成項目を解除 機銃は、自動制御され、等間隔で発射されます。あなたのスマホ(VRカードボードを装着した視線)と零戦の動きが完全にシンクロし、 敵機に喰らいつくことで、撃墜可能。シンプルながらも迫力の体験を。 VRモードの迫りくる立体感は、あたかも第二次大戦にタイムスリップした感覚を体験できます。ヘッドマウントディスプレイでVRモードをお楽しみください。 music by : Music Atelier Amachadeveloped by Unity base system airstrike The mood is zero typefighter plane (Zero warfare: ZEKE) Ace pilot! Experience thepowerful Zero Fight VS Union Army Dog Fight with realistic virtualreality. Please enjoy a slightly different air combat with theprevious smartphone. Switch between VR mode and Normal mode (The VRmode manipulates the zero battle against the enemy fighter of theapproaching three-dimensional battle and sets up a fiery battle ofincandescence) (In Normal mode, the slope of the smartphone isdirectly synchronized with the movement of zero battle and dogfight with simple operation) Switch weapons: Change machine gun andflare bullets possible Viewpoint switching: Changing machineviewpoint and cockpit viewpoint possible Mode change: VR mode /inclination mode / touch mode can be changed Leaderboard: Competefor shooting down numbers with users all over the worldAchievement: Canceled achievement item according to specificconditions Machine guns are automatically controlled and launchedat equal intervals. The movement of your smartphone (the line ofsight wearing the VR card board) and zero movement has completelysynchronized, By eating on enemy planes, you can shoot down. Simpleyet powerful experience. The stereoscopic feeling that comes closeto the VR mode allows you to experience the feeling of timeslipping in the Second World War. Please enjoy VR mode with headmount display. music by: Music Atelier Amacha developed by Unitybase system airstrike
VR 零式 GP 2.0.1 APK
気分は零式艦上戦闘機(零戦:ZEKE)エースパイロット! 迫力の零戦VS連合国軍の空中ドッグファイトを、リアルな仮想現実で体験。これまでのスマホゲームとは一味違う空中戦をお楽しみください。 VRモード(VRモードは、迫りくる立体の敵戦闘機に対し、零戦を操り白熱の空中戦を仕掛けます) 武器切替:マシンガンとフレア弾の変更が可能ゲームパッド対応で、より複雑でトリッキーな動きが実現できます。 シンプルながらも迫力の体験を。VRモードの迫りくる立体感は、あたかも第二次大戦にタイムスリップした感覚を体験できます。ヘッドマウントディスプレイでVRモードをお楽しみください。 music by : Music Atelier Amachadeveloped by Unity base system airstrike Mood Type-0 carrier-basedfighter (Zero Fighter: ZEKE) ace pilot! An aerial dogfight of ZeroFighter VS Allied force, and experience in realistic virtualreality. Please enjoy a little bit different aerial warfare withprevious Sumahogemu. VR mode (VR mode, for enemy fighters loomingthree-dimensional, will launch a dogfight incandescent puppet ZeroFighter) Weapon Switching: you can change the machine gun and theflare bullets In game pad support, more complex and tricky movementcan be realized. Also the experience of the powerful while simple.Three-dimensional sense of looming of VR mode, you can if theyexperience the sensation that time slip to the second World War.Please enjoy the VR mode in the head-mounted display. music by:Music Atelier Amacha developed by Unity base system airstrike
high ground compass free 1.0.1 APK
Free ver.When the earthquake and tsunami occurred, where do youevacuate?If you are in a strange land, it is often also do not knowthe official shelter.You can use this app to find some high groundnear you.The means of transportation that you can specify is car,on foot, by bicycle.In addition, you will be able to specify therange of 1km, 2km, 3km radius from your present location.This appcontains many useful links.