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eVTE-RAM is a medical application designed by SANOFI about VenousThromboembolism Risk Assessment, the management recommendations andmore medical resources to help health care providers for better VTEmanagement.Through a series of questions about the patientsconditions based on the patient types, Health Care Providers canassess the risk of VTE related to the patients and therecommendations to manage his/her case. The application includes 4patients’ types (pregnancy patients, Cancer patients, surgicalpatients, and medical hospitalized patients) in addition to Well’sScore integration.Saudi Association of Venous Thromboembolism,Saudi Thoracic Society, Saudi Society of Hematology, Saudiobstetrics and gynecology society and Saudi Society of InternalMedicine endorse the application.

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    November 7, 2017
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PillReminder - Denk an mich 3.2.6 APK
Die App PillReminder - Denk an mich für Ihre Erinnerung an diePilleneinnahme. Sie denkt mit, ist einfach zu bedienen, bieteteinen schnellen Überblick und viele individuelleEinstellungsmöglichkeiten. Auf dem Startbildschirm der App habenSie immer alle wichtigen Informationen schnell im Blick: - AllePillen bisher eingenommen? - Pille vergessen - was nun? - NächsteEinnahmezeit der Pille? Der PillReminder - Denk an mich bietetviele individuelle Funktionen: - Tägliche Erinnerung an diePilleneinnahme mit frei wählbarer Erinnerungszeit - RechtzeitigeErinnerung an eine neue Pillenpackung - Kalender und Tagebuch mitInfos über Zyklusverlauf, Regelbeschwerden, Tagesstimmung undIntimtage - Ratgeber für Sie, falls Sie eine Pille vergessen habensollten - Die App beachtet aber auch Ihre einnahmefreien Tage undmacht Erinnerungspause! Lassen Sie sich bei der regelmäßigenPilleneinnahme unterstützen und haben Sie Ihren Zyklusverlauf imGriff. Nach Installation der App werden Sie bequem durch dieEinstellungsschritte geführt. Sie können die App sofort nutzen,auch wenn Sie die Pillenpackung bereits angefangen haben. WeitereInformationen rund um die Verhütung finden Sie auf der Webseitehttp://www.frau-und-pille.de. The app PillReminder -. Remember mefor your reminder of the pill She thinks, is easy to use, providesa quick overview and many individual Settings. On the home screenof the app, you have all your important Information quickly at aglance: - All pills have been taken? Forgot pill - - what now? -Next time taking the pill? The PillReminder - Think of me has manyindividual features - Daily reminder of the pill with selectablealarm time - Timely reminder of a new pill pack - Calendar anddiary with information on course of the cycle, menstrualcomplaints, daily mood and intimate days - Guide for you if youforget a pill - But the app also noted your tablet-free days andmakes memories break! Get the regular pill and you have to supportyour Course of the cycle under control. After installing the app,you will be comfortable with the Setting out steps. You can use theapp immediately, even if you pack the pill have already begun. Formore information about the prevention, visit the websitehttp://www.frau-und-pille.de.
