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The Wapda Bill Checker Online Electricity Pakistan will help wapdabill checker you to get your wapda bills of electricity for all thewapda services providers in Pakistan. Wapda Bill Checker OnlineElectricity Pakistan with this wapda electricity biII app now youcan watch your electricity bills online for free and wapda billknow how wapda bill check much you have to pay for the electricitybill for home. wapda bill checker there are many others option,wapda bill check you can wapda bill checker easily find your wapdabill different kinds electricity bill check of electricity bills inthis app online. Through Wapda Bill Checker Online ElectricityPakistan you can check your E-Bill online. Electricity biII checkWith Electricity Bill Checker Wapda All Pakistan simpleapplication, wapda bill check you can check your electricity billsfor all cities of Pakistan free. Install Electricity Billing Appand wapda bill online check enters the complete reference wapdabilI checker pakistan number. wapda bill checker If you wapda bilIchecker pakistan want to check your bill than wapda bill checkerpakistan you have wapda bill check to put wapda bilI checker onlineyour wapda bilI checking reference number wapda bill checker andwapda bill checker pakistan press wapda bill checker online thesubmit button you will have a wapda bill checker complete soft copyof your electricity current month check and online wapda billchecker compare electricity bill check pakistan if the amountwritten electricity bill checker on the bill is wapda electricitybill checker accurate figure. wapda bill checker there are manyfeatures to check your different bills before wapda bill checkreceiving the Electricity bill check online bill at home. Thisonline wapda biII checker comes you online bills of WapdaElectricity; The Wapda Bill Checker Online Electricity Pakistan isa latest wapda bill online check and wapda bill online checkawesome features wapda bill checker pakistan android applicationthat allows you to check you’re online bills in Pakistan. wapdacheck online billis one of the best Wapda Bill verification forPakistani Citizens. All the services providers of Pakistan bringWapda Bill Checker Online Electricity Pakistan online electricitybills free of cost. The WAPDA electricity bills app brings givingelectricity bill pay app you the best option to check your billeasily without electricity bill check online any hesitation wapdaonline bill online. wapda check online bill Watches wapda bilIchecker online your electricity bill details online for free andonline wapda biII checker know how wapda bill online check much youhave to pay for the electricity bill for home. wapda online bill isuser friendly wapda biII checker online app you electricity bilIdon’t need login into electricity bill check app any website. wapdabiII checker online you can pay & check your last electricitybill via this wapda bill view app. to know electricity bill howmuch wapda bilI checking you have to pay for your upcomingelectricity bill Download Wapda Bill Checker Online ElectricityPakistan & watch your electricity bills online for free. wapdabill checker Pakistan Download this electricity bill checker appand view latest electricity bill within a few minutes.MEPCO Bill:For the people of Multan division the app brings MEPCO bills onlinechecking facility.PESCO: Peshawar division users for theelectricity the app gives PESCO electricity bills online.HESCOBill: HESCO Bill through this app. You can now find the people ofHyderabad region of GEPCO Bill: Now Gujranwala people easily cannow find GEPCO electricity bills online for free. FESCO Bill:People can now find their Faisalabad district bill in thisapp.K.Electric: Users of Karachi can also know easily findelectricity bill online with this app.QESCO Bill: Quetta regionusers can now find QESCO bill online for free.

