3.0.1 / June 6, 2020
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Fight as the hero of second world war and save your nationfromcruelty of your rival forces for freedom. Step into the worldofsecond world war hero and fight in the epic battleground. Leadtheforces team & make your own way to survive and get freedomfromyour rivals. In this extreme shooting environment fullyactiongame, you need to shoot down all deadliest rival by usingbestdeadly weapons. - Free shooting and sniper experience withdeadlyweapons. Take cover, aim well and shoot accurately. Don’t lettheenemies own the war completely in the best free shootinggamesDestroy and eliminate all the enemies with your powerfulandadvanced weapons and your well-assembled team of heroes! Sothefrontline brave command mission is to locate these rivalsandfinish them completely. The Frontline freedom missions ofspecialtask forces enable you to lead the US special sniperassassindeadly team into the war of freedom. Let them see your fullofaction fury attacks. You are the hero survival commando in thewarfor freedom game so with sharp shooting and aiming skillsdestroythe enemy’s base. Get hold on the powerful and advanceweapons andequipment & fight in the battleground for survival.Fight likea brave soldier in secret & dangerous epic missionswhich arenot easy at all. Be brave enough to get all your missionsclearedfrom long-lasting World War. Being a battlefield front linesbravesoldier never let yourself down & strike back hard tobringback the peace of your nation. - Challenging Story line.Fightagainst deadly rivals and lead your team on every mission.Bestgame play in the most addictive action game ever. Feeluniqueexperience in free shooter games. Rotate the screen, aim atyourenemy, pull the trigger and shoot. If you want to fight in thebestsurvival games as war for freedom then get ready to play thisoneof the best shooting game for free. The hidden enemies teamshaveattacked your country side zone so it’s time to play yourduty& eliminate each and every one of them. To find &defeatall of them with your epic sniper gun. You have toprotectyourself, your team and your nation from the deadly rivals.Standbehind the cover, aim well and shoot perfectly. There is onlyonechance. Don’t waste to shoot and fight for war forfreedom.***FEATURES*** Unique Game play Stunning Graphics AdvancedWeaponsEpic Shooting Engaging Missions Amazing Visual and AudioEffectsAmazing Storyline Take the brave step in the battlefield tosave& protect your nation from deadly enemies. Keep in mindtheenemies have high quality advanced weapons & they won’tleaveyou at any cost. So, tie your laces, release all your fearbydefeating the deadly enemies in war for freedom. In thisfpsshooting games utilize your intelligence and heroic skillstocomplete the challenging war engaging missions.

App Information War for Freedom: The Game of Survival

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    War for Freedom: The Game of Survival
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    June 6, 2020
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Mega Minds Studio
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Start playing the best Mega Killing Squad game with extreme gunshooting game action and military warfare. As an elite commandokilling squad shooter, you are assigned different mega secretmissions to save the world from your rivals’ squad. Mega killingsquad: offline shooting game is the classic hardcore FPS games thatlets you complete commando combat sniper deadly missions. Selectyour deadly weapon wisely as per situation and find some cover fireaction while shooting at your enemies. This top best FPS game andshooting game falls perfectly in the category of best shootinggames due to its totally new epic and best action missions. Also,you will surely enjoy the graphics quality, animations and playerphysics of this one of the best commando shooting game which isoffline commando game. Just aim and fire with your deadly weapongun and kill the enemy, let’s start to play the addictive militaryattack game. Command your army commando, fight with courage! Inthis army commando FPS games, you are alone commando left and whenduty calls you, you don’t have other choice rather than fight withyour rivals. War against terror is at its peak and your company ofaction heroes needs you in this great battle ground. Lead your megakilling squad in this offline shooting game. Aim well and Shootthem up! Live the life of a great SSG elite Commando equipped withGrenades and Silent Sniper Rifles in this great war game, you areon a secret army duty mission behind enemy front-line borders. Youcan train your sharp shooting skills and improve your weapon firingabilities. Only good operational control in the best war gamemission in order to play the power of a variety of missions withdifferent scenes. In this first-person shooter game, you can unlockand open all maps after clearing first levels. As a member of MegaKilling Squad: offline shooting game, you will surely enjoy theaction of this game with different environments and scenarios.Action shooting games with good story-line, game theme andfeatures, only