БЕБИ-ГИД - это интерактивная история развитияВашего ребенка.С помощью приложения БЕБИ-ГИД Вы сможете вносить данные о своихдетях и следить за их ростом, развитием, здоровьем и срокамипроведения прививок.Благодаря БЕБИ-ГИДу, полная информация о здоровье Ваших детейвсегда будет у Вас под рукой.Мобильное приложение БЕБИ-ГИД позволяет:1. Сохранять информацию о здоровье ребенка (группу крови, номерполиса ОМС, имеющиеся заболевания и проводимое лечение) ипринеобходимости отправлять ее по e-mail2. Автоматически составлять индивидуальный календарь прививок дляВашего ребенка в соответствии с датой его рождения и Национальнымирекомендациями. За несколько дней до прививки Вы получитенапоминание о необходимости ее проведения. Данные о прививках,имеющихся у ребенка, Вы можете отправлять новому врачу, няне.3. Следить за ростом малыша: Вы можете сравнивать рост и весребенка с показателями, рекомендованными Всемирной ОрганизациейЗдравоохранения, с помощью графиков роста и веса. Также БЕБИ-ГИДавтоматически рассчитывает Индекс массы тела ребенка при каждомобновлении информации.4. Сохранять информацию о перенесенных заболеваниях и операциях(дата, диагноз, лечение): в экстренных случаях эти данные у Васвсегда с собой.5. Отмечать ключевые моменты развития малыша: первый зубик, первоеслово, первые шаги, - и отправлять родственникам и друзьям.6. Составлять списки вопросов, которые Вы хотели бы задать врачу наследующем приеме, чтобы не забыть и не потерять их.Скачивайте БЕБИ-ГИД и следите за ростом и развитием своего ребенка.Помните: здоровье малыша - в Ваших руках!BABY GUIDE - aninteractive history of the development of your child. With the application BABY GUIDE You can enter data abouttheir children and monitor their growth, development, health andthe timing of vaccinations.Thanks BABY-guide, full of information about the health of yourchildren will always be at your fingertips.Mobile application allows BABY GUIDE:1. Maintain information about the child's health (blood grouppolicy number CHI, underlying disease and treatments) and whereinthe need to send it by e-mail2. Automatically create personalized immunization schedule for yourchild according to his date of birth and national guidelines. A fewdays before the vaccination you will be reminded of the need tocarry it out. Data on vaccination available to the child, you cansend a new doctor, nurse.3. Monitor the growth of the baby: You can compare the height andweight of the child with the indicators recommended by the WorldHealth Organization, using height and weight charts. BABY GUIDEalso automatically calculates the body mass index of the child ateach update information.4. Maintain information on medical history and operations (date,diagnosis, treatment) in urgent cases the data you have always withyou.5. Notes the key moments in the development toddler: first tooth,first word, first steps - and to send to relatives andfriends.6. Compile lists of questions you want to ask the doctor at thenext reception, not to forget and not to lose them.Download BABY GUIDE and follow the growth and development of theirchild. Remember, the baby's health - in your hands!
Diabeo Telesage APK
« Basal-bolus(1) » insulin therapy is commonly used among type 1and type 2 diabetics treated by insulin. This type of treatment hasdemonstrated clear benefits for patients, with improved glycemiccontrol and quality of life. However, greater patient autonomyrequires having the appropriate tools that fit with one’s dailyhabits, particularly in regards to nutrition, physical activity,work and leisure, frequently varying situations which can makecalculating one’s daily insulin doses highly complex. The Diabeo®app is medical device software in clinical evaluation, not yet CEmarked, co-developed by the CERITD (Center for the Study and Rearchfor the Intensification and Treatment of Diabetes), Voluntis(manufacturer of the VITM medical device: Voluntis Insulin TherapyManager), and Sanofi. Its use is strictly reserved to the Télésageclinical study, following activation by a qualified healthcareprofessional.Diabeo® was developed to help patients simplify theirdaily diabetes management, offering patients: • A self-adjustinginsulin calculator and digital diary for long and short-actinginsulin doses based on their doctor’s prescription, tailored tonutritional intake and physical activity(2)• Enhanced follow-upwith their doctor and/or broader healthcare team, thanks toautomated patient data monitoringThe Diabeo® app is compatible withmany Android smartphones. The latest list of compatible smartphonescan be found online at www.sanofi-diabete.fr/web/telemedecine or bycalling the hotline at 0 800 DIABEO (toll free in France from afixed line).(1) The use of long-acting insulin combined withshort-acting insulin at mealtime as needed.(2) Diabeo® requiresprescription by a medical doctor and the Diabeo® app can only beactivated by a qualified healthcare professional.