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Pk Political Party Frame No matter from which Political Party youbelong to, political photo editor this app will be very excitingphoto frame 2017 and loveable to use it. Political photo framesbeing any political party follower, political photo you are photolayout always a fan of some Political Personality. Political photoapp if you political photo frame want to show your PK photo editorcollage love to your political personality or political photo makerto your political party, political photo frames this app will bevery exciting for you. Use this app to photo editor photo makermake unique love photo frame 2017 new, photo editor new version2018 stylish and colourful photo frames of your favourite politicalphoto editor background change personality love photo frames withand song with respective political party flag and photo frame 2017new model backgrounds. Pakistan political photo frame SoundsExciting, political party photo frame and political hoarding photoframe it is exciting. Pk political party Photo Frame app has alarge number photo frame 2017 new apps of exciting political photoeditor and unique photo frames with every political personalityphoto frame 2017 new love picture with Pakistani political photoeditor. Photo editor political adjust any photo frame 2017 newpolitical photo editor pro personality photos editor picture inyour desired photo frame with your selected political flag andphoto editor pro camera background style, photo frames and editingphoto colour combination photo frame 2017 new, photo frames withbackground theme and photo frame 2017 full screen pictures. Photoframe editor 2018 you will get your result at once photo frame 2017love, photo frame 2017 after you photo editor pro make your Partyframe work final photo frame 2017 new model photo editor pro videocollage and photo frame 2017 new execute the final step photoeditor pro new version 2018. PK political party Photo Frame app alarge number of Political Parties Collection including PTI, PMLN,PMLQ, PPP, PAT, ANP, JI, JUI, MQM, PKMAP, PMLF, TTP, AML etc. InPakistan, all PK Political photo frames have include all frames ofleaders of Pakistan. In Political parties photo frames you can setyour picture love photo frames 2018 with your favourite Politicalleaders. Just select your favourite leader picture. Then selectyour picture love photo frames double. Resize your picture as well.In addition, PK Political Party Frame all parties’ frames result isHD clear that no one Parties photo frame can know that you haveedit your photo in frames. Pakistan all parties’ photo frames willgive you the real results Parties leaders Pakistan. Free app youcan also share the result political issue of Pakistan all parties’photo frames on social media, photo frame also can save thepicture/photo, and can PK photo frame share with your friends.PKpolitical party Photo Frame app let us decorate your lovely photosto support your favourite political party. PK political party PhotoFrame app lets users to set a well-designed photo frame of allpolitical parties in Pakistan. PK political party Photo Frame appwe have design outstanding frames of all political parties for ourusers who wants to support their favourite political party; Usersalso all parties photo frame can save PK photo frame and politicalissue share the spectacular Photo frame on social media.PKpolitical party Photo Frame app to decorate your photos with manyPakistan political Parties Leaders. Party’s leaders Pakistan nowSupport your Pakistan party with these political parties. PoliticalPhoto Frame is a Photo frames app with best photo editor tool tomake your photo in frames political life experience photo frame.***APP FEATURES***• Fully Customized App• Large Photo FramesCollection• Large Political Personality Photographs CollectionShowand do publicity of your favourite Political Party on Social Mediaby using this Exciting Pk Political Party Photo Frame App.
