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iDee Vtrak is a Web and Mobile based User-Friendly GPSVehicleTracking and Fleet Management Solution Using wirelesstechnology itprovides real-time vehicle / Fleet / asset locationinformation. Italso provides Vehicle Breakdown service

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book finder 1.2 APK
Welcome To The First Version of EbookFinder,This App Gives You a platform to search Any Book by BookName / ByAuthor Name / By Any Other Topic , This is a really coolfeaturesYou can search any book can will get a list of booksavailable forSearched Topic. From The List of Books You CanDownload Any BooksTo Your SD Card/ Phone Memory.A quick FAQ:----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------What Special You Requires To Use this App?• We Search Any Book Data From Google Server, So You needGoodInternet Connectivity, In Some Case If Book Size is very Largeonsuch cases Wifi/3G Connection is NecessaryHow To Use This App?• As Mentioned First You Have to enable Internet ConnectivityOnYour Mobile Device• Once You Got Proper Internet Connection , Open ApplicationbyTapping on Application icon and on the very first screen youwillbe asked to enter book name, Enter Any book name / author name/orany topic you like• After Entering Topic Name Click on Search icon, We willbefinding relevant book for you from Google Server• Once We finished our search , you will see list ofbooksavailable for you• Click on any book , and double tap on any optionfromchooser• As soon as you tap on chooser , a download of book willbestarted to notification bar• You will see books on sdcard download folder• Now That's it , you book is ready, enjoy it and if youlikethis app, request for a reviewHere are additional features app is providing*ebook reader*ebooks downloader free*ebook downloader*ebook reader for android*book reader*books free read*books app*books*books for free*story books*hindi story books free download*story books in english free*free general knowledge books for india search in english*free books to read and download*pdf reader*pdf finderThanks,Creative InfoLab
vTrak-OMS 1.1 APK
vTrak is a Web & Mobile based UserFriendlyGPS Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Solution withcombinationof Client/Server Call center & Web based Jobdispatch system. Ithas a comprehensive list of reports, managementand GIS features,ideally suited for any dispatch application. Itprovides support forwide range of communication technologies like,GPRS, 3G, CDMA, PMRetc to suite any customer or country specificrequirements. IDispathis specifically designed to address focusedindustries like , TaxiCompanies, Emergency Vehicle Delivery(Police, Fire Brigade,Ambulances), Logistics/courier companiesetc,. This comes with withthin client for CE based devices withbuilt in navigational andinteractive voice interface features asoptional feature.
AA Singapore (AA SG) 1.21 APK
Journey at Ease with AA Singapore App Help is just a tap away withthe AA Singapore App! - No more describing your breakdown location;your smartphone’s GPS does it for you - No need to call AA; we’llcall you - Real-time notification when help is on the way Greaterconvenience for members! - Access to your e-card to enjoy perkslocally and overseas, wherever you are (NEW!) - Receive importantupdates directly on your phone - Locate nearby petrol stations, carparks and AA Approved Workshops - Other features: Insuranceservices, access to AA Highway, AA Benefits Download now forgreater convenience and to fully enjoy your membership! HELP USIMPROVE: Leave a feedback and rate the app. Note: 1. AA Apprequires Membership Number to log in. If you encounter issues withlogin, please email us at aa-membership@aas.com.sg or call 63338811 ext *148. 2. Roadside Assistance Services (accessible via AASingapore App) are only rendered to AA Singapore members. Pleaserefer to the Service Policy at www.aas.com.sg for more details.
DLC Tracker 1.4 APK
App for daily cash payment tracks the cash amount, the date, andthename of the authorized on the deposit. It can also capture thephotofor proof of relevant personnel. Once the mobile app iscompleted, asecure PDF is generated and a copy is stored in youraccount foryour money records.
Kaizen Family Dental 7.0 APK
Kaizen Family Dental (KAIZEN FAMILY DENTAL) is a Dental Clinic-General Practice in West Chester, Ohio. Dental care clinicsprovidedental treatment and oral care to patients of all ages.
Vtrak 1.5 APK
iDee Vtrak is a Web and Mobile based User-Friendly GPSVehicleTracking and Fleet Management Solution Using wirelesstechnology itprovides real-time vehicle / Fleet / asset locationinformation. Italso provides Vehicle Breakdown service
BHS Kinetic 39.0 APK
B H S Kinetic is known as a leader in offering flexible,specializedservices across a broad array of supply chain andtransportationneeds. We seek to listen, understand, analyse anddesign to meetclients' needs.
iDee Infocom 31.0 APK
iDee is a Web & Mobile based User Friendly GPS VehicleTrackingand Fleet Management Solution with combination ofClient/ServerCall center & Web based Job dispatch system. Ithas acomprehensive list of reports, management and GIS features,ideallysuited for any dispatch application. It provides support forwiderange of communication technologies like, GPRS, 3G, CDMA, PMRetcto suite any customer or country specific requirements. IDispathisspecifically designed to address focused industries like ,TaxiCompanies, Emergency Vehicle Delivery (Police, FireBrigade,Ambulances), Logistics/courier companies etc,. This comeswith withthin client for CE based devices with built innavigational andinteractive voice interface features as optionalfeature.