Sanofi IR APK
Sanofi IR is the mobile application for Android phones and tabletsdeveloped by Sanofi Investor Relations for the financial community.Sanofi IR presents all the latest financial news and informationabout Sanofi. It provides access to the stock price*, pressreleases and financial publications. It also includes IRpresentations, videos and webcasts of quarterly results events,conferences organized by Investor Relations, annual generalmeetings and broker conferences attended by Sanofi. Users can shareinformation via Twitter, Facebook, Weibo or e-mail.They can receivenotifications on new publications and IR events.Users also haveaccess to the IR events calendar and IR contacts in France, theU.S. and China.The application provides a read-it-later feature bysaving documents to read them offline. The content of Sanofi IR appis updated at the same time as Sanofi’s corporate Website.*Sanofishares are listed on Euronext Paris and the New York StockExchange.Sanofi is a global healthcare leader focused on patients’needs engaged in the research, development, manufacturing andmarketing of innovative therapeutic solutions.
Mommy's Book South Africa 1 APK
Mommy's Book is a digital health record for children: It will helpyou to manage your child's health data, track your child's growthmilestones, add additional children and customise informationwithin the app.With Mommy's Book, you will always have your children's healthinformation, vaccination records, medical history and growth dataat hand.Mommy's Book will send you alerts to get your childrenvaccinated, according to your country's vaccination schedule andyour child's age.Mommy's Book main features:1. General Information allows you to save your child's usefulhealth information.2. Vaccination Calender calculates your child's vaccinationschedule, according to birth date and the national vaccinationrecommendations. You will receive alerts to get your childvaccinated, save the vaccination data and send the vaccinationrecord when needed.3. Growth curves will allow you to follow your child's growth.Weight and height will be compared to the World Health Organization(WHO) growth curves and the Body Mass Index (BMI) will becalculated and updated automatically with every new weight andheight entries.4. Record your children's diseases or surgery information (date,type, treatment) in order to get the full medical record at hand incase of emergency5. Capture and record your children's development key momentsand milestones: the 1st tooth, 1st word, 1st step...6. Save and organize the questions you have for the doctor's orBaby Clinic's next visit, instead of writing lists and losing themafterwards.
ЭпиДень 1.2 APK
Мобильное приложение «ЭпиДень» - современный и простой виспользовании инструмент для контроля эпилепсии. Приложение дляврачей, пациентов и родителей детей с эпилепсией. 5 основныхфункциональностей позволяют пациенту легко фиксировать приступы,устанавливать напоминания о приеме лекарств и о предстоящих визитахк врачу. Удобный интерфейс предоставляет широкие возможности дляредактирования установок. Особо значимой функцией являетсяавтоматическое формирование отчета для врача, в которомотображается вся внесенная в «ЭпиДень» информация в удобнойграфической форме. Отчет может быть выслан на любой электронныйадрес. Удобно, просто, всегда под рукой. С подробной инструкцией поиспользованию можно ознакомиться насайтеhttp://www.epilepsyinfo.ru/web/living_with_epilepsy/epidayMobileapp "EpiDen" - a modern and easy-to-use tool to controlepilepsy.Application for doctors, patients and parents of childrenwith epilepsy.5 basic functionalities allow the patient to easilycapture attacks, set reminders for medication and about upcomingvisits to the doctor.User-friendly interface provides ampleopportunities to edit the settings. Featuredimportant feature isthe automatic reporting to the physician, which displays allentered in the "EpiDen" information in a convenient graphical form.The report can be sent to any email address.Convenient, simple,always at hand.Detailed instructions for use are available onlineathttp://www.epilepsyinfo.ru/web/living_with_epilepsy/epiday
GoMeals 2.1.14 APK