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Video Milli Naghmy ملی نغمات is an application which contains morethan 25 songs which will inspire and motivate you from your heartif you are a true Pakistani. Video Milli Naghmy ملی نغمات app willenlighten your Love for your country. If you are patrioticPakistani then you must have this Video Milli Naghmay application.It contains Pakistani Anthem as well and many other most popularnational songs. The app Video Milli Naghmy ملی نغمات lets you playthe Pakistan Video Milli Naghmy ملی نغمات both in an instrumentaland vocal format. It displays English, Urdu and Roman Urdu lyricsso that Pakistanis especially overseas can make their childrenunderstand the meaning of every word of our National Anthem. TheVideo Milli Naghmy ملی نغمات app also provides the history ofdevelopment of Pakistan National Anthem. The music of nationalanthem of Pakistan (Qaumi Taranah in Urdu), composed by Pakistanimusician and composer, Ahmad G. Chagla, in 1949, reflects hisbackground in both eastern and western music. Twenty-one musicalinstruments and thirty-eight different tones are used to play theQaumi Taranah, the duration of which is mention in video. Then thelyrics written by Hafeez Jullundhri in 1952 was officially adoptedas Pakistan's national anthem in August 1954.You can Download orListen Famouse Pakistani National Songs.14 August "Independenceday" (Azaadi) milli Naghmay are included. Pakistan army, PAF navyand pakistani Video Milli Naghmy ملی نغمات. All at one platform.New Video Milli Naghmy ملی نغمات are regularly updated. Whenever Iadd/Upload new Album or national song it will be listed in yourPhone Automatically. Features*You can listen On line*Download yourfavorite National Song*Shuffle Tracks*Repeat Sound Tracks*Forwardand Reverse any Track*Next and Previous Feature is available*Easyto navigate between albums and tracksThis Video Milli Naghmay apprequires Internet connection
Eidul Azha Qurbani Fazail o Masailin Islam 1.0 APK
qurbanikiduaeidulazha apps eidulazhaanimal eidulazharecipeseidulazhaqurbanifazaileiduladhaqurbanikiduaqurbanikaappqurbanikemasail cow kiqurbani appbakrekiqurbaniqurbanikiapp isall about dua cow kiqurbani appbakrekiqurbani cowkiqurbaniqurbanikiduabakrekiqurbani cow kiqurbaniqurabi k masaelapp.EidulAzhaQurbaniFazailO Masail in IslamOn additional occasionGod well-ordered Prophet Ibrahim to left his wife Hajira and sonIsmail only far away,eidulazha apps He again sacrificed eidulazhaanimalhis love for his son andeidulazha recipesHe left them faraway with a huge eidulazhaqurbanifazailamount of foodgrainsbuteiduladha after sometime Mother and son hadeidulazhaanimal nothingcow kiqurbani left andbakrekiqurbani then aninfanteidal adhawas crying for thirstcow kiqurbani and dehydration.Onespringof water from the earth at the feet of Ismail MiraculouslyAllahstarted. qurbani prayerthis water never got stopped from thattime and its name is ZAM ZAM water and it is believes to be HolyWater in Muslim culture.Build a Holy building in front of that Holyspring water wellLater Prophet Ibrahim instructed by the God to.Its name is Kaaba in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. In the remembrance ofProphet Ibrahim's sacrifices, Muslims Celebrates EilulAzhha.Peoplegive sacrifice of sheeps, cows, and camels with the remembrance ofthe sacrifice given by the Prophet Ibrahim at the time of EidulAzhapeople go to Hajj Pilgrimage and followed and obeyed what His Allahordered.ThisEidulAzhaQurbaniFazail O Masail in Islam app containsbasic and needful information about Qurbani in Eid-ul-Azha, in thelight of quran-o-sunnah. The reference from quran and ahadees aregiven.Bakrekiqurbanithereis lot of answers which everyone wants toknow about qurbani.qurbanikidua There are VariousCategories in forsimple and core information.Fareeza-e-Qurbani,Takbeerat-e-tashreeq, QurbanikabWajibhai?JanwarKhareedne sePehlekeAmoor, JanwarKhareednakaTareeqa and much more helpfulknowledge to everyone.Zoom feature to enlarge pictorial contentsfor clear reading about Qurbani according to Sunnah. This bookcontains basic knowledge and simple language used to understand.Themuslims are perform qurbani in eidulazha, because this is thesunnah of "Ibrahim aalehesalam", Prophet Ibrahim's sacrifice asmentioned in the Quraan. And,qurbanikidua when he was old enough towalk with his son, he said: "O my son! I have seen in a dream lastnight that I am slaughtering you (offer you in sacrifice to Allah),so looks what you think!" you have to do itSon said: my father nocow kiqurbanimatter this is the order of Allah;bakrekiqurbaniit isa long story in short everyone knows about why muslim offersqurbani.OnEidulAzhaQurbaniFazail O Masail in Islam appthiseidmuslims meet and greet each other with the Eiduladha Mubarak andtell each other the eiduladha recipes.
