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Wallpapers HD quality is a freeapplicationthat is having collection of HD wallpapers andscreenbackgrounds.Wallpapers HD quality has a variety of HDBackgroundsof multiple category and sub category will updated oneach timeinterval.It covers most of occasions based wallpapersusers arelooking for.

Wallpapers HD quality— Current Wallpaper at the moment.
We follow all the trends in the world. The new freeWallpaperbackground you will find here. The most beautifulwallpapers ofdifferent occasions, places of the world Wallpaperfree for everytime.

Wallpapers HD quality— Ease of use and nothing more.
We tried to make it as convenient and simple app for you,removingall the excess and focusing on the Essentials — theWallpapers andtheir quality.

Wallpapers HD quality- Save battery and resources.
The application displays only adapted to the size of yourscreenbackgrounds and Wallpapers. This allows you to conservebatterypower and Internet traffic, and use the app at maximumspeedwithout losing image quality.

-Wallpapers HD Quality application main features given below:

* Application have number of categories of wallpaperlike,(Christmas, New Years, Arti,
Diwali, Animal, Cars etc* Application have options category , new,popular wallpaper
based etc

* Users have privilege to access categories of wallpapers asperhis/her choice.
* User can login using their social networking accountslikefacebook, GPlus etc.

* User can upload wallpaper which will show into useruploadcategory list in partcular
category section.

* User can edit your profile and see their post and likes andcheckfollowers and

* User has privilege to likes and give their comment towallpapersshared by others .

* User can see and follow the post and comments on wallpapersheshared.

* Application has features to search wallpaper by colorsaswell

* User can select wallpaper from new wallpaper and popular foldertoset wallpaper on
home screen which will change new wallpaper automaticallyfromselected folder.

* User can set time interval to update home screen wallpaperusingauto change

* User has privilege to set on/off options for auto change tochangetheir device

* User can send feedback to developers which ishighlyappreciated.

* User can give likes, comments to wallpaper will reflect tootherusers

* Wallpapers those have been liked more can be seen by users.

* User has privilege to save particular wallpapers as per hischoiceinto his phone

* There is filter applicable while searching and uploadingintoapplication

* User have privilege add wallpapers and their descriptionwhileuploading wallpapers

App Information Wallpapers HD Quality

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