If you have a health condition like diabetes, information aboutwhat you eat can be important. GoMeals® was developed to help youmake healthy lifestyle choices at home or on the go. GoMealsincludes tools for eating healthy, staying active, and trackingyour blood glucose levels. FOOD TRACKER GoMeals is more than acalorie counter. With nutritional values for your favorite foodsand restaurant menu items powered by the CalorieKing™ fooddatabase, search thousands of foods and dishes from popularrestaurants, grocery stores and the items you have in your ownkitchen to easily see the nutritional value (i.e., calories,carbohydrates, fats, protein, etc.) of the foods you eat. Even syncthe data you enter in your Fitbit account with GoMeals. ACTIVITYTRACKER With the activity tracker, GoMeals lets you calculate thenumber of calories you burn. Select a physical activity and yourintensity level. You can save your favorite activities into acustomized workout and even link your Fitbit account to GoMeals sothe calories your burn automatically sync. GLUCOSE TRACKER If youhave diabetes, you may be checking your blood sugar levels severaltimes a day. GoMeals offers you a handy place to record and viewyour numbers. Track your highs and lows. And with meal and exercisetags, you'll have a handy log of your readings to share with yourphysician. RESTAURANT LOCATOR Discover restaurants in your areawith GoMeals. The app will even show you which restaurants areclosest and map the location. With a database of over 20,000restaurant items, you can make healthy eating choices before youeven step in the door. CLOUD SYNC When you log in with a freeGoMeals account, you get the added benefit of backing up yourhistory and favorites to our cloud network. And if you use GoMealson multiple devices or on the Web (with GoMeals Online) your datawill be waiting for you! Manage your nutrition and exercise, andgive yourself the tools and information you need to managediabetes. Even if you don't have diabetes, you'll still findGoMeals as a great resource. SUPPORT In addition to customersupport on Twitter you can contact us via email to get your GoMealsquestions answered.
Essentiels de Bébé 1.0 APK
En complément du carnet de santé,l’application « Essentiels de bébé » de Sanofi vous permet deregrouper et gérer toutes les données médicales de vos enfants.Vaccins, croissance, premiers mots, questions : l’essentiel est àportée de main !Grâce à l’application de Sanofi, « Essentiels de bébé » vousaccompagne dans le développement de votre enfant :1. Enregistrez les données de santé de votre enfant (groupesanguin, traitement en cours…)2. Ne soyez plus perdu avec le calendrier vaccinal de votreenfant, l’application vous rappellera les vaccins à effectuer entemps et en heure.3. Suivez ses courbes de croissance de taille et de poids en lescomparant aux normes de l’Organisation Mondiale de la Santé (OMS)et calculez automatiquement son indice de masse corporel (IMC) àchaque nouvelle mesure.4. Enregistrez les informations concernant ses maladies et sesopérations chirurgicales (date, nom et traitements) vous permettantde les avoir sous la main en cas d’urgence.5. Conservez toutes les premières fois de la vie de votre enfant(premier mots, premier pas, première dent…).6. Notez toutes les questions que vous vous posez pour saprochaine visite chez le pédiatre.C’est facile, pratique et toujours avec vous !Les données médicales restent confidentielles et sont uniquementstockées sur le téléphone de l’utilisateur.In addition to the healthrecord, the application "Baby Essentials" Sanofi allows you togroup and manage all medical data of your children. Vaccines,growth, first words, questions: the key is at hand!Through the application of Sanofi, "Essential Baby" will assistyou in developing your child:1 Save the data of your child's health (blood type, currenttreatment ...)2 Do not be lost with the immunization schedule for your child,the application will remind you which vaccinations in a timelymanner.3 Follow her growth curves of size and weight in comparison tothe standards of the World Health Organization (WHO) andautomatically calculate their body mass index (BMI) for each newmeasurement.4 Save the information about his disease and surgery (date, nameand treatments) allowing you to have on hand for emergencies.5 Keep all first times in the life of your child (first words,first steps, first tooth ...).6 Write down all the questions that you ask for his next visitto the pediatrician.It's easy, convenient, and always with you!Medical records are confidential and are only stored on theuser's phone.