Real Mobile Mirror app - Makeup Yourself HD View 1.0 APK
Real Mobile Mirror app makeup yourself HD View is best mirror photooption for you if you can’tcarry a mirror justmirror camera tocheck mirror camera appyour appearancemirror camera hd ormirrorcamera app put in contact lenses?Mirror camera videoeverythingelsemirror camera appis on your mirror camera apps download phone,mirror without front camera appso whyfree mirror appshouldn’tyourmirror be too.Mirrorselfie camera appthismirror camerawill be thelast mirror app you try.Real Mobile Mirror app makeup yourself HDViewthat allowsmirror without front camera app you to use yourphone as a mirror by using front camera.Camera mirror appif youareawesome facemirror photo travelingmirror image camera appsandmirror selfie camera app need to combmirror camera apps downloadhair, or make up face ormirror photo somethingmirror photo editorbest 2018 else,mirror photo editor and you must want a mirror;mirror photo editor and collage just openmirror without frontcamera app this app and get mirror on mobile Phone.Mirror photoframeitmirror camerawill givemirror camera hd youthe real mirroreffects plus alsocamera mirror app you cancamera mirror app useitas selfie mirror.Real Mobile Mirror app makeup yourself HDis bestone onmirror camera app play store. Free mobile mirror on ourmobile devices.Real Mobile Mirror app makeup yourself HD Viewdon'twant tomirror photo editor carry around a mirror justmirror selfiecamera app to checkmagnified mirror yourmirror cameraappearancemirror photo or put in contact lenses? Everything is onyour phone like mirror,mirror magicso why you will get your mirrorto make up yourself. Mirror photo frameTurn your mobile device intoa real mirror. Change your personalized frames to makemirror selfiethe view in the mirror even better.Real Mobile Mirror app makeupyourself HD Viewapplication that you can use your smart phone as areal Mirror by using front camera. Ifscreen mirroryou are goinganywhere andcamera mirror need to combmirror picture hair, or makeup face or somethingreal beauty else, andfront camerayou must wanta mirror, just open this app and get mirror on mobilePhone.Youcamera mirror don't have to take a pocket mirror with youalways just download this Mirror Application so youmirror imagescan use this application anytime real mirror anywhere likereflectmirror on meeting,true mirror on vehicle, front flashor brakemirror image in your office. Ormirror effecttravelinga where thisapp photo mirrorwill help you any time. Free mobile mirror on ourmobile devices.Real Mobile Mirror app makeup yourself HD Viewthatallows you to use your phone as a mirror by using front camera, youcan adjust the zoom and brightness for more specific image. A Veryuseful mobile Mirror application can be used in many situations,like to check your makeup, adjustingcamera mirror app the lens orin shaving. Mirror photo editor best 2018is more awesome Very Easyto use interface of Mobile Mirror. You can adjust different angleLights for Hd view. Mirror camera appuses the mobile camera andadjusts your preview camera image as you are looking at the mirror.You can adjust the zoom to make proper use of this application.RealMobile Mirror app makeup yourself HD Viewhas the best photo faceswap photo editor and motion filters. You can capture asweet selfiewith funny face of mirror image editor. To change facesEnjoy mirrorimage editor live camera. Face live camera features of PhotoEditor, Selfie Camera and Filter lets you create funny faces withselfie filters & stickers and funny camera effects. Real MobileMirror app makeup yourself photos comes together with filters &stickers. Try the funny effects, dog filters. Taste the funniestanimal faces with mirror image photo editor. Create mirror images,photos, with dog face motion sticker’s photo editor.
Imran Khan Talking Tom - PTI Kaptaan Voice 1.0 APK
Get the Imran Khan Talking Tom - PTI Kaptaan voice of Imran khan(Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf ) with talking Imran khan. The PTI appimran khan talking renders funny cartoony character of Imran KhanPTI with incredible graphics imran khan songs effects of dirtydancing and singing. The kaptaan voice Imran Khan has the famousdialogues of Imran Khan like “Mian g jaan deyo sadi vari aan diyo”and imran khan voice changer Songs videos different collection.Talking kaptaan imran khan voice is specially imran khan talkingImran Pakistan designed for PTI and Imran Khan Supports. My talkingImran Khan is actually imran khan talking tom the cartoonycharacter of Imran Khan which addresses different famous AudioVideo dialogues and saying of Imran Khan. Talking imran khan ptithe political cartoon of Imran Khan PTI provides funny dancingimran khan talking and talking imran khan speaking with talkingimran khan pti naught catch phrases.Imran Khan Talking Tom - PTIKaptaan voice frequently, imran khan pti frame the supporters ofPakistan Tehreek e Insaf are increases gradually. It imran khan ptisong is observed that the young generation imran khan pti and teenslove IK as they think that talking imran khan pti only Imran khanis the key Kaptaan solution of all problems pti imran khan thatoccurs in Pakistan. The PTI is celebrating talking imran thevictory of “GO NAWAZ GO” in to “Gone Nawaz Gone”. Support ImranKhan in establishing naya Pakistan and talking imran khan gamescorruption free Pakistan, enhance the enthusiasm for KPK and allPakistan with true change. Imran Khan talking app GO Nawaz Go willmy talking imran khan give you a kaptaan talking imran khan optionto talking kaptaan see and talk with Kaptaan Imran khan. kaptaantalking imran khan you can Nawaz also speak to Imran khan the IKwill Pashto repeat the sentence Audio Songs and your voice in voicechange form.Features:• Consisting of 7 of the famous “Slogans” andCatchphrases from his speeches are on your fingertips consisting of“Go Nawaz Go, Mian Saab Jaan Deo, Tabdeeli Aa Nahin Rahi, TabdeeliAa Gayi hai”, etc.• The most recent and highly captivatingconversations of Imran Khan with his listeners from Azadi MarchSquare with real time movements from his animation on your screen•11 absorbing and uplifting PTI songs including “Tabdeeli Aa GayiHai Yaaro, Waya Waya, and Banbe Ga Naya Pakistan” etc, as performedby “DJ Butt” live on PTI sets are also available• A dancing Imranoption freshens up your mind, which performs different kinds ofdancing moves with song “Aa Gaya Hai Imran Khan” playing in themind.Songs:Waya Waya- Pashto SongsNaya Pakistan of Attaullah khanEsakhelviImran Khan Jalsa De Wich Nachnay of Abrar ul HaqJiye SindhJiye Sindh Wara JiyenZamung Masher Imran KhanGo Nawaz GoAllah Hooby JunoonSoch Uth JawanJosh e JunoonPashto Inqilabi SongZulm koZiaUmeed e SeharUth Band Kamar Kia Darta Hai by ShahzadRoyInshaallahNaya Pakistan – Atta Ullah Esa KhailviImran Khan JalsaDe Wich NachnayHum Mulk Bachanay NiklayChalo Chalo Imran KaySathBolo Kaun Bachayega PakistanHum Aik HainUtho Meri Dunya KayGhareeboonChalo Chalo Imran Kay SathBolo Kaun Bachayega PakistanHumAik HainUtho Meri Dunya Kay GhareeboonWaya Waya – PashtoTabdeeli AaGai Hai YaaroTabdeeli Hum SayDil Naik Hu Niyat SaafSindhi TopiAjrakMujahid E WatanZamung Masher Imran KhanNaya Banay gaPakistanJitna Vi Imran Khan JitnaAllah Hu by JunoonLarho MujheyAikaur Qadam BarhaAazma LayMonga Insaf – PashtoDo Pashtoonishtian De –PashtoInquilabi – PashtoZamung Masher Imran KhanJunoon se aur ishqsayMain Baghi hoon
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Augmented reality (AR) is a newly topic in recent technologicalnews.AR is still not so well known field. But, it’s on a right pathto gain more interest and popularity among newtechnologies.Augmented Reality is a live direct or indirect view ofa physical, real-world environment. AR Videos Watch Live Free is aMarker-based Augmented reality Application. AR Videos Watch LiveFree is an android mobile application that helps to visualize the3d model objects in the form of Augmented Reality.In the realenvironment it is too much difficult to place your objects on thoseplaces where you want to place them actually. With the help of ARVideos Watch Live Free you can place your desired objects to theirright place where you want. Not only that you can watch AR videowith the help of AR Videos Watch Live Free. AR Videos Watch LiveFree contains the build-in 3d model objects, you can choose them orbuild your own static models. AR Videos Watch Live Free has a basicpremise of AR is to overlay digital content on top of real thingsusing something like a map, a camera, or something. Features- ARVideos Watch Live Free can helps you in child education, homedecoration, construction, in retail marketing, sports,entertainment and everyday life.- See the 3d model objects with thehelp of mobile camera in real-world environment.- Real-timeinteraction- watch AR videos- Create your own custom 3d objects
MagicPlus Camera 1.0 APK
Magic Plus Camera will turn your photo into exciting andunbelievable effects. It can change the whole theme of your photo.Just search Magic Plus Camera and install it. It’s totally free andfun to use. It’s never been easy before to apply magical filtersand effects to your photo. Magical camera photo effects app doesthis for you in just few gestures. Enjoy the Excitement.MagicalCamera Photo Effects is a stunning camera effect application havingseveral unique and beautiful photo effects. A lot of photo filters,backgrounds, borders, colors, camera filters, colors filters,ability to adjust a picture in another picture and much more. Ifyou want your photo to get more likes on your Social Media Accountor you want to set your photo as a display picture, try this MagicPlus Camera App to beautify your photo. You will love your photoafter applying effect from this Magic Camera Photo effect App.~*~App Main Features~*~ Magic Camera Filter Colors Camera FilterPhoto Filter Automatically does Beautification Place Picture intoanother Picture Stylish Backgrounds Beautiful Borders StylesEasy GUI Easy Navigation Totally Free App Blur and SharpenEffectsA Comprehensive MagicPlus Camera Package. Download, Installand enjoy. Don’t forget to Rate and Review for betterment.
VR Video Player 360 sbs watch 3D movie - HD Player 1.0 APK
VR Video Player 360 sbs watch 3D Movie Virtual reality glassesexperience vr player pro serves vr player for samsung as a uniqueand vr player immersive experience. VR player for android in a newvr player games adventure of your environment vr video player andexplore vr video player 360 sbs things like you vr video player appare already there in the realistic vr video player offlinepossibility. vr video player for VR video Player Amazing thing istrue? You can video, vr video player 360 sbs without tiring easilythrough the video player vr 3d which is located inside the phone vrmedia player can run multimedia video player such as video andaviation adventure ship and watch movies advised to put VR videoPlayer vr video player 360 the headset for best experimental run.vr media player - 360° Easily compatible with all virtual realityglasses the screen is divided into two parts in order to enjoywatching movies vr box 360 ° such as cardboard vr 360 video playerand 360 vr video player all other 360 vr video player protectivefreshness. 360 vr video you can go to a wonderful and amazing 360vr video player adventure you can enter the virtual world. This VRVideo Player 360 sbs Watch 3D Movie virtual reality player is mediaplayer vr great if you want to experience 360 vr video downloadertheater or 360 vr video maker cinema vr player pro experience 360vr video editor at vr media player and 360° angle viewer your homeand vr player for android have two options vr player mode andnormal video player mode. vr media player 360 It is fun and vrplayer good way to experience VR at home with low cost vr boxes orcardboard and using VR headset creates vr Cinema or Vr Theater likeeffect. vr 360 video player you can vr video player app takesnapshot vr video player 360 sbs in it if you want vr 360 4k videoplayer and 360 video player vr also change Subtitles to understandbetter. It runs 1080p Full Hd movies very smoothly; vr player forsamsung it now supports 2k and 4K videos without any lag and vrvideo player works really vr video player 360 sbs smooth. It is oneof the smallest and user friendly VR players in google play store.It do contain many options like snapshot feature, subtitles changefeature, VR mode on off button, Back, forward and vr video playeroffline stop buttons. vr video player for VR video Player Soon wewill be adding 360 supports make it more compact all vr videoplayer 360 sbs the necessary function keys are given in this 360 vrvideo version of VR player and user friendly. For 1080p Full HDvideos it is a great Full HD VR Player and vr video player 360 itis also the best 4K VR Player and you can run Hd, Full hd, 2k and4k all videos with VR video Player vr video player 360 greatsmoothness vr 360 video player and 360 vr video editor all thesethings are under 2 MB of size.This VR Video Player 360 sbs Watch 3DMovie is the latest version of VR Player (Virtual Reality) makes360 vr video player you feel like you are in vr cinema or theater360 vr video downloader and 360 vr video maker it now contains 4Kvideo support, 2K video support, Movable Subtitles, changeableAspect ratio, Dual Audio support, more optimized UI, More smoothcontrols and 360 vr video player easy refresh media. Again the appis very small in size and don't need much space with easy themesettings 360 will be supported in the next update and support alltype of Google cardboard, vr box, virtual reality headset. It isreal fun and amazing VR app. It is VR Video Player 360 sbs which istotally free and fantastic video player to watch videos.