aim well towards your enemy and the modern enemytough soldiers, assault rifles of soldiers, commanders fightingwith bravery. Step onto the world of battlefield and answer thecall with the courage that raised the bar for first person shootergames with its high quality graphics, high-powered guns and intensetheme of the game like cover fire action. Create a Mega Killingsquad: offline shooting game, and start playing like a real combatcommando! This is your time, get into the war field, and startshooting. *GAME FEATURES* Different Environments High qualityGraphics Deadly Weapons Multiple Seasons Great Story Line OfflineShooter Realistic Killing Squad As the mission progress, the gamegets tougher and the number of enemies keeps increasing. So equipyourself with the best shooting gun and hunt them down to be thetop shooter in this offline shooting game. Search for targets inthe map; completing missions within a specific period of time. Useyour reward to unlock your next level from a variety of differentlevels like snow, desert and forest. The battlefield is full ofexplosions, all kinds of deadly cutting-edge weapon after another,whether you can escape all the missions, to complete all thechallenges. Explore many shooter levels in this Mega Killing Squadoffline shooting game, with different themes like Desert, City andSnow. Be the top shooter commander and shoot down all who arehiding in different locations. You are a trained hunter SWATspecial counter army commando form special forces agent. Startplaying now and become a king of your era.
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Battle has grown, and so has the top offline FPS on mobile!Jumponto the battlegrounds and reply to the call with thedesignationthat upraised the scale for first person shooter gameswith itscutting edge graphics, intense offline action andhigh-poweredguns. Test, play use your skills in dynamic warfareagainst offlinerivals who aims to destroy the world! Play campaign;shoot your waythrough one dreadful situation after another and savethe world asby launching an attack against the enemy’s apocalypticplans inMission the Martyr Fps Shooting Battle Game. There isn’tanyfeatures and fun like this in a free action gameanywhere!HIGH-POWERED OFFLINEGAME----------------------------------------------- +UNIQUE SKILLSarewaiting for you +EPIC GUN FIGHTS between enemies and you+TopPrizes and Multiple Skills +High tier Guns are readyforDestruction + Unified Game Progression +Increase your weaponpowerwith In-Game Currency INTENSE SOLO PLAYCAMPAIGN------------------------------------------------ +Spec Opsmissionsfor an epic offline FPS adrenaline rush are here for you.+Greatmusic, voice and graphics performance. HIGHLY CUSTOMIZABLECONTROLS------------------------------------------------+Highlycustomizable and intuitive controls so you can play andenjoy theaction game the way you like. +Mission the Martyr FpsShootingBattle Game supports HID game controllers. +No InternetConnectionis required Secret Mission of EliteCommando------------------------------------------------ Mega MindStudioproudly present a new thrilling fps world war army battlegame foryou. The detailed graphics and appealing story line isgoing tomake your boring time more exciting. Mission the MartyrFpsShooting Battle Game is an adventurous master piece with a blastofarsenal. You have to think like a real commando in this game.Yourduty calls for war and to kill the enemy in this army shooterwargame. Your bravery counts the most. Multiple strategicactionmissions that will make you focus this game to the extent ofyoursenses. Compete and complete the entire missions to becomethenumber one commando all over the world. The game-play of thisworldwar game is unique, adventurous and thrilling. All you have todois to fight on your own in Mission the Martyr Fps ShootingBattleGame. Stay hidden from enemy’s line of sight in this heroicfpsworld best Action Game. Stealth will make it very easy for youtofinish missions of this game. Sensitive controls of FPSMissionShooting Battle Army Game are very handy. You just have toaim theenemy and fire in this Commando Action Game. In addition,changingyour gun is easy just by tapping the gun icon. All of itmakes thistop new shooting game very entertaining Action Game amongtheplayers of every age. If you have no wifi or internetconnection,you can play Mission the Martyr Fps Shooting Battle Gameabsolutelyfree. So get to your Google Play-store App and downloadthisinteresting game offered by Mega Minds Studio. Gamefeature:-------------------- - 15+ Multiple languages - 50+weapons,destructive weapons waiting for you. - 50+ featured mapsandscenes. - Team System and Unique mercenary. - Weaponupgradessystem. - 3D Realistic Graphics. - Sniper gun shootermissions -Realistic 3D assassination missions. - Difficult stagesand levelsto complete. - Real in-game sound-effects. - A hugecategory ofassault Rifles. - Different locations andbackgrounds.Compatibility and support: We are continuously working(hard) tomake our action games smooth for our users so that alldevices maysupport a unique, smooth and fast experience. In case ofany issueskindly feel free to email us.
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Your duty is to take charge of the war zone and turn out to bethebest sniper and shooter. Load your gun and start attacking! Trythenew free soldier event! Shoot and never let any of them goalive!!Can you survive? VIP Agents on Duty FEATURES - An Innovative3dshooting experience. Command like a trained Commando. Attackandsurvive in the battle zone. - Smooth, modern and sensitivecontrolsthat get you fun and addictive battle. Release the fury ofyoursoldier in this war! You received the call for duty of savingthepeople - High Definition Graphics with ultimatebattlegrounds.Shooting missions, saving hostages etc - Hoardyourself with a hugearsenal. You have never seen so realistic 3Dweapons in shootinggames: snipers, rifles, shotguns, pistols…become like a realcommando! - Inspect the battlefield from manyperspectives.Alternate among your armed force in real-time, findthe crucialcombination to win the war in the destructive killinggame. Unlocknew weapons in this game and aid yourself throughoutthe game.Their destructive power is massive. -Take charge of thewar groundand become an elite among shooter in the most advanced 3dshootinggame. Download this epic app free now and get limitlessfreeupdates!  In vip agents (VIP Agents on Duty) you will betheshooter who tops a squad of troupers through, cities, anddefeatall type of enemies in the war game in best quality gameplayonmobile. - Free shooter and sniper experience. Take cover, aimandshoot. Don’t let the terrorists own the world in the bestfreeshooting game ever! - Challenging Story. Best gameplay inthegreatest entertaining shooting game ever. Endless shooteraction!Welcome to the Rebellion. VIP Agents on Duty is a free game.Youwill never get bored playing this beautiful piece of art!
Cargo Master : Truck, Car and Bike Transport 2.0.1 APK
So, get yourself ready to transport the vehicles like sportscarsand heavy bikes in your real big cargo truck. Takeresponsibilityas a cargo truck driver and fulfill your duty as atransporter,deliver the new exotic cars and racing heavy bikes withsafety tothe showroom. Complete your duty and Transport car cargoby loadingthe racing cars and bikes in your loader truck and be atrustedcargo truck driver of your city. In this Cargo Master -Truck, Car& Bike Transport and real car transport game 2018,becomemaster cargo driver and earn respect as a good transporter.Let'sdrive and become the driver of your big transport truckandcomplete your duty as a cargo transportation in thisadventuregame. Keep your cargo transporter truck away from the citytrafficbecause you have very limited time to deliver your work.Afterplaying this game you will realize that this is one of thebest cartransporter games where you drive racing cars, racing bikesandluxury limo in your cargo truck and deliver them. Do youreallylike to play real truck transporter games and cargo games forfree?If yes then become a real truck driver to transport sportscars andbikes in your truck and drive your truck across the city toreachat your destination. Cargo Master - Truck, Car & BikeTransportfree games is a top driving games 2018 with easy andsmoothcontrols and realistic sounds effects of truck and withawesome 3Dgraphics as new games of free parking truck simulationgame. Youare going to start your career as a real truck transportdriver inyour city, where you drive a heavy-duty truck carryingheavy bikes,luxury limousine car, best racing cars & othercargo vehicles.Drive luxury limo cars and heavy bikes with a greatcare and loadthem in your truck in this Cargo Master - Truck, Car& BikeTransport, then drive your truck in the city and deliverthe exoticcars to the showroom. Be very careful while driving yourbig cargotransporter truck as it is loaded with racing cars, heavybikes andluxury limo cars. FEATURES * Realistic 3D Environment *UserFriendly Interface * Heavy Duty Cargo Truck * Drive Luxury CarsandHeavy Bike * Easy Controls * Play Offline * HighDefinitionGraphics * Heavy Racing Vehicles Cargo Master - Truck,Car &Bike Transport game is a top class game of cargo drivingtruck witha heavy load on it. If you are in search of trailertrucking drivertracking truck lorry cargo top cargo truck drivercargo simulatorfree truck driving games, then this transport truckdriving game isfor you. Real truck racing game as truck appssimulator truck besttruck game top cargo truck simulator as truckdriver. This CargoMaster - Truck, Car & Bike Transport gamelies in the categoryof Truck lorry cargo truck, transporter truckcity car games, towtruck simulator cargo simulator, free truckingdriver tracking,cargo truck simulator. Learn how to load a cargotruck with heavyvehicles, experience best truck driving skills onthe highway,overcome difficulties and traffic in your path inclimbing hillsand be a best cargo truck driver. Download and startplaying thisCargo Master - Truck, Car & Bike Transport game andbe a realtruck transporter and deliver heavy racing cars, heavybikes racingand luxury limo cars with care.
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Want to view message without being visible to anyone but don’twantto reply? Now you can recover back your messages with Unseen -ReadMessage without Seen and view them while being offline onsocialnetworks & chat apps. You can now read your friends’messagesincognito with no double blue ticks or message seen visibleto yourfriend, without leaving any seen notices or blue checkmarks, andit works with most popular Chat Apps such as Messenger,WhatsApp,Instagram… and many more. You can also download status asit isalso a Status Downloader or Status Saver App. This last seenhiderapp is very easy to use. When you receive a message from oneof thesupported Chat Apps like Whatsapp, Facebook or Instagram, itwillalso be displayed in Unseen. You can read the message fromUnseenapp whenever you want, without having any of your friendsknowingthat you have seen it because no blue double ticks ormessage seenwill be showed to your friend or message sender. Don’tbother toset off your internet connection or activating offlinemode. Unseen- Read Message without seen provides you simple yetbeautifuldesign with eye catching UI & makes it easy to sortand accessyour messages. Unseen, Read message without seen or noLast SeenApp secures your privacy & hides "blue double ticks,readreceipts, read marks, or last seen. Now you can readmessageswithout making double blue tick marks, no last seen orappearingonline. WHY THIS UNSEEN APP? We all are familiar withdifferentsocial apps for chatting like WhatsApp, Facebook orInstagram whichare popular apps for instant messaging &nowadays communicationbecame very easy by using them. This unseenapp will let you readall the messages and will hide blue doubletick. HOW TO USE UNSEEN- READ MESSAGE OFFLINE CHAT APP Download& Install - ReadMessage without Seen app & give permissionto accessnotifications to get your messages in no last seen app.This appwhich is used for hidden Unseen Chat, Hide Read Sign, HideBlueTicks has designed to ensure your privacy. You don't need togoonline for reading the chats. Install Unseen App and readmessagewithout seen. READ MESSAGES WITHOUT BLUE TICKS - Hide doubleblueticks & seen notices for all Chat Apps - Read chatmessageswithout being online in incognito mode, without yourfriendsknowing that you are online and read their message. -DownloadStatus of your friends without asking them to send theirstatusEFFICIENT & SIMPLE - All the messages from your Chatmessagesgathered in one UNSEEN App, where you can finely sort themand readmessage offline without blue ticks. - You can enable ordisableUnseen app access for your selected Chat Apps -Continuesmonitoring of notification of Unseen app will get all themessagesfor you to read. IMPORTANT: The "Whatsapp" or "WhatsApp"name iscopyright to WhatsApp,inc. This app is in no way affiliatedwith,sponsored or endorsed by WhatsApp, Facebook & Instagram.We arenot responsible for any kind of re-usage of any mediadownloaded byuser. Re-uploading image/video stories and is NOTencouraged,please seek